CAP103:Basic Computer skills HOMEWORK #3 DOA: 5/11/09 Date of test : 18/11/09

Part A 1. When you attach a data source to a master document and insert merge field codes into the master document. You can combine the master document with the data source . Word offers you 3 choices. What are these choices and what can you do with each of them. 2. How will you filter the records in MS excel? Elucidate by giving an example? 3. Compare and contrast Paste and Paste special? Part B 4. “Relative cell reference is important in MS excel” . How will you copy a formula across row or column so that reference automatically adjusts. 5. A word document can be automatically saved after 1 or 2 mins after we have made changes on to it. How will you do it/ write steps. 6. Describe the various types of error values that might occur while working with Functions and Formulas.

DOS: 16/11/2009

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