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Template Letter to Commissioner of City Police Regarding OccupyLSX

Template Letter to Commissioner of City Police Regarding OccupyLSX

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Published by: Spin Watch on Jan 08, 2012
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Sent by email only Forname, Surname Email address Adrian Leppard Commissioner City of London Police postmaster@cityoflondon.


[Insert Date] Dear Commissioner Leppard, Clarification and apology regarding ‘OccupyLSX’ I write further to the recent disclosure of information which reveals how officers under your command listed a series of peaceful organisations, such as ‘Occupy the London Stock Exchange’ (OccupyLSX) and ‘UK-Uncut’ in the “domestic” section of a communique that relates to “terrorism” and “extremism”, on seven separate occasions. In a press report in the Independent on 06 January 2012, (‘Police face new questions over approach to protest groups), a spokesman from your organisation stated that ‘it was a mistake not to amend the title [of the ‘Terrorism/Extremism’ communique] to reflect its changing content, an error the force accepts’. He added ‘…it was never our intention to suggest that we view the Occupy Movement as being terrorist or extremist in nature’. Further to this statement, and in your capacity of Commissioner, please clarify the following points: 1. The very first ‘Terrorism/Extremism’ update that mentioned, amongst others, OccupyLSX, was dated 14 October 2011. The latest update that mentioned, amongst others, OccupyLSX, was dated 02 December 2011. Please explain why it has taken your officers in excess of 50 days to amend the title of a document. If altering the title of a police document is more complex than I understand, please explain the process.
2. When

did you make the decision to alter the title of the ‘Terrorism/Extremism’ communique? Please confirm if this was your decision as Commissioner. If not, who made this decision?

The inclusion of peaceful protest groups in police documentation that relates to terrorist and extremist organisations is grossly unfair to the protestors and

what they represent. It is deeply troubling that such labels have been applied to groups that exercise their democratic right to peaceful protest. With this in mind, and further to the admission of wrongdoing by your spokesman in the aforementioned press report, I am sure you will agree that a public 'statement of apology' to each of the organisations wrongly labelled as 'terrorist' or ‘extremist’ should be issued in a timely fashion, by you, in your capacity as Commissioner. This, I believe, is one way of moving toward closure on this issue. Yours Sincerely

Forename, Surname

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