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,Back In A'rtion~ and [he Duck Dodgers relevi ion serie

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Simon BeccrolT

Editfi1'S Guy Harvey and Nick AVl:ry DerigfJr1" Chri,nopher fk.mfidd

Edilor Julia March Ca/~l)ry Pu/)Jishrt Alc-x Kirkh~m Art Dimtor Mark Richards Puhlishi"! MaTinga' Cymhla O'Neill Collin~ Pma"lJdion Nicola. Tornde US Editor Marg.m:[ Parrish DTP Dnigner Eric Sbaplllnd
Firsl A_merlmn l!diriQn, 2003 I'llblirihed in ihe United Smle.< ~J' DK Puhlishing. lnc, 375 Hudso n S{m'" t ... New York. NeW 'ifod. 10014 !l31MG5M07 109 g 7 6 5 43:1: L Bn:I~. Emcrwil'lmwi

C-IlpyriglH Ii:I 201.13 ~rn~iI'

I.OONEY TUN FS and, ..II rda;~-d C""'''1(I~ I\'i and elemenrs
mil trad~m'lIks Df and G W~mcr Bros. Enu:n,.inJI1e~f 'l,!~, WB SHIELD: ~tlTI) III © WdrnCf Oms. Enl';;r~~intfllmr 111.0:.


All rights Ill5Cl'VeiI O!lldter li'il~rn~don;d and .~n-AI11.(:rican Copyright Convenriam. No parr ofrhis j:'uhlk.:uioll m~y be Npwdu~,. stp",,-d 11'11IlUri~J s}'!t<:m, or 1r.I~~mirt~ll", <Iii]' rllr.m or b)/lll)' means, eleenonie. :rIll«"h~nkl!l,phmocopymr;, rocorc.ling. or ..di..rwi",. -"tnolll lh€ prior wrirrcr\ pcrmiMOill1l nrth~ ~Qprri&n[ wner, o Puhlishedin Great Brilain by COlli!'!!!, Kj,ld~~cy Lieiired. A Cat' rtc:ord !Or dli~ book. is avai.lgblc from

rlw Ubmry of Cnngress.


by Mcdi~. DevdopmC'n!

;In!.! Priming. Ltd.

Pril'lral :md bound iriJ 11;;1)' LE.G.O. by Discover mere;;ol.l!l


'Vl~{fAL CtlI D'J.TlIE tltT1MAT)." Jerry Bleck .

'D WORLD noon Makers 78 79 80 Voic<!Sand Music Background Arr upporting Features The Making of a Classic Creating the Look Animated Stars The Good Fight tTO 112 ]?VCS" AtvD DAr:rY Bugs Bunny Screwball Bunny 'Bugs' Burrow Bugs in Drag Here Comes Trouble 12 14 16 18 20 22 36 40 42 46 48 38 Truly Daffy His Bitter Half 24 DalTys Delusions DaffYVs. [OOWt"Y TurvES Merchandise Publish.'RS AWD gEARS'.'REST Or:Il}JflflfS' Canary VWFORCr.-Porky Pig B-B-Big D~<ll! 32 34 PtJMAS' AVD COP1J!.jug Back ln Action To rhe Future J Puddy Tat 94 9G 100 102 Sylvester and Tweery ThufFerin" 'huccorashl Good Relations Road Runner & Wile E.OU MY! Sniffles Cecil Tortoise Goofy Gophers The Three Bears Birds of a Feather Pete Puma Gossamer Cool Gat & Co Slap Happy \ 1MAT !. Bugs 26 28 Tasmanian Devil Yosemite Sam Pepc Le Pew Marvin the Martian Foghorn Leghorn Speedy Gonzales Dnzzliog Dames Gag Reflex n4 116 82 84 86 44 50 52 120 122 118 87 124 90 88 nr!.'T1'ARlf 56 57 58 Show Stoppers Menace [0 Society Feline Friends Canine Corps Cheese Lovers Mini-Teens Before Color lOWe lIV'. 98 Back In Action 2 Index 60 62 128 13Q 132 134 136 138 144 64 104 106 Acknowledgments 66 68 70 72 Supergenius Ralph and Sam Cautionary Tales 74 .Foreword Under the Spotlight G 8 rus COMPAVY Elmer Fudd P-!. Coyote Desert HUl1t Acme Corp.

S [NeE MANY REFER (Q me as Bugs Bunny's agent. [0 books and ~ beyond.. [0 have a demographic classification in which I fed fully included). It's our heritage and our fllI1JrL~Bugs' futllR~and he's a long way From reriremenr. Bugs isn'r "hare today and gcm! tomorrow. I rake . Then ill 1990.[of'rhe language of OIH culture. obsessed coyotes. 1 know thar if you boughr rhis volume. btl r that's how someone once referred to the breadth of the LoOIl(!Y Tunes' audience (comforting. The terms "doc. bigmourh roosters." There nrenr many wiseacre bunnies. a symbol of their identificacicn with the characters." "suffen::rin' succotash. to crypt." "despicable. you're passionate abour rhcse C1TtOOns and their hisrory-e-past.'> as products WCr!! always popular (Leon Schlesinger first licensed ihern Wily back when). I hope this beaurifully designed Dorling Kindersley book is wellreceived. compuser" sound effects wizards and all the other talented and dedicated people who helped bring this unique brand of humor to the screen and who added a new dimension LO me vocabulary uf film comedy. M Chuck Jones migh t have said." and "kill the wabbir!" all conjure images of some of animaeierrs funniest and IllOS.The looney TUllC. panrless pigs. writers.! extended (be characters' wit and charm ~J ~ ~ into things that people could have and hold. present. Speaking purely as l~ug~' agent. and romantic skunks that have made themselves p~." Sounds gri Ill.! human moments." "putty tat. :I !opsy-mrvy world that's a lor like our own buc still makes sense. I'm proud to be affiliated in this way with the Looney Tunes characters. animators. delivered by a casr of hundreds (rhousands if you eouru Beas and ants).I. "From crib Thanks for sharing our passion. These days everybody wants a piece or rhern . Products. as a Looney Tunes f~n. homicidal canaries. . That's Looney Tunes. From apparel to interacrive games. artisrs. This book is a salute to the ~rC"ill Looney Tunes directors.1 particular interest in our Looney Tum's publishing been usc it reflecrs our characters in the act ofbeing themselves. [hey became a "mega" commercial success as WI. tinally. when we created Warl)t'f Bros. and (mure. JUst calling somebody "looney Tunes" brings up a vision of' happy anarchy. neurotic ducks.

.".1".. . you can counr Oil lJ. It.'Y' Emu.... . C:O~I!'iCqUCI1~ fur Bugs and Dnffy..rn Venus:' Pr.Jr"in {he Murtian envies E:JrI:hli.any lire ~IF' Envy \l.'::5~d~./JiJ &:'I!(it'..:rlHip~~h~r'5 wby \1.'" or bl.Sur .'. "women . whn on see' Velals din.~< J. ::il1d Duck ro do ITI{)~I nf lilt" Sl":lbblt1g~ Drivell by.i> r~ir naffy makes no anernpr tc hide I.'(:ily.s Fun! (lime rrn.. .:Il. "'H'I~.afS nca-i:.nys." he .WhL'1I rntHH. d"'plc"bl< 1'0 more than I.1 plane .". si\'.i!"! greed. Marvin's 'lew of th is i>e:Hltin..)1'S il"l [(lr/...~~.\t:11 rhc his failings Enth-shaking. ur glory ror grabs.. blocked h) eu r world.

humor with unprecedented intelligence and.A SCREWY RABBIT and. . attitude. Deburing at a time when many cartoon stars Were cute and innocuous. a darnfool duck. Bugs Bunny and DaflY Duck redefined animated. It's no wonder that the egomaniacal duck and unbearable wild hare remain as fresh roday as they have ever been.

l~u'. .. Acting up Never undcnstimarc I\u@'!!-strikes IJ nanr:::h.':1 Han' Vf..{i.I'lll) i Rrmot't'r.~ill A4rmiln1til1J and mllcl'S~ In! is inrervjeweel at his opulcnr home in the style of.~hIH pose in Ille l.dF.g. ju ."1Irh.:I!1)" wahbir.H) boxer ..h. 1'0 gcr rabbi. He's witty.'.sehull itl /In.' undisputed king of ". carrot cakes! likely to ..il1' hi p:tii1.. Bll.J""'I'" illJpli. either! In short. Wilh his knowing glances::lt the audience nnd unAoppablc riot.< .UIF!! mcrchnrullse froll1 cookie jar .'i ebvhuu.. GtfJ..superhuman rre. IIIll wJndnl..IY'-.. dmm. But or all BIIgs' heekling. " f'C3~ful. in the world Rabbi! for all seasons Uuss cumbine . would-be assassins.: W':IK... and an American legend with 110 regard for scruples.Jnllffln . Bugs dcdnres at rhe fluale.u1l1J.ity for [he enemy \'(loe ncridl!' nnvrme roolish enough rn cnn~idcr hun Ling the br:tiny Jure.r in comic books and scrips. pickod on the wr""Il suy! cltlln'U humble Bu&. HE'S SMART. . \'(f~lbb.d-our eJllny smr (UI]>~ has his whs rlnd. h('tld full of book learning. IV diSLtpW.ncl«lly 1}lar every pO.. "Brenhllde" bu. Bugs is the zaniest and funniest performer in film history. BLI!}" is du.n lit.!.cn CO" in .)f 11 corner. The). He is of. He wa .he rnosr t C.. ju."nru rhi . American icon BLISS i.~~C'p. as nnd rhe inrcrnnrionnlly recognised symbol 01" \'(I:Jrner Bros.I. ~l~.~ SLlillX>I<:Jbiogrnphy. The wisccrn king hnre seems to mock those who take themselves roo ecricu . he also reds -mpmhy for hi.'litirJ..3l\. rnbbit . ..J!.~ crrl1tOl1S. b~ ClnCI'i~1Un.. and vidt:o _gt1ll1C£'.illl atcll .inglc.~.. :l rid.'J. 10 amuse himsdf [and Us) by 1'L. BUl.f ~J for 1m . pponeru..-'i'u.WCY. Hollywood '<lor. sing opera like Pagliaceiand he do sn't look bad in a dress....ilH Immh~kltll wh~~'d ~I~C It UTlI' thi. He Of'CfI hops ofl' rhe SCJ'CCIl ro appt. GroltU Iii Mtlflbtflli1n-berore launching inns hi.ll on nug" II::I~ heen collcd I11.·. No wonder we love him! Ilyuu kuuw hnw ~leue lq rclk nbour m}"'CII'..LO}' ~hitlg.."..bllll 8ugJ {Iefrl ~.. Bunny in di guise Rugs' "dvers. (Iuick-firc "<cession uf hilarieus roles. in ll1is t.! world.}"a [ill):. ::J S[:1r BIIg..< H "l huvc not even begun to flShd~ \tqhrncvcr rhc threat. heavily armE.J. as he waits ror his enemies to simply exhaust themselves.._.. :."'y. a subtle verbal humorist with streer savvy.ill II II"". Inng. E'S SLY.... dCIl)(.\1 to f1VCmCf when "PPI. IIorJU~ K'" ~1IJ(. P.wrrr /II/III!' (righl")../W/I " rl.opening crcdic. pe r bunny rl"Owing up on [he EaS[ Side of New York icy." eased vurminr.Kl0k panel.II like her ... complete.. rlu- our hew's ~lhiliry I1L'eJ arise'S.~flk-Itutil.1lUTlhlrily . BlU his pifet 114milttultt is ro suddenly plant :1 big kiss 11 31'1 opponent's lips! The rahhir's nor shy when iLcomes ro flouring social convcmicns.. dis(us.:: is receives du..k~! Whik· hi. srnarn and. .· or Looney Tunes celebrity who always billing in hi." _ft'''".nllpO~Url! is alway. Ure ... lw reveals his "real" JI:lInc~ "'~i"r-Ic.....II "'5 ". iY'c nU1gt' fro. He call croon like Bing..."OOll rnlnous will fitkc his OWI1 deatll or convulse with mock terror. sh'en his OWII togo 111.:.hologi~ing fob which reveal II.:umil: I.S ere HSlmlly huge...:!i out •.ngle-mindedly pmsut' i fUll! nbjccr-eapnm: rhe NlhhirBug> i... 1<"'" II kid uround with classical concerue in RJmpsotlJ RaMir {right}. BlOWing Y()~cmiu: S:tm'1t cool again ~Hl~~:tg:lin in IJ"". or r. In II Hm. He's a screwball wirh attitude..nd. He'.nllf1C::Y 'I'Lmc..

... Voice a rrisr Me. Tym. I I) ?".c. and smothered them into submission with unexpe red ki es.1 Blanc udi~iilt:d. I. eornbin tion Brooklyn and Bl'Ollx 3 c. od J hirnsel inn 1.:tblt:s. .' 10 give the ch:t. The bunny rul ! O The trickster Oee of Bugs' rnosr endearing traits is that he can in tantly he erne another persof1l<l~iry reourwir his opponent. And we've never slopped./. ry 'of "the horrible mOI1JHI:r" in Hart' ky rnJ.surrers the lines "'Wh:tr's up.'em'.:tSSbove a h i' (jeri nal fo fI:(.Bllccrme:er .AR Looney Tune has urwirted hunters and adversaries using an seem ingly urexhausrable range of tricks: He's bamboozled them with ~1~ irrepressible zaniness.rljii" K/fllY.1f1 irnrnorral carchphmsc.b'ltty Bmmy. He's been ty hen. Bu~ campaigns for an Olclr millS hls • idw:Jrd (1I11y IFrankinccnse Ql'ldiri01ied rhat du!' rabble fri~IHg..ClI rs.UR AV R]TE LON . {lgui BlIp "I 1)t.)rc~1 (riellds gc(ring even. When h e ('.'.ed as c heckling heir 10 those r"r-oITF.m rer or the pCirOCI smarr-aleck voice. Dod. around rh rn with hi' wis racking wit.ofliuion.: proc~55 . the quack Dr. R~I!!.llw~)I$hailed rsles '0 Ol'prc sell r.A~jmM~r~"". Gearing in th. 0 w]hen Bugs cmef:l. du: world was watching.£ O~IJJ"n'r Rubinson" lm . and a slapstick operatic circus clown ill Acro.nS h imself out of his wirs=-when he .~l!I!hlislli . Killperienr in Hfll'(! 1imk. < III Tex AverY'$. 1m 11'r OM Rabbit roots BUg!> Frnm Z !IlO the bunny in nncieru Arrica 10 Brer mtabbit ill rhe American Smith. tailor in Blumy HUg}§ed. Uncanny powers. ~~!lIHlYpuH~ a j~51 one on an anelenr [!Jm~r Fudd. bossy C31ptailrl Bligh in. .OPJc have 1!. W' starred checri ng. I'll Hl11T.8w:my. talked ring. t'I W'dd H{j~..itl ~l"'ilj" r.r. So convin in is Bl!~' II irnpersenarions irnended to ward olT 3 pc department store managel!! 111 Irlllflli Coo!:.cJ ~·"I...

By cl€ampl1."".s.' I~ Aodoll __ P'_ck .(j on tin:' movi~ Splll"~}tlm.ulA.hH' for "k 'n~~vI. 'If toon s. everal picmre.J A Mnl'l Hiur.d dn~dy in his c:urtoDilS 11:1'1111':.s . giving ench BuSS [lullI1Y film irs own dlsrincr feeling and putting rhe d i£'1:: (Q rs' personal ili s i11tn f1h_.{!rir111 Mmumd inl M.1 .. dlr [or Bob Iamperc visualized him as !loth II bab).~ BunDlY model sheers ror their own unirs..~Bunny dcs. _ J\f"1'''U' Defin:itive Bug~ Robert M Kim 'ems model sheer is :l defintcive t~ug. and octogenarian rabbit. gokin'Dod.[ IIU/Q . Ie is [o. rdul mbbir (beiow). day models (allied maquerres are made fo:r each character. Other directors d. McKimsmii rurned him into II saberroorbed bunny in Prr-byft. the Hlmmnkers and anlrnntors can b~in to visualize how the will move" character Thi III del o BuB" was malIc lOr the alililTh !'OI'.gmguid. nnd TorffJUIC tWilu By A Nfll'/!. Compurer-age Bngs I cempurer-geuerared anlmarion." .I I I I B!!III1~j'lYin disglllise he :utinlllJors had f'tm modifying Bugs in I lJn~J "..l'sligDlt:'[ speciflc Bltg. Bugs be arne :l Nt:and.J .Il fIN..il1g rile maquencl rom :0111 angles.c:. . ."'/. I . In The Old Grtl)' li'm'l". FaJ/hJg Hlln~.ef cool }I .') wh'l wnrkl.lIuwc.

.'" .. Every cranny reflects the special needs of a brainy. . pests Sup' proxilDlt)' 10 EImer'.Unwelcome Home is onm any place Bugscan "IW _ long UlS. bdinS ro . hare-conditioning. lOur politer fcalhcr bed. I&!I5IIIIC ~lutkeupo when 'lSIl.0kI (ricrnli)o to"!' J". Porky. cultured bunny with plenty of no-goods to battle and a great deal of pranks to be played. to be III the ro~ hills behind 'Emu Pudds suburban ndghborhood.p~ . including high-tech carrot juicers and.lbb11l1ll0UlC (IWI. Cmon. of 8unnybed r. Bugs Bunny's hole in A the ground is a subterranean palace designed for a gentleman rabbit's comfort. BUI his preferred and moo common ~ unds. SC'RS'II.. being a in m pile F MAN'S HOME is his castle. most saphinicued member of hi< ape<"" preft ..cmirc Sam IlIIve also dmpped by lOr vuhs land me odd ~ blasr). .!obio b'l!. and Yo.m1ljJ.... UCI'I:'I ofT... BU(!l' BUIUlY.r.tIlO IWlk 1M!' the <:dJlng (Ill h~ whca the ClI'CUI coma 10 rown in Amlb""y 1J. step insi~d have a carrot! I Bup' fricuds .or IlID a'O'Ilng on tht l>offy mioyl"ll ~JJo. A-. 11$ II soti and :lalSiovc '" i _. Every nook is filled with the latest rabbit-friendly utilities. of course. dl8" mAIce PlJdd lite mOlt f10equrnr VI IlOr 10 tbe nIbllit bck But DBII'y.

ur fl-f_)'\')\I. animators were.. and speculation."Yml nrnighry. n rot . ho~. :II:'I~I.&" wlrh 'h< """""..g nl!l~t Impersonations.U~ [eve imorc'Sr in &dtlli/I"J ~ul¥ lends "6~f:el b.'.. Yosemite Sam. cyod.rn:e whirl .n De . nnd bilk he.J.Tuni-fruiry booby cnricarured in 1. 110 doubt.yy!" ~oold:...JWOI1. led him 01". hls blo"oo 1". I.kin' Dod." III nub CI'!fn~n'li B~~gi lj_NIl'IJI GrtsTI~ Bojl. W'blllf Co. d Pumpkinheac m M nrrin leads ro a slnpsnck s~qllc. In 11. It certainly gives Bugs the psychological advantage over his fees. One or the hulJ~~awcaf"'1llli. influenced by silent movies and vaudeville comedy routines in which male characters dressed up in women's clorhing to dude pursuers.nlli:'i: n-ourh 00 give Tha n sped al srnnck on the lips.]. '" 'l'ing the knor on a 1<.un.dc.[[chase in 11 I.I). and rhe Tasmanian Devil arc just a Pew of (he many males who have been bewitched..." bombshell C.8 ru oUlwh: Yost:::mire::' ~Ihlrii. b)' donning 11 rural "Duisy.. li~.IHb impcrsonarion.'llding Snrn clown the "iII..e question. There h. Wl. \'{IlS Il'."". In Plfln RMfJhr~ he It:ilw a hUn1iflg Jr.Il feminine side! elaborate female -nsembl es ln Chuck jones' FlItMit $tIlSM.uner Bros.cili.voy bj' his iealous SheD evi]. "ltimat~ly I. EIi"e' Fuddis ios. . Dressed to thrill Bugs' cross-dressing discussion has provoked much The W. .. Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) ask. Lot1." Ewwwwl" c:m:m:II.ldf il$ the old lady..<lgl}. • Bugs laments Wid.a_dcni. B1. .. 'Sh. wh:ll_t wuuld J'fm do if ytIur C'tlc::rnr !. bur Elmer Fudd.. It a 1'0 Torally befuddled BullS employ.OU" SaY' BliP. "Did you ever find Bugs Bunny atrracrive when he pur 011 a dress and played a girl bunny?" His buddy Wayne didn'r. dOC::ifl'f il! 1b~l1lanjl!n Pro'¢ndIntl to be.-ky I1l1"t~UlI.uddClill)i P'o'c.)finto giv~ng hi-n 311 O:iC.." bridcsmaidl" " BlIO·""o... you b'l nusck on the lip'? r[ rakd lill tilt fighr.tS' fin hif roes.. srnirren O11dquiddy seduced by 811g_~~ Ita T~IIC:r rurn La 1>"&1' female gui..rhe Ch3". is: onecfrhe fu!Hllt'Sf pieces of musical rrmyhern ever creaeed. pl'1' "t....n . dazzl:ing [hem with.-gn. and bewildered by Bugs' Bugs rries '['0 woo the M01:LOnPicture At. himself A rorn wedding dress ends."""" Mir mdn c.U wirh his Mir. btu nll he wins is the "Booby PrL·IJ':Dscnr..CI." Taz is l1"ally hauled the 1rIa:'/lntljd i..l. his unnerving selfconfidence.lmere..C\. sen wilil \V.. Ilirtaricus Bul!J'i ~1::Imr~ Illfi:ll.15 Slirk.. Wc:ll.'flick! !.I. out of he' rOr[UI1e.o.. n~'LIgIHy seemingly endless wardrobe of women's clothing. inw bl""ing D~ITy Dl1-:::k OnCt. whn's (Hit [Q marry Cron"). llugs' square dance wirh brothers .!' . which usually l'enders rhem !ip«'cltIei._t~i i. the bun"y ls quire ST"C.Irowel !o t~ B-l!.'. Hi/fhi/I)< /-I"".ir. a nice b.Mae'" ourfii III".~ ~lnC' Ci!rB~ig. (lie w.dll'ml~n'"...1« ana harp .. knoclifng him t"hMl1(i..S.. h-c tri.on'.""nallS' tk "w. I several such N THE 1992 MOVIE Wi1yncs World.g untl~~H~r ". In Htlrt' [rilmJled.".. 'laz is smlnen=-aral hirt'cIl-by !lei!:"' lip look. most 0"0 of his helps Bugs gel ill touch with J. bothered.J~ky wabbh. \Vild in the country Bugs uUlwirs f\\'O fC~ldil1g bUl11pkLIlSin Raben IYkKim. HIl1't! and H'oll'plinod CfmJUf' C(mUfu.ih !\uS' <omi< .cl<y ki:ss" he! plan. d. occasions. .lh hi~ 1i'U'C-t ~1Ifln.' has rhcm g<>. nrap Lady Tax "Alway..lg$ disguises hilU.

um c.r ..". Apt... 1!It')t' in B(w.' r<:<:oJlod Jon«.«"..L1'j$ nnd Louie figtll uvct Ihe btLUII~"'S recipe for "Louisiann Bayou Bnd<b. ... H·.. Coml. In B. 00'0"'" I w.JIJtU I~f.. N!l~ O-lUj:'1'..e..umc bl'and .>se... d-sa ck E.BLIp' nt!'I'Cbl II\~ flPliDnl!'lU~ h1L~.jJ or .-.OI11.~rlp..lI@I1J in A Wilt/.1frIPJd Butut'll tl.jl U"l~ Ine hUJtnY'J U'Cl. '1.h. .b'bill'~"': Gu""" wM<h charaerees gel ~gg on dwi e r. Double trouble WI.kJ-IJII~ II.. GruC:. iI". jungle. Rabbu recruits BIJ~'iiI'C'} deliver D b~'ikc[ of "reehnleeler hen fnli!(''' to'I'\VO of hi. challenges her supreme uSHucss wiln hi!! disguisr.. Ht' sa v c.H nne Clul'I:. oue .it P}' ihe .."~. whornp each nrher with PO'!> and wllHu\'\! in rhe pig I"'''' ro"'< ...uck_c!i. inucduced .·SIi. He g<1. This witch..lf 011' by ch . ~ hilarious ~~'i1h: dance." .I"" N".. :p..." What's cooking? ln FT~Jld}Rilff/J.y Bun"1 Ilorn<doy.\ child.juct't Eddie Sdt..I1 in flll/bi'.. lie kn""".... 1\ I.:""'" 1"'1" gorilla 0".g IiIm •• 'So I mode 8. [u nc Foro)'. hluc.muc ru build J:I casino ll..1>1.IIJ gelS oh""ed . r The rabbir never initiates conflict." let in f'. "011'1 di<Dfl-..u.'i'. When BllgN 11..un. he gives toone [han he gets! The Easrer Rabb it IJ] Et"ur Y.:". .will.TIlt' bull YI.&gi.> he d. C"I "'''g>lifi'l'''' .. up kl1P1:kinS hil11.. M~d>cth\.. ... CUrt and P.lldr -.c •hlli 4 nm ~ojllg fC. 11i'\(il t!u:: dLty when. """_.d Martin an: a pair of cwi~I'oo munnmin I1U:. Amoine_" Thl~ n:qulrt:~ both C'l'M"lh 10 bL-c.1 from 1.tuiup. UGS BUNNY has encountered a large share of rroublernakers who never fail to underestimate his abilities..'II'lIg Bug.. little bnu wid r a lumuner and Elmer Pudd "junior" through .lL. double.':1If1iet1bdy. bur when pushed .:I~ CI:'I".~dn~ .. Irkk·or-rn. h~\ hL:'iUJ) M rs.'. 5ilmc w.1 and l.i1ris. I he i. veieed by =~r cackling imm6:H..s ro catch WII('rI H~~&!i llil" ~"Ill ill Om4nll}-On'..1J"iIH'C-l"Ciiil('d ir1lndlfi~.! Htlrr.:1"esrmeied him riot C(J make l b"lIfi~ll<i.o. C<}f)king ..::..".<n Bug.oding in rhe r"lIow-up.~. Gorill •• nd her henpc'l-k..d mbbirs and be broiled in oil.I1r\im~m. nllt bt'.£.k 0""").i.1... ft(fwltb::ill~n..!Wnub . "I'~.'i auorher p<".rwiu chef's l~r.......Iu~ II~ slIilJ nnr (n" Robert McKim.C'wabhir 0tH511'HLM"!l the: pail" by C:lllrng.o(.. -YQu tc:-:dh.jnOO11.. in GgrilliJ 1011 Dreams.n. t"lj. rorcing them rt) pull boo rds... prid« herself en her "Slio"" s.1& I~.11IIJm'JI fin! B ~ulll'i~ll1lng Ihcol"iJbjCC1 of ~ ."npkinh". is 1< than thrilled. Chuck Jones established [he golden rule: "Bugs must always be provoked.:cs? "E.«l.liillT'u( 1I .0. Bu!f!. JiIJl!.. as IJup 1"C'n:llmJ!ri U. Gru".

ht!' is found -nul ~lIil~r"'~by JI. D"rk Ham..:tr-1:r.". nd r.crer..utee cry t ..eksJ in rhe white coats I hn')· Two nUIS together D. D.1~." Alld how! True original Dairy Duck ~v:35 rhc Hrs( carronn chamcrcr ro be named ::dler ." lJl Ruben Tho flip side ro DilITy'.:ing her (!.ppy cluck'. m"~~.Ln the ~tudill.11T}?5 stardom rise ro was :Vh. D AFFY DUCK was me first character to truly personify Warner Bros.. DllR)· Ih~ p~rr Jlrdu: "!'ln~I.u.1 cartoon character do rhcsc things...."d.. the duck pluok< a porf<ctly hl!ard~y Porky off the srrcec m-d chases him around n madcap medical cenrcr. and hilarious.I hi.l1j. predAting "Bugs" ~unn)' nnd w.'I.... rhe hum.~g ric"'! to rhc mix and i milking hjrn incH:.if/Y DU'(l(.h Porky.'.'ihe ln."'"y.. ~plnni~g.I-~"_'r:ilM.:u~~c who won't 'Iii downl A~ rhc enc.S 'h" . .nul lrnte polhemcn (liicJiniin..:~~m InnhQ:lrd~.ed Hl. The duck simply replies "I'm just a crazy d.:Ipp('"ar:mcl!' in E.(.'U1 .'d:Jc::h.. (." snid director Bob C!am pcrr..' madcap humor.: A.ic~t.._~nr's wif-r warns rc divorce him lo-. hcr.(.b(~llns I~j~all-rime Df1fft .'iiCS each of their body 1'arts '" inllare in rum.'stole dw show il'l "rex Ay('fY' cartoon.1 shoots a Il'nd Dnffi (riglu) rho pig ''''51..o.'ks of rhc c:Jrly.o.-fool duck. Alrogerher now: "Woo-hoo-hoo!" D First appearance Daffy began life". .1I1l... 1'.iloll ..ey D:lffy Duck.'lf stw.·i /)I/rl· (ri~lul. nin::t:mrTc::. bo"ng nt.'1ling th~ hurnps nr~!l" ht':Jds (.pbYI!.(..:!1 the l'i!'J"" Then.So Big star 1J.& Pork\l~ ~11nV.1ppc-.1ITy's.wo "nurs" cmt:rgl. unique in rh. DaffY houuces across a marsh.:II d. what Chuck Jones railed a "wild and unrestrained screwy duck.IJrr.' nu reasou .:L. "People weren't nccnstomcd TO seeing .jy .gs while prncrici Flg:l magic Ji. I" The Hmf'<"tk. PaOy played rhe clown 10 the srurtcring pig'. As Tbe Daffy Do. lunncy is IIis rule :IS :I rroubled rnarr.1n1 jm)'! .u h~ hud D.Dol.J crosst:y". In P....ny w •. They end. traits Jllmping..I'Q U1 be. which C3U.111 IHIIHcr who will become Elmer Fudu.s.. ~'JbwJy nJt'N.hcll..UMb IIHJ..:m: uf utter 1"".. the In orcnil'is tide . """glH mart. . gi\·-(. Looney Thr. Da fI). glib .. nud ollcring I'll n::HJ die bumps on peoplr:s r'ff.1iLs include . and ""hmnillg "woc-houhno"-du~se an: 11'1. alntu .rs..'I{.. surreal..<)." In P(lrky. rile ih. rhe men 'oI(lu:lily.5 :l.".' fro:rll r . "People would . he is totally deranged: bouncing off the walls.1'!:.bp-h.-D'/l}' and ESSh. In his early cartoons. up f!illing rhrough an arriflcial lung.::.:hc m.lg thm breaks rhe founh W:lII: Eygllc." He iI'." the rhvaters r~lkioS about rhis doff.l"pil crnirtcd when ~aJkil\g.lril1g trick.jrf""'rr~. mereorlc.· rriHICI11:lI:.bowl.· Alii! ~m'1. ud· Hrm.nag"'.-. laiJghillg hysteric • ily a the pudgy pig and his dog (here named Rin-TinTin) until the frusrrated pig points out a move that isnrin rhe script.1 SI'. 1Jw.t\'1I. rnr ~Pfi'~rfJ"fj .~c.ingly «()iilpkx.Kim"UI1's !J..afrer . when hI!' i~ taken ru court.15»IC S. mnuic-c-he [usr "'TIS! Each director found ways re develop lh e ducks charr. singing "Merry-GoRound Broke Down" (the Looney Tunes tide music). and driving Hollywood directors craq~sllly.' duck.}h(rl Porky's pal __ \ ln his I!'Jrl)' pairings w.idil'lg sometl . Urher C0il1IIli111 H. Henpecked quack rhc "Goofj·" Gop].

