travel and tourism organisations must understand their customers¶ demands.MARKETING y Marketing is about anticipating and identifying the wants and needs of a target market of consumers. 07-01-2012 2 . then satisfying those needs in order to make a profit y Firstly.

Both these regions offer all the pre-conditions for the sustained and successful growth of the respective activities. the pioneer tourism state in the country. has got a number of unique distinctions in the tourism front among the states in the Indian union. y Tourism to Kerala is what apple growing is to Himachal Pradesh.WHY KERALA TOURIM ? y Kerala. 07-01-2012 3 .

culturally diverse and democratic society with a skilled workforce and a strong. competitive economy. y Australia has a well-developed tourism industry that welcomes more than five million visitors to the country each year 07-01-2012 4 .WHY AUSTRALIA ? y Australia is a stable.

quantitative and qualitative 07-01-2012 5 . lifestyle.MARKETING RESEARCH y Classifying customers according to socio-economic status. observation. family circumstances. gender and so on y May involve primary research ± surveys. questionnaires y Secondary research ± statistics and records.

MARKET SEGMENTATION y General business tourism y Holidays and breaks pre-family y Long holidays y Activity holidays y Group holidays 07-01-2012 6 .

i. 07-01-2012 7 .MARKETING MIX y Traditionally 4 elements of the mix ± Product.e. Price. People and Planning. Promotion and Place y In the modern travel and tourism industry it¶s usual to look at 6.

07-01-2012 8 .

07-01-2012 9 .

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