SPAN OF CONTROL } The number of subordinates that a manager or supervisor can directly control. whereas routine. This number varies with the type of work: complex. variable work reduces it to six. fixed work increases it to twenty or more. .

the superior at the top level should not have more than 6 subordinates under his control. Similarly. the superior at the lower level should not have more than 20 subordinates under his control. the span of control should not be more than 1:20. } } . The span of control should not be more than 1:6 while at the lower level of management. Therefore. This means.How it works } Every superior can supervise a limited number of subordinates (employees). every superior should be assigned or given an authority to handle only few subordinates.

} Increases efficiency } Increases goodwill } Good professional relations } Team spirit and morale } Good communication and co-ordination } Facilitates quick action } Better .How it influences supervision and control.

} Develops discipline and mutual trust } Superiors can concentrate on important work } Less labour absenteeism. and turnover .

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