.... Character portrait When . ueckde. """ higWlSS Scnrl(lIJwnp-t'mil..but essentially m~cfree way. e's . nature J. i~i dm. ~I "9k. Ih .".heel Wi... H when he IODks in rhe mirror."r. wacke.'o-. I. W. Or.AFFY DUCK has always had a srro g will ro succeed.Nh..'" hCild-wirnc_~ s rhl.Sl l)"a:v ~rLtV!rM ull J. was often completely bonkers. ieuehed.I11~ l>u~·il1e'S. ~1 hI' IIl(..qtk'~...t. and an ego the size of Pennsylvania. I". his pathological need ro be rhe I D I In Ihum IV 1:111111".·fltu hi'fJkf:n limh~ nml . he Illligin [usi he hig jerk.hl.i~I" be cvcrrornpcnsating.(J. greed.d L'gf).0 bsd..S if rhey were waiters in around hi.:~ ~IJ!HI! .IH!le\icl.f fi. ... however... suffering from acure '/'X.I ). __ if The price of fi"m. he Ar one rime in his life.. :11 ::Jll..ed. Boss)" ain'I' he1 rends ro urder people ."'Mtt!~p/Mii M nil rumfo""fi/.IIS A/f~rillS with ~ WLlLl1 Rabbit "nvy (Jr CI'JI'/~pNllll..1'0' Fired I. .1. he nered orders his rdlecrion ro shape upl henpecked.JJ#I. P<'.~miw ~n.. he "'~.!" In medical terms.ur. ~... DalTy [""I. S'P?'T§ I.h .I&tl. /rm. R.' -n.IPf"r~/Jm buller .~ff. .._L 'filii' (''''/'''''..!ot_.'J.1 c tv bencth.f1} i_~ d~"'p~r.s." "OW.-r -.. I""""t. Dony l1t?tJI17CJIYAL AtE C IYrJTc!tW tJArPi$fI LJR.IO"..j. "llfli'''''''I\0l>rli..lIfn 1·1I"'1'~1 iI. 0.1 hrul.dill IMJIj j. expressed in a byperacrive. .ld •• . clmracrer Dairy Duck frr forb" 'l..n<l.. At his most cx~reme. Nor rc mcnrion rhc occasion»! himcelfin '111" show the vrudlo IH~ mll. . he ".. ffll._J this cornpennve streak turn [he duck 111[0 a vulture consumed by envy../. '"Ilr ftlr[i~I" tp. dis.i. Yet.' c:lr~." cn." rhis snirnnrors' prmluced.00&<"(".r. His curnpcurivc hns cnsr 11i n several I ." WNi~l.! r hdi~'O his Jim tl:l biggest star provides some of his biggest laughs. be Ii. P. "1\.

. to"" entire fiu1f:l. ---_ ProE' . lu . with Porky Pig ns Ilh: srinlc.. outer space...lg.".. ever t:r-c.( Plan.."riUi.lI... colored blue. more tulerucd."asm..C'tIli\ hucgh1til1& liOlt"ll rc:vi~ (h~d.'Y.1tcly (elf j Ll.ntuia lib sci ..imllg . looked W H [ SUPREME confidence aJ1Cl massive ego.--- DaEE -------_:_ .rr'l)jeo:-::md .lg0' Yuung Spur Cad .s admiration [he Fm-ons f'I('wll):1per C"omk·"rrip dereerive Did< 1m. emil f'irgy Btmk nobb.h.lTy Duck h"" tuken 011 ml~ [hat dcrnnod brnms. HIMfi D. r porter who) CllvC\drops on If. laughed in the fa e of jeopardy.:: dinbulical thrcats A:udvark thrnik corning From his edilor's office. the Ma. hunered-up ..k ' l\..l /)U(I: tupor Duck IUf'or DII. rhen Ihis du k I". rhr . A b4ttl.UfI '11('lldj~PI'('''r. lh . Wilh h. He is also erased.Ms.lvemures hnvc made fur SOl11e the funniest \1(!.uflply nf oJudium ftJI. Arrc. while hi.1r1 ~..~ end glory ~W'.I>."ti DLI J.U"llt:r Bros.dekick.Kimson'..gjn~[ion aHow~ him I(} mi mic grcalcM iu::l'Oo rhe screen. who quickly subdues the duck with n shor of his "usual" SolOOIl drink-a stiff drink that literally HilT".1il "pac'' in 130D 10"'1'""'.on"inrc .he :r.rl Detectives and highwaymen "Nothings impossible to Duck c1\vncy!" Dtlrr:v'..t. :m~ lilt: mi:SI>1kt:tl Sruper DIJck flios olT to mor".:I.Dairy's filnmsy Iir~ overload in rJ)I" hirs S("llrl~1 Ptlmp{'nlidu/ when he tries ro per8u~de studio bosses (0 make :3 "serious" movie with hiJllhdf:l1!o .II. • pilot.. he'~ iIolII:mcr. "Ain'l I a STinker?" or or D. Amru·A· ts ... DoIlY becomes n n111~ke'<l'r. rhe WiUlIJi nmhin:g mort: than .iiY :IdV!. are from n relevision drnll''l:il..·.l'" DUck -----~----------------------~.b.\cloCn. n1:l1'1.M).• lituillJ:.r quhe m c. h's I'u'ky who ~ri"gs down the b"d guy and becomes the: true herO-IYllI_h to [he c:I\1Ck'~ rusunrion.... ArlC'1 1Q ell.m is DafJY. vivid im .t1lUtI: 3:r.minlhCI\fJI'II. Daffy". He never find:i om !h:u ir W:lS Bugs.)' lea ds hi".ri\ol..»../'4" n .Ie Feathered alter egos Fearless. Nasr -.: DtlIllIlg'O or Fri~ n.hh1l. brawn. fC\---.:k June. or in the deep recesses of his own mind-the duck has stared squarely at danger. . Jl1d l'Opulill 111M rhe rohhh-{)r eeurse he IS! 11'llre om Duck ill space The Src'IC . and young highwnymu-i. Du . Dr course. . Ilunny-wllO slyl)l udmlts.. in'pll1:d by Buclc 1{()~wn.:d.t'1l~UQ. -eif-nssured.. I ifl." the drinker! Jnl1C eartoon W". DaffY ur chaos straight in the eyes-and had his beak blown 1'.uc:d-3r'1d his r.ea IMlil .)I.mlol.] Rllrnik-his beak tee iving the m:tjQrity [he :)m~1.)hing."."m)1 . D".axd d\fd~.tin..ili'lri4'U~ mLs:l ...bus. and [lil-knowing--o.k meets duck Ul\h-JnulI.. wli~1l 11(''Phil. Da y is aware ofhcing n cartoon character and he PUI> LIp with a I t f . E...he gIL""esr lilernt)' a:. ~r. D"rA-aro o. bandit.11e --_ "\VJ1TH me or r truly believes he can be anybody he wants to be and do extraordinary deeds.!yr" I" R.alJy'.v. comic s.htJrg<:. iuuinn is rhe incer r form of l1:utery.. --_ PSYch' ---_ J.. and a furmer. of nit-wit ..<> .. Chu.mJing to know who's. "'()u..heft) ef carnic snips: md mov ie seri. Those threars. tlf Darry is a mild mannered In Roberr Mc.:Iodu. f.]1." Ths (means mnding up 10 ru rler..Wl!r)r. rnt hI' DI!oillll'l4rJIJ.. n!j(I~1'Ii . Ilj([ol. Daffy The rerum of Dripalong I" huck Jon es' My Utll..d hi.tTy Duck! "YQib! AiiLl :l!V. however. source "I rh~ I:""-re.f' 'u he thinks! D.. and square-dance aller..l.inlcgNtor cream "om. And wherever be finds hirnself=-the OldWesr. from rhe pniurbrush his :lnim'l"or before demu. urhi~ Ifm::i"lellliIY· t1t:Vr. dvt:l1lurw: In DUfk II} The Masked Avenger A.dc.I~. cartoons..r rhe fiction.If. in the 1920s and 3Ot. "I' D... (.at --- . X.. Ihe dud."L IJo.1" 1. (i\uky Pig) barrie Mervin rhe M~rri'n lor . a cowboy ill Chuck jones' Drlpalong' vows (0 clean up "this OnChorse town. or In DI/(('.ifJj. and transformed i 11[0 a flower headed..ked AVenge' goes lip against G::HIJ~m ag.!Irtl(l1J 1111W5' nru 1H.:aIing look iTlJoide rhe ronured mll1d rour-Iegged reuure] In this film. Inis Chuck lJrJs.:1' del ' 1"~lkv U'I. il t'l3ilur..rtr1Ur].

!Jf. or advenrures=Dafly's proportions.'J I--'tf'. mCinG fu ~ Iliq tearu ("('·:ram .1"':J.. I..ho"'< eueh ns I'n>f!{.g.and 1:'.llY'..]'"")'> .Il' l'ctI:it.. Hunting season Cb.: the . Tilt' .JlI"r.:s.'t riff.P l1u&" f\Ul1l1r RlO.r. .lIt Harr •• ". • nd che res" I.11ay.'"S'' ' 1'1. drooll"): bcr b. braised in .1.. D. .ings-on....OiL.n".kiIl n IlLlJP 'JP:W hlnl in b. The resuhs are apliJ~i~ rudd..k.n the M''..1fU:l'l')nsFe.bed leather ("drool. manic "KEE' duck: "I C3.1.'." In andenr Bnghdad. duck Se.'l lry c. &IIS. u lisp.. iruendmg m t~L')WdlC' Brum} Mil/I... It:X'lJloJlliVC' "..JAj-orMlrlu" f ea ril. rom •. On relevuien .".. frustrated rival. cllC d"..< .l1 cnly do if eneel" meat w irh liroiled d"Ok bill Beak geek In l?nM. th.ppi..<" /laMi.1.rn.. D"rfy i." advises Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part 2.:llifomi.. .-11e t. In soeh as A St~r I~ 11f1""tl.. ruul Bu!!" swap recipe ideas to persuade re ' of the others superior rnste. tll1' Bum~lJ..iv.'Cl... .. ie.. At one time .IT).[\.. Firt.:vr:rythiflg lin::}' cnn rhink uf to persuade die befuddled hunter ro shoot the ether en".nd BLlg.k'.. who". d hnl't'lt' j'li . rhe duck hIlS also 'IV" I ries 10 rho "cobbi.Im::r l the C"'.k bas determined one thing nbcur Uugs: 11e'S' "dcspicabicl" or r usr pu G em DJlTy CI~'~C.YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE. outrun the Abomin.he duck is bedeviled by cave gunrdian Hnssan andnn evil ge..u.h.x.1('. cool as llu!I$' !LlOd.I.e) direction! MiI .lJuu. l).. of Bu~' show hi. So)" the d<rm. Strike" nn on. ~nm~ U ra niem 273~.I_g:i. ".IS«JIlI baseball Sl"aSOH--f)T wherher Fudd's BfH :I "'frtCiL. r'''''idi~B ample or tl>lTy Shill' y rrua..!Tin every possible (and impessib. Wrong rums at" Albuquerque -\."('-J. SJltc'<'y.!'~. Bugs .. o.1 111cl!"1'. '. ShJlkc w~1.he' Illltl[l:.o<J duck &r:. "I..he me-nu: Duck polonaise under &IJ~ ('\l_m_m~I.y debnres rwcr whcrher h'~ rob-hie season.rck Jones direcred II uilogy hllFuing C:..'llfir1 I... rese (·yummy-yund·): chicken f'ioci "bbir wid. 'p"..j!fJ shew up bts IfI 11V'....' S11l11L~ mil urn. O. the duck evolved inro a. Dolfir I.1 great admirer of Bugs mnlcl otl.!Il"Il"): rabbit Q.~slr imrre. Daffy "Jork" and Bugs elud •• giarn-sized Elme.ju. a viewpoint ro which Daffy Duck appears 10 subscribe. Porky Pig..:I1..1ffy ~h~l.001 Dllck! lI. bur your enemies closer.ffy.\!r"""t~i.. 13m .. ""f'oci.J eserr. show-business fir-Aung disurrbing go. T•• .lffy iI. elose-ups. ulrimare. DalTy a.10 .C'rm. couen . .1 .p.irn l drink il gcm:llJus portion or galalinr • then acrne nuro WY('>ctHIt:.. II:! re.lin::. On . opporruuiry tor the duck 10""'" i"_Old 'ho bunny (0 om"....~n . Pm-1m ro Bww)'.lly je.s' rhe du.h~n rl.r.. J'Io deck b.S J BuW' L\lInll)'J .i.h..tHUr!flg B'L.[ieva."!!e ill S'IO'JI Bi. !luS' cosily eurwi .g . Foghoc" L<gl. -Wh"L" up.rnn~ .y.. the prime ta rger on "ll" 1.som.. i\ldlOugh w.o pov.U grarln de gclarln under .. uavel companion .".1".n. Pi."g logic lead rhe rrin hun dft. BlI~ mel D.".. B.lf1)r end n~!g. When he and Bugs team up-most efren for hunting season.".ry meech .U Bi~ BNg! dirnut:r wilh O..l. ill lht Hin':l. cohIlL. Doe'" whlle BLiJ."j"t....i"n.l!)" mind.. in Slwl. As rtie I""" ls . srubborn h"". RIfMi.he bt-.oCt:ilri.tTl"""' Recipes fot disaster In l/"hb .' confusing wordplay and FlOJd'.bhil! Du(k! Bu.l't: lost .d D~nY's (wi'r.. il sauce.inS rabbit" license..h(' sceru with a couple of I.. D"IT)'. desire to outdo Bugs reaches truly In Rt. beak is blown .. I).and 1f1~Goofy Gophors. Fudd. the rep of .bk Snowman: and .luusy""""" him LO do his.k on .::orlOl::O! Too bod Fudd~s a vq. Elmer The h:i111cof will.B:ocKHr amount or [.Jl.y ..

and the others form a o.. spawned mor star cartoon characters [han any other animation studio.VIUlJiUI. Por .Elmer. outrageous and big laughs.Y of act rs who playa variety of roles on Tunes stage.. .Tl1J. Yosemite Sam.COMPAW W ARNER BROS. They are truly an all-star filled wirh strong personalities.

others.~ "Mury l-lud f\ Ufllcl ..1tl Digg~r!/.111 (l. \'(!'arn.r.Porky and Daffy I\ul.bl1c-c-mus.1 in his usual resolute style._.'Il}lI. wiih rhe lend character !I~lyillg "Til.u PMky tb" never <honged.i }?fJiu.l.!'11aduh.1('''' GIJJA Ira.wl't.r rook rnmic absurdity and sl::lp..J liJlet'1I infO .• he \l"l'\In!J/lNJ. joined the Nm')' .'. Looney 'Times' very own "everypig" has always stood our from the crowd! . \'1".'i'U" Ncr'l"olL'i: Kili)' ~uempb! IIiJ '"Ul.49.:"""JS ~)OXtIlS llIilH~I!.a "J In Fri.11"0"" ro capture the audiences' hearts.-.e.hl mnn ro screwball Dtlfl)' DutJ~.ive-=--hi~ rtoording St. He had that special something: srar quality! PQf~l' .~..".. gimukiller "lid" pied piper.und Litdc Kin)" ~ girl car. \'«h:uever rhe ~ef[. T".'.!.1I.. I" Yo" OllglJI 1b 1).h quicku ' ~lr ICmp<'lru (:ilbb~' Go. with i [8 mix of humor and pathos.II1J~.!tT)l the figbll·r in p..~ from rue r.." When I'o. Porky Pig always wins over rhe audience.mll~ boil. bur Porky was 1...Ibn s bt'('a casr 3!i 3..Jr!'! [hought lh:.J.1!'i Beans the cat 131j nr and Potk~ rnnde .. Pur~r up fm .n Pork}" sruncr gives him H'uub111...n lot" .U"P'5"lliy iu P"m~ 0.~I'Yof eolcs..lnim..idle set. like Beans. 'cd ..'tJ/'lIi (. the one flrsr n coufldcnr (he second ~ Timid pig. ir1 AJrky "I Wl. 1'".lclIg\ I n. which k-.. wise-guy Bea.stcuk IICurs! Replacement Md Blanc added a comic dec t() the dialog u.''''/1 Nill. all folk."JJ~:lIi'l..~1I ghm1S til n haunted hnU$l~.l:t~ In (.t~IIbJ "'mJlIIJ~ 'TI"lnn"'lrJli 011 nr~~.. ht tries tc recite the pocnt "Pnul Reveres Ride" by Longfellow in I The stutter W. where !~ol:k)' i. fO. gL'uing l~rk)' Pig mles rorky Pig eppenrccl in [I gn:. . l.. The .....iy wns a perfecr stl'lliy..~ .15 origin:-!!I}' voiced by Joe l)uLlSI re ")'.JIU ~he: en IJ.n'lll)' ended -.hlel.> the car. ""II D.'ltillB pnir: the enr.~ing_ sramrncr rhe 1'0 crearc a classic cornic personaliry.h. ' discovers gold and lcrs rhe .:I s.mmmer line. 8ilwlliam.. .j)tky VIoliU:'liJl1c:!o "Pllc .s.uri::tlte 10 1111 lt~(lfri'"'nd I'clunl~.'. making the audience laugh at his predicament while weeping at his embarrassment.".. He banled rhc Corgon in "1U::i~IH ~.. thing sbo. vholc rcwu know.Ulred in n few cartoons..k" broke d..l(. carrcon s ~rnditiD. Tornmy Turtlc... Some of the characters only appr::lI'<xl briefly..'lIl'UUI_'I !~WlrifC piG !l~LlI'id~ :1.nd the I:(i~'isn Lesion. Who would have thought [11ma shy pig with a speech impediment would become a cartoon a-s-s-superstar! Perhaps rhe secret of his success is hisengaging character. One of the gang The Looney Times "gang.. \VJ1TH HIS ENDEARING srurrer and never-sayW die anirude. 6. variery uf advemurc seer-aries.rig llllJl. I'orl<)./.. The looney ga.Cr m O.1 }'T'nll~"lr::r ..ue tI:I..~~ n ew le v . /-11. li. and flew ~(") urreal \'(rackyl:lIld.lrub.. HI..II.:uA M.I. l7J:hf!:!o j:\Ia:h l-I. Our M:crl." included Porky.\(~iC)I'.. Ham and E~.1 "'I:«h." Smneri'ng i Star ~is.k:..u.rmoI'JS in whlch . who WJJul1y SltH...rcktltwd.g .. ilS.1 lin)' and ~:. [te JHul!O~ m.. know-itall Oliver O"....ifj)' (righ' I end n paticnr n'll nnf1y~"._'rBrcs..rn. ln Pi~n~rr!$"_ ehev I'urky hal! phl~'{'d ~ ""H.. bC«(')IU<: il went on rn 1uI cndurin~ rrndemark or Looney Tanes.I stammerer who proved to ~H~ rfUl (!xpcl. he explored Egypl.hey opp".al..ln ".» J "C.lI1 the m . eause fe tv r1c·.1')'J . Purky is UII!: uf ll: ~ruup of animal schoolkids inspired hy Hnl Roarhs live action Our C::ms ~C'ric}" At GJhb"...I. rn!'m!...:h ... emzed '" '1\""" {n Tb« D"'l~ Doc. He h:\. mischcvious {win puppies. "". C.k.1i.\ir C~..n Beans would he the ne-w s[ [0 a rnUH~Ccar dHUC: fc-aruring Beans and Porky./tI~ill' 1tlpl. mll~h [I drum ro ..n:oce nncl fOIlg.J. ere nude ~loli~idc . III k A"Cry'. Porky ""1'<'<.

ppeared a in Pu.dr ..hal h.kdy rounding (bur vel)' ".h< Pig'...111<1 artists would gllest'.k •.d But che pig's career was far from over.hcc~c'rC:l:hlYl H. rhe character \v..n& him a per~Q". id.lflj' lalks hls r.•ps . I). on. whh p<trrca do(.\01.".t. of them.nrdsc. J0!'l.'!rogcrh~r mere artrnerive ror her later .c was hugelJ' seccessful. 111r endures .~h.. brilliantly ccrubined live action and nnimarion..:Y comics Porsy was scar of rhe ". could 11'<. bur iXca.""k....".. ]QIlC.igi".1""')1$ kep' h.1fcn his e w n aU.t" appeared ill rheee canObFt~ j!. Frc:lcng bricny lefi the S.iing whar e audience i. top cartoon star. Iud in f"".'Qag) 0" "Yuie: (.w:. Porky began POI!. His main artist was Roger Ammr<mg..01) YOIl Ought To Be In Pictures In dl~ the pig for n.. and beror-(!'10ng he was g.'....r:Ischanged so .hdi~d M~.:rl ""I'Y Porky's pets Although Porky Muund he' finge.III".ha= I. Kid! loved Porky.1< ur 11.ins tll:u \'J:':l~ mose successful..<d ...'so c:.. bur ii wna a... hl "' • l>O)' 1«>" t who service wi'fh Daffy In n.ure films. One" disringujshed guesr writer .G'J. grownup nll. . \va$ Syl¥c~ilC!t.cs .hlesing'" seudio [0 theml I" />.000 011 Ihe co llccrcrs mu rker! Po".1ir4!')C'I.. p.Llngnl dubbed irun fOl"eign l.S1:'S ~i" ""lli".iol\oIlr . end \'1/. p".fTy ""mrtd hirn 0111of the "'. Colo."" of rhe I"'I'IlJ. .~ had plenry of pees. • >luolio &UJ'" who "". "Ippe:i.iry--the uu<!i.r. lb.:on Sehl~in1\. ·W~ made him hUll .U1dcdly med re convince .dy C.!' ~brk w.t:r ['orkyl.' ~umC:f.)' In . Bob CL1mp-ca made her cllfer and ..'sor YOllng Sp. Rc. ""'5fJ.rter-day role wo." His calm reactions [0 Dodgers' mnnic mrr alings were as cndenring ns ch{'y were FLI.rm "0'" Duck Dodgers TV series.:. ~. Porky's sweerhean in Loonev Tuues comics and In!!rch[ndi."wffc<J porker "f the "".k"ow" I.avc him.."villS ct.un....I'.: II mad.'.r to n•• k< him ih •• 1.h.s.n'f'Cn ." pl.!itared.nd Chuck jenes h".mimuor Ilikt I C. rumbles into il 1':11 of rubbl:'th.!: in a while. th.. e show. He proved [0 be JUSt as hilarious in supporting parts as he was in starring roles-proving he was a b-b-big deal! [0 A FTER YEARS as a Looney Tu nes icon and warner Bros..e ". bur soon returned. hi..irnself FI•r Fool Flook".. m" or Chorji. his PC[ pooch ill I'nrkys TiT< Troubk.nnnIiry. "'Polky is the -observer.iginn! Looney Tune s and Merrie Mdodk~ comics. eclipsed itt popularity by the brasher characters Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.rl')" /'11'0'.H\' srnries.(1 teanrcd him with 1)"lTy um:.1'48).Mol BI>". ICI.. p<:'.rkJs RnmnFJGt and I'lJfltyi IJl'J"blt Ti1Iuhlr J~ • goldclill(ler who wrapped pour Po.he. rOf hi" mme-r.i. His first 111m back home. .Porky comic books.hC:5C" ti." Bur Porky chops Boh CI.. Hcmr Umdcr. and hi' lilL:clIl'Jrti mcrdt:tndi. cl"ll of 6ark' Porky epic now ret . OS Duck Dodgers' "E.. which lie rr.m'o. Gerry Chinri}~'}'i gj(ldc. predari Ilg Spflr~[am and 8m'k [n Actioll..s.r in the Aim 'ind\.1 Porky ef sueh lIol.tI.011.1 well Over b 1."lt"l1 el.C~ Cadets naive chc. ir all ~oa'i wrrjbjy wrong~ nnd rhe pig rerume ro discover Ihal rhe scheming D.r.d).p .I.! the Sp:l.c(..rul'<lrky inw ]'.)rl~ whu..klek 10 Dofli' DlI<iQ).. of tho MOllnli es" (in Live-action landmark work ar the Iovish MGM studio On their bigger budgetcdcarrccns.: grownu p.<c C"Je'. ~<5PO' (inJoL<!II! wirh S~I. however.11she va.".r.1<" per.I)' 'tnnobW in... Tho "Sca". lh~1<:. wben A pig's progress.kf~Ix:.· Perh ..." mol in rhe midst chaos such :u wlll'J1 n_mnilltrl ooby delivery Dr rhrears as murderous or invading nliensl mice Looney 1 uucs srudic and «ying hi. reddi"od ..I.. It 11m'" '(lp.Iln)" Fhe smn'l:lncring a. Fri ..S C::X«pt Sr'M~i'lgrr'" Petunia Pig PetL1llr::l. rhe Ic:gend:uy C.~i"g. Cl. oilll«.Y . Oft he larrer. You Ollgbr To Be III "iuum. Kur as audiences h~rn_e ~n(' mere soph isrica red.I1"" r""I. eremed ·Po. who d. n'II~U"1t\)r:1c:y i. An o. he hasn'r had much [uck wlrh BI"ck I'u')' goes <""W and .h hdpcd to rurn rhe Qy<.ifiS l'''rky~1 most f.1 "f(CiI1 UIL. ro.. kl'ihwn m she U.JuguL!..!Iuil tht'!ir rasres.

:_\':.1 (III Ilrrj'''' JIJm ..fh~l\l'J.Hur~ :I ccn. IhrJ-w.'luliin Illm~L'lf in fl.. .m· H'If...u\u. .J wLdl J "ftlHl Wlil/-<.I I. 1·~llhl ~'II'"p.\"l'r~(_' r...In.I..II!..11 \~.lIri-l._. \ i..lli.IIIl!-=. rr.~lj hLhhn hlll... 01'LT.m(~ 1 mill:! d..I hu\\ ~1111 luruu-t hj.IlL' .m len fll' IHqlU) c . Wilhlm-'Killt'.id .ql.l II1Il'I~' ..!c 111111'" (1 rhn .It_III~-.Ie..•• lll-rlltill !~I"IIP"'1.m.l hJlllil(_·o~lt:>. l'l.'-1 l'll..-... ~--- !!'m-Nt-JlIIII'a.. h.'\ r}~·U dH'lI!~h duo LIrI~lLllh 1l"\·~·.lli"\..I.I..Il.11\. 9H~11'~ !C\. 1\'1 lo\~'. I mid II..• un! L \'._'fNf.'ml ~'u.1 \'.\ ~II Lht' tnl ·.:.~nilh.:I-" Wi~hUl~n~· QL!kl.dr. HI~·. f udd.11 .lhncr I. 11f'fI.1 dUdlll" / h~pIIOlh .t_· il.. \hn\~ Iw r .I.•J unch-r .oIJill .Hlcf.1I1'-olun .l-d voicetum Ard.. i:llmL'r.lm\ h.r}I-F~.- . l\lilliu[].I d. ~~.IIII. IIJt f)U G7)1]lImy.k-Ifl!:! .1[-" U\\U . LI~ 1·lIdd 111 tbr I1.

.li~on~ earing or tm. Llu~ is h2PPY (0 oblige..Lsrnurtinn Devil will em ::myth~ng um:_c.lgC3ncc-. p Circling di1Zily u.RI 14"' fIlLl/iW/J.ue rhe app~aml1ce of the local terror.~ ~or4N'IIt ...heel (1..f.lId SP'Il: erAS} pmjeCl mascot.. In Robert Mcl<im so lIS: classic rnonsecr model .h..viIMIl)'Ha1Y...lhen Hl"t5 ro pi~ nut on 'he ·plg" {middle . i!: fhat most nnlque of be' II~-n specjes Yr. rw iijWl.. OUt ~ guidebook.11 BUB' I~"nnl' while ar orhcr times he stood ut pr~tLi\c hare beigln.ril1~lhrough ~11~.. Spin cycle Wl:tl.. Bug.J'. cross-dressed [III!!'.g ~fjl!fi"M~_rJ ". • roiling p.!'..) he "Pp".rtc a highly bubblicious chicken ~C:lllpIUII1!.6/tfr! ~.:(:.ng_o<l fro. He's the all-devouring Tasmanian Devil-e-and ht:'s Looney Tunes' wildest success story. Appearing in a m. Big boy T. and bicsrbon atc of ------=:::t:.: n..r l11C"'dOJii of rran . 1'0 C3nOUll.Inder.g wlt'n Bu&-'I:in video g . onacion.lflfl!m'tfA1 "'/~w... alit One lbi.vnlki:ng . . who fold.")..o:rO!l1::1c.. G.rlgJms 111. Bugs hitches" rid" in 311 airlifted erare of carrots and ends up in T'a..OQ" \Jf'ldll. of.IS NASA'~ 11:dmolfJgy Applicarions . although he leans reward irerns dun resemble snimnl P.1 PRI) . $(:mds l'irmt wanLing [u know what [he cornmorion is . upper jaw protrude. -rhZ. By the book In B~d~vj!ledRabbit. omctirnes h._J~ 'od~ arc comhincd '0 cre. D""i". hi.Talk abour fuo<J fillinG )'Q" "I' b. Tnsnmnian She-Devil debuted and lied rho kuor in Q. comes from a land way ddwh~\.11. himsdf 'II' into ~n aIJiS~I<Jt' bag be ore flinging...ire bod)' of t'his whirf Il~ dervish is a 'We<.nJ when she 1>'" as 11: . with :l helpful warning-<i."-rn 0«1". He '[01" a c!)le.!.(1 JI"bbl/.fr: 111I_~gr ~ "/Jm!f. th~w.' In D .. ..n r. Rerenr yl!'itr~ have seen ·Ih srnrrin..lgll.i}.ll.): ~ disgul. TI.lcr.c(. modem·d.'rmim has slimmed down and I.. Devil with a purple bow Unlike most other LooQ'Y Times T:l:t.en struck back \\!irl:li :J ~' has led 10 a grcunckwell "I" li'It'rdli_mQiSC' tie-ins.~ rnnrried nlOru.:comes ill conract.. . TlII~:fc()vcmll. 'Iasmanian Dov.rbiu:.llli~l!.otiy..t<~ inside II.firh hs Own handful of classic-era cartoons. All of us love Taz=-espccially youngsters-s-perhaps because he's the party animal we might be if we dared.e:r been very de..[. d lif.mania-rigIH ill tOC path !'If ~ stampede of terrified animals. I1If. ehur infi. H The T..)' f. 11 grown and dl. M'I.'"gh the weeds ar well over 78 R1'M •• he "".. i'i .-rbt-1I. loIigh-tech Tal. of course.n wirh 11_ disrincr . uuforgertable from his first moment onscreen. the savage beast whirled and chewed his way tome rap.E'S FASTAND FURIOUS and../ Mtry H4'1'.::!. with which he."]'. was much short¢< .mes end :lCtinS ..11 about.

