Something we observe about many things is that they have integrity.

How is it that this integrity exists, in this universe in which there is much chaos? *** I propose that the universe as a whole influences things in such a way that things seek integrity--and that this influence, which is represented by the purple arrows in the accompanying graphic, is what God is. *** Things seek integrity. Integrity is observed in atoms, molecules, crystals, organisms, couples, families, groups, ecosystems, minds, thought, feeling, planetary systems, galaxies, harmony, beauty, love, truth, and justice. *** Things go better for people when they,

too, seek integrity. Diligently. *** That, however, is not easy. Integrities conflict with one another, in innumerable, often unavoidable, and frequently very serious and difficult ways. Many attempts at creating integrity fall short, in one way or another. Integrities fail, breakdown, decay, die, and vanish. *** And everything that comes together, comes apart. Sooner or later. That is, integrity disintegrates. *** Creating integrity, even just within oneself, is not a simple matter. *** But it is what the universe, as a whole, wants us to do--and it is what God

wants us to do. *** We can allign ourselves with the universe, and with God.

The blue circle represents the entire universe. The brown squiggle represents any thing or individual in the universe. The purple arrows represent the influence the universe as a whole is having at the center of the universe--

which, really, is everyplace. This influence, which is to create integrity, is what, I propose, God really is.

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