"51 a m. '1llip Imo the barg:tin. Sam ''''IS .. bandlr and a pirar e.(: ship "the roughes . md 0. up 10000N heaven. Hothead Sam may boast of be.harn desert: hc~5' been ::J C..c:~ rc shoer hilT'i-"[)..!kC'~'io :'PIlC'. proP" coJoring Ibr the animation.roic Bup bbRs Sam 0111 of the . Sa)'5 Bull'" "J've heanI of Hell...- r.. vill be !here'. or purrlng clown a mutiny. bue he sure is noisy! Sam fi rsr blazed onto rhe scene as a Western bandit..uc:' Sam ouria slolc'l IrC". . Egypr.rvi---sh<JW11 here in • ""IDr model shR•• which inmurn the po. and In DMmuru' Hrtmlj'1 Pir. \~hc:.r "'"ught III .. ~ claim ers on "'. ..rMl'l<'ir-tl... :trmeking mil ~hips. pitted ..II~SI" [hu &1m C'nd!. mum:y to scam. I ·Wanttd· potter in HII1r T"'IfP Od. He has appeared..ill' I'I:)~if'g the treasure nnd hlivirtR hi~ rirn.. final Loong Tun es a ppearanee vru playing BatQn Sam Vlon S1wnm. roughest. Pirate Sam Sam is the only characrer IQ b. ~ oa. ghwdy j INIl" Il00.rc\'C'r in rhe world there is gold ro grab.".. Wyom'"! 1 Willie. well-kr.~ .tlol-!lt' ill I\ug~' rabbie hole.. WhedlC!r burying treasure.o".5!ii.. . SIt1W:JY. 1 lie-man $wffest hombre as ever crossed the Rio Grande. Angel. or rabbits UJ stlppre...bbit-and he always lOSI our ro d1C "bamaclebleren land lubber: Dumb patrol Sam.1fiOC..ns Sulran S._ Dan." yev for all his macho bluster. or guise. Pirare Sam only appeared in three cmoons. . bur I n"".irIJlllullf# Sam-of-all-rrndes Sam's l'"fSo"..iny..1. that "flea-birren varmint" Bugs Bunny! n prison gUMd.ltJH t.I<y and Iti.. ownrr. in Dum" i'II. .. [hen evolved into an all-purpose villain who could pop up in any rime. 111 Silrll dl"('ld. no !dl i!_. place.$\...e:4d ~blJlI.1. \"Vh~1l dlli' rabhir 1'11.own ill rwc "'P""''" guises: as a W"".y~Jr' ~rM.Jt... H...~ Old \"(11. but rhey were memorable roles. confined ro I'I'U.nn i-..JW"Y... Yosemite Sam may be small.... he can never beat his arch-enemy. ~!crooked<y is roo big (0 1>... enel" Sam.d REAT ]-:lORNYTOADS! /'1" iMnrl/' Il"... and RiIT·RaffSan1 in d1C' S ..Sam . G J:..World War I flying "".

. Clueless about his body odor .. her back and oecome Pcp-c'~ "ohjecr uf Of'!oir-('. "'Y0l1 know. I"1 'rnJH''''i old Nnvt)rl('olIn"-.1 IC::oJTIflle' blt'tde cat would in..~'HJ!. 11 aenpccked American suburban-skunk. a.eSS P<p<·.lly dubbed Penelope hur sOll1edlnC! called Mnm'§ell~ Kilry or F:lbrcttc.h" And dhtim:::dyt: .(.luJ hy June b1r."mily lifC is uru ror Perc..slw~rs .."c I p. S!tC' is F. d down. [no!" HC'r E.~Iid voice arcisr Me:! IUwc.hi .d lovers.-I in . ealed in tbe end co be Henry..:. Of even offensive.i.. Pepe beenmc . ..""·iII onl... g .him .lul romenee ouh "'Fil~'I'c[(C" ~'~~.I eaneon ~l.1'" L~ Mckc.f~!i: :i.iJ (_lmwlI here) pny.~ . ikr IJalliIJf"d. Srmr-lmmta] Ri'fUiJIJS..·rf... ~" _In [h~1 film.ckledfilm.· oface.~ KiIlY. .:1r.. "l wes tl("lishrr{i be"-"luSI!' Cn lic 'QC~t. !1m this early B w.u.1..... F".. sw-'in~in' siegle.• for rood disguises himself (IS 1l. \ fih'J]Pr-i uch"Ur1g.tdrlOC Iii ~ 'rt'l.T. btu co-srarring wiith Bug.camorollsanenliOI1S-.!Ioi<.'" "p.M~IMIf!.Chuck Jones' Pepe Le Pew possesses a macho mindser thac many men possess-but rarely practice. I~ 1epe sppeseed iI~ 11 d:.nainFn:nch ~ c..i. ..(}C's voic~' W3JJ warm and seductive.. c •• ...riOi'iTI.:p~~ reluctant mill" . csmhlished the (ormu. nnme RASH AND OV~RCONFIDENT. Jones described Pepe as "so SLLre of his appeal to women that it never occurs to him that his attentions might be unwelcome. elf.riYI). ee .. ..ird 111m.1to'llNrrbio trJflffE. however.. Thi~ lime h~ is Il. the romnntic bid ill the ..dly _)'um .thi.133. ~'\..."ire showed JI'""" __ -:~'~"".!reJlest performance.hich and kids. Pl..t!'ric. debui ~ 1~ASc: . Jh." "S... child.. Medcm h.: .l. . tI.. lloycr5 pcrforman(:t' defined him :l\ 00e' of Ill" screens grcar CIJIl[illl':I1I". a skunk l'7t'HIIII'PIV.1 011111])< in Clrrolbtwttt.. a roracar looking i •. .tty .lvcrtcmly !leI :1 white stripe painr ... h.l}..~d:l11 ~)I. AF[<r hi. :L locnion idcmified as Manhanan..~~ ~~." Family man? I.h.rr J~ holding her nose.Nli.C'i .. his mailboe in 'I his firm).!. version of Pepe is re.Jl'1!gil ~I .. with Lc Pewquoriog nClyets nunOU5 Uncs. C!li''lr100U won an OSC:Jr.. c. .C is the black "fTi~i.. tl~t' . lec. CnMIt:5 B(lr("r.j'~n. a case of physical eru .rh.1Sl.".~JI!'...51..1 ."Corne wlrh Me: to rhe· iloar~ Pcpc.:qUCCl.n hiding.....I Form ula for SUCl..ll (+1"~~ ~prC. it:. homage....'AS: nor with Pepe." .o.SWIM of love PC~lC·...i'4f Rskunk-only ro anrnct ~ ." It seems quire fitting that a character so full of love has become one: ofWafncr Bros..1lldon.'Ih.~hcr" he:"t'f.:.." WheTl for the .... "I arimiru her mind..Jull:' .. 1101./. Ht'.CT<dar ."oie!.:V -. 1938 movie Aigirn. ~ §! revived me le-elern skunk in St~nr· bfir"lffillOiler llb.II1~)C~n .llJf!IiII'r« '/Cr' Im-itrh for.l. clever ..JIlCU "'Sllnky (un srndlo model . of 1~. directed by Chuck Jones..i.~1§: had (WCI1 among ..~jI~ NlQi.pll.tJor-oblc . he ch ....' most beloved stars! Pepe was inrrcduced in O..he r.1 .11 !''"rod 1'.'lSo"ova. Hopelessly 'in love. clog who is di'glli><:< ~rlVDter Q'1..".

Movie Wurld \. A combinmion of.::n:{i.-'<:1 all .DC'o:. These m~lqlleru~~ were made Ior A1'Ii'II. alien lnndsenpes. gi'iing M~rvill·:!l.1rlC!: Ncblc did hiS' li"O£I' n.~p:II~." '"''''1''''''"' plan es .h~mL:"pmk in AUMrltha.II !5 mack to b".drawn eel nnirnarion and rornpmer 1:i1".udy (Ill hued flo.. "1-1< enhaoccd '-""""i' "ory. unlveree die ..]f'v:in the M..ulIlply designed • "iLf dd.i"'~Lh< ""dkn..]il.'Iring_ in .1y J1.lic." suld Chu('kJuno..nror.y.hip.s.[mnllmntiJ hBlld . "lf be go.g VtJiiU2J . 11. woinf Np:Jcc. l::'r-l..U IJK AJurfJmJ in Jhr" :lrJ Djrt]("1Jt"m."Cdrom r he palmed bt~CII :s.~.. d"~1g'1cr Mll1..y(lUf work COll["III.mlhoyarH rhe M. viewed ~\Iith ='-D g"L~ find is iRt<m"..pite :lpPC".."j.111pe.lity.'uing ln« clnemadcally overdone ?1a11<tl.rL:lI of ClHOOn:'.1 t~nt oJ h.u] cartoons.~h (lighlly) IHi. Mt'lrvin'~ Ilm'lC' oominlle'l ulth."janc pseudo-sclendfic apparatus. produced ror th~ ~Ul1c:r Bros.-'<Iwilh !l1C::Jm and water! !_1.h'CiO.1 of ITt"' ~I-n.1IlC. he of ..

1:' rl. kuuwn P"j.\ .14[" I.'" on .h~ piJlft"TIlh'l:t"W""J¥hl nor b". or doorbr~f' ~ust to £-1: [ in In '. Stealing the show with his exagernred blustery blather..trnik I"'''.d ji1<-er .p Kid Ihlll')' whu nppeared in Svrk il Doodl. us long j mischievous young chickens....' doesn't S'lC'lI' the persisrenr splnster fscm t.. so he SI..<gInsscs.)renlkid uur ufhim. pro""k« in J'agg.g)' ulIl)' " "Duwg.. l~ul armed onty \~.Iud . and 1.nrlyg<. and blown up.''~'0 heau 1 orphan DII FoW'.. And alrhou L".·hig [0 woo h... a few CiU'[£J("".h"w. w.. die" Barnyard Da"'ll doesn't have a ehane e..lng Henery Hawk cartoon.G.v 0 rmhorly desire m make[lln'~Qnli.1. The Jove of Miss Pri~$)' Pow model sheet rQgh<lrn.. As h • . the dog. . trying rc p'UICU her one and only "$.v( \\~ponni .ccCt in I" l~iw.I'F"""~"" in the 1'0. he'sa [rue Sourhern sl!arl wouldlove m knock out thar wtndb"g Leghurn-if cnly he could A<r JQO"". y. rooster.. 1\J.!.CI: ihe "chicks. uookW<Jnn (Our. big """. Afte.t.ycd by Delmar on rhe Fred Allen pompous Southern windbag. "'Yc." bu!.JJ'nvatd domain.. ehe li"l. .hrFC rwu by r.hh hls: bruin.Jr made his debut (IS a ""I'JK.n..k)' Pig •• rtoon nil F.1tid . Ilamyard D.Al-! ..d "'ltulry. A mod.. them up." .. he I.~ rhe I. rOli'lo(cf who MiM Prissy ma}' 1>Itthe one anima. dAYS it dl3. cue-kid .. Foggy is rhe rnasrer .1.)!'" In.... I"."'CC(!'I.oggy-wilh her trademark.wg (wIn tryln~ to fi.I.lid" rule.<1. Shunm:d the ~nobby elnckens m hC!T rom" Priss)" frl!tln.I plt. Dot... b." He cerrnin '"lc:md.«1)'5: -Snm.nj it.i<..rnynrd D..! ploHlb .•cc in ..y .1<1..r''II ~r1nDnll 1.j.lwg .chelmll l\n9nym~II..s. I F"ggy'.. P.. rhm Foghorn reaf"j.L~ arrered.nd.oggn he i..JJ. •rnd •• hru:l«:''I'""rinS Hilnl. He's marched wirs He's confronted beam Barnyard Dawg The m()~ frUStTlred dH'lta..-".plays.lirldon!l Ii.J .jlld 111110~ offen . rhe rnemuer. rhc B. In f.ihip "f Il. Mel Blanc based his vocal a popular charaerer pb.. Hi.'Ctt'. " rll[crenre beck.11·'~ pay l'D g~.gLi. it foW' !lOt all the laughs. MId outwits the rooster at e v"C'ry turn.momhed King of the coop Roberr McKim50n's IOlfd··m'~1I1[J1Cl Schnook" is free mnge.H he' i~ I.11'mand I.I 'I'Io.c OUl>l b. Egghead'~il. Brainy bird Witlr a l)1.. riny body...

QIJ-7i.<I rn ill ro mnke ~I 111".big hit with "everybody's seesrcr. 10": and j~jnny Mnuucltry ["." This winning combination of it cheerful.mirc In.DY E'S A "1'12"'.. above all. popular Speedy is also a.. d I "'COI.'ibm. R".directed by Fri. Speedy Gonzales. and.('ory. H A winning team South of the border . :Hid Mexico.. cartoon. the catalyst for some very funny chases. drawing of. flo.c.. Sl"""dy . a Romeo.j. BUI f. store..) .1."r. Fr<lens. Ii"" in . Spmly GOI"".ing partnership." proudly upholds the honor of Mexican mice 3g'Jinst foreign and domestic cars. wn:.'ij.heu rhe ...wi. Ac~demy A.f. upbeat nature and a fast rum of foot makes Speedy unstoppable.urhing .tyli7J:d an: "f Mo.<I)' is a legendtheougheur M~ico. Coyote in hi. Speedj' rcsrued up wid. Mexican fiesta.. . .~ $/1.· (Sylve".n "h. the bullying Sefior Vulture tci"" co raid the mice'.!.d price-s-he is ofu:n pursued b)' C'::J:1.. Speedy . Jose and Manuel (below) are rwo Mexicali crows who mid Elmer Fudd's cornfield in Cm/vi.mul. SI'<. usu.""n rural 1""..m.a'Stkk ofdyna:...ubmrtllo...4).. 1ot'T.• I. Road Runner.! in Gon""io!f ''''1110/''.S.FI'III. ["! L. rui this ltalian posu!:r shows.wlo:y Pratt (right). This laYQu. \Wirdl H. • 11:. bur In EtJfoj"C and around the world.lI)' guarded by SyIY""... :md has also appeared wilh Gr::mny.. In Tortlila Flnps... by Il."d hy I'rrl.i'llIo....Ulie b..l:i rodent.£~"Y 'r«dlly . .a. and ensures that he always gets the cheese! Scenic settings Parr of rhe charm of Speedy'. Prel""g..11\0 Wile E.... Always ready (0 use his quick wits (and even quicker feet) [0 help his<l.1'1u0 es rwo cars on board J Mexico·bound ship.. I n the Oscarn{)ml n arcd NJ('.::_~ gpt.I"~bll)! .bli. or ship. [ .. G. "EI Gringo PM.tni.1 of SI'""dy.IQllg (:md ~L>'l· runn.s who \Y<'lIH [he glory "I" ". "the fastest rnous e in all Mexico.a mUlJdl (ur hi~rricud.ellnl_flr rmde life miserable rgr DaFfy Deck.he"."t>t...'t:df~ carroous Ore' popular nor onl}' in rhe: U.!for 7". -.1es..ill. 10 be J ..'. ~ Fast rrack to stardom In Rcben McK."~"<. I.-up of Speedy helping hi~)l""!lry fellow mice by srenling cheese frorn u rn(.\~i{(Jli .c.'(Iamers animate rs 1<1""([ the Mexicnn motif and used it in a number of other cartoons.

a delivt'ry sirl in ..J. and Q"". Penelope [he ea. . \Vhcn D.rl«.. AllcrnatC'ly slicky ..:111:~ Righr in the kisser Nnrr! Splhtrr.inlllyl " cousin 10 I'orky'.dil< 7'"1"5-1)011)' i.11 We-..."".I\! lx-cu \'ollt-h. '(IUJJlh'lun~u.f f\lr.uu.. T HE LO NEYTU E: appear (Q be a mostly male menagerie.. duck-pecked husband.gile Fashion vicrirn. In (rum the feature .. . They've gO[ disraff SEar power 100.I>'-lic{!r.1 han..l<ch Shfm)llnllJII i1f Cl'rmr GII/rh introduced :HDIlC).l Jim.lblm hlllll~" . TI". .110r orn goof-up ror Daphf\t..sH. introduced by director Frank Tru. B~lgs\'1(':5 with rival rahbir C. Petunia is also (co"fW. bur don't be fooled.tllllllii.fIcr.b"rr/ii:T .\r1iu Q:UUNS...hI:! comics. J . her own uuslness I'"mc . n. S<1". Bunny.. . Porky loves Petunia.k.IM&. lUg. and serial! Iy screwball sorority..rHIlH". Tiny P'ussytoQ[ can mclt rhe l""d... Daphne This she-du Duck -) ..' when ..c "Dun'.~IJ'III.orne se riou."lll:lnding &PO\I~C..or k's mnrringc tc our despieable drake mi~l" I1OV< been " knor beuer lefl untied.t". She went on. m~aring a bah to.. Honey W:L'i D . vies Fml tI.!H.f Kill) und CIfIF'fIll comic-beck .. sweet and our.k. of 111(' beer . Perhaps finding a srcady girl simply isn'[ a !Op priority for the wild hare wirh a closet full of skirts.IIB~ IllOLiQ rI Spin sisrer he! mis-ht wear Iips-tick..uJ.lisy goes silopping.m: in hundreds of classic lilt!' IJdm~ in 11.J 1·1.ili!." olT "1Ih 1)"A)'1n Ih".t.) n1 woru. right here.1TS[ruC'k hm who heecnme lillSs~ beUe . and the Warner Bros.f..-I./0 r. Till' Hmp. In P!rlUf.unil). from dreamers ro schemers ro eaeing machines-all (he Female charmers an... \'(fi(h her [\ugs-cmicing . s bah for Dai. purslling . her mneher Undc Ham. Lois loves uperrnan.l.hlin in Porky} Rom"..11t1N/~! ~ fj"luUl'tll /i~'t)Nmu!.er !lugs m!. kicked and slopped b)... <ooin!!."G . 10 rClll'L.nd con. Ar.Y$ rn'no~"" to &et • while 51 ripe p:1inled down dope ..1J1fO llill/""~" ..:inl'.· Mrc...d prove ba.ilm 10 becnme a recurring pi~"J.:ll Gf(lss·dresscd Chat room Ye-es! in Ladypig Tho longesr-livcd Looney 13dy I I'crunb I)ia.""'. fnr 1C'~linGhis G. But i only [he latest in a long SITing I . Ihl!' down-under wonder Sirl ~. ". Lola moved (On she wears the pafil~ ifl' l\uS~' fum.. "Iuld liN liU}Jf..1.. most norahly Wild Wes.11 me doli!". of n ings for our favorite-and not exactly commim:dingle rabbit. girls are one striking.llHorher nf"llll'J h r hllhb~ i 1.. In rhe lauer him....'T4 IJli._jT. 'I.lw. 'DJ. ... mils inl :l crocodile nest.if('· unladylike billing.1 ""I~JI ".m until Lul.. tanr n. [<l<l-Cfl'cctivc in &dtl'illd Habln! Whr. nephew Ci <roo ) Mind~l1G.irl ·"wC'. his (.l!l/ -U . ion"'" ..h..((J l~'in (. m-d CIlI'VC5. Perunia sraned in 3 mere ha"dful of shorts. 'he swings u mean rolling pin.3.t~ "J t&-'_.ll'/ Nli'} Hare.kunk Inver Pepe Le Pew arrives nil rhe scene. wccr nnd s <crribly tempcrnrneneal.'ltriL"$ her re T~i' on-screen in Drl. Young an I old.J.I"III'J'.".1 BUJUW arrives to ::th(J\Y QtT II few 'mnVlOS .n<l high heel I"" She-Devil is nu fr.ern adventures wirh.he feline in hOI' oJ slinky "r The 11m... erbnll amarcurs in k Sf" r }l. DIlAr kirksmrrs:j..\ ru snnr! and spin as hUI1~ril)' ns her beau. g. DuSS cosuuncs lrimsclf as her and continues the romance in her nbsen e..1\. however. Llnwr Pudd' . :1 cbnracter reared for I rinraud merchandise._rb_". when rhcir ('£.. Bugs' beaus Romeo loves Juliet.c.f Dllrh. . saucy..~nlni. l=or three cnrtoons-c.J La". bo' .ro("·i:J.]\. Jhe world's worn \\. /Hf}Jr. .r . r<dudng bulldog Marc Anrony to higbrorhcrlv ruush in :J"Kk I. and clobbering..y a Lous a cerions. BuSl Bunny Ihen IPI>e:ifS 10 show m Ih:J' her back.

. Thi:.I'Hd of the unisr drawing h'iI11.lI"r..lII1d . is ... but rc.!r."Cli.rh:\l~ surpri51 ng Ih. ""YWlI)f. IllW'rr I£.~This I"'cf<:ctl)'.ouldn1t wam ir II~ rn ruin rhe g!1g new..1 ns well ("glll)! but The unwluing dupe WIth .iI< 010.tmph:.£f)r. rull or ..-a.~ r~gln irun n.r::I.lid" it .k.igh.g for Cinderella. for shoddy products. Rolu{ Runner demonsrraie .k_graUl1ill .I(.. new 11'~1111 rOOM" 11 is.u~nlinG vjeunl Ifll+".ly. rhe gng b.. Drum roll.illgJ h~ n. 'igh' ~'I}" ro..e duu meatu.: nt in rh~ c". lim. eVC'1l h:av'l1bl.i . IPS Hi.£: givt'. (And even chen.lnsul: .. Bur the CQyote. Mn:r ).~~. Ir...f'LIsc.r . ur..1I.[» . however.tldoan\ 10..Dllck IIl1wck.h. of DJf]j' Duck.iul'. her house c".ll« j'nOj pue y"Yr Finger in i" and . So. up ..c CoYOte: h"lo..U h·:-.~ secret !on~. ~I 1)~ilH. . \"V'hm:s more.JtC.erick of rhe whole b<>tly. n.m . I lcre..lnSUH1[ hil. "r . O"I. Sinct ~hc Rood Illlf'ln.• /·.lle to stop the Road Runner.' il ll:1. rt.lrily.C. go!? Wil< E.ul. 10 swltch bL. he j. Law #2: See Law # 1. happen in live . '1.il1g rh.ilhlc hole creates JII i~H'. [he porl.t rt':1liHic-looking tunnel 011 rhe side of ihe moumnin.d ~obe 5QnLl. i. Til is is why. A!:..:JlTi..ghG'J. [0 Some of [he Wf'I... "Iicl "".011 Avery's gags Tel<A"'r( "'" a ldllG of rhe 2 rnrrly tpe:a. when carroon characters run off cliffs. leaving ~ be -(~'-!(phl_in{·d. know he Qt.. rhcy ["lJ only when they realize that they are suspended in midair.mosy the subtle Jrr..u::iin'.. however..· Jl •he uudicnce..::thiag dUll ruuJdu'.llld.t'tnl~ rhe ~1I!.. 'UJlbll:~IL(JWI1.11(.)l. .o~~(I!'§.<J. they might have rime to wave bye-bye-l Now. Acme Corp.d! 1romp' ''''''iii" French phr::]. "rrick tiP rhc cyr:.h..:11'1when E!gshL"l1d Lips his or har ~ Portable hole di".(~mlH~ -( . when "'(l)...{j__~Ir.. Hatr..iJi. We have :§C.!i~Od S (101:'5n'. [II .. Lhll:' laws or PJ)'~ 'l'Clbe js.( inspired .:I "l.ssk moveable hol'[' 1111g. Ids cclebrnre the dazzlinginverniveness of Looney visual jokes.m ror.he.. 011100" Ci ~d. He blames (he..'lt rhe linle bald r"nn). f'I'lJ.PUb er.ln~ irHQ rhc I).. [.ld Ranrrer dl:l~IUlIlI. cspccinlly if da~y know no beuer . .l"r di.:. the Road Runner Paise runnel CO)lot~'liwr:a.f.t"f.11. ltS thor. .i.1 pc.~SC of thelr ficquenr-buyer pmg.1b R!J..s~ '0 Da.hY'§'fU do J10L :lpply ro cariocu characters. <is"' or F-Mh<.1..' ..U'l Kt"PI .Road Runner JI."i ~rmtt run rhrough ...."i rhc nrcirt .rrtC'rIlro~.3 and ~m~lu:.. let's remind ourselves of (he cartoon laws or physics.:... is a prime ex:. would ruin rhe Brig. n ra nasc."..'IhC:id..This r~urril1& ~ il"!1''''" alsc be ~r:en in ehe Hugs' Bnl'1lW carr . NCUJrll1 i'~. You w.p.• v" . ! ORr.c.tnd i.. where [he frnnr of rhe castle proclaims "Evil Sdc.~! outline «Fhis body! Llu. Fin"U}"i D~!rr-y ptl(S hh..lll • When ~fchil.s lh~~ 1I11pf)fllln't p<lirn "vhh rhe d.lI..t rl~~l' clr~lw~a Here's ler.. 'VJ!LCOME W TO . HE AWARDS for the best-ever sight gags in Looney Tunes . of neon iIIIlgn!'! reund it a (I('fi).>dlind. E.nrist.. in first place..guI::. seen hen" in 11..\ OI~I.he in~xpllC1lltc.4 nurrtn r"r Uol'fv ro see lnru . v h~I[·5 .11nMWJ r. Law # I: Cartoon characters do not srudy law../la . jLUt seen [hr. ~g demousunres r_~wtt l in ~\ICr.I1C -£30<>' 'i~II. Btlr p". qu:olii)· as II '1~r'tf3ol)1I. o l{mY'i'rmtJI'C'r.ry H'm wirh 0 !1....lITer i tlll:other. rhc J11orl'l.lIH hale . hrin~ UiS to ."nand :lnSifily _b!. amended in \\'{-. h. wel].1"\ rhi . Snmerime ..~II. . D"fl:V Begonia ..JN!!~MJ CUIODfi dutr:le-.'!l 'to ri phi . . Here.hw"b Ih.. om otherwisehidden locations in Hmr-RnlJmJJ.(}.. 1)a 0'y run •. meaning it cnn'[ Ire explnined. ~!cd. he painu.1' Prof"'l'(tl Who. HUY Esf\1t<ad as l'rince Chuw Mein. ynu hnve no cholce hut (0 rclv on bristlcs n Ihe notion thnr any Iris br1lfio'lllCl! W[15 meant :15 gngs.:.umcd scene and (lfT int9 [he distance. Wil."Ofl signs a SU pOIrl'!. all. h'.cl"$ have! oflt!'n been .upergenius! 1.~' pllysiQ. plea e .\. NII. If if could i~'..Ot(' wlns .. Before we begin.11n hod.d. would ~'[)u? We Ihouglu nor..ljkc tI.'. 111\: filllni('!il visual hUIl1(Jr. pick it IJllalid place it where you wurn lr.\'hI! l'II:..'C:!.lor th~\. wh. he l' The inexplicable bu...J.'l. ln midstream m disnppearing v(lit. a".'.tlm(W!· L!l. fram d'ulIg1u b3c.nAn-iII (f'.Iy r.oJ go~ in Ci"t/cri'/I" Mm ."..


Iip~.r R'H·"r1'l"tllc." .ys looked fUnny to 111" This stuck in 111)' mind: (he hdl'l<$' bird in 0. {}orA' Up }orlr TrOl~"'rI.-d .I br.h.arpr"1 in Dirl" . n ins gOlLl--ch.lille<lds dlrecetv uno 0.I.mch.1I'It.·l:ty.d ."mr VII. The cherubic bird become " foil ror .'" ~fter a its< rhre .. Iht: woodpecker greases it ~ll the C""J[ . he From baby birdy bY! to be a LillY..nJ Irkk'.!tun..lI'r\ ~... 'IPI'ca...) managed .s)'lvc~H.:s-rn lur~~~ rm . bur .."Ct}..'. The crew dew Marti. (_'vt'ry ~t!lt'l1lPI eaprure. is speeded Ill' "fl'cr it is recorded.1 dorrcdlinc :wd ":LH.." 'u Porky's pel J he "bml ul' pudd 1. Srl1~· They "I". Oc:tf. mallets. \'\'hll. II. i.' IINIJfU·J.. defenseless creature beser h hungry preelarcrs.y .l.n::ntldC'J 10 UUI L1"hi~ nwn .co-vraned III it \'.illy idnltic.PtlDDYTAT 11"Julm/~~tl!lll.lIhH..:tlly were.lplII.-1.>" "In schccl l t ernember seeing nature iii ms whi h showed newberu lurds in II ncsr.il1 J..lli: M1 irli1("-:m. .! rhc lOnlCat ~IHU lhinkiu~ 11(~'''' '(1~ . kl1QW~ how m couluse n:oryl».. The 1..' were intended be the lars. the rilly canary wants If> be ~ dive hernber.. and dynamirc ticks.~rfi1tH).""c. The car's ltup(...dollg it.111$ were rcinvcnred 3J mice in bier . "A big sloppy cnr should have" ~. little cherub In Llob Cla mpecr's \V1"rky B/llrkolll. "1 gel" rid of more puddy tars dar way!" he chirps. dnlrdr._kcr Wlttl rvrdc-. "t\uld 1. iWr'IIt'm/poHt} "..1' PUI'ky Pig· p~·tcat.nJ liN' :.". gmup nf 1. I Ic becomes leader or a .tlTy Duck's-thc 'JI\]Y djfrcrcl1(~ being rhru D"Il). And even when he isn't teamed with Twccry his clownish anri s are hilarious when he piny such roles as a ba kalley garbage cat or the leader of a gang of at hoodlum ."'«1).*".:.UJM·CHS dctcrmlncd ro remJil' indours un . wirh an arsenal of grenades. nest.I pair of relil1(' in A lid.·hdly into I t'rh til" snow.. tr/N ".I!l. ylvesrcr resembles a ClrCLlS down. Twccry "raw" a variety of "puddy rars" and hilariously PUt them down with his lethal combination of innocence and bruraliry.h~lirrle bird nolc the how wirh his lirsr words. ~l1d legs like baggy pants. Roo Seribnee.ii. pistols.. Cu.Hb Even without Sylvester.ln these films. shrhloppy grin." he' recalled.11.! .TwCt:IY hn! brought along: some m:m~h~ light . "I rnwr I'·fW.iU~ 1Il04lfh! tu kitV.. l'U:'JUHl1C~ OUi A Tale Of 1"'0 Kitties \X'hen Twc\. puddy • r.. lilill" bird .'.Iv.Ht.g.11."k 1.1 cold nip.Kimsoll. Sylvester IS sc"l ...'I)' appeared til n cartoon with tomcats Brbbu and C.hlhloPI')' voice.shlin ami l{nhen M.l. anvil .. BEW COTASH!" Thi.)1 h . .m·l" Prim d."..l lisped exclamation became rhc catchphrase ofa perpetually hungry alley cal with a mania fOl' chasing lirrle birdies.l!ot !lUbSrituh'::J! Mfrrr ~ hrowlfl~ hUII'Ioc • ~--- his.' OI7ill<1Kirlin The tWO cats.h[. Boh Cbmpctt\ I(ilt.then I>CCk.ow." . Tweery is weedy subversive and dcvili hly lever. bur he a1 w.~kcte-11~ /lim] sud (Uf' 8r.v. In Ih~ (bclo'wl..Sr . ond thcy cll. With his big red nose.. .MI!'lmg an .lk:li dl-CR<I t.1...·r " . own Imd)' for. {I) 1..~.~la·d it.J \\Iil~' lillie.· wondp(l(.hili TIN Brim.lrit·ry . "THUFFERIN' THU Sylvester's voice Md Ill"" provided Sylvester's U nmistukahle voice.d·rlt1wloj"~ PO l\il\lrAnd"!K Br-. ~l~'«I)' w. Ilw h. named "Babhir and arsrello. mluaicd the canu::dy...o. nfortunau:ly dl~ Ir.ll1lill!: l\Y(. Director Bob ·Wnp.1 tu D.~Irm dirceied by ['. A LLEY CATS..J s..vee.t'J' .. W'dN~lt 'l\"\. Fill~lIy..:'n S..syl\'~'~.n said or1.~~n - ~.Jm -. c. is\ up h w dumh the hurtg'y romcar .11 I.'fi ru drive Pork).dlo.:k nr~ui1t! LryIiJl' 1J.

.jrtlgl..1I c:\'rrrdlJll~ ill dJII: hou~). IIM.b. And although Sylvester has been roughed up countless rimes by the innocent-looking canary.I Iin c of1y{«~ rhon~s." ThpU9h lhc .1I rhc embmce Dr 13. ~ wildlir~ ph"'. a .. In f!yd." 0.!I '0 IIQ .!!".lmlodlo1' rWCl!()' drillkr.arU.1"".u talU)' . Syl"""'er Id"" 10 enjoy C<lll 11)'" derun gl''''. / An 1I dSi noll h~dtg.Purr-feet S)'I''''ltr pUlIS chemistry thar has won rhern two Oscars and millions of fans.I". The C:1brt' i. or "."''<l~y ra kes "..m "'-M. hi"uclri.~nl..ImJinSl' ol"imtd ill kids.1.. this pair has a special h.Jw~... 'I.• nd n1iUl<to:d . Dog pound In Dog /'0".). k"l'hcr.'. f\V\"1)'IY. In rhls film... pretended to he Grallny and RaflT1n.)[ll1ili en (. hhl-c p."". His strength wns wrlring smrics wirh elear ~lr\lct"r"" "The SUY' could come up with wild 1l"1j<. ere a.'''"1)' snndwich..ed 51' ikc i11 Ii""... he just can't nop trying-he's a cat possessed. 1111 11. 0/.jng bird seed bohil1d bar.II.. " :r1niwJ~• ." pnolL'O.A«r.§ dlic.inKing.!ip(n~ nWH ofhi$timc"""'SinK._. the em" owner.Ie-puking lilt Q .WTJ) I~r nt'tYry IoI\i)Wj.ol fl<to..lY'll . nor impenetrable.~< q~.<t:hmkcl1 [in other "0"1. " In 71'". Pew! 1..1 TIN' &n".r.~< hint the id~ house '...rb CO._ w-hrrr he .0''''' a ". cape rho Spike the bulkluH [•.:to . lIe" hrok.. l-tecro-. Of.toul1(! r.kllnk'.... when he tinJ.ur'l:li Pusrer wns I!ri1.! 1w«tr r~l c. ~t ccnfrorus a giaJlt-SJ1.n</.:.&.kk bed..mDfDl:lS 102""S Sylvl"l"" m find J w'Y 1'''-'' . ·ftlf"fflnbtn~J. . but.. He Iras a1".d LO nurnemus nitJh sC:Irt'crnw~.. Despite being warned TO leave rhe bird alone... . tcr cooks up his 1..''.l<r could om .:!)' and Syl..fugt ill • rree in the middle or... dog pound..I'm!fiU' (ndly JUl.1 blfl~(.""l . ~"J.U"""~jltttJ "'-I'f' hi ••• .'!fIiiUt~.n ..1. ..I' ·Spi_kc.fJ Irg..b prmdUC'N ."'1 scheme. W. r.mer. F-n:lcng'...1 Academy Award for a carrnon. en unwanred sldc .. . Hn_m(lL~'iim.. harp pin.tJIICrr.<~-.. by ><rnppins 00 electric F . "' TW«IY say'.f '\[QrYIlUIIl. S YLVESTER HAS HUNTED other prey and Tweery has ourwirred other cats..ring the-prime' on..""' rc<:. or. however. G ~ Cat meets canary Sri.fo14-. Tilt!' e:. stands l""'. Sylves'er and his (. Include dl"-~'ing lip '.:JlIC! the" hnusc sc he . S~!'".... If'f.3ltJ"nu~ (""nicul'rlr when WDi'ing ro...II 'HlmplC'lo tbe rDm'li~" hjl1'L~lOlfin fJ~... Sh... But when they get together..1 Pi. ThJ. "nuddr ~Uf<_lIalrtt~...• brainwave.kel f.n . 'non)." canary is always the first choice on the menu.y's bimcns' is to ""I>". .lI1i1u:!o. in noncn.n d1.1' bell""y....liri".. whire stripe pointed down hi.'lil\t. Trick or tweet 1. ami Ii ""..1 swing.' Hi> di.-d Frcl< up wrd. "~Ul y.Uy g<'" Ih<<..pcrsand ln I"'ppji {'''{I/'J. '-11"".. on cht· run.nrl 0 whnle jerd full (..n~ tTum (. .I_ 1JydC''' rn_mnu:t< The '<.l ' paw ..he Pep..."".u :luJcb in '/i''''<I. hut ihe bird "01:"'. JtI(... (.nil~ (InC: i~ I""""r 1". leaving himself (and the house) in a shambles.... In . Sr!ve.r OUf ofTw"".:.i. 11"'/ 1""".J On rhe canoen Sf/OW IJulllJr.. while Syl. ppplllLiI' will..'ll.0 hi.0> ui. J lamp... and tree.. resulling in ~ hh thai gave W~T"cr·sl fl'lrrnLlILll ~1\tllYcllll1C'~ . c....n~huih rubor ... 11.. •• 'fWrrit Tweery . He has inl. tenacious sen. nigh. (lOp lef. .hi"! film.' and ". nine en l\y«ry 1:. "". on 1wI!cry.11.ranoy tn It-:. Ht' ..tL UU1.!!] A .y in~ The oUlary . hu.!~lh n:t.nJ Sylv<"sfcr fj"l crossed swords in the cartoon "fir)t'~rif Pie.~. haek fin. """ TInV'1' Bulldog Spike dog') often..t had to connect them to make derenr srory. ~rj~QCctl und ~piKC life (ildl 1 I.ail. ~yI""<I d-rt:. Sylvester nil" 10 geT his paw. Behind bars The rnuln funcdon keep Sylvt<r. Prelengs p~iring of the tWI) characrcrs w"' .~i." 5plkt' and ChCloler.1 chicken. "liO/tttr . h".-.. Tw"~ty is taken in b). '1~li" llnle . For this "bad 01' puddy Tw"". . J w. d~'. chan 1'0 k«p'I..I dot.._... I.rcr j~ h arrasscd by Spike.rwtflr~ Itt 1wm:lr PW.h'l m.)... its fir.

. bulldug.lvcstC:1 'Ynil one.~ meal with n big.". 'W h ere he go es Speedy G"n . SyJ\lcs...of .. CaJ 1.or rhe ilIOS[ reliable C!h<Lmctt~1:'nctors In the \'<I~. In his career at W. eolleague Cfln:n:-r ill J)r. Foghorn Leghorn. cartoon stock company. Sylvesrernnd Po..'lhence luck in !l~Sncsr film..MipIJCLI i. and Mrs.. pUl.'OIml hto."om G ...nC'r U~ III' e of his c:. A. nitro glycerine. and Porky Pig.4 10.. • sova.: A.rrm ~ Cu.c' unnhle rc warn hi!. n L":UI~ kirren for fo'udd'..... 7ilJ(t. lcs. and f:IJJs victim [0 bully dogs Spike and Chester. I" fl0/'l'J G.u li~ d1. .." '.w~t finds another sparring Dr I""'.. [lId'l. for dt~In('r-firn fm ·lwl:C~)' in Tn~J: Or 1rtl(r!l. 7i.. dumb . Spike and Chester.""·~I)'.n rvr i3 meuse meal ill M"flII! And CrI'MfJI. • POI.. jerky!s Hide. For Tt"" and Dr. he chases" polka-dancing rodent loaded will. Sylvester has a sepa. the tomcat needs more Livesthan (he average cartoon cat.J:lTocrions.Hner Bros.. S.n destructive litrlc girl "adopts" Sylvester. A~ n re.". Hi:' ij ."rani.""'irkfL I. Big loser Sylvester can'r seem (a carch a brenk-or ""yehing else! In Mou .w. Their I."SinS . m.""ylil#d.j. or OOU~j('. Fudd is evicted nne ends up competing wirh Syl. S).lmct mimed llel1!'Y (voiced by Srnn F rebcrg). bashed. In Kif For Kar (obovc)... accidcm-prcne master danger. rhc nnimetors wuulcl. Scmcrimes. This character parodies Lennie.. Considering how often he gets zapped...] Kiddi(s Kitry. of his uu c-ff( mt slmullj bewnre or a roosrer s(udYli)g vcnrnloquisml .d domain Foghorn Icglrum. loads hi"."But l an'! s..3kF.L[ him up ill rwo Fri7~ Freleng-direcred cartoons.:l5I.can r. at! -"fUurr. he WJ. or C:~I ei11l-r."1«1 by e ..beck's 1937 novel QjMlrrlltid Mm. Car and rooster S)'I"<5ro. huck JurlCS nCCl5ioll~JI}' recnsr Sylvesier . and a slew of miscellaneous mice. hesuwtlf·~ljirliijla I<"""ll dud whh Daffy Duck.f. nlsu cast rhe cat ill juicy supporring roles. George!" 11It"boneheaded Benny ha.eo I~obon M<Kimron plnced him in . I euwuurers Spjkll.rnges for H-c:no:. fer a rrash.Wry Op"". Sylvester J.with n mieinigl:uooncC'n rhar includes Hungarian Rhaps:odiC!: and Spike jones>. Bcnn. A MoUJ' DilJidrd sees hi". f'orky Pig'. or. NlfiJ'...111" i. whu bf. Pussycar.i.. 1~"".. 11\. rhe dim-wined hulk (t::uunxl in john Srelr.Jb'g Foggy con vinces Henery Hawk dUll S)dve.)' rcplie .lvcn<r comperes Wilt... In..l!!.ing ~&.. hom Bot:~my dubs "'Gcorgc"-whc-n corrected.·ry to hear S...ed il~ time In ~rENHE IS NOT chasing Tweel)'.urltfl. S>'h"(.rhe vil!lli.. 01 I:jOC)iiCY H. becomes the "fillh~r or a bre.. To prove lr.11<)' cat.t ~i .1st" due 'to an inebriated stork delivering n baby mouse to crow at dnwn . and hit d~! The Ic:sson from ~hizl. Syl. he ::Ir:r... he and clobbered. "nCr 1II¥..""e.11. ~yl"""cr goes hunrlng (..: Syh'f'. ror hi! I'lal cartoon.rate career co-starring wicli Speedy Gonzales.."".':I whlt ul"~l\g~ 5:UII. "d Duke in 71" is 11 chicken.rne:r Bros..3S. Then there's cough city dogs.hb"cklinr. mer hi.. formlo...i'lltf. m nrd r w I.\ s:}·JY'~(t:'r.yl<cl I"'P tunes.f.vesrt'!r makes Fudd fume. He annoys rhe likes of Elmer Fudd. imo rhe "'~shing machine and nlasrs him inro space. Hippcty Hopper.ud hi\> n high ncu ill B«ck . Sylvester has certainly inspired nine lives of laughs. A .".h·c~a.lgtLr:. du:rcrur."r~UlllpLII.o.~ !lades .rky parm~r in E. Iii CroiI.'JY Syl\Jl'5ri'!'r. !1il .ul. Sylvester could not speak and \Ii'. The "mouse" in Ihi~ curreon it Hippe1Y Hopper dllli the "111.'l.

!. I w ish h.pery ':IpPl.ka him bird It.I or 'Im [J"p!.t:n ..'ir-f'shiI1B in all aqunrium ill Fish Aud Slip~ill.d gets trn ~I".I~conleunded.!\..''g->l'ld is: beeen by u 11:Ju.rsr if:5c:.~s'le mow sc k""p' our C.~ III~ . blirs' by S.rntrl.eannih. the i"lli(... exasperate his besr-laid plans.~!L"r hts 50n :l higb-rcef nierhod for c:lfchi.jtlg K.lI:supi~f confuses Sylvc:s(cr in ever n. Not ro mention a boxing kangaroo named Hippery Hopped S from rhe '1.. S)'I~. Hipp<". iB~ R1:nptlCll:t IlrJI: -voicW Gr:mny.00 ~II liop UJoJ.IIy' baby kangaroo who 'f..r'g birtl~ li).).ina fh~ fiq.-G. er running back . Jt(i s.._ 'lpi .. and Junior hidillg hiS" fnee In shame. in rarters..'I' e-:llll-:.d!IIfeS". V. fi-}lIr~f'(!O( rodem-c-he only kllOWS.r)' dier. w 1. i:n. or his own demanding son" Sylvester Jr.. I~in~ f4l.'s roles ef meuse- catching glory.hin.r-his rwice'--:u:" biS n. duries. which Hip. character Ihlph Kramden 10 This li...I\\':I.11('"t' wlti. "Pap 'Jm f~/p..c"mice.. [Wi". ter F. which has S)'I. !.:1. .. Granny."r. ri~' with. hili "'S"I.ely has hi.. Hippery Hopper SyJ'IIcsn:r I1lnr bOIlS[ nbcur hUlldng.>' Hopper is r<.:dl·hdt-heh-hclll" Parental guidance Sylv<SI<r ls ..nh!: r. s humili:Hhlb.. who never once qUlZt10mi rhe exisrence of. he must catch it.0 • Granny Tweery and Sylvester's owner..! • rQdC:I~~ :I hI.·And They complicate his life.n!l'''OO--<l sigh.lf scour ri'lok.J!!.1 ill)pciilr.lJX:S YLVESTER ONLY. doreu more 11111l:i.horson cartoons ~o a brlcky:ut! bomb 'shelter.~ mm rc rt'... buhbl£:. en{. sod hirn--'"Pow! Right in rhe kissed" In 8i1iU Of A Rillfi'f'. rhe leave SyIY'I.:on.I"'e .C'c win:u Pap HI.I in a "clogfish" rank! In GoldimollJ' Anti T{. ever.JfC" Syl~~u:'r Jfi lUJnl .has Tweet)' on hJS mind.?" h~ i1:'ih.1. and-worst of all=-wimess his most humiliating failures.'Il.r-.. 10 fulfill his r.. "kinC~1. and hes unable to ndmir tk. except when he has to worry about [he canary's protective owner.I. her umbrella or d ress up as T.~IJI.tlk. t.dt june I:arny took. She has been known to hide in Twee~y's cage in order 10 smack Sylvesrer wirl.!'ar.\ in rhe pou..(car. of fo.'~schemes. Gtl~ Pm. l.mC'C'{1r the "giam meure" .~(cr 100uSIuIHlCk "YC'. w"" .1'US"yCilf.l1lld !PO.11""" his eflor£3 ro defend his home from end whh his rnn..cie. 05 bIg".. Sylva'"r at <"." but nile" piuri("ulnr kinG-. is dosp<"''' to believe his rmhe."1'".t1 Pi"l'al'rlM/~." the nrs. kindly old Granny.. TIl{: mute m.. "Why-. Director Robert McKim:mn and wrirer \'V~rTt'tl r()S~('r ineroduced Junior in {'op :/111 ""1'.O w' in . has zero eolcraoce for rhe Syl".~.1cniflj the .5 IhoC' CH\c. become l1-icn..ys ""ge. "Oh r.!. pUflchin!j./!J. JLlntO:t lm .Jw.. .iiy nt. H~ ~:lkes hr~ ~Qr. .. uf" seri..5~cr~ :lodr csreerr.pIng 1.

he r. JI 11. I)" it." and hnd three young i{o.II1H·d rne to cucb hirn. ARMED ONL. ons tor. I).. .jjllrtl"""IIIIIUry!rlr/i1~ IfAri.".15{ some of rhe rime. This simple keeping audiences laughing for orp. C311eti hinudrlllllkt'p Beep.ld Runner ...'1 course ncticn long afier he hns rc.n)lLU!:..Y with a fork.'tInpolinl!' on the qm~ in rhe c.m.1.1.ppiug his (.:d Mn..:!! 1"('".rh')i:Hl seurre.0 rigi IJal rum ic book version of (he ~"''Y.d t'II' II. rhrmlgh k ur .ht!' . fr.[Id had m W~lborne rhc L-it\~~ ~I~UH.'" .h< ~UrYI. "Like al! n clever conrraprions.olH Ir:i ..J1.way:.Qu«:cl in ..&n rn rhe "i.d)\ J.UlIIULW. )'I)u .IJ'(. u~r"rtlll1~.1.1l!15 is Il b U\'crwhel.e'JH... wleu do I <1o~" Taking the full Gril.. in Saul' Or S"..." said Chuck Jm''''. he persists in 1. nr~[f'ii{:!"".:mh:uKill!...lny~n where be keeps lartd i11J:.. in [he black. d Runn~r I)rlQC.JmJ Co}l'Qt-e difTered.. Beep-beep! Z1 of U." or Road Runner The L'0fo1c .. w. "I' " . erashes.!! ~u}'. II a pathetic an impossible dream.'ii! norably.Treading air "The or.. w. «. ~fl(..'Ji~" l:i I Beep Beep and Kelsey "rile.. "Qll~~i."liI1fi':fl the Coy-ule\.. BUI .II"St"'lHCfI his origin. (h. gr~:Jf~' enem}'.• hJoiJihCJ..LuhhnnH\CS5.!..lH)" !he Coyon.l canine gC[:>' rhe brish' iden to pm .-.11-. . "'Okny wi!'. R~.lid.h...~ ..~ tdrfJlijid M"IIIII'''t{I'lirr·~i'j insiead ~w.•d Runner nephew a. rill! RO:1d Runner ~ijjPQk('in No". 1..:.)th< ..fP"t'.1 r:r. In \f/llg~"g ."udlly c.

t... Ian oonwnie. In (his sdl'fin...Field of operations A sophisricared hunter w rks with ~vcC)' clement or die lan!!Jenpe.irie <1''"'1 reilly "iot-ot do thoy? Ani .. at rhe !110Sr uncomfonnble times. while arev:i!J~ provide rc.rillglyrtaI-Jna . and wi[h rhe "'0. lr's the traditional home of Road Runners and rabbits.1l1' whenever j... d ends.IJIWt vehicles forever ambush \"'ill! E. rages when yQur prey JS unwl[hllg to ~CCCp[ that yO\.l!.ru fflr the COYOTe.-ith e desert is (hnl irs advm. The only trouble "..r... made~.hi'I. Wil.1 art: a supergenius.'s operacional base of choice.n< of . ledges make h. has he ".c:: Road Runner- trapping di~ ""d d. E. ificiel once . But the inUIgl!:. It's filledwirh naeural hazards rhar a crafey predator can use against his prey.. n"body norlres.gain-u>u.n~ spying points and llenr launch sires for mi$silcs. "a truck hits a ""). and basins are perfect spors from whic [0 fin: rockers upward.01. in the desert and The answer ~s res-- T HE AMERICAN DESERT is (he coyere's .ltlgcs ~~' become dlsad. B'-~I:I)-b~p! The painted desert P. .Jo (I) di~gu.. ..d! 1'i_~.S rum fru.-... natural location and WiIeE. makes lmdscnp painril'1J. And irs flat roads make for easy delivery of Acme's hazard-causing products. Evcryrhmg about it makes sense."ll~ been dobb e .tfaJls. well as prcdasur.<" do«privdy :Ro'li Runner-like sounds.tiy.

.lis... And remember. hunting.. dude! makes n sironger sraremene rhan y(mr own Norhing Tornado Kit personal rcrnndo.. omes wid . fancy excras A must for allthose SLJ ch as a rearview mirror or il. with or wirhout.rher jUI)1psuir may be worn ill desert cnndii ions and i$ .. The ladesrrucro Steel [hll is JUSt BOO pounds r. mppli('f{l/ rlymHWIf'. enjoyable as being in a r"..e as inline blades and 3S skateboards . Abo availabl. Acm~ Bird ecd is a 1. heavy.. UEWCREWADE De htY<1f>(Jted Keep YOllr Sli11ny-slde up with t hese exploding pre-omelets.king YOLId i•. Pur a 5pring in your step! 011. and Ry..neluded.11 hunters. and run for ""1Ifl'I't- yaur life with our Leg M uscle Viraminsl Eyelid.lmp." suitable for Henery Hawk. f:mious as n C.'ging. Tbis cosnane is ill "0 wny rOlll/fa"d'llit" . underarm b~t-wins auachrnenrs. rocket-powered roller ~k:H1:s offer all rhe speed you will ever need and arc [usr dandy ror extreme sports.".1n.rl Nothing boots on anvil for hunting small desert animals "nd fowl... this link' weapon • from Down U!ld~r has won rave reviews from b[]xing kangaroos and Tasmanian Devils.. these boul ders are filled with artificial rocklike mnterial.'ltT!ftll'11 Bulk up your calves. no unreliable. and pinky vitamins also available! YQul·JeJ's 1·[will leave YOIl dil. low-far blrdfeod.... At last-the power of an in pill form. . nncl chnsiug.....zy and disheveled. and livect}~ Every Granny should keep a six-month supply.lonc! earrhquake ~'.) Dehydrated For easy shipping and storage... cornformble. earlobe. new ... Ou r jet.. find [he finest in quality hardware. This skintight. vitamin supplements. \'(fc gu.Dwm·c-r Ctir~le J("m. and birdseed..~ .. JUSt call the coil-free number or send [he mailorder form coday. aeredynamle.".. and fix you.~n.. Experiencing a personal earthquake is every bir a.. 1.S1' RVCTOIT bELYALL who enjoy a brisk roll down a sharp... ~ Ibuml""'! ~.rick .l~LU' b~~r:tMr. and jusl a lirrle bit l1"ugh ty.)t(:1 dl~ vr~(ilily or cur Bac-MDu' s ~mlnT.11'('flTWY ftfim. Whn/iug: !fyo# IJlttfmpllo flJ in this . Daffy Duck .... You'll be glad you did. ""~ ul Rfjj~rI . high-Tech gadgetry. mirurrrg: Do 11/)1 IllIlUl. Our products are shipped [0 you immediately for insrant use.. if we don'[ make it-you don't need it! RClt-14C1Tl'S Olld'it AWVll OK... All hungry coyotes will find them the idC(l. • . or lie to foel and jet-ski! Watch Out ror re<llistic"lly painted ' runnels on rock "" .l! 1W..1T20 birds. and no u n necessarv frills slich as brakes." the grow-your-own rornsdo kit is rhe perfecr party g~l1\c. stcL:r1ng device.Hq. W. we admlr it. Number ne producrl Who would have thought it would be .lr4n ftnn~ IlfdfrtIl_ ". Beds don'l use springs much any more. JUS! add warer.Ut"OCHl prop! !t'.rrylffirmYili.. pUlilp lip your shins. and Much then g:titl ".h.....1-I1A1'l'I~ .0 I)opul.. Ilrecn-Le~... ~'f.. sreel-s-nashing Fun' Climb aboard for the ride lJf yo~tr lire! or 68 . Ulblll" denl! A special favQrite with people [00 cheap 10 buy" I)ogo.Iong-lasting... Gel rhe jump on yom [ricndsl Cunrnnrced !O return ar speed.. .ight and swell to enormous size.."A)'O!< 0' "\VJELCOME TO Acme's latest caralogl W Here you'll..ioffensive weapon ~ll"itlsr offensive rowlettS-flcllj Powerful enough ro blow the fearhcrs 0.~~ •..r:lIuee nobody will wanr to be crushed by one of these b"biC. and we have ro move rhese Jet Motor MlIlti-lI~c: attnc~ hnndlebars and ride.. Why go ro nil the trouble of slf"pping:l giftll! wlr . propelled model docs it even raster. Foghorn Leghorn.C(}sUW'lt. srrap (0 back.ZY for morel (Trailer parks not . comio·book chnratter: Btlt>lltlfI Calling .. two-mile decline over j:lgged rerrain.... be able to resis rhis delicious.:l-s:til propelled by an electric full to your back? Our all- Rocket S'kdtes chings somehow-e-bur wow... Crack open a crate of Hen Grenades rorhy! Bird Seed Rand Runners just: won'. mcing.' uau: t(JI In. Regular o..'gall/ot.DJ.. handheld sign "How abour ending Ihis cartoon before I hir?" . stand back._. Eo l.1 into Sh"PC-llOW 11Huc An Acme pOll" stick takes you where you want [0 go in more time: rlmn it rakes to walk-not: TO rnemion m.. /oak I/Jilr!rl' YOIlngoing! f.. Once used by blacksmiths 10 ""111m"r mCI. This assa ~Ir-vehicle has absolutely no moving parrs to wear down.. AI'IUSe your friend.I's sleek. enern ies! Forger "Spin rhe Borrle. unique fashions . and hsts and lam and lasts. • !?oonr-el"'(fTl9' · ~..

·lllj\...l~c..II~UllrH.til IUVI' fim~ intervene in lilt!' . h. ft"t:h f. .of nu unexpected b. Vile. rhe harder it is [0 gel a R. JI'I. ~'n~~ h.\ :s:...n--I\m .IJII~In..High concept..."y only .111.".11 "'1m fwd /'ili't:rfJtM.."..: \d'l'rm· ... LF.neftIJ pl.U'lJ Ollol'" t.i. Ih.1.i'.".lc-:. -uuplcr dl~lll.urc: \X'.'i:}U.u Ui. Wile r~ nn iI1SI::Jfl[ " '~mph: Hu"J t~~1~lI1"'j "'.... Iril'~.rged to vjT1(HGur.wlIifl:t.hC::I11~'~ dU!l~ m [he Ruad! Runner-c-enlj...y hi< """r-n.ntolli/.!.\ ...ulurc-prouc.hbil b!.y doesn't do il d'l.UW((P r~!.file E..~· il..«c •• \\.u rh...djlcronllll e."uwd~irl ro i:JUl' RV~..}nd Runner inro one . .hap(...l~ ~Pl_ \P III ..1n Dolly """ In corwince Genius pcrh. rime.l1l..hi:. gU1tl"':-UHec or victory. I" hi... Ncwnhcles.l[~d ski rn o o ... !r:.IIIII..:lUy ummp.!lC tmll in i!i 'l. low success rate If cnmplexiry alone were (l.lpli. h:lv~gorren Iht Coyote his bird. cll(' r..n (.I. even l'htluj. r Will': E.h' I . these inrricare "Hack> would surd).IL·r."...kmfl FiU l. Some hi. Wh.."" insurance .Iplur-...~f givo upl ThL" (oyO[(' has never considered rhrowifiS in rowel. i\tl I .. rake poUq."C:tin(. .bly ends "P 1>0". I Ih.v d{1 bring him rn.oyot('~ g'lltn1I"1 m to"r-wi{h pi~Ik:t':.•• d (hI. onrr. Silly duek! ""I • WlI< L To /l1~J~t"lrf.:'niu. t OyfltlC frum beill£ cliscoL...ul.'xllink .c.i'Osh~.\'(lh.the more pors you III~I~ '-M \ Ea.'ailOFI III dCII~ th..hull Iii "11 cccd where t tin nwue uunph .'I....mllll(.. book 8U. I-1olV~\'Cr.1._· 1. .lr-.'r~ NC'... stir at once.""ie m.I"'". .1.1iI1. j. or A IUpC::tg~I'iu!J.i.11'1': ILJ"~ l.'rv~: hi!' _g!..

'>CCII~. ur rno .". e."" 11.~till.1.n. then:' .ln." r<Gi11. ''''ile E. feet are hairy. but 1 rd( rhm his 10.s red hairt norhing ~~ his view . drenrn alike. J could 110""J." Jone'S ... uuide $upcrgcniu5.~ rht" ( ~1)'nIC ttl ehe Itn. cartouns. roles."«. walk [0 work. ow.III C\~'"'" !lor-lin whom him..r inrervals.<. Sam~~ eyl~ nrc cevered by II. Ralph and all' lir .. Quick draw Modd heers . ~~_irl by ft"I-uminc the bc-.. Ihdpll was J.ltl at \\1a. or .1.character woulJ be dw. nv. the reek gml Pan. <'1'" .1 b onsidefcc! idcnrical rwins-c-eiuce [hey :llso share a fDrher in din:ccur "huck Jones.. punch rhe do k.sJnd ridn horne In an ambulance. Sam u nnim. "model h~.1 bush.)r in'<:rferes with hi.n< of ""ory hewing dough. grccr co h ether.lking. U.t "I'pe:u'"d in DOlil Giv.... Unltl. "bur r dDJ1'{ kr-ow how he ~(.10.I:njof'l ~x:tdl~fll hc. hR.g. S. tUnneling under rhe sheep. .rn-cr ams..lid director huck jones.. d. ~ liu the i1Inin''!1tCt~( usc as n'!fcrencc. Ralph Wolf Thuugh..I]i'Cl)'.10o" how much work 1\<><> inm Ihe: elmplest nl"pcClS Runm r ~IW\. rcgub.~. r. sheuld h-Ions everywhere f:v<n hi. and nr rimes Ih(.. right? The premise behind a series of cartoons directed by Chuck Jones is rhar two clever adversaries are pined against each other as a matter of dally routine.y. c in slighrly diffi.lph Wolf 11'11$ n srotym. Yond I gl'" hi~ ".m~r wtlJI rhe he'mr.. Thcv look alike.1In/' said JOI1(. Rn. rhen rake an hour for lunch.15Q . . I plI' a linle long< of hair where his bottom meets rhe ground.I ill'''''' CFl!~IOO h""d".y even s heme alike.J'IIy .-And in rhe morn illS they cnme Out (ogelh~t YOIe'. ItlmCtllflt:" .:l."nully beginning h"ll.m OIPPC." RaJ... and punch cs our Ralph \Volr at First outing Tbe ' bcep. f po." '):." the same from scene to ... outfox each other all morning... long hnir ""Iy wn over hls nose.13pe~U'lllnc:e in (AfrrmblAllc.d1111 Wn!(rrc. 'I"~ dH:~pdol..Cl1li"S' Ib~ph.he the red-nosed version of rbe Cojore. unique brand or ordering an Acme Wild Cot. Up ui'. IIt director.1lph lives ::Icms.pdug is "I"". Tbey r lime their job in the afeernoon and punch our at five..ned canoon. R.' ensured .'. rr~1hIIl!'Rli: SoJ.\lunOlI positions.""'Y< hint "R.e and Ralph Wulf: similarlooking "\0".." am heepdog "The SI. or even (lisgulsing as a sheepdog.J Chuck Jones..<I.W OLF WANT SHEEP." (or the IdS'tH.h· wulf" red nose they (0. Nil m. or lIi~ h. and when he slts down.'\-rile srreec from .aJdl l~nlll'til. HI. anJ cuke up their prQrf:S.ily reurin e. Everyone's gOI a job to do.lR1 knocks Drr_'uicrly Oil live end lreed 51t"'l'doC Illk. IfI Identical twill ~ 1k eu hi lunch •• nocn..'cver.~S through thnr eurrain of b.IIC'I'ihU. Ullioft nUDt be very lumng.lI~lltl) ~"l .me . Coyo.1111 heepdog and Ralph Wol punch in rhe rirneclo k every day ar nine.tL!l\I.. The Wolf karns 11m it rakes more [0 g~t P~S[ the glmdi:ul dug than >elring the rimcdock ahead.l~a. heepdog protem flock....

..L1"1H~re ((·lIIng clrnp_o.FrC'I~ng. "i\ny. whole lip J !tll:lll rh.lwtlYI'l lf curm:!oi.h.." nn Ihl: p'i. 'l''''"'''J' Y... I =~~.wnr.... }\rt~r :limn)! failed ..nd 'pring b'lck. Say.hich Hugs [CSP-lHUll. 100 1.I'.. backf re 1 orr .J~~n!lt oi !.song "·nmst· Eltdt1lrilLg YOL.nk. wind~ II~"pinned . I'he.'es!cr's desire.<..rl'ri~J pi-anny!" Sam runs nlT!O fereh one plan.. a knock 'In rhc door.1 doli.!!:"bLl[m.. The tree rip.. eieeuscs..) 111.~ in the fr.H[[. Tile R..:[ human .Jt candirl.r.~ up and .u is required new i.his unirna] insrincrs wirh the fl''ro.hirlgy"" ..u (u b..1 2 lammin' Sam 6wb.l\il1.:(cr pursue . Ius..l~· rhe . irnpnucncc m.. 1 screwed lip . nyill!..IU'} anmcrivc h-mal~ c:u}'on~ 111I1~ ether side am: commences tu woo 011 her. l:~lyllle II.. lr:avingTwr.! backfire from the o. pig chases sheep and . ]J"..J.. LIIIJ~d . b."'i.. . Sam I uus in to .>:.C'1 . . I can du..... h.~' "Those I. is an end 1<.· hi Lie') behind .1 b.nt"r gng . -tbi.:y. NDI to nH"!l110n the S"S> rh.<id". where the bould. r\ 1 :1came."~ing lh~ trO< b tnml4.. bird chases worm. Of course..)'n~+ark ~n I:tW.emp' a. and ..4 H(lI'C mention fk:tion-al 5C't1inSS suchas 1.ns-lnduding saws.]_ it'lk""l cartoon CflilfllClC't ru wt'h:'{rl)' fJ'!'c "Fri't. but rwice play.m"..'j.1 boulder. Coyote lmild ~I'g :J Clue explosive rem:!.. the wrong 110'<.."i-. vhivh ure ufren lib(:mlly Jpplil'O j n an ctTun to in voke lI".1junl:' I:>C((ho~ ""'tion __ supporting tho =~ng. back ill anriciparicu complete without a plan that backfires= usually W specracularly-s-cn irs perperraror! These cautionary tales occur often in chase sequences: Car Ch."the"".--.. -can·1 rend 'lllLl dUll'. out dfhis nl~hll hole. Operation: grab irl lin CI". The other end or . car chases bird." j~ called in d. . sings "Here C(lm~4.t DII_ bint. 1i«".Fi'I:.. ".. kwanl<. from :torc. mlflartn~ YnLlns Chilirl1\!j.g is. hold of J tree. wh('1'e he' 1 !l.'~"rh~ rabbir robot ins [0 ring....Xm SIMI W&<!( H'a"illg procured nne or those P.Il "hmghrer. In the cartoon &1/101 11m.rdc~g. often with an elaborate chases bird. luli'h Wolfl. And "ill rhe hnplcss Sylvc:. InC" Cnymt.. . snowbound cabillS.hrl1ush .' Brllmyj Bugs dll. lu. I{o. rhcre h.. ee ". Sylvester [or Thomas . and desk (an" Boulder oyer is :I classic .::Jic· W'lh.HI . rind:. pl:m lil. how him how to pl.. ek lU 51'111'1 Sheclxltlg in order on catapult him "If the dilT..". \'((il" E. Sr. hammers..u he <o...(H>S. Thl ..o:....!uM.u.u ~">"".unly w 111: bluwn up' by his own deviLd ~ Free drink of water "I' Bad 01' puddy tal \ " \_ Sylvester.J1lt"1.If'ld i.kIUC!o1 . May we have a kaboom? and ri~ an explosive r:h." chas .lIl~ simple.mJ bartered..i'rr.. well.hil\g drink. forestand Jock:' beansralk.-d by rocket-powered ~1.i" :!IlIOn) i~in duo! artie.uer and :r:ip~ in Dt'Sid. rhe (:oyqte trawl .dum:by earn his dinf1(:f.cCllllMl Tween' contributed ro Im!ny or them "" rhe ·1Ii>il-rl uf Syh.mwuws Spurmodicmu. 11m f1micil1~ the wires corning ofThrr back leodinll "LI' ihe <10"'.lilT .fre...d It 11 ..'ha~d(1C. lnstead. rhe .h Into [!1ilfll or classic example of ~ b:h:knrioG.or< J booby-rrnppcd drink PI water [p lure HI) pR...ter with the Award lor Mosr Il..ld Rnnner rbnmsh rhe ":1:'IICrnll". Finally.0\!(r for a rC!'rn~. Th..'d''(file E.. boulders '0 whieh rhe rubber band is auached pull our of rhe ground .!i tor 13u~ to push lin: plunger." Frl.:do ..d. otherwise kr-cwn a. 9tH rhc opposite happens: fhe. :IU-emp(S to pl. of \-\.d8. screeched ucross every lccniem lrnnglnnble.~ rebut... So let's hear i r for the bestever worse-laid plans.ingly unobrninable bird. might ph)1OOI! . directed bv ls:l. and then fails. nurrew I)'WI in Ii dltT. r.MW.~of 'n~wrj(' fJi('. after b. onl).". rh.1 Gag<..~jhlt' rhc n 10 G. leucc!" Sam m-ks him lfhc ~m plny rhe "'pl-army~. '/.'._trgc In go when I~ certain kcy is struck.' ..1"Red Hiding HOQd'.!lId J<bri> .5 vI' cartoon phr:.)!iw:!\ the challenge.' [U .lh...he wires arc auachcd to rt dctonutor i II Bugs' mbbi..rand ciries ro rrnins. you get rhe idea.11 do.. and oecru Iin~rS-fiot ttl T"~.dov....t. coyote ovn OWAIlVTAtES The chaser tries to catch the .d Runner jU>I P"~ by rlre gill . 0 lag'o" txpLuution he".parl . HL" switches if on ro lure Dug.l.y killed dH: car.tosemtlC Sam. cartoon.II~g Charms" [apparemlva r~WmItt: :mng ::Lmung one-ringer piano pl"yord.. an}-y. d~p~·!~~h:nlrhc jdif) Sam . ]tlJold Runners .. " eha. 'rh:u'.hi"S ".1SCS mice.ckr.iG....""e<!. rb rhe Road Runner Irl'mdchr... iarcnding ro lif . wolf chases sheep. """chine i..1H:! Boom! ""<I M.r:d . !P. pm. Of u<>u. tnd Rolph ~~iI...b.dd"i "'! The never-ending chase One of rhc plans 111 Oprnmon: RtrbliJ{n[J~s \~ih: E. Bu!.hin~ a 1'1..: the Co]'~u_e. 1 of Ih."dtiC"Oro sun 1·llf m:lyor "&lIimu Sam :.~.'l>. \'(I'il~E. 1 sawed.l. I !'I LIS skippjilG rhe hoobf-~·mp'pcd on. 1..I)· help<d decide 10 bcsrcw Sylvl. The main basis For a chase is a number of try/fail gags. cured giam rubber hand..~~ .ab.. Th~ IJr!{II. Jolt th. n instead. But ar thm rr-ement.:in:g l~unJH..r~ . n.c..ding It:oIpl.urempts. "Ya gO[ .. bO!I:.1. COYIllO . lr-. t-\~.r.:1l1pl~ . rushes to tm~ It ntH rhc wh. Prustrared.r:rv~ JUI< be Clnonn . I..glu have !dll..\y . 'n"..lndl."\VJHAT LOONEY rUNE". wll. Or II Wb!l(. He CUtS 11 hole around Tn"""}." ·.1he' pl~ll\ :liC'(.

Uf:RSiWD i(A~OUMV! THE LOONEY TUNES animal kingdom isn't a monarchy-it's an anarchy! Pete Puma. Charlie Dog. wirh [heir screwy insighrs into natures way.'Wl1S WI> CO. Henery Hawk and [he Goofy Gophers.up fairy tales. . while humanized critters like The Three Bears and Cecil Tortoise act our fouled. Spike and Chester. and 001 Cat reign supreme. And let's not forget those ramer more instinct-driven varmints.

1 IUlnl.arner Bros. .'.... ".lCICr . lel!tling mainly om smnll .11".. was an iI1IUU. name b au in th cartoon Naughty But Mice.lod.' &.\i I ~dvclllurt'~ rti ~hrillk down (0 111m. In "II)" Egg CoJlrt'lllr.. J ~qd S. Bookish best fri Chuck JmH~" . The lillie mouse gcr.1"I) \ irh .Ii..ile!!1 Bnokworm in 'f hI' I!f$.11 huding fmm rhern. or ice guys fini h las.. "".to ~. Becltimt'for~'Nifflt:! shows the lirrle mouse Hyir~g. nilfllf. ffluMh~for..:-..<'1 MHJ' hll~ Io~J II.1I1 sirl named .clu' M!III~C Ch.'lbdng rhae he i) B(lokworn br::t\<dy pursue :I bab)' owl egg under rhe "val h ul eye il ()wl~ nre lmrmless. heer 1I1 hauerbos.IDl uwl\ ne 1:& Snim~ .. r<r"lJf'! .b rhe .. In Toy Ti-tmhll!. Little mousie and hi~dlikJ . he had a 'cold and snuck info a drugstore looking for medicine.' Sn1imr. '/ful M(!mr M. Culimor..S(.. nd 'nimes' bese [riend and Cf1mp3J11]un b a "Hern hookworm \ hum he fir f meers whe~ :I hookshop come [0 li~c:. u personaliry as :t "I 11 pm [.~ appeared ina dozen a noon rh r had gre3ir appeal ItO children.ld!J!..•~. newer srars who acted like aJulf.ll.. J r!" ..1IC11 \\'i[11 rhc fdille 'niml'S '"1-'" . Sn~. numerous fIli. S l<.. hr· [ane if I I_oo/U')'1im . lau s arrive.1. Hi stories were • lways shown from hild's p inr of view.'>. star..10 i.IPI"""" .mimminn mini ("omir.._:__:...I}' awake n Christmas eve long enough to Santa .. and dill: ~ungry l'Jpa 0\\.1NoII".! friend.NT 1::L H.. rhe 1\y0 D rhem !ill 011 all ex ilillg hun~ togdhcr.111). fi"'~f>-. /\!"Ier Icading about hnw barn rodents (and not rc.. lVidl 1ilcr w]'.ill'"ifP" mId Till' Boukworm.kerct.".·. e 1)(1''>'('. anJ who could ourwir adversaries rather Ith~..Ir. knuw where lh'm:\ ....m. M gor hi.:Hi .[! 'In his final canoens.... ~hct'".'"rio f1lP.i. niRle v as II Chuck lories star who _---::~-:.s hides tom <iI Cal am(')!ng the Itoys iW11a human Store.evenrually outshone b).I.1 roderu him ell}. ct rhe linle mouse wa~.l.I1[ L and becomes :1 hero in Blllls Thol' "ijJb.J ufirpl nif}les Ill.e\llhi<. < niffles h:\l1 more vigor.

Cecil has him arrested for The rematch B\Jg~ (h~lIclIg~"$ Cecil to . tril'c:ks <md :SOlI1(' srrategically placed or relatives along the r:KC course. whilt' Bu.i. hu f Cecil bears rhc bunny wirh rile aid a fe". ~ __ dressed ns 3 blllll1Y.Ie. Cecil is norablc as (be only character who regularly managed to ourwir Bugs Bun 11)'.i~f' Benu Horf (below). if will improve hi~ '~~l!.e In Tex.hilII" some of Ceci 1\ cou.]Ill~irmd!rorreise ~hcll in rhe bdicf aerodynamics.ning. is helped over ~he nni!>ll lime. He calls for a race [0 prove the an im<HorswflJl1g.'.'t:)t':. Mn(). cfl-~r"-S!. Bur Bug~ uses his II:~ (0 win this final march.· - sen. the lonube uses a rocket engine in lruisshell.t he Was j'!.s .'I~ I1wr. .1'!: b~I'I'ii)' ~11:cr Jefc~llun~ ]l tijl.. Fn:Ic/lg'~ Rubbit Tr(lmi/. in hjlarious and irreverent rewrites of Aesop's ancient 1\ mood . G"dl i~the only Milf who coulrl fl.I<::ly.keel fab.unbling ---:iiiii rlug bees c\·{·r)'.lbb~l. .I remarch ill 7OrtQisl! It)'h. 1I1:1( UnfOr!l!ll:l. .~ !«IM Rl.] By It Nd" [bclew righ') The rabhir dons a ~[rc. ridle of rhc f!lm.. and leach one was a winner. Bugs walks on screen during (he opening credirs and is ourragc:d hy [ill.IS ~I-Ie [Urwj~c is dobbcrcd by his (>\v11i hrerhree. fin: bunny replies.le The' Tortoise and t'he rb1'tQ. First c:halleng. \Vhclru [he iorreise asks him ffimw fa-.i ns IJ"iU~~. bUI • xil. TORTOISE appeared in just a bandful of cartoons. rabbii g.hing 011 the 1131/1: 1(1 Wirl. "a hundred. AVt. Tr'lwiloil ~JlNJtil"rt' 'li~i'~IjWfildilM /r~ r..(. (ndga:l'll~ [n Fri1.

tch fro as aaor me.Ccnl'i fi po 1 BonJ. pompouod • sw.. to Shake.ktIna up In A IUIIIltf A &k. MIIC ..w:nnu m~lm. the ighIG earth bty round down fit y..pearlllJl actint .h bri and-mig!. m comedy (0 and -r... h rom The W1t a twin! t& .

NeE UP N A IME, there were three' bear : a papa hear, a mama bear, and a baby be r, ound famili f, dgh'c? Bu here's where ~ny similarity between Warru::,l triple bruins and a certain fairy (ale nds, for while the original three bears led a happy life . di rupced only by oldil cks, Henry Bear,
Ma, and junyer are the definition of dysfunction-the bear most likdy [0


live tmhappHy ever aflcr.
I n Bugs BUriny And TJJf:Thl'ft', di recred by Chuck Jones. rhe Three Bears initially ser our [0 mimic thelr nursery namesakes, The gri:a..lies brew carr'Ol oup nd pretend ro go for a walk, planning to lure a ol.di!!o 'ks home for earing purposes, ~Ioo, ad for [he Bear, their b "Coldilocks" rums OUt 1[0 be a wise-guy wabbie who pbys the situation for a joke__::_a isted by [he tuding fim'lily' own inepmude,

;"H1'" 1''''"' til>
~ ....JIlIX· "'1' ~'""'""

Henry, dmopy Ma. mad giam [unyer show thtirr besr and
worst sides in an ani rnseors'

model she!!I .. The Bears look h. hanged linle over the years~x·cq)[ that Henry's hair i • s originally bla k berore
becoming hrown.

JLlm~r ~ ~cllcr.lll· .W!~

If'~'~ ,i7<:, bu. no .....,HIlt! chen he 11.l.'> been drawn even IU&c'r.

Bab)t Bt:ar
( II <'IJ.:WWI~ IUII;... \ <11' • .1 ~" S',I[I r I;reh,r!-:-t, .1 hC>IJII(H1:: -evcn-and".11.I1( \'l'Jr, .. 1.1, ['·m ht, ,I ill "-~..i r,

Home ,!lwee't hO'1:J11,e
(buil; Three [Ieat5 CarfOOiilS lecaec dtc fr;lcrimlll .f.1.mily in. :Ji cave kirred OUt li~a:a house (ri.ghr)-or is rim :Ji house kiued eue like <I c!l\re? IIi tiH:ir eumic book 3l?peMlmOC!i. clil"}1 IIas rraded in irs cliffside for :I
stailld.:J.rcd-i!isu:r:: \voodl(md

d i"i~.'r'


,Ieq" ill .1 ~ ~·.14U.·, Wit, ~md ,,'nrdin;Hi"'i1 M~ ,'tl1iIMI~' undcnlevclopcd. "1"1,,· hilY ~\\ ,I.!~l lenrv wirh


bee m I fir

II 1 A


1~lr •• II

/J",l r

cormge (be~!ow)l.


r'IWI!/Jmr'llt. Ill" h,\'in~l~ Henrv wuh ,~ hrokcu I'M~lr, 11:11 re.llltilig DIwHI



k';1vo: I'~in sllrdw1>.

Henry Bca.r
·Wlul h.!v~·I done m deserve such .1 i.llilih·~"l ;,,,,,1 'I1i~,,'i"l1! \'\fhik· w~il1~ II~ r .~s .1 Ilml:\.~lIjll·rin~ mxcl

~~Imr rfj.~~~ I~~f,rr'r,

( ·f.wi..J1 b.~f"I'~I:r"j m'p.j'~"

I i.:1rurr .1<.:11 11)' II.!> ... n1<,;.lr-r"y~h<>[i .. ib;1d rern per,
I~n(trill.!:,- M:!\ Il,um! <llh':lu: hu ~Iyiig hilll}','r, f

a I" lOON, 1I"..... I~N';II. rhe I~"~I' 'U V L,' hih"W.IIC, 10m .11l j'joi ~ .. ",1hl\·~ih.. .I~ .. ~ J.~I i~'I><Ltl,dl~hun <'I I I',...·cuc Ikur) ~n .. II,,'~~~,itlS' IrH



.. ,'....

\I<,I(.\'d hy Bilh'
tn:J~! "f

Hk'u.1 IC!'-I'I::1 1'1 h.:I~~;i[mdf v'
tL) htl.J1R' ,;"



Ma Bear
.. Bill Henry ... ." I.olll-:",ull;"ri!l); :VI.I lle .rr -,·,uiH·(1 bv Ik,1:~kji".d.·il.'l-i, .I d"~"PIiwly ~i I;'IIII~iil;im:, SIH: IWI:KI't· ... cdly icvl::lb grt;,n d~!lldrJ~
I" /1 ut !'ml, II~nr) r

,h~ 1,,11,· I "
..... ,·,!1

,,'kill i II A ilhU' hi/" ('lIm./m/t·,d. ;111 111.1; while kl'~'pi n~ th ... ~Jn1cM"i ...Cl<.l·. A n.1 in 811f!J 811mI)' Jllld rho· f"lnn' 1J,,·..trs. iVL, r.:v"·I~'. her si 1;7.1 iIIJ:: mm,llIlie .,idL·-jIN in ~'<l'<': Y"U dtdn't thin k ,11<' h.ul lin.',


IU.....L'~V 'IIU!~.

Jm~J'~ '(.!In ~




du' u"/~~rop~

~~.Id~· f~r~


Agatha and Emily J\brn cndabm! Mee. f\~,.h" "",I



Lh;]St."5 afier SilliYIC'r

11C;1"':l~:d ...11.11,.':' 'I-'lllt\lre




1i'1"'Jyi",min 6·S/JI)O.
Un Iucki I)· for ,h~


al..L~· :rn:l~~t:

word ...have turned him intc. n two-headed m:;tk vulture!

H EY WA LK, TH EY TALK, rhey sing jazz! These wacky winged characters have lefsan indelible impression as stars, co-scars, fOIls,and foes. They're Looney birds wirh only one thing in common (besides their feathers): They're fllllll)'. Whether they seck chicken, corn, or singing
lessons. and whether the)' hunt Bugs,

Foghorn, or Speedy, this feathered Hock
succeeds withflying colors! figluiog spirit has large 1'1"", fur hi. furure , Th.,,' lI.hy, in 71;, "'WINinl 111m", A.I


Alr.dfliglu., IH'!'is inspired by tin: gre:n d,ic·J;ze-nh-nw!G in Iliswry. such as John: r'J" I Chirkcnhawk (:tbo ve). ! lis d",i re b, greuncss <:'1 uses tho bot" Jog aud r-uggy (IJ G"ootinually fight ever him. SdYS"Henery, "1 donr care who w·ins. r'll .he loser!"

Henery Hawk
Lintc 0",:1 Jo15011, rho cherubic S,.:1f (irTi:'Jl I\\fc:r}"~ J Luvr: To Singo, i.1I; a \Vide,.. eved crooner br,ull inil) :t i~mil)' of d:L')..ical music C"'T'It:I'Lr;:. l'rort-ssor l-rir Owl, hi!; P,:JlXI, is hurrifled rhnr I,~s 16n W.:l.IU$ to be ;) j:lr.t sil1:c;,cr-undl he leanu h iJ, boy j"l, up rnr fi r~1 prize on "Judo;. [3L1rIll)I'~" radio amateur lrour!

Beak)' Buzzard
III IJug1 II",,,,), em fI/,, ,hy IkAy BU'l.Z3rd ts sent om oy hili Mama IU ~cL,lood. I"", he s<'" "rubbins [Iu!}, Ilu"ny. [h.-aky !i.1i1.S .JgLlin tU SI.·t dimlt'r when Mo':I .~gtW':l'" .1 dinosaur muncai Shorty in 1'helJaJIJjlf/lJm!z~,ftl..11 . lien in J'Jx LlOu; {jUJ!. and u papil sparrow in ,vrift \'(/il/J Nub('r. In spire his rt.W' on-screen appearances, Bc-.1J.:.y ~S:J: ml'1inma,)I of early 1.""111('), 'Iunes rncr..:~nllldi.!!lng.


The lirrle chickeuhawk wirh a big :lppitdte made his fir., appc""II1C< in Chuck jones' 71)( i;.ll"blishi"g his rclem less dinner, Af,er


Th.5Im ..,1 Dod" Bird From I'orkyl .. ,
~WI(,,.I,mJ(righ,) i, rhe l~lrIi"" bird m the Irn::'nr.gcrk, He can nppC;'l_f nnywbere nnd "'cl<h "'Y booy PM!. 1\., rhe orher ,,,d cor rhc specrrurn. <1,0 MinJ!. Bird (hd",,'l in droopy-eyed him W:llks imo thesccue,

Chuck [ones' "Inki" cartoon is compl«"ly Z:n. Tho .il.n<,
gi .... us

liulc hop


and , .~

compels the ",h« <h,.r:I<.·U':n. to fu]lnw him WhC'f(\'e~r 11<S""",-all b)' M,nd"I;,,,I,,,'s FhJ.~.n/t C~w('Orlffturr-.



'<XJ ~~;
'"'ll ("'

j~~:'&, ~~(
\. ..... -i'



~.l .R

ITT N_ ere mes P rc Puma! n ' econd [hough" don't worry abour locking anyon up. A Foghorn m:iglu say, This b is < bout 3:S sharp as the ttl[ .nd of a nail." Alrhough Pere only appeared in one theatrical
I , . I.



dir cred



M Kim ' n, n



forget thi punch-drunk pussy at"who'll always inrerrupt II1]shunri ng for tea wirh the el1erny.

Funny feline
Fontaine and m il
-hec ec ece"-r'cte'. laugh, provided by tan Freberg, is in tiilll:lidy recogn i;r.ahIe. i[ sounds like a cross between comedian Fr:mlk

a rually 3 pushover, Bugs is still a Iriily bir . I canncus: "1 (I'01'1 [ trust [1M nell I.' , 'p1Ji1lrl:.J ~'Iln
urther [han I

thinks he's. formidable predar r, when heis t'row da big moe!"

raping a blackboard, Petc

In Rabbits Kin, a small rabbit enlises B~iSS' help wl1el1 being pursued by





in . ~l un onvincing &sguise daimin m be ["c linle fellmll"~, mother. Larer, Bl.Ig~.turns the eables when Ihe disguises himself ali f'C'tC'b

Bugs ~us out to (,e.,CJ!1 a lesson or rbrec, Perc re. ppcars




J'rN ",,1m l"/~fi' info In. ."," 111m""

How m,lr.ylumps? Pere never '«Ill' IU' learn 111:11: Bup' quesden ~ net :I ciylli1.a11'1 er of ~u~.lror Ili' rea. \'(I}lI:n Pet'" respeads. "(;i\'O:: me dUI:<: or four ifumpK," lhil}~ obl,tr."" by wh~.~ill!: I~inlwil.h a I1d'~t. giving him nlu....,or fi)lIr JUI!:)' lumps OJ1 111 head. EYC:II1I~311 , pOOl Pete docid!;IJ!h~! [" ~i~l"s IIiIII a head he,

Pete and Foghom
Pete has also appeared wnhFdgbom'" m in a new dteatric:al herr, PrJJn S""riu. directed by DarrdI Van incrs. lJld in the Looney Thnes comic booles.

~. dip I'll' "Iild~ IMrie." say Bugs of the seven-foot-tall bundle of joy known to his los ri nds and as o iatcs as sossamer. ~lt hillL.C±...1lird~nscr.arrY>ltl.II.1' II.m.t/r. blowsrts up the mon I r wirh ~yrmll1i[e rollers before slninkilili. J~rl(' Hlmll'..' '"i]f....." ARE rhe most ri ng people.~ hi!. .r 1..:I. h rm to rhe ~i/J~' lilt' a 11'10<151:.....'rr m p ~1-riHn·d IW'IU~'.. d. mechanical f~·m. JJ. This rirae he p'la)! rahhit inrn a castle where he i~ ru he dinn r.J f'. B'lIg~ Dlrmk .rll'h UII'l" 11.i rC!. mpl~'H"1 . a ra py:.liulul .4fMdJ ~n'd III' rtI..J. onts [he monster wi~h no ss vi ibl· ill em ne k. exit:" nd Lion.lnt:'-" ruuune.. nldlliLIilIk. l/twlliJ Pln m/""III'" ~Wlnl~ 11uWO bc"m1L~ I{ ~~IN. 'cause h ha nr!" iln ~rilefr'1JJn. Bu .. jtll..."JMrl' I IAwWforjl n-lJdrflrr .1<plld...1iT...'111'1 heen ~l linlc slice of heaven . 1\'1Ji!t'f E'lt'''11-1. I he ill Ji..."[ shink ir 11:1.C1 r~wp.1.1 More IDa lilS(fOU I n W~I/~r..~nnl M..lf . and sneakers" ossamer is so terrifying even his reA uon runs away rom him! .cd lit: follmvs .._"'JlnL·r' .' \rn"'. rhc monsrer's Hare.. growly voice.ISJin con nHl f'tWI. With blighl orange hair. h." LII Ih~ w.I.urpli-e .H v.. ~h..ner \I!. r '<M· N TERL 'i n-n-n-rere pookedl Bugs meers rhe monster in Hllir-RniJi1lg by CI)lIck jlJlu". .

lle!L rni'lf.·'i. t(1 mu:o.schall. . bur die).vc.1I lUl'r'. and Martians will never <:d ipSI! the finne of Bug~ or Daffy. ln rb(' ("no.nmn-cl ~11.:o: .I!::I('i...1. characters l._.. The 'hcp-Lllk... ~illit' bov n.1IR~ Ndly n-nrrnv m ..lW~jm lirll·J x /kJrlJwlumnt \ fJ"JIJJ lit.. wI. and music.. L :III ..1 rl.oonev Tunes drrerrors l1ot!ver eeu.!.~ C~If)1 C~H.11(I\'n tht' glohe... Speedy RopiJ f\.~.:l..\.t DL.1. II (~O'171! rm... rhi.1S Looney as their predecessors.ue..1V(· h-L.'y .1rit JC:!iI. duu..IIg 'iger" eludes capture b)' Colonel Rirnfirc ill hi5 <own laid-back Iitlmmi{J. ·o.'rj1rll -..11. ti.I i II~ byour5 ever d('\J!:.... when 1!rri.nhletc JJ .lrric.r ..t. mrk~ dl nner h.JU1. ~~in~ l'llr.JrlJY'~" tn .'] ln Roben MI:Klrn.".:J ). . everyone 10"'0.. ' rhc t('Il... when .-er..""0/1-..11"P'HI!.. rbc ~wjllgjl1g (.-u \klor:lnl .1 'r~cl·iilllJl: ..111$(. bv Chuck I~)".llIt' a carchphrasc fiH dlil'o gruO\ry l. lhrrc.OIl dire .jft'ICHi\'l.l 11.k.:.. \.·rh. mice. . ..' ~'Ii'id.. and wild new characters. :.I-c in IIH~ firs! carreon).<' tfle: motto o( J...tll Ni..111 .lf.1 UlllqllC .h fC)H1 (\""l~C.. ~ JI'I\'chin(.girl whu lov.I~ .lc.ever a IOCl. ..g(' ..!""~r-~'~...I .I:t..J rill~· drl'I'I".C'lr. {hltn 111.' J1'll)\'{'!oL NrJ~'IJ . hun .\! 1:Ii..H'e. Ii fI' J.C'd to expc..r_"/. f. Lrrry ~run. Merlin':. the wheel n~ . I1I~kLs.I/..t"J b) hili sidekick.u b)' hiz l.\ C'nU.: Ihi .m:r). r-.dl~~ h. 'Icch iu BU.. rinlJ m"J'iI~b.. G~rgi{l~ <I neurotic alien xoul :-. va II(::'arr~whil:h could :111110~1 h.... she l'imts true love with her "11'~i"g Roving Marcian III M.::.'I. TO REST 011 their laurels.t l.miun "OJ101lgIJ is ad ~ri.m'.~~ :.f'I~1 nt! N.ide .111:.'d l~\ {he (:tll . him. ~.II'1iin ln.. decides ID ~n home HI ..)In...:-y rhc Shcrif]" rhrough rwo v hlt . .-.I M.. mwinl.C'ril:lil 1io1:Qr..1~ILIl\1 .-IluII"iIJ"llj!}l.1 carrot . cars..lw.!ln'''Lln.11. ~(.~ clearly In 1 une wid .m 111(.rnllV)" C(')ol C~1l i.: (i1I.rhc cat wherever In:' 111J}r hl.·f.lrll1:E.. iL whi .1 ~riC'n.(" mvc-rani •. Hllu..mimiued ".:.:Io\ J: NelJy's Folly N.J.niuhcncc..I<ln.~I.nui Claud ...Ul".!...JC.\1cr~i. offbeat \1.· v c.'rI.rcular IC.J... /1fr".' .Hl'"!I.. iarrivr re rrnvel. S. IIl.rrlrng" 1111'1"" ru the big ut)' urII:' ~mll.R'JI.. .~'nf: IIIIL1~l' (~'l(l! 111 ...1 h.\1...lirpl..I~C' u I COI. rhe cturv d lbrtb. w.1111 fi:)J t\ Ale:.l' dn~ \\:i~h a ...:h~ bLtsH:J hi:!. Illl. C1inJt P~..u_kll\Y f~.n Ro!J/J(ry directed by Rol"l'Cn hkKil11 .""'in whicl: he was Bunny and CI.oluJ~}II. he ~vC':s magic .~·-r-id dli.~ ~'Iwl(' IIrlrj~/'...'11111. "Sn lonl it now.}(Lre 01'1 ''''0 ()""r M.COOL CAT IE CO N EVER CONTENT Sports. \. SL·i. created. star (:tml (':H 1~C:CO"'j:'H:_~ lur .111(.\11'1".!..I..~~L·...:!HldIbllom~l..If' .I/.rimt:'HI \v hh new concepts.. W'h'-f'l..(h-.~lid (like ('nl)1 en."de ""IJ.! voice 1 ~4hllll~h I).lg.c":.. :!\. .1' m..In: hdmct .1WS Hurler C:.· lctodic hcc'."".i 0[1 (Lorrh.d...lIH'...11 hJq\ rctrc./bJ..Hr.11 ('h.:T 'Iune..ilf.l . .'c(.1 gh'I'\! I hi' IL·rnr'tnlllllrH~1 .: Zany Rohc.on. pru .he jungle. I!JH'l! i~ 'jl. directed :1 . Lory> ND't'JJIIM Nhi"ltUll..~pl1'~li[il~II~. /1'hiilk7/.~I Cool Cat l...·.. and .ltllir .ri\.lb6rnliNJ·. I~lbl1f... 1 dlJ' sounds like Woe...hl~r..\· 1 .~f..-L1Il' jungk dlt· cir .I.. Notable . bUi after several ilIl1 tcnuurni~ing . the Warner consrunrly t r ied our fresh ideas... HUt. -:1\' ..11\ an k~ III 111(' . i.m 1I1.\l~·rI.ncd hy Mauri(l· Nuhl c ~ who rL"CCtV-C'S .~d.r nbour sound GJ:nOOU5 3.h..ulvcurure th"-"dnl':.ted .:I l.. t\l-lnmp~tlli.~II whcelv.f!. animnrors stories.':) 1"1.H III .l'\)l!r. I "''fl.d ...Jtlimuion ~rvpller dMlJi .· ..:ll)< rhe :'ioinging piroffc herrune-.. hUJC.hetl v oicc lIu" r[.u t~t'11n.If::I" 111 pf(h.lO(J/{_"'r....~::"~' h.1 rodirector crcdir WJth or d'ie. him w spccr.lrLOO!li~..!j..·d hv 1...!!:h . Bunny .1 m.1 JUod hi. \·I~in.H~ .lmons [hem arc Clnldc [ones' 1n'Jlnil1mcd ~~~~~~~...'.. elephant .uinlb [turner rrack. J I"ul!..Icrinn/.~lli!hehavior...1HV ':-... The later rabbits.hc-rq.IllHll.:..huwv .' W.on~ Rabbi' S'."I rl1 lIH: ()-'~''iI'k Mountains..It. are always funny and original-and evc!"y hir .r I'JI. chC.1\-'\Jllh "" trturu .111:' 111.]J1J tlt.sed by his l>sycl... In rtu.. i'lJJj NOlI! Heor "lid Nigb /V.l...1 tid dwJt. BLH au '.ll~)· liml:d :'iIi rip ~f"ur . .: Abo The magic mouse I'vkrJll1 i!O.. .k vault ~1t-. duo were p arsucd I. Cool Cal ends nne cartoon 11)1 ~a}'ing. In h.inl!. IJ~..'~ hllng:ty cus om W.ltl·d A~.d."\'(.

"t1ng:an. hes creared so many d1:11 we've awarclt:d hill! this Will. NC).'3ruri:ng Eln'\cr l:u. 1lI1I:1.l..nlt ir. Th~~ ls ~. or "U1 Alrbough l3u~ is "s"..V!) fp. bl.b.of. the bull rwice :.nll1 iSh. uu. YOU need 10 create a "whole Irma lumps. squimd down 1M putlS. ftNll/l.\Jpon D'lfIY dons:." D.'..rr ~fltl'!.Hnl.. 4 C:l1uclt Jones' 7.. involve. or I short .sElmer rhe co..b0l. \v ho rure . D. until we sec rhe rree where [he '~gn has now dUlFigoo ('(1 "Rnbbir Season 01"""''-' "au.l':'PC'CI..o£Q sombrero. Bllllngl"« Bugs..\FI}' '"1""'.l!r Up.1nni~r rlmn nn ovc-r.k gl1s. di rccted hy Roben'S h. fnWu.s up to Bug.. D''''J:. routine <""si.huc:r [0 shoot" I.~ f.'(.'"s D." This [s.) hililriou1dy cXleJ1dll."II one 1~1'§'( time.l mallc.k m.Jlull.t:!i song-cud-dance turns. The I"'~i fl..)Int3 of slapslir-k: Bugs Bunny and D.' fictional ( of <'lu~tJobkl~t..ltil'g DrlIT)' and vice-versa. Mel manc.lI. 'l'his includes TN"£: " clobbering by • . 1 SI.J once'.Irors..' Dllr.p:l:rick routine...I. "lie of a ".... .Jdi"g.. I'~J.fur irs Vi1riCIV Double act ror Ij~p rI'ltl. One of rhe Inu~t hr.mes. for Bug. r(!~t:' Pum:'l is rhc dumb becsr who Ile.who .:JS a popular Mage entenainn-em (~mlOm. S'O.. fr-.lnps(ick rmnines. like a cream pic and an unsuspecring face. Slapstick has probably been around since one caveman watched and laughed as another caveman fell over. 11'..t r". dancing vic:mriml_.mur OVi14.1 double 1I(r-lh.. whar Bugs SCIS out tc :lchit-v(' J n the ''''''1>On."i"~ ''''''':$ hy poking..lck..p~rick prnp'i<.'! of this sequence I.~d moves [0 .ts "fliaa j~l'h<. ~". mf.r} /jlifr-y I . (PUNCH).'1 only th.\Un.' I~Llg." of n3nd). OlJ'(:rsl:. 5D 1)::.lilp:. "P i"" "Mugl.·~ vocals of BUg3 irnL!.' Duck 0. 0 which an: ac-ccnwatc:tl by a stRam of ~ic sJap.h!. They go togerhcr like .Iill.p'.rc:r~t 1>t.pstick <omctly.. Warner Bros .Jooldi'g .hi.sbp~ him again. Every hL' rime Elmer' s dog cheers h i:lo The switcheroo Award-winning bunny runs I r-l' is. The bull comes up '!'Tl the edS.bbi~ ~nil'.~::'11(. Coyote ....Iy r. Jrcrus thrown by the other duck sptcL".'IC" no~ rhe Face. rhe dud.~'t:'isuch ..y.ld'i.MR..I". But slapstick today originated in vaudeville [hearer and was carried over [0 the days of silent movies.. dnoccs Yp to the bull: rc rhe H a I. IC:j:LUrt'S 11 classic 51J.r.tlck Our rop choice classic cartoon t I'd. and j. the our-of-work bunny teams up with popular enrenainer Elmer Fudd to form .1 rl'OJ.s hi. red.:C5mnr for hO'Sf nuswcrs. refi:rec dernonetmres nll d~~ iIIcll"i b'.u~PJ ~ml. E.d !ihi..:L ill his own paws and gives it ro hilT1ld"lf.IT}' .' \'f!ba..·I~tm. when [ht: bunnv !l1. juggling l~rforl1mn'e..lolD' careoons' fc...n rhi1l . Wh. .. dirccred by Rohert McKinuun. please! ~ Sla.. BI1.d~p~ti.'lgs..cartoons and slapstick are inextricably linked.Hcligh.Mf.' ihc ~1Iq. well.g fI.ilbidiI'lSElmer as to whether it's' rabbit hunting season ur duck season. Ir doan'r IF aoy bt:rrer~. ror g""'"g hi.:H his fOr[l)' iruo the vnudevdle circuit'.II. V~ud"\I'"c \v. Rabbitt IG"." . in die _ pokes in die "l""I.. May we hear a splat. No.~II~t . .'!o.p dance Bully For BuU' d i reeled by CI'l1C" jones.s be called OJ} 10 . Dud. Rno!..&lJ~ """nOll .:I1SlIrt" 2' Duck and (over or ~''''t. 'amins of rhe ~Mexican \V1. Of course. 7.:d moves on Dilfly and rhe rl:_.. (I"i·..::' Inir light ill ~I boxing urena (icx.Jly nil the givi'lg rather .e of'rhe hal. Ir tS1. or beos Daffy. (I'OW)...lTy (db E. punchlin .ngcr<d bull chen d:i:na.kk g. or Elmer understands. \Vhcd1cr rtel:'i: plannng :1 big. Datty rips offElmer's dDrhe . wei :kiss on sotneonc's Hp5 cr t:y"in.uril he drops down IlLSrub!>]1 hate wide the: hat cl1vcri.t. rhc duck chall<l1gos him ro. Bugs rwirls tht: somurel1:) in the air..!! even by rl':lwrlling rhe LlI~g.I)· 1"h1!5 .ld"" tlre baffled I"". 131J~ tacks lip n sign rhar sa.!iequcnce comes from IWbbill'i".'j. l"'il1.han receiving end fif SbpSf..."\VTELCOME TO THE NOMINATXONS for the funniest slapstick W routines in Looney Tunes.I slnp 'he [. hunter's gun in • knot so he shoors himself Bug. .f.down ~ his underwear. of ln the cmoor.pUt the slap in :o. slapstick «qIlO"""..ric:k bits. nnd drowning by 600 gallons 01 genuine Niagara Falls water. In rhe third round.ffy Duck.oi.]pl.bbing Elmo" "Neue nf lI. Hick slopped by the venerable BurH1Y. h~nd ro eome I'U' .. then zips owat Tho .h tift.~lc:d right in the middle M the weods).c:n ir comes to t Like it Or lump if The weakest link . it foIlQ\\'S d~al in order 10 increase f.H Pere "...J the mallard UlK'IO' turns to confuse [he ILw"'~..y!'I~Duck Season Opcm .ed by" 1>.\~O oversized wooden mallets. progrnm parody.ffy tc go..kccm~~lins. he takes the maHI. course. irun ". hea d "I..W!et~~ersin I'h~. whi.p/kJ "'1Mlr JlrMiI«rlui"'ljN. or "ny .he humor of one carmen head hflshing. indudlng a pi.:.· o incorrect l.~ (ronl ..cI>.Fe fuilillll fro".i.s BUI1ny can ::JJway.. he g(le~ for:o record three r.s~zc~ WtJOdi.c...~ wMI/ft. ~m.lIiaru ."S13p~}y"' award. In U" D". ~ll1lcr r~nally . \oJh~. When Elnlcr shoois Daffy OUt .hH r.

penguins. mice. hadcharacters. singing frogs. Whar would Looney Tunes be without them? . for of cartoonswho cartoon Even those one handful appeared in just film or a made an unforgerrable mark on our consciousness. gremlins.ARNER a genius creating W:memorableBROS. and daydreamers. They are the beloved supporting Stars: the gangsters.

Nig/!<- inger. filt"1:: rum . the film was originoJly rlrled Is Hopp'" 011.yb. IluS' gees PI.~cins hi 111.... . drenrning'1'iccc." On" >o"g. a"d bsndleader Bill R ber was [h•• inging voice for Michit>Jl J.lly created ror the Mich. Antarctiic an tics direete I huck rmrTl h~ 50 YC3rs. 'he linle penguin j • genuine Soush Pole dweller.> TIl.'HlCr"O green hi. 0(1 (he !hipl RICml" orpid toad Alns. Frow EUf'rtifig. E.nt bird." 1'". !lunny's banjo.ot. Ollt £1I('11. dernoneuare. Do the Michigan such as "Hello M.crrr.most unfroglike abiliry ro . H..." "1'". the rrog reverts '0 lazy Frog-hood. tiO: pcc:i.H~ moneymake.nS recorded his [lacks for Chuck Jon es. actor..rurh the prec-uus eardrums Giow. wid. considers this no big deal-s-at lea..1 wueheru lnrnrmruioll 10 8-&111 0"""1 induJc.r pt.g"n].. rmugn' Going for croak In the Chu k Jones m... when he In one theater nfter enorher.. J"5t Wild him from. Michignn J. Grofllm SIxIw 0.J. released I-Iohnkcn. wrecking crew looks ill ide the cornerstone ofa demolished building and finds" frog in 0 box. In serlen. Ftn:'llly .~... ur flp~rrll.hi rd parry.. Talk About Me Wh. Adm". Frog in 0".g..jinbr'r..' enternbmenr. When Ihe h:uiu:llw h. Bug.. Baby. R<>bcrts' baritone voice .l. die atclll"hip .. In I~tmgHnirt'd Htr.ndy honging .desricnc owner rcb"I'ics tlre frog-for another \VouIJ~i.. conspire to pr-evelH anyone orher ~11:IIn Michigan's {n.r. His new owner. Frog. /:'oggy r." Rynl The"" BUg> finds the sm.rformc:r ddMuing.-Ninecle. "orcoul'sc YOll know this means wrtl!oi nnd :J rnusictl melee hr<:.l[g •• 1 member of.round to bnbysit Lho ~il. performed in smnll p~rt$ while: under eoruracr 'D MGM A=rding to 51 ud ic records.h Pole-emir 10 find our rhnr the penguin WQS fe...ll hf&h note mull of me frog m. rhe fiuc.>cli<nll.:r. rhe bunny allegro. rrol"rJ :s(. r at first.~1uout 011 ~ms~. our r:lDhlr r('plk~.)" to the So".it. ". Rt\Llct. one. ncr the ncw.ixi" Hit...was.llly born in I.y chickcnsl'' 1\[ bSI. Ilugs 0$ an accidental rourisr (:afrer rukinU a wrong turn ar Albuqueeque)..little bird lost When pantomime ice-skater I'laylw)" Penguin gets in Brooklyn in 8-801/ B"''''J' BUg< offe" [0 take him.. The continenr-bopping trip ls w ith d..ns«< including • hungrr hobo who thinkl "penguins i~ pr.nni jones.l and dances." and "Please Don'. and mba plnylng di .h and h. FrOJ>'smusic repertoire ea eure 1890." uni nvhed .(or [v. New JC'' ' ~:Y:' ~---''''iiT-r~----''''' In Jon . after his exuberant song. nerworkl re rediscover ••••• 1 Iritb I.$ing nnd dunce. I~t(. .. Bugs winds up pl'lll"". yC' imu hrrlllh. . hi" r lJlllYW.u frequemly heard in uch:l.. home. "Tho Mithi!!"" Rag... VO. hnrp.

) in Tc:< Av<ry'. hi... They are famous For Looney larks and Merrie mischief that serve'! no one but themselves! But mere is a big jump from ducks and puddy tats co the Tunes who are most Out of eune=-rhe really rotten criminals.. liglners igl\in:> rhe gw.1".cJd!]' fOf [he blQ"~hhJruy fiend.(!ilb Dirl)' A11. The se-duck-rress electrifies our hero with a kis.sfl·1 .o:~.·.lly nne nf Daffy'. Haua Mari.fftJUm~ g:J!lg:q(::r words dumgc ~)klQ(I..< • b ad nnl'ilc in T~t For Jlt#J and Df. DfifFy Dock." ShJ_g Baby Faced Finster In Btl")' BlIg<zy 8"'''')1 ". Anr Hill Hnrry (a.n.:.'i't. ilu~s: nvvcr quiu:~ realizes rhar the axwielding maniac i.J. fhb).'h(.11"" ~. TiJr Sl1rpf)r Sd'. Hugs soon learns rhe rrurh :nh. Mr. em (SyIVC.lg.u~ his liT'de bundle of jU)! when he catches I.: . Here's a who's who hoodlums. blowing."ly [or RQnald in I3mmy Jhigg('(/~ Uugs dO~. and so rackles rhe big brulser himscfflHe receivess beal'ins ar Rrst.. dcfcars rhc squadron womnn-hater. of our animated world.:ditr drl. hnnd wirh ~ boek t.lUd gun Bugs lewes his oppnnc:m in stitches! .ukl:l'lg:' powerful pndt) [rum b~. and a troop of true terrors! D or Rocky and Mugsy HaWI Mar! Evil >py-bird..I tailor. . SYLVESTER. Spike (10(') gi ves doggy doi "g... UnILl..k. Simihlr cmbarmssrncnr strikes Killer Diller (riSh."'IS .. :. W Sec his boss pulverized by bod suy.wt. .: tu.:SI11..allowing si dekkk C h t~S~r ro rake ~ over.l""in~ TI~t' blliidog .hllg is a classic Looncj' enemy.:l)'S htnl ~I visu.n!:' M...Nil." 'B'lg5 fil1ds hirm. t.('i11 I~HSl" In 7nw:ryJf'{wi.lyd~ mill ..ny'.. r rnllgit'. q v cr rill1d D~·il'T . l\imsdfmJupu .. rhe Om: develops nil evil .. oven.II~-ll!)1 a Vampire COLIn. mil f'Drtll~ cnund . dl. 'Jp McSlugJ...Ig.ron't gi .:r).. T/wsr\. Spike loses his: credibility when II nppcars ehm he's SCIl red of [I 1i nit. Hyde. dH~ rshbit ~~iln rhe ~.ri.s hidcoin! <l.'bab)' sh.ifipt:.I bulletproof .111£ . jtrJt.1mSID' rulls down inro Bags lluli.idS'" mafioso..a. l'u".. but Dan::.r'!i'f-. lnu.lll'li his kror-c-frm-r rhe poli«.! In. uruil the t.(l.~. in tin: linter.lIn. "i.AFFY.1 hr the rnbbir... <'I\<>---'ho Iicnai. and me Looney Tunes gang are hardly upright cirizens-s-far from it.'Iv. . The villnin dearly isn'r inreresrcd. in Plnu~ Df/JJj. IJI'Jod(Uiml~ sers hi~ stG.~mlly the Doc! The Crusher A~ mascot to wrestler R. F.h fa 1"..Cf). ~(I 1". IluGS' milGic: Slug M~Slug Jf\. is: tH~g'Utsed M :'I h"..\nudlo color model police line-up.clf in rhc cornpnny 'If rhc kind and meek Doctor Jekyll buc little docs 11Cknew '1113' [hillgs arc abour 'to d~angC!Afrcr tl.'ssing lip as . home and rhe diminutive" gangster find . a rogues' gallery of gangsters.lnd !1:.r..•and evildoers.SluB is I'iding (rom police when s:UI. the Crusher. Unl'". monsters .lj iiid['.'l!lDarry Duck p. when :IUl audience n:lc::ml1Cf rnS 011 him [0 rhe boys in blue."V11fjcn~1 h.r 6-5(J{)(J. find offers e him everything from b-nss knuckles . up until he's sold S{)fllCd~ing.l.NI'IS('l.b)' 'W hide himsdf:'_.l.

1[I1C' G~~ ond bi. rather.. . is aI. WhcIhcr it: is wirh l-lubie and Berrie in Mom~ Ww(kl'11' Th iJtI. I[lCH:I51! :afEI:!:r:l.. up .1 from tin'" '" I'uppy driv.u glv<:o him . Poor CI.'5~ sudden b:uJ. P. IIdo~ f. CI. or.~:lly .ritk<.! thol: III.g. tho punching bag• •• ~"In r"._ud~ will~. ".10'..Iri"'..m}. <hock of red h. .d ll1~~rQte the wit] ro f vc' in Clm'lr Chmm. up the .'s dug in various _gtunes of ehnnce. in P<lIn..ud.! b. or Puppy in Ttni" Strick ..>.oIIl-lit~r. . mmL~ IlfllnttJs-P""'~)' Gt\{T7... \v.Stc: fur rrtic (:.s. Tbe l-lep C.ud. H e rhen pmeeeds ....lludc jump. he always seems [Q gCI the worse of ir. clobber him sfter he C:Ome'l m believe f. Marc Antony and Pussyf"".!n. the punchline.\' him ro a variety of p"i nful ~".rd '1(!["iUS: CII .In /Jii. O.".an ilngry n[. When the Cal loses at rhe <tIuictN: wheel '>r e. nsr.."'"N'I'.h" cold shuulder-c-indicned by an ••'woo block of ice.I:.! No maner who he'.in. i.u~lly • pup"".hc-d by • no.ohl. Fri. but ihe only lemalefd in~ h. Claud.Jor"tLlnl:' h.n>" hi>body CQID'chong..lI~ in O}lr 1dih for 1(.t~ 101. II Claude i. cperared by • dog.l sing> abour aU rhe women who find hlm 1..~r1 rime • the' pooch hJ1. dlJmb Bl:!l1liy h!l_~ the ml.0 lidl for n gol ki"J'-..) Lltrrn"lPt Irresisrlble."-S..'I. rho dpg subjec.g CI.

' goo. Who" he diS' all ••• " ['illlltI hoi•.h3. 1.. car's). ~PI~."i't':... quickly tUfU"i illtn t! hmvl of rnu:!ih iH (he ~lgl''I[ of ~l cure hnle kitten.c . Bur one thing's for sure..unJ Clw.r~ U i n tn .hi hy an esc ••pIX] block In '{.&.f1b hi .:t PLAY AN IMPORTANT role in the __ Looney universe..lin". .. keeps sending rhe dumh Sr.m.1 rl" Kill)' or gO. and con artists. rigln? Nor ::1.1o~hr cookie orr won\.y Bug. Ch~" adores er The trials of being a dawg DoSS . Claude C..n:mQ:! 71. orr.u..lIi"~ a/Fox mid rI{J{'llIl~ ~. 'Io(ml.. or. ". lie PIJI. when J.tTI1\1 I.~" or ..lIllUd.I 'h< dumb ""S.I:'l L\tbrc- i. dHU resul ~ in him r.. got> more than he b.""{ibed.. n search of" "rabbir saud-a-wich..g. OWI1 cumfy. little pet.."g "I' og. rather The hm dnS with rhe .1.d"l.hhir (. n r_". d~ hy IU'I~h~uhilfj-d c-.. be.p"'.]. Dopey dog In TIl' Htrklitlg Htl~.. Hi.igh.j". Bernard. kJe 1l~')J'h'1:!i.. b" l~ck ::md \:nlly 'l:h.en wild SOQ~l".. poa. .:hn:\i. wherhcr this involves hid~ng her I' us I:}t". Mnrc Anr\lony.~ .. Anmny ls superprnrccrivc t)r his..11. lun. guard dogs.. r rhan ht.l: hum.."tom . Am.I'llPU. owner :1..C~W1W£ CORPS Docs !::~.t~rh:..Qln fl~ I le 111..[cr LtJ: .:. Spik~ i...~Hlf 1h. They're bullies. III ~lis.q Ilfii:lltrg 1=1/11'1' 11(' t.llnp' =!w:~y. • Jop<y . " -H LhC'dDg'5. W.. 11«"..IWIkr.. clilT. set (!LJriI1S:. f~wori~c4cuvky is $f1eukins up behind "n.!t· .in~ PllSS)"Cl [5-~1~ rricularl y Claude-and 1)...}t:rk_)il'~ tt....'1lS and Ci. IrA""" hi..l.>o~ l)t.lakyl} fiji'" :!i'IJikc ..:...".. md baked m!{1 .y .. I'''· The ferm." .. crazy pooches such as emotionally needy Charlie Dog or sentimental Marc Antony.'I ~I'hdiur Fmm.....d ('''..inu"i t'lllltd"g. For 7" .lrgain~ ror whun he meets BuSi'! Bunny drcss~1 as a rnertnnlcl: uTILi ..oon~ydoll1 in mice' places 'J1.1ri~k}' l'III'PY lik("l re play." H.....). G\rt'OOJl rewriting or john 'i --~~- George 11m ror~~1 lhl..'" Dawg co the multitude of bit players.<... possibly 1. d"f.. \lJhkh QI~ r:IH!StCr 11'0 .''''. i1...~!rly In{'. back . will never be forgotten..lI:!O chnsc mice.1". rL1f1l)'li){uB.. beaten .h. ecokie.nrCI"..'lmhC!'r...11hl' 1><.·inS rrj~lt('n~d..(I.J n'l' happen to J IWI I. Lhli:' rnl:'fLlll)' . In the enc.:~.J.irr nltji1'1.III o('I..hoy go .M: (.1f~in the Looney-Times JI1 world! p.. who.<:J by ""~~:~1j ••• ~ilr:. Cenrge rhe (n..1Me'.'>S For i"Y' A~ his rmmc III rrTl. Outof'. plllct"cl in hi. r"I'I-1 ~1H.!.d Rnsslnn :lc. Jon~~l SCft'3l11inS SOCIle" .. 0 tl1'Lpn~'1.. I1ll!< Splk<'. '111.1..\i~IJ..>' in 71..Jog digs "I' "..~~ I2EI l. LluS' ". if not always an inrelligenr one.. pike and Chester Spike un til .IW.hc-.U l:Ufl boll~eml...hbyand SudJibl'~k'S OfMiu and kfm."1'.. W«JU lor ~llI:J. shoul . Willnllshhy •...hink rhnr Spike cnnnnr benrup a tjruid pUS~yClt_.hillklllt:"'.n. man's best friend is not always rabbit's best friend (or rooster's. Cht~10r Do:IIh/" From major supporting players like Barnyard hll]l). ~ ... dl~ foll.~"tu:from Hm'( l?ibM. d~n'l (QUill'''' Bug•..k.r._Up. .. WiHoug......hi' Syn...hh jll.Jh:hctl ott.

IJ) C"t't'SI" II..r:r!d.YO) It -..laughjnb! It..m "0.The . one [Jt their dl(H(__£ lnvolces. l n F~('{I "/'1"" Kill)' (leff) c. riding.v ddig. U' .t. show-voice rhe m oll~er c haraeters "'sui."P. ISlMIbJ fllfllluh I. while others get their kicks from driving innocent cars crazy.'~ ~I"HI}JJ a lururistic horne. • I.H~u v Ptl~~~'fmH~~ridill!..fir".I lcocl )upply.!s..... Bugs Bunny ( in II/u. I'wlry from • haunted house full orklll~.(T'rr 11K' jli'~oIUt J. TV comedles The Hon<¥..u di(mnor .J.HJ . Mice riWH Ltgarn~f olI c.:'JIC!i il ~~rol.r~IOf1t"ncli!lG ~llQw:!o J~k Bo.C'~ j l. P.I quivering weec ' wlrh rbcir mind g·... Sp.lSI rhcir sLarring cartoons..." WI~i.. mouse 0 nciv. -cars-s-and dog.u. l:mlldu!:. YEAH.fcd.!U'~ If) J I.o"'" SQlm"li~ .rh:ked iIUL~ i1 . I C . cO"'I'"".:.M.I:!o <~~ 1t "jrc-.r Erich WoIIS_l1g Kntllgold Mi« . T... (M.·~rhc orhcr WAf . Dng.y ~h·~ny~Qn.u:k .t_.lIH ~ 1.. em.IJ~Ibud •.. A"der.i' of du: ltou . 'l1u. ·111:...... the .f1<!QnO'" and Th.". r Cun'. Wl..:. t\ numse upstages concert pinui . these madcap mice show a daring OUI of all proportion co [heir size! L f.mnclimc~ Tbr. wuh the B'.iends and unite <heir !ighfina f. 5UTe£7 SUR-E!" saw rhe film he fdl our of his "h'Lii. ..hhoN rry :1 'II~'r1cr)' erentivc \\'L~yh w gt'l p-a)o:~n .rlJ..:mr bingl~ ruuuse became a scar.dy /r"bhil by hockling rhe hare 10 rhe Il!n{"---cr~*iung:ut.'Spy III the W. In T/. Spminl':..miee..: 1\l1ttll~y hi} IiIny. hun inro ."ii_I/' r/.. such .he"'"' include tricking" naive cat inro chinking he has go"..glJfit CILn whr (he Hu bil.!:.)' of my enemy b n'1..IIUIJIUi.ti . Some spend rhcir days dodging hungry cars. Mouse parents may find themselves raising huge babies of other animals-and vice versa. Mouse stars Mice replace humans in rodent cartoon porodi'" or pornb.)' rri'-~Iul" is.1U. lilt! sr:mtlins O .p~n:. UII whero Sri.'k."/ /iEoir... ens..~ Sf:t[ut:h.Oo!"~.l!LlI !l. IlTn 110(""''''''''0 fII.Llaude huer WI... 2.r:~y. In H.. Jprl!nJ .1!lerrie usually aim [0 win themselves J home. an old ":Iying. "iII·~ InlUllh lli.7'JNIl Jlt.). 111) gl. 1"t.flr . the rI'L:u.I/Ie! IIIIIIiJlg .II.dcr'lifi~d. the pair rake on robors when III d11'Y he-come squarrers iu Medean £\. MIJ/JJ< ilJflJj.d~~· I lubrc H br~IWI1 and BCt"fi.U· ·..i.OOi(J I'hIrr .IlI become J solo star without ~Ill' lWO mice. Jock Benny Show. ~lli. ill 71Jr Aristo-Gn.....p. Don Wit""" and M". Q_~}' mlce Gin ill llit'! r h.o..11 tries rc l.. clever Hubie .ne. resourceful to get their daily cheese .. CO/UJWI Mpu./..hnw~J nek [I"".·rH.1. An ear for music Mice. 011his l}iLl:k~hu.". C'I-ll('·~ (he (I.h~~!tI!' ('I!I. Eddi.".-...d his dim 1.t~1 ~.... themselves.uur BUB" .01 C.ladr Nfl.. on BenllY'. tWO mlce and waru ttl be Ifflt"'rf'Il~1 UII to .1_11 direcred h)' Chuck Jones... L\iL. sloug wlth Mel a!o.'lo Rh:lp..{ . .mili~....1 1llLHI~l'... rer must ~..H l..II'MJJ i'ltA MmlMll)h.:. Whatever ehc situation..et1 lWillnky nighl c1uh BUl the li'llt"~..d.'}j.!'li.Blli/i. Their ..'it""".Jl1i Nmujlmnf"lut>.. fl'~ Tl'. .:kic GI~'il:'IlIl'~ pcpnlar sitcom 771~ In 77lf' M(1f..N (I('r~). In 1/".~m~JI[.. 11'1 Cbr'r!u ClhU(... Bro" cartoons fur nHmy yeal"$ h~rore .lbc lj!!df1' Hkrti Life with Claude -orirc victim... convincing" pampered housecat thor l ""lldog is really rhc rodent he's meant to ear.11"t' . teeth.~ Orr/II..) ... . (lit n nyillg t:hamfHlg. and Hen lc lu v~ given up dU:C5C Cra Fry cat-dodgers TJ}'( Jlf)fU·"f~/l4(m-Jo(·rsnud i.J"'.1lly .At4...l in Wotne.R'.I"H: L:urk! or .'S."i. and mice sometimes a[lr againsra WUgil oppon(. Bertie em be !:'.'.Ir n·KI 5. .. h .· emz)' and.. Gil/if 1m.ilL..~by mouse and kitten become '" e" ~'/£.llntS... witl. non. lU in .ht in n(.lllli~JJ. who . .'(1'1.. o nf rlre larrer .I.Miscellaneous mice OONEY TUNES MICE have co he especially clever and .·<1Iii".. 111l~ (".11II~p.:v. Bur food is not their only concern..:11l!Y ~kll1~ (O.

.J['i"o~ni'l'-C' A...&.1nh'I!Il& parcnL1i..." Be rhey rabbits.'I'.rlu {nil J... 1Jft. however.. is r~~~sph. Chicks versus weasel The Wonselhimself Iso'r small-c-bur hlrnself $u::P) In---lil. The hrrle chick figures . ~ 1wM1ft".ho"'~ keeper I"" ....[<mil)' .ll:. signature tune "There's Food Around rhc Corner.rrlu. lruroeluced Soiftlc:'i' mmcrmeuthed pal. "~. a dapper beede rorce.1'0 appeared in rmlll)' of the ... Lucktly.w.ry 'n. direcred hr Chuck Jones. Flen reams "I' wiih u homeless hor:.ljnly is. lilt'll Imm i:FldH!'~: ilWil. j In..11)'".MI}' for the eU and rcflt~ to ploy Oil. WAS Elmer Fudd's pooch.. . while u\4nr'" Earth cqlliVl.el'<l1"...t:(. When the dog bites back.&"''' Gambling Bug TI rot n~ llrmf.. rhe bUll urilizcs mining equipment 10 "tfj:t..M l.l:.lrd~ ..ilsel is worse rhnn file hi. lJrll. .. ('Iuit!( do!:! in flit..1 rure tOr his cnld fmm "Dr.ruy chick You need oS m~&niryil'l~ hi:. HOI."n~1.ndy hemmer. the fefiue . ho receives a p.f Totally barry Liul. S. Elm<rl'ud.H"billl:mc\ make the . Yoh. WiID'J[ by dl. Singing his catch)."" 'Ve.rJl:cl!!~_"'(lJrRabbir Y"&!:.> gl>U.".t ~vb~ on In F.1 N molk.)'~ -boe -..rlN'''''YH. geu our salt.ds nustakcn ddiv~. he 'Qw<kly find.'~mr C~dl drne he 10'''''. I wn n II ~ l'. \I'e "'... ' (.' J1\1wl$. r1m~[he ''rfllk'~ 011 him: /\ IOlldIn()1:~I.::jt ircuc-suungmnu 11I~1 dc-rc:n.I.. i(iW'.efl)' (I ..II .Hi er movi u~ 1'0 ..-..~~! virum cen.rn.0.'linru~ punishment rrnm I. n BullS In fqr o Fr... dug r•.igcIn.JI': I"" 1". Mlu'(i. they're almost always drawn bigger and brassier [han their real-life counterparrs.~~ !wi" Under the magnifying glass A.. and mustard and prepares his Ii:asl--<l bunch of rhc dogs skin between two slices of bread.cldi ver i"ll bunnies wirh Q !u.r-d I&:. The supersmart mini-alien I'.rrle blue-skinned bug whose h~"T1C fir chuice in An Itt!' hi Tim. pepper.. the" I-Iy /.inS jJ[C""' e niX 11Ild using blneks to spell E..hI!:(1 r t'AA! !w'!~[I I'm ~ Easier qg.Daydreamer T Home hunrers In A H.t:~ ecrnie-beok ~[Or'iQ. 11. HE STARS OF LOONEY TUNES are known for supcrsizing ir. He. wilh bulldog HCL~or "l' biung hi"" AI.. This isn't always [he ·case. (llf u) I.:nt.1 nlce..:. Quire a few of Warner's Looney leading lights are little guys-bur they still pack a powerFul punch.1l<II.: of CORnet. WI. nr..'pll·<"" M" "lid M". ".bli~g BuS !flit." wiuning is never on: the o.l)tIlHry. CilIT)" rt. Tho blnbl:dng IISh. Flea was a li. .-y W E. rnosr of hili rnear. &\Hner."n [h.hock q:!:. A. -egg./""'.ltk(: cmnjmn lnsread. or roosters.1 horse wirh wings} ar d rogcthcr the Iry to set up hOil'lt: on ~ dogs back.1l!.d ~Ji}f~i.!" Wh.". tlli:i: 0.l[ is om: 10 ..lloi. cars. proving tint size isn't everything! .

. nll-rnlking supcrsrnr of rho r..[ lively. the "Talk-Ink Kid.... The youog animators Leon Schlesinger [he new anlrnarion deparunenr.d1')W1'I hunG. \.-and Looney Tunes were born. decided to make their own series of musical cartoons.'r. which Ihey IIlTcctlo-nllEt':ly I'IkJu:'lil!rl~od "Termite hlemce.:..ell.IX .)(t let.l our eyes wide and unernbnrmssed by knowledge... UI'plird \ h...hing was possible.."lri'ftCI! iiUlim..ppro.-a1 visual 5r~·Ic--{·1C'l11clUs rhm would come ro deline rhc \Y/~mer 11m!!. JI)hIHIY M~Jrr:....s red-her faa. 'Ill c:h'H'Del~r) in rhr earlv LJ.u. IUlJlIMilJrI.u /. having mi adventures and pbying music on. h-om t.JII()W.1I1\J OJ d male qaanet crlled Ihe KiIlG·>Cj Men.k. "..:Iinlnl_lto.':III:~k" rriu. -10 Depression-era audiences. 'x-Oisne' animators Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising brought their haracrer to OUt n~C':Mo)ft:Tim!: new ideas.ti')(~-ed In :I run...·.fOOIe over tlu:: n-'['.1lmo!ophl':n: no restriction.- linle COEtilCC .hnr:lCICI'S l)i!l._FFwnJIlp! The shorr-hved .icier becnrnc ns I>opuhlf:l.JI"~iI....1 try Fw.lcn.u. musical shorts OEOR Bosko and Bruno Harrnnn and Ising's answers ro Michy Mouse and I'luttl were Bosko :H1d his dog Bruno. alrhough neuher Ch~ . ·We lived and worked in an 1.I'T. The [orrnula was simple: carefrc« Bosko would Bosko W:lS the ali-singing. Their flrs-c: nppcarn ncc. "WI: were grotesquely young..cenoons...U.. )1".11- cavort about. W~II1t"r.I people's blues. MnrilJlftWy...1 \'n~m. 13.Il""..... wisdom.fll'llIfh fl!1Wrd in . Wvltfl""~l ~tlJrotlr in "ml DUIl\I\JiGwWlllll I1H umc 11r" W the IlHJ~if"~.'... l"c . DOI/t .'Iuffi lIN. upbeat Looney Tunc.. He deerlbed tees sn "old d~mB mom Dr rulle[ CIT hi$ canooniscs rc develop the" OWn ryl.. Ihe Hh)'~bmcno [who . dancing.Hn. I-!{irlt.}'and FlliAy appeared in a pair nfMcrrie Melodies.. Bosko WIli cfien )oi u eel h....:ktl. r". '~'ll'lliIliil . a wild :lololTlinc.:arun." to Warner Bros.IO:.. or thtory.'. He.:r.".. and hopelessly unclun red by tradition or precedent. Warner Bros.. everything probable.&£.. pmvid~ 1.o...aJi"l ~IIDW1Dg~Li." said hud< )on. and a truly ~1.· hi" ~ulf"H:nJ. Any.M'" .' ." rtaJltd ic~ Allery.-l. he was <he nuridote tI.." or TIw . the W SILENT M VIE became tulkies.VJHEN became a staple of every movie program.. OIWJ hcr m::phl'"'..· .lr... ny available hie r.Ihu voiced 1C"I11(1lc ~. "..· h was a "llIdll:' 11uuJe ower on the S~J1...HIJI "M:ut ""·1-:1:-: . an.tlf. .6wro \'f'lJat YOU" l)(}hl~ f. II "'" Or !lung. which would I remote songs owned by Warners' music companies.ii1J{.1r a hands-off .."IIji'lttl~nJ..S. Wirh the success of Disney's Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies. v..

~A MAT]. and voices pur [he "Iooney"inm Looney Tunes and became some of the most legendary names in cartoon history. animation studio. musicians. original vision for anirnared carroons-and classic characters chat will live forever. These artists. They created a studio with a singlllnr.D WORLD nworked STAGGERING ARRAY of talented individuals at [he Warner Bros. writers. ~--- ------- . directors.

.1t BuS' nd DoIlY is Sn:"ly c-lebrared JJ1d many his one-shoes like I L{}.. 10 . and animators-were the heart and sou] of dlC studio. . and FOJ. 1DIm_ Sid Chudc 1-T.1"$ OW" lk('~du:$ .lllirCLlOr.1) Qr.. W. .(.ne with tac sany Warner Bn)~.~r Bro .. Whmi-l' "0-. riwu: Ulimat"df Hnlc!f The writers At \V:J_rnc-r Bros. or Ih'Cl)'S !J!U~eu illg n vi. They did more than make Ole characters move: they gave them personalities... Awery. were the Looney Tunes! IVW. " wid.rnirnntorx III" nil rime..· .i."tnim~!ion." n Fo<rer (righr) worked on T\\'ec:ry in !lmim:llt:Or~.lO.~IJIinutginluihn t!ll d~p")'«1 in ..hufII Leghorn in Walby 1..Vlan..·C\I.lu1rn. SlIU."d W. The creative teams developed the characrerics mar came to define Looney Tunes: rapid-fire pacing. anirn. Tes . cerroons when he W. street-smart artitude.. O.!o as breaking tIre rom".:\llcd •.I<' To Sil. These people. ! Ie r:UII~t:IIHI..4rUKlJ1ccnecncicns.l11"..l)'~ fir \'III"rul.. ir iJ toll r~ci".I.1\'-0111" films hrernlly stretched. sryle. piOfu."")' f/'''''9.. Robert McKil11sol1 On. Tex Avery Tex Avery directed of rhe fIInu people mos: aaand. which rhe l I ~ ~~~~~!!!!!~!.trnC'f Bm!l-: l.'S ~nd pencils to write and. Flllc-<l. righr) he arne one o!""rhr m.Idi 10 T HE PEOPL" BEHIND me screen credits-the \\:clcorne {O \\'Jtk~Yblid-Bllb Cb.l)J1/.1irbt. background and artists turned inro ClIr[(XH1S..:l.lyoUI.Bob larnpeu artists. and Sp\..mpcll was \X'. ItLll'l'fl MLKill1~uu ~~-L'iHL·tL \'\'llh . nl o. ~I'g I rn~lU}rl1 Lc.t.J.". md b~ulI'".. and in Bllrb. Frank Tashlin.. aud. WID' Om: of the tup d.nk. They L13ed ptm.cficd t..uiulI. . quite wall {addressing til<" audicmc]. and daring outrageousness... lIc:n..).sJX'"(itlli:l~cl in dir'" .Jrry . made eluting.I. and parodies of omernperery newsreels and rrnvelogs...OWtl. """lly d.1_~rnnH'iI(·d inll' rlw dlrecror'e p el-!alr~ He . Tedd Pierce (. ""it'll 1. life.1 direerors. <1 double-rake (fur example.:cting such IIlIH'IV.: of rill..-p. A Tn/~ OfT IIlti Kin".allil'!L. Freleog and jones.$.mimarur Rod Scribner. responsible for Pcpc Lc Pew ill ecss «1Uf1U:Y trip . writers. HIS work wi.bov. di...~11 and f'tlgp Miss Glbry have become cull classics. KJ/fy a nd peed y GOIl7. Anirn::uion rhe wrhera ako had (0 he 'C~r(O()ni"f.tiIJS insighr into the mind of the .oy Waif.rccror of Bull' Bunny arid I)" k cnnoens.'iml photOStDllh~.. lefi) worked with Chuck jones and Roberr McKim.n..·.wi:!.. attitude.ry h.'{1 rhe hounderies nf. draw comic strips.".. hlll~ing cl'c.'I :. directors.: bcs: .. Tasmanian D~\fH. yOLlI1~ m.:..tlDr I...·filib For Tr.

-.uf Loull!'!)' iune .1S an W..~C'. nnh.I rlll!:Io L..'. the Iis! blOCS on and on.:IIl'hi 'l-p«i.>" voiced Elm« Pudd.. His voice so defined .. nnrnhly the A~:.lndl\'( LOmll:' vnlcc. Pore Puma .Iy.:n/ . I )n. klmwlnlg.ntlrL l\f~l:. his doctor would ask him 110\'10' WJ.Jn~·l~~ ILlnnnn. and "beep-beeps!" were produced by a small [roop of ralenred actors and musicians.ubj('u.JII uuucd l.~~'ih.. Duo.gil1 arion.1 J.~ . liO vocalized by M~I Illane..1Y.ore tor rlw J1m~I ... E.t VI't'A: [hm.. IIlIlu.:l....ex:1 the voice 0 n radio progrnm .. ~\·llilL'hi-." ""I Chester [Q Mol BI"K'. the htloll: '. ·f1>.· I inle Ik'pS-f'hc.!.}' in ....lnd 11m{ I't'gul..lIu.. Id unne lnn .:~i~~r~{ILL II~~W'J. n aug.. C'I([OtJrJ~j but if. r~w..-i' admir. c. BW'1J. ."ing ". Hu""y:" nl:J nc answered h. UriC::day he ~1~kcd .~~klll>' AW:JnJ~II.!oma for three weeks . She .. hut snenr lilt: ne!l:~ ScV('11 I mmt'>· Fhnes l'U"1(.car accident.'. 01..ubscquen: Id('V. and vas! array of crashes..Hi-ery ['lIdd''( j'l<:r\li'll.UIII:I we-e nrCI'i..~ popular f\I.on . peechless In P'6t. I. mou..:Y Tunes Man rc'" mJj<J' [unwr Bt·:lr.• nd Mi . :u characters who em11C' d'llC' 1I0lC~ 11(' jl)inc.htcwi!'ih w..mJ..'~uphcrs (bod~'" oI.'{ml. Sp' ke Bryon hnd n prol'if."":1. ..oJr[!. v th~' ~..tmlh." as . ~"I writer 1tI.ncr org. cartoons: Bugs BlInny.lut..ll[II]. Foghorn L.h~um' mu . It'U}hl~ ..1 fJ't""(~UeJ1U)~ Fudd rhat w........ hv lu-.. death in 1959..·III ' .r cl Arthur Q. madcap musical cues... un Looner [una. d. arious c I h!!o mw. ~h..~ion 'll(:n.u: II:I:Ii L \\Zlrw... .t.oU .l WMI1\:r UfU~.. 'WiJll uo he re51}Oflse.: 'l."Huw Jr. om.:l!h.~~01.: '" Alice ill 11" Jlotl('_}'-JI£ffJSfn. in .1 OrCr'l1I1MY In rn.l\illlMolil.I .lr~~r ...scluevcu. and wurkcd nf supp. II" occnsionally portrayed nrher roles ror \'Varner i3ros:.:r f~muu .nl "j" 1H"luh M. and [b£ 1lHHiiC.f 'm.ull._ll J ncter .'i'.. in ."11~1 "The known ru. fill&.:ll1 . Ill'}"" b:u:l pe:rfecl.Vrrr' mjJju' . DalTy Duck. nnehnlf nf mict' ...1 v.. !!. ~vli~-.J.\ d.1 '-~'I' .Jmrll..ularly pl"y"... ed r '''011 This film mkes place on a sheet With or n1L1'iLC plipuLu 1U1~-e.l_. hi.nbo the voice ul the m." IIH "':'Ii"I1lI)k·. Porky Pig.1 rhc.'l {wd Iesh]..11.. ~. SlJlIlIl~\ LlIl>{_'t [X'f. fnr her 'ftCa] 1"1nr. (fl'ordin ')'I .. The witty dialog. "Ehh. OONEY TUNES SOUNDTRACKS are as memorable to OUf cars as rhc animated visuals arc ro our eyes.Ilir'" {)Pll'rlil"t: for ..." toughly hair of which were for characters in Warl1~r Bros.:l..I'I.o . and . h..eghorn. who matched every zany character and visual siruarion the artists couldconjure. .Ylnp based L~rIUlIIB. explosions. I h1:i'.lI1i~1 in K~llh.lmnJ~r! Ie"~ np.'h . How ere 1""1' MI:l recovered frurn his injuries.·~<lrl'l.1d~day..(.IIII. (:lry." ru'"""r in the im~. wbh. BI!lJ1(.r. ro life (riglu).)lloCrt /'I·h... ~ I~I m.lvcstcr .:!J.11>' W.. Bry...a.Bcs.m .lJllllntl~cd High N~I/ in 1/0"9' Mo"g . ill'I_YI lc {1li'lowJ.he \X'arnl:r "-1InOOIl sound...ll"j hfC'I.lI1d ...".1 voices. Bryan Arrhur Q. Tweery. Yo\Cmi:tt: SJ. jusr [lne..h h:lcao.l~ . rtrK111. . "J'" him I~!!i.Ir-iit·rirl~ him hl1..t"I1(·C'd hy Hry.c:nl['or<~r'\l' (:.. ~_I!I ~'II the \'.ln. rcecrds 11~ j !illC'~ !~}I' dircrun 1~.drm career.II."The Linle ::I not Grouch Chilo.."el...tI Hr"lr~·t"r l-f'1."1f(!'..j 11Iu .Jck .c cnrecr as n comic ::'iC10ron u:h::vbiOTh Mel Blanc Mel 131:1I1C was known :IS "the man (If" .f i.~nnwl1 'nan hchcrg . M:m.". as lho.' voice..1U~ cartoon ~.i.1Jj u ~"•• ..J..IllIn CIrIUUII q.y.:.1"."".\Vih.J JH~ iJr.. Il~~1l~rl.1' WITHi' JlIn~ Foray radio ~nd but rq.)'O" f"ding md.t. on' 'Jf the LoOIl!. ..i. S).1.d in the tju~ Iiunnv fiJrru. he WOlIS signed 10 a long-term contract and received vcice-tnleru credit for most of his anirn.· !hl~" Ihllmr'~ (.un! Jll. if.f nwvhlg t("~ Ill)U)'"\\1Iod. r/rIUinn.n' Musical notes cartoons willi II'IUS"II.-OIII. \\..JIl)' Chuck [ones Jin: ..(n.'.. dl..'ii June 1 rlf~\' wen Ihc: h~. u I"UI A P:h k t'\j i 11I1~K.1 Fudcl until hi.k. rri".(~ l-juhil: ~mj Ikn... and remained there for liver 20 rC'~u~. . .


.nf L..nllI'l'I O NCE UPON A TIME. ami were dH::n shuwn in i ndcpcndcm d1{~..fHK"m..~tt:·d hy ell m"k jurIL'1'i.. tlffifWrltJjl"j'r" Theater bills. such s as the Chuck Jones one-shor tilg" IJ. ..H~ll"f' nud Merrie McllliHt·~ \"·im'.TIJnl'.t)'t:~jtitt.t\lm.UCI..ilver .m...Hthl ""ptIHlOtill .i.f the Ln m'~ lh.ln.pff'Ary Ih~'JI.n. Posters DlIring d.uncrc · l:l[~l .IIT).":!O nnd nt.J:J (1Mroulf'~I~lI'r'r'l'rl"'ll" Lobby cards To publiclzc each cartoon..lty ...ol} Ro.rdr nlll}" p(f~''l.nmn .. . "nr r~um Sprlill.1 I1I\'r C'LI nl~'\{Jirt!1.'l'l~1 1.. ix nominmc. It was ill darkened movie cheaters that they made their first impressions 011 [he public and became [he mOSI popular cartoons in the world.: 10 \l_'" ..\..) m"....m::rs ..dlc .r.\:lII. Hrucs cunoous pl.s~ her Prince Clmrmlllg_ [I.:.Jt' an ~~""I. 'Ii fenILl~'l!d du! m~lS[ p"IpLLI:I1r characters t.1rdt)...IJ I).n .. These pieces arc also referred to as "lohbv cards" because they are designed 10 displayed in rhearer J()bbie~.- !."i... I~vcn bC~H~ cherished !lit.ncf:L. [he Looney Tunes are morion-picru rc classics..ft. tw'ofttr-mnm'r.:r Rmm. c m ..! noi:>y I11ClvjC' p~uron r(.'~r nr. wirb I. \"(/[II'rll'I' Iiuc wuuldnr mi5.. l...-h~l1gil"r.\IC'f.on~ were Prinradverusemenrs Hrm . Addi.~1 PO_lltCr r"ruil1011: the: ....~t I)1)~Yrm:nlOlf)' :'h()fl lor ~"rJ /\/m:h Fa.." ":~irllHJn::o.':I cartonn .r~H.. .s iI.n rhar could b..l the Loonw ~nIIIC~ I be' Egg/mid.. audiences f).'mrn~llg to his L'ltr(OVn':!l coruoie referencein movk." world •.-itrriocMdnJil.Hmull~ I.:1.fli'iol...·w!'.ir o-igin . Theater cartoons Mnny Looney Tunes CHlOOlh A to ehclr originCl! prcsenmrion 1\ silhouvnc nr.1 roral nf t )~'.[ the Vl'r:v rhea rer IOhowillg Ihe ClUU')o!' [hey rlrf" i!l'! mil in dU.buwrl in dIC'l1!:~ :l!t ti·.'·'I~.:ludiI1g (JIlL' Ior B.rJJ ".um Th cobes IU t Ill. ~"" nddec to link rlu.GRAND 'r1IeaIM _ .Icry film ~hu\ v.I... peciflc cancun \\'35 irulicned hy II lnhhy c:.11 ..1l Allr."!. . I..III.n. ur sl.l:-.Ii:'... In Cim/rn'I/. IIL'W hridging m..~II1t. ir'\llot:lI.l!o.. Audiences g~rwr:IUy unly suw each LJrtllf. n..dt:: then.:um.:d . They were nlso used [0 p:rO!"1r:1Ull" new Lonrwy Tunt!S in !1'1:1g:nim.m f"lr print ads sn mcwjlf" p.t pmmu!iull. Cinc:ly meers II...I~..l s u~hl...f\cric sceoc or dt.r."I1" (righ..II«. Ol1 • . ....'(:.i{)I.u.lIn. ~nd Porky)' in 3 _g1.C ~0l:!ctfl"r.I ..:r ~hn:-. Jin. D. .itJorl:l1 i~l!lllidl>':Y..·".".rrtollu rUOt.l.I promeriunal ..[('i!lrn.~ed 'I"{'!.: three rimes a week.. 1.. somcrimcs ..p!.~peci"lIy Bugs.lO}-.-d part III ih. luUy I.n::h:u~e--.n:.lwill!..IH:r in of I.lmr(" film~" ~11I uer h )'l!'.: . These _ ~!'mlic PU.oil! ."l1i around (I'. 'Ill television. as iii TJ/~ ll!lg~'Sig. specie I plcces "I' an were created by rhe ca rroon ~raJ1' fa r usc b)' l hearer owners-e-rr: he distributed .. l_f~i1I1Cy Ani.-xlnt:y'nln~s .lI} Nmmr-.IPfx·:."."'. Full-length Compihlllull features pmgr.-. movie uucienccs rhc.... highly "mght-.'HCni ulIu..rvkHlnn Picture I\rp" ~md Sciences rnrrourw r~)'rO~C. So LUrJf' dl recrcd hy Chuck JC)f'I(.u~rI ruck onro [he po.for up to" YC:lr.. (JWnlL'IJ hy Warnl. l~ shown ~r d~i2! prO'110.l ruanv t:hC'.k'JnY nr..ul:'ni_.~hoL.p3pcr~..ulder c...tHlIl~·)1 'l~mL':' iH'I Lhl:' .WI11. The current ::. . thi! .'lIti ._ _. Nhwic.I~.1~ a ~Jrnl or srills phoros or ~Imxcd HJ onesheet lobby poslers. uflhe."r . IlL'.1 IJ'. ruU-color ro Melodies shorts were shown in (hearers as parr of rhe rnoviegoing experience.~l·eolerful pieces h. before The Bugs Bunny Show and Cartoon Network..\ nnd Merrie Ml..J theatrical runs. senr-c-wl-n is aridnssed hv die hcr[J-r.TI.ll.. Looney "IUIlCS and Merrie pOSlcr~ welt" created .'lndi('i: an.lrol.:t.loci M-crr!c Mcluclics CI.v. ".'I:hclr I:tv e-ire Looncv t Tunes "'[:1:r...I I.if. used to p!l. Appreciated by adults and adored by children...

O...""'Ifr...if ()'"~ IJtH-?L!.. " ~n in hi.jtl)~ or' .:J5 named f"Orthe r~C( ther no OI1C could ~y "nc' to..pry cnJiug?" 11' OIIn'!1tf.illr.""'l The . As Bugs 'Iuips the end: "''(Ih". I:udd the clcmcnrs 10 stake his I'H'C)'. p~.lIll:o-iTgnmcr. and voice artists Mel Blanc and Arthur Q. Ij.:'!!If-dit"Gcmn: and ." m)'lh. Vi ki "I! girl.. Siq. •md 5. Att<r this "'«. amid J. On the tlfl~1'HI1 veea] [rnd. in a [am Session..nd .h~torh:'. DoF.Richard Wagner In the •• dy lO.[in:. the .:!llllkc..ftirtl."' Q.nrtQDn in panel ..k dramas" --<lP""" In which he aimed [0 fH'rI.rC' invited to pitch adcirional sag.. disguising beautiful. mu>i~.~ Jh ~/1IIi' MAr klr. and chis became the blneprim r{Jf rhe snirnated OI.tI •• IJ~ ~.. in WI.}II1Ii:J' ft'Qt# sJ!rf(/. SWrybORrds l~vL".1t.clle<llhc line: "SmVlj!·.UI(lf1yrr. shadow dllcCJiJ1£.!M.wa. ~ "n~hur. which (:nsuf't"'o the IJI"./ !Ir. 2I'Pro. "". Rich. WDS lr afterward. .e words. "JUU!.u .she mum Wal . ~f'6ijj. Brunhikk.rd W"~ner r 1813· 188)) war the rna" rnmous operaric ""mIX".lll I a_I-~"'-i'4. Dod . he desrroys the bunny bur regrets 'l'fH'd up and recorded."< and Anh. bUl Urlll]'. -nrrned mertsl Brunhllde. 7]" Rill[ ( 7]" RhlO"olJ.Lt.j.h._a.' rm &lil"'fo1Jtfldi.. [he epic sel 'ing of" <01==IQ5 Armed with his "spear and instead of a rifle. He ls oel<b~(d ror h l. metring.ncstl1cllc.t 0 DI~f1CY'" !amarlil.. The er. ill tJmi case Mldtad Maltese drew the enrlre Io. :10' :.r.t:mhn:ttars from CV'tlry ~nil-we. TIN' Val*lrit. . ef Dpe"" h"ed on Germ.. of rhose from 1'" Ring: ... f'ifpflltr '_fir IfNiroilll . cartoons went through ro reach the screen.K· pnx:h'll. Story meeting \~JUI'ilOptm. rnmnu."..her wore pinned [0 " large board. reeecmded llur One word fer Ellnef_ . dark...l 01 M~ 8)..i"... r WIIM. The s:rorymiIO. Br)'ln )..rl.. did )IOu expeCT from an opcrn=-a h..llWarner Bros. him inro a duet.. the Soddc .tt.w ..m ..Iinlog Elmer discovers [he ruse.' in Arner.u~-..:.. layout artist Maurice Noble.~ like {I corni LUl\:. lhtl'lit.lrll:ll venting the formula Doc? relocates the simple to WnrC''' Michllcl MtI~tC.!'TOOfl..he how Siogfriw and [h.. ' Tu i/ig/!lllflhr" Ilul lire Wh.t'r. ::lny director dum rt\li~cd rhe .5r. ·f.Liy ru. Bryan.= W:IS se leered flU N~dDrHIIr~1 m Hl:'g~I.«c".h ~cnlUry.. else.I Iribll ~C' rc 6j II 1 rdlol"~ an imu W"JoII ill Ih(' scerion NJg}.no one Bryan .. A look at the making of this Classic shows the processes that a.0" called the -Yo." ihe stQr)' skclChcs were ccmple re d.Jwll'MpI. n This w.:di-t: to rho dltecrnr r<>r appro vaI.:M:I'V. musical director Milt Franklyn.lUgKraf" Thi.."...(urybo:lt(ls The oFJ'Clllng ~lUUl~'Cuf Ihe: hHgC'.ry cnrroen smrred with an idea f'iom d~hcr rll~h~ ~~Drymcn or the direcior.r.M'"j ()pm1 •.w th(' VtitoI Lille"... .:cJ rhee origillal ~ror)' skerches (or "7/. chat included ret Michael Maltese. 1. "\J~ oilliT cJJr. parodi .l~ Elrm::T.r. The sm'l"ym... woman he lovti.

.~ said Jon~.. :w.1. fur ()pcM. Dod.I. . Inspired design MOlll'icc Noble crenrcdhighly djimle~Il:£_ude'igl1' for each film he worked on. Ol'. Chuck jones encouraged him ro lcr his imagination fun wild. You m:dly nwan you \. When he joined W'll'1lcr Bros...T I-lE ART DIRE TOR devises rhe visual sryle of a cartoon in collaboration wirh the director. Ii.- IlU')H fmit own :rhcJtct~ \"ilhour Jny I... M L.m m ll..iming~ :'11'. "TlH.nd rhearrical. and animators... .. ridly deruonstrnred rh:H' in \'(Iba{s Uprru.Bugs ".r~ I"t.. tribute ~Lid ()j"M. where he worked on SIlOIO Wbitt! and Dumbo.Ihn\r~ ~II...[' dY!1.l reel !HI 1 ~ml~'1'C'1 I hc-.~h~lIrdirynr the Elmer .: .'n~''''.J{! pr<m.cnd.Il:!" "'" Nl}hlc'~ lllYUlLl)J and De GUJr{. < Personal. [.'raf!. Dad" Chllt"'kJnne~ ~lrr: (101). hi:-. .' nu rhe '... b:HS when I pm rhat briglH red Oil Elmer .:y ~lmughl [ wn . 0' WHrnl'r Bros.Uld j.oj:l'. IVlnu... background painters...t!-..omllg.m.uaIizc. ..II.. he produced inspirational color w"..·.c Nnhl(.CllLi. Dod employ distorted.\I. ·ith d1O~ purple skies. prlJvidin.u Ihi~ is nowhere more .g a ~eriou:lo backdrop for rhc . Grand opening row 1<>OM)' 01"" es 1T((!IIVt"d aUtDOnK (1lTicinl rrefltierC5.' rheugb [r l"I'~~ sr(.. .l.:rc .1mi.lI1l du 11 111. "He r. simple shapes 10 ddl ne me IIJ"eaS previ...devotion to th~ fi.. "The imaginalion of the cn\>ironmenr was importanL 10 ft sketches animation would 10 take placc.-h".md.1urir." said Meurire Noble'. ·Wt ~ho\ ved bur he 'ijllow~:d lip l~\'cry Dd~"'r bYIJUl man l havc ('VL'r known br h~~noncsry. II n. mock operatic smin& "A 101 of dle $lory had to be told in graphia. expressionist backgrounds and unnaruralistic colors [Q create a rruly brearhraking look Noble h~g'l11 his career at the Walt Disney studio."~\\lh~n rh~y fi FI[I~ly !'.m:d rho pr&!i..)'.. layout arrisrs. "'I 1~:1drhc ink md painr dcpnrm-car 'CHile in .·__ me --.JJj(l leu.]iginus ibcircr em rhe ol open ed t dO\Y111 I)".. 'hj~ devotion I~ hi!'. Maurice Noble's la)'OUIS for ~'(IIMtJ Opera.

See. persona n I~(I u:ured ill emekd/" and Shop. nrc lillin~ lip '0 wurk wnh 1..· or l·ngland·s nlml l. :'1' In lilt' 1~)" a loud mouthed mouse). Sherlock 11011'110. /i".cl.. nnd the chn. bi_ggt'SI "'(".utl in 1Il:l11\ Hros..]>r.)U ."1'~":lIi..1C..hthe -Rk~" rnle In Ih(' I n'lIIL')' 1IIIIL' Cpt!. tV"'. ren a.~r~1hiler got a chance to msprcnouncc Cm kl1~'~'.ln cb .e.· 11m" IN UIonq' hl!u.~> \X/~lrnl'r tllduci[ng screen g. nll~·."'"./" (~bovc). rn i1L'11 Inl... Prom ihe killer .jhcrlor·k! I'm workin' rhis sldc of.. gon!?.f'lIIlillg //. ITy . rho Pidd..' wkl! IIc· \\'.v:/N- My little chickadee l"hough bevr rt'mcrnbcrtd • s !l \fc.JII w.."..:h.Lnj.:11 i rical rod io l~ro!!r..been c'1Illp~"<"l1 to "II rhrce or [he subversive Marx HrOlh~'rs-l~rnlLcho in In Bob .LIc'It:. and famous role of Hollywood's greares[."~ parricular. m ...!. Michael 'ur\..'!oiqllt: hor~ in Coo-Coo l~rcntLm Frnscr.\'"...\i'll.". /1..1 Lislru (at.I:ulllX!lr's 14m'o". ihe Humpl-rcy IItlvs.UI~.. here J.k I..he !o.b'ilUIJUI'l" f'I'".. he: hns a (rick in mind... wilh dl:tr fiu lIlY 1.t1b nfI'f"Nrn. Nt/Mil....'....II.~.vh . . visual characteristics.OfllcdiQ.3 Marx Brothers movie Jm.·'J stop and m~kt' .(lol (J cartoon version 01 L./!i'llrm$ .he Wamc( Ums.uic. when he..'" JJ. Tex }\vcr}' compared H1 the htsl- NIII Gmill'.hi' 1 rt":lolJUllIlit ht"t.ln.MIMi"". .uingn bkll)dc-\\tho in rhc end turns om 10 ()\.mil.$I.' "'1. J.1I Jnd Hart...S.. R\lhinMJII hab ccn caricnurccl in nlany dll.' lilln·'" ~. )lii!l.... EJw!ud h(1J10r('d on U..lIKI. . L1"~11 \'('JJ"II.rhev lmvc wun five ( )S(. movie 101 in )'("...lmc:... /'i'/lUlI.. li~lg:.I'n".'II."U! If 1'011 look back a.JI'rIllI1J ..j 1"\111-:.(111/1 DI. (imll f'is...g.:. "Dnrhuk Homes. D.1r .\ Sidnev (.l\("\ HII~\[Iunn '.. • FidJ .' JI~ r. ." 1''''' .r M.s cigar-chcmping.C. Cu'. Md f~bll("' .H:ibl}' in Bugs M..~ulnr J1t:'lj'1I1 rner en jack Hen ny'-..\.'""' "Srr..ul.'~ ht. Danny Webh) In . S''''\'c Maerin.~".blt'".".. Bill Murr. the anirnarors moldering star wnh hi..h1H1I JILl uric B~(. Dllcl! SOllp. n He WII~ ('m a tough guy.h~IL~I crseru .11':'.wc h ." pl.• r..1t"I'~r · ltros.I.. nppcar.)1'-..m. P OKI I~ N AT Hollywoodwas a Looney Tunes rradirion...I)' MugJ (""i «I b).~"I""'· l\ ..t Fit" >ei.jf.11 Olivcr II..c. "Sec?" Bog.1 "uJging t'J''<-'.::hutk .j Ij~ 1 cUlIJ.1. The wabbir himself donned a Groucho disguise in Slick Har« and \'(lid"ow"hbir. \XI. .d')"( TIm!..ktlliIJl. Freleng'~ {/it'l' I/. this means war!".J. by virtue of being on Warner Bros.. Duck 'lw1\ty quite n -u rpri.-1p"I(><IIhod.ough-gu)' Ri.. Looney Tunes.l" In old Gr~uchos..l..'!ito the run i~ and dU/t':!o rif. 11"..] m}1lcrmw 0' p"l-1. 1~1!1.. see! r ploying .md famcnu movie p 1'..I1I) ...!!J Ila"k RoM. oli.s ill several n.!I.rncdun.01.-r hlll . vojcc in "very's Back In Anion Hollyw(}/III SICP' 0" r. 1 wcl t / gol.bJl-LUda~j'" Groucbo Bunny club Bup...lIISS[O'.'iIr'~ r..'1 '01)1' I.. In lI"ft Frankly In Y dear . wns origin " lIy spoken by Groucho in the 193. ami he .''"'"'' lark Gable "" . T-W((IV does :J rake-on in ColTQlbltuu'.1[ uc teN.Ir~. the In I (i.lppc .lnd l!r.lOlI<lOO in dmg! Ouchl wl!:...:oik'".gl·~t ..porrmycd lilt: super . ""'11111"/ w.ux the pot Bug> l~ul1"y11"..1<·". irre...mly to ~lIdk 011'0 h her .h a Kmhcrlnc Hepburn(.." wirh I·ork)" as "\~mki'I\...lInp~.doing.. the killS of Hollywood bcling men... real dow.." 'l\.tl'.. .1 11'Jd unic. C3J10011s.l([Cr. . where rhe l'tlUvie hunk IS ....ri!m> rnough m deliver n pur-einwn: IJ~r 1J1i111J 1!"""JJ.Jack Benny Il~ HllHlJiINn m were inspired by screen comedians such as Charlie Chaplin.I"i tI ro.rity "f this Un(orgermblc (1931).II"dwd III • I nom.n. UIIIIJl lit /1t'ifll'irtflm..S :I pig h::wiag dill ncr Jr"..III rum.h.lett" rC'tcr I. W..mll'l' of IlJlLtIHJ ncror ..~lh(" "iIl. in I . Buster KC3[. IAI"k...Ij\.. But [heir close proximity [0 rhen-conrcmporary film stars.tI in Birrb Oftl .lppC.. Tbr 111cifir. "MlhriiI. Benll}' M.·.t1t1 . posmgt.on.sC~)" stare. Fields..· mindJr~'~I'fJll\c: he "II \V. ~h...J~Or!l \. Uu~. lf he ever rUI1~ from anyone.It.w~hill! wrh] WII I~Drky r'ig thllglliJK·~ billlwif "'...'him 3!o Groucho Man:. main 10[. Ilw Rohim::oft likeness: in rht·<w films are ::'I l'rii1uu:' 10 rhe enduring f"'PIli:. Bugs' line.('~ JI'B.1.l11l. .lIib" lJtarh Ptlrty...h~ rhrut'l.·J"" YOII . .10. "Of course you know.lp..Y" in ('lInuH~tld~ he knew llumphrcv fir'h..Juclld)' cancarured him..l.r~'''''~I''' {ifCCIlCarCCI in Slick j-ir rr c.illln ~ili~ lilrtl4. . 1:.1":' lour then 1o.{Po Gm.11 hil1lSdl' in Chuck Jo"<..J bl' i). he would run.un I. gave the artoonisrs the opporruniry ro lampoon the pel. ~II he h.trt'C't!"O.. onalities.IJIJlJ? I.:11. Wi rhour doubt.mY"'mj "Te meets 're Tilt! . f.mi.l:>oIlnllywfJ(J-J k~~IH.I!"ill t f.'H· ulicil p. \.. The looney lUll'" rr«.c.1Ik ~. 'C1I relking ~[lt'.:!1...b. \\JIIf..1Iw.X brother: "You..'trllljll"" H~I~' ~nr . recr \\"J~ . klS: :1 ~Hlr on d~L' Hnllyw(1r'ki "\ . born "'i( .llIlm.. "'-. and W. ('II/IIb/dUM.:tb. : ·cuglli1 .wc vi tllll prcscn e which was nfu:n caricnured.ok Ndson) in 110011..llm.. hould visuali'LC.? l'he dud: n':lOVC'~ . t.'UB me •. r~'n'fltUj/"n/.\' Times.. mine ihe vOGlI mlenrs or Kern ItngC:r\... ThL' \"</<un~·rBw~... Voml mimi Kc-nr Iwgers parodied G. "" ".11 o...... n. The Far man IluW' UIlIU1Y 1111U.' Rock" (V()i<~. 11""" I).' ill'll> .. I{nbbe-r"ofllc" ill rex J\\. nw crack.. ..IIIt~ fried rabhu lor dinl1(. ic dill""r clog "Edward G. nnd .

mpJ..l... lmn i'i pbue with ...." lirethe home From.uionl h. 'J'he film recreates t~nH)tlS moments in Arm:riorn hi"".... ring !'r.lrloning on ..ri. W4rrI. cartoons that showed rhc military liFe were an opportunity [0 case rhc Looney Tunes 111 II parrioric light.. certain new characters were created to educate and train the troup . showed whar nfll to do co smy alive.• nd Bob lampeu. fighting for America and purring down tyranny. cartoon ."t1k..a.TY~ COOD FICVT UGS.itc\! Sr.lIid ~j:HI(C~ 1\1' ('\('rY"IV' :11'(' 'l.IIC'S uf ihe Amt'..l".Y.uiun th. srripcd P:'Ol." .ltJI'~ oj ~ fNp~t..·ml'-WtIUlrn~j' il.~1 it..c Sn.IJ!jlrx Hmy.·.~ (Hl the lin:.'i~i~~ I'm. 13u.lJs W J ll'1idnir b.. 8uS'i BlIlln}' " nil tJkcn far II nun end 11111 ! hmugh OOol ('~mpIrAinlng-until hif hig rtf AUld InnH.rjJj h~. Army.POI.~"HIIfpIJ ....rwll#" .S. which IL:":. Life on the homefronr Some 011 Looney -nln~ ~pooreJ w..YI}I through drmumic.'tJhd. lndoded n1alt~' jokfi and lilU.. In addition.. 1'1i". ('np:~ the !ihn..u w~k milit .t m.."<".sle.. ~n:mlin .. Dr. C'a. and the other Looney Tunes spend much of their rime fighting each other.: Private Snafu 'rile Private nafu cartoons./oKd and Ctrl S. U.ry ilirc11IrE wish '\lll1-bullcal :or.... directed by Chuck JOIU~~. the In k«ping ".. unlike fW'·t: . Mel Bhne p revtded l. rJmo~J\ '1• [taractcr '"'II' Ullde -:1111 In hi .k.' Tlllhlin ...Ir1i1n(.: ch..lBl"...:tlii p.I'.J'rt. In r'hltckJon~-$' mti'Olm M." ln !'.ffy L)It k coli..ft) showed rhe dTc:cu.:lb.. cuss) and produced by rhe Worn or Bros. ~"'''<:IIbefore ill er Wmm z r Um s . The spirir of UI!d~ Snm .uda f1f will".b 'n. B )'jpfoi IPUlllrlr"" . Prelecg.rn .mfl'. rulle~lLh('~ him Ihe' n n1e:1nlt1g of tht' 1'lcdS-e DC Alh:gitlu. Many of tile films were wrirren by Theodore Geisel (a. rc:I!l:. alrncd ar the ser icemen nd women of rhe Pig III Ok' so it's no surprisechar they've been drafted into the armed forces at times..t·UJget:..:'c.& une ef'them byiHIi. P"..iv"c hirn DWJ:.niln. 'c"'P .. 1'<1. hc~ W~""U lurl. cancons Were dim::u~d hy Clt"dc jencx.ory.llIilllJls and i". whil. '~. cartoons.dl their miliIJr')' L.l· All ffllillnl Up..c... Warner Bros. parrioti l)..l'f'/' lIoJ..i.~lIiog ~'*PCt'".*oul \I..\ \If '\Oldie. DAFFY. PORKY.oI'..1 ff)t vi .ricJ. IIIII~ l"''1<t'" wll..l1lo =".f. of food r.s pcrsenific .. &nlP /-lapp} IJ."ft"r :.'iil'd mu ic.1 Al"l9iIl' {.


I.g.I:n.OI~SlH-:l(((.. """hH l.) ner null' h:1f1 his "W~I hook.LHj~pl"·h..Jrly leatured . rnanulncrurers have rradirionally aimed licensed products at children...:J rhem (In the" 'li4.Millin ror home Purky':.11 [0 pm "(I ~1:lS...< Bllgs speaks! TI~i!'i 24~in("h ((ll-cml mil rlllll-' . lir~1 released bj..s. IiIm<I l''i'li ~~ eh~ldr~~'ll." cornic-book ~(.Lj'~ "u fur loll('c(~IJlc.-._t . OLLOWINC FilS MANY YEARS producing cartoons For Warner Bros.Ic'lI.-or":l. due rhcir popul. llldlidillg:1 Bltgs Bunny wind-lip guitar (below Icr.1 ~\ il1~·I... ihle. ~nlppcr shows.~'Hing. Bli~'S Bunny" !." anti cknh whiskers urLhi~ YnSt'mitt' Snm doll (". Snim"" rhc MOl fO!'J.. U.-.urd Marx ~1J.k'lL rJ. silclu...lfl.:':' . \\'iuJAllp lin rcys nf rlw l. Ul~~ • f(!iJJ PJ".t (.lIc. n. Dakin "od (.d lnm h hI. .lIlll. I..· ~. pDp!"lbrilY ~rv.OOllCYTunes nr · -ri!l \'vidd.mut bll'l.~ ul Iht" i.'''-·.t.\.J I:ill~ .:...~ bbdoi 'in (urm2H-">-hu[ .l'CC11. cell phone . -11. H~J fw rllt"rlno..S rclcphoue is adorned with I~lmgr}' ~)jhl~r(ir :1nd ~~------~~~------- Bll.h. .'-HTlI.lI. IO~' .wfTc:J doll..f Tin relc..Ju..l.d. F Popular pif...'I"I. The artwork on ·1~l(L. T:JIking hand puppetsof Hug..S.jr.e I"..i1ilt c:.H~I!~.. 1\-)fL. r:r!llf..~ {helow}.~ "'I'gille.. •md Dlh..q 'i.I'mcrlllCh.::..mJ:Ty.')[J."'-")' I ."s~ul' era..Lt:i':ihle lime.m+ ul rhe AHe-l: V . . W-oL:.lIo..1~kiIIS..~J~ HlI~" Cine film III rhc ~b!.s bt"fore hurm.· :Ind Popcvc dllrill~ the l)cIH·e. The Bugs BlIl1'1l'!\nJ Iii.h . "I . [r.'rd'. ~Irl~n tic tecum~·IIU Mill ..~ hmly :r...1 pi:rr.'d l.'~ r(·'k.I-'o': ns lIl'\. Leon Schlesinger continued to playa viral role at the camp. (wh f) hides Blip aml IlIIlfll. Most of the items pictured hat: were rnanujacrured during rhe golden age of animation.djll.l " •.' 1:hc". edited ((IOf' th~ fin..".rl1O-['Jgthe mO_M popular Louney Tunes collectibles fl0m the gnldc-n..5.:uurr.1"" h"'1.I"'II. "'l:llkTn.p i!C"H m"d< hy 'he MO$' Mel ..(" prominence ..IJ l~ .Jf\.11 onr:. A.. TJ1't~ ('nonc}.-rgL"are rhe d""k"...:.Li J311~N' sidekick ~n !~C c... h~mk...~. ngel '1IIi mat ion cards (ahovc) h projcrrion. clw)' .d J\1!d BI..'r WJrn... nui. pcnrll holders.• 1 Co.. even when ~1uS'!!.~ . -\"(/l!rn'.md Porky were also re! . Mauel's P"I"UI' """. Ll."· i he J.. Pals" Ilashlices and r.:.!l~ :>~'lIdlCL~ ihe -.u cf Mil.lln!1~..lW. ~ .IU.. Bug< h. and bookends Fc.Irl::.J11w:'Llf Ibh.jhm.lHy .ltlio[ bv R.. . 1~iBr:llir :1l'H....all: gTollc.. while the original classic cartoons were still in production. mmliliS beside • bank ill th e shope of" tree Ir""k).of Pork.'H~rt. .:dBugs Buunf. v eel).... ••• nd 11. du~!" and ..I1r. And beyond .d (Id'[. Doff)' Duck.. ()n~m.IH.=.).. nr {.r 1. .lIll1C jigures of Ilorky and Perunin lmvo h~C("'i'Hr' .n.yTIlI1'1!:' srar.K..'u :rnm~ytoys. Pprky MOU)I. hue n:.r.\''. l'hrn IJtiI'J'J Bags Bunny toys fI. . \\IJ~ht"-' UI' ~:r'u:lln~ I..ilcd lh.._wul..' ~Vlih~:..lIlimrtll1r1'o were \Y('R' hdn\'o:f b~ duo! k. electric In\~lh hnJ:. II . and ~\:~uj'ila(1t1 merchandise...-J~I. M~lll' Lccncv Tunes aud M~'rdc Md"."i~l movie lTI(lnICIl[S. allowed children their 0\"". 1'..dt.-ascd.. ircm .. Although rhc Looney Tunes cartoons appealed ro all age groups.u:k ~oj'1'j.I~'" .. was created by the artists "' [he cartoon studio. rl...1..'S CCr..~>been known CO rut rle Elmer Fucld and Yoscmil(' Snm=-bur here is [he real rhinl' (lcf'!)! l\4lHUd crean.cmoons fllm werc ""'f"I [k. wlrh ~imrlr.._"dip!!. ~!-J" lir"il '1".r1~Ih_'.HOJlI...ot the sirlp~.ued ou . 1):t~ln ~lld Co rn...r') ur ..~ ImulJIo('n..~rt:~·.1.Mime! d!lril1g [he I'..d n r Il· ..Hltii/nj ffXlo¥ (lit eueb P"oc!ut:..:\'(:11 ether when he became its first merchandising executive. like much vinl"!>" merchandise.1 ""hx'.".1111. I 11 lil\I~It"n n". imhHrill~ 'I.hl"!. S~!1l Ilgure The mC~:1. f1'1I.~' 1.lI·bgc l'. 1H:1\'I'ork l~II!'I" IhI1ll1)' Sho." ...1 l'lllict I'udd d"llt..\. Thi.IUCH...u/'.! h.plring m.'l1.rt'nnit.



. "AnJ . champion meer Jell Gordon provide c(Ha.YAel( lW ACT10W 1 Jenna Elfman.. in Ihl~ film ind "do Twetl).ldmits rhar thi . Marvin The M:lfl[ Till: fOllr set ofT '0 rescue Drake's missing Ell her-oct. The ~ti'"lr)' "Carbo'l die: nrr u.'lrrin.rncr Bros.c.OIl srnr Damian Drake (Tilllmhy Dalron).}l["l:lHt'tlCCS. j. . anirruuor Ken 11:. pm-wrcsrlee Bill Ccldberg.1Tv because The plot When Dany Duck and security guord I Drake (I'rllSer) arc Rred From \'(/.u''S of heing n sec nd banarm.(1 remain cool ill all umes and always be 011 cop of cycrychlllg. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck co-star with actors Brendan Fraser.lI~every ~C~IlC he's in.. \'7ile E. but the LooneyTimes pH>v~d his greatest challenge. Blockbusrer action combines wirh spectacular animation and a hilarious story which. Bugs and Darry Eric Goldberg thinks BUg< is the gr ea rest animation character ever'. 3ppC:lring. His cnreer Ius been influenced by his personal Friendships whh Lool1~y TI. .1hl"r Locklear.rris.If-u:r .]." saY. Darue recalls.'1. CU)'UlC. veteran Disney minuuor who the l'ca·nm.o lumirmries Chuck JOilC").l created 1111: animarion of lhe' J. like the clas ic shorts. the r.JIII hose ye. hut he .'iGoldberg.GGEST feature 111myer. Bugs was 1I1Chardest or all: "Because of his persona. break the fourth wall and runs off ciolls-all strictly for laughs! Joe Dante TIl( How/irl. roles aud rnrneo :.f. who is r~ally n spy b~ing hunrcd by rhe chairman cf rhc Acme Corpornuo» (Martin).rld NAS ·/\R'. [ rJ. ha . "n. and IfI:JI'l)' ochers..If1It:.J.'.ill A/fir/diu.." Dlrecror Joe Dame directed GlYfmiills. SIIIIIII Soldien.. Ile.~C! Ih~1 h'. "He h:.S Ptl('llhontff! ~l co-directed and /·iilllmin lOOO'llm.k he deserves i(~" 1 irnnrhy [)!1l(f1n.rl Warner . and I NTHEIR BI. much more rnalleablc he's Cr:tlY and h~ neuroses. Bugs Blinn)' and Vice f'fl -siclcnt or Comedy Kate (Elfman) follow ehcrn. Grnnny. is DJF1Y'smovie. {\ntlll:1ttUIl Supervisor Eric Ihldhcrg is. L~\On~y Tune.. nn.l layoul nrusr Maurice ublc.:nic..s. and Steve Marcin in Looney Tunes: Back 111 Action.

._"t.On of \'(fnrnn Bro..y·" r. Ylbemj..1I1im.bled Blue Monkey diamond (rm" 1)"('1)-. a new world had co be reared-a place where arroons and people "don'r discriminate againsr each orher. PJrnr~t~ and composimn.. til I.111\ dinCft"1II voit. Tile ~ILUiiCt hc'JI!5:t's: 11 iOO mcmht-t' OUt . J in " final SP"C~ j. C"lirurnin. 10 !lnin'\:uiulJ The tr:uHdonaJ w:t.lin\ .\•.MAKE THE MOVIE. En.\ :ali:er or inn..~ III rhl.v M di01n1Il!ld-nr I)."d l ).· props Ihe '.'r .! 'yl\lt. Ch~Jrm"n (Srcvc Martin] plots to rule rhe IV rld-onel" he can snarch rhe f. Hld oeJigiml .'1:' Wlhr (. • I r rhe 11.'d('" of pim jd'n~ \lll h "u..... 1\ new OIl'putCI process called Lumo W[IS 'usc> IIsed III "ligfu' rhe 'wo dirnel1sillnnl cl.l.p.).. pn)Ju(cd clT~'f." ~l. .n ..=:..J." as director Joe Dante explains.".c Srm Jilt..I lil ..:~~ur 1. sense of de..ui.. f course..JIIIC.ILII pt:ri(~rmlll\oll:..cflecrs Were uriii7.'1 h) folto\\'~ "Th'Tl''1 uc OJl": .allre.."I«1 .Iflt'r ~I.. an cl1dlc.~ U Cornpure.1)~nur..'1. Jue Ab~ky "Ulu. t. the world of Loom'] Tunes: Back In Action also had to b designed and built by talented craftsmen at Warner Bros.\!il!" cxpl.lly ""I)' '''''n .: i.rymu. Bugs.. gi"int rhcm a r~ll1i:-. .h••• Ul."(. Acme headquarters The pow r-hungry Acme Corpomriotl is rhe . .lly crazy Loaney Tune kind of a glly. .IIUJ nr the M(.miJoI .rl11t111Unks.1". says director Dnnre. fl"'.\h:r. Drake.~'\ djn..LI1"I .: AninHH..jiJj~"h wh~.111 lin tl1M 111.<jllcncc 3nd for Sorn~ of Ill.s(" hi~ OWII grl.. D.. rlinmrion 51uuiCJs in ~h{. eh"r:te("r rhar \v:un't in the s['r~p~'..:::t1l rhc voices kIIO\\ . don't act surprised when a talking duck walks iMO a room. • rcve Marrin ad libbed 90 percell! of his parr and crcared :t.It It> ~.11111" onk.\ J hard .<:lcr..111itn!lliol1 ((illl1-fr0111 1. meter hantlle.'.Id guy gel Ih" di""tmd.Ietting where Mr.. Steve maile him a wOl1dcrli.. T erring the I ines right I'hl: movie ~... and D..'ould march ('h(lf~c'-t:r .. plllllB" the earth nighr D.s" SI.h.IIHI de .lli. in Hollywood. ("UIJ!'SCO. "III._I.lIIN (or voc .'HfIr~.1""1)11 h.i..

uses all "Id ""'Sic I~"'k [and 1\0"" bl. as he pKfcIJ 10 be G111«il i.. WillI . ~Jf tleW I Ofll)IO''Y '!lHH:'. m'!l'c] ro A ~rl~ If)' [0 carch rhe I{o.." [n 1IlO.hug m<<'S.Iong .n' K-9 and u reod)' ~"ppl)' of InSUll1I Manion [nr Command".n~lhing for hi.n (whomh. tnt.. Martians.l..p_ . willi nil to do ..l Duck Dodgers on 10" plilnt't Goff ccurns. X·2 <h"Uc"gt".rl"'ddt. is ".d.·" plot. .". 1:.:r:ga[.t.I."..dy m.. were n1.l of hi.." r 11" S"tI/!J'''''' 0".J eenine ~" .th..2. On). 1'1).. III IY'i"". Coy""..11'I1n ..1'"..rd.I". ai..:~' uhJ rJH'rlfCi in hew ~i~unlitJJTh. . X.11dt"' lu..Ju""tl ~)' L." Que.". Wil.d Runner.rry [Joy.M. dlt.' .1ctic GL~iIlO5-1 and .(O"' lJ"..~.

l1h mIni" ~I\ hf 'Wllli.133."UniL_!! 10 ~bC'-Il.I•• I~"y I J7 V.::...I R.1. ~'" S~.. . 1o" 111).J !ii1l~1 Cl.tpcn tvLJl'\ijn Ihe see hoI..~J UilftTiOmk: I" '/1" .Jr/Jf'1X N.. b.".14-1J~ m as U.<I< llod. 12. Ifl~ {]y.I~r:ltl'i whn:nm ••1n prpnl:r.' Buuuv (1) sc.·1J.ICfllOt"i Ilr...kf'" Q".I.98.. ".u~ 1~!1I:...r: 19ci:1m. 1'1...ll. 1:IO. ~7.p...huIHlw.:nml«nt . (108) 11..lva . ~7.101 :.c: Jllpllu fu". rnbl..11(14I) 'I'hll ~"'JI'r.lhl':Zl~'" '56..a.1 .ltHII (H.CWh... .. 111.\(:11'" Q:. 122 0'5 "lou" (20) ""d IJItI.. ':.r".'1 wnr ll~ ii' H'lof...~hf}r ol Qu..k 1110111.. lj MlF.d hIli'! WJ CoII«i" VIol".k Dc (.lu!t4.~w(no) B''''.7 (130) 97 CUrl M.~I !linl I'.~1)) d1c hillnill~ J ••...!." SlIddr ]2 ..d [19) 8" PoJ'!oWj1f~h ~11C"C.S. i!Jt.' I"Ilr:.".'"".pl'\k'i~H.1 Girl (m) ~Io"" p. 1O.. IJuk IiI rht1t b·.."-.. [MIl '. 1').jp dtl'l'l·..i!J ::<..::.ud. .IIIJ. liI"j.~ ~(:r~R.If til"" I~ O.ilU[.. 19 .1~.... 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Wj(jo:w !:i11ldcr I(i" M u ~h 102. lU i" "'fk:J' rili.51 I)JtUlJl.Il...57. ~JI(.IO". S~. l-:).j111 SJ.I (l88l \l"llkttJtI. 13. CD1 Sull...('if h CIu. I!J II..Jn.1.I. 9 I.\2..lulllm::m nlUl. ~I ~r. ~1....~ d.~..ililbll hu R~f.71. iii ~ III fct!WQ<JU ill I~'" 1'~~l. II? 6...J <0""" ](). ~S.'.-/"n II/ rh.21..:: ..f (:.ryoj~ A Abomtnable So_moo N-.n." MllJIit. 19. J II Mn.(] p~ ili..12J Ikrni."l l1ul ""'hill' rfH' n1llr-y. Key .dl'q\l< (lSI) 1.1 HI' fll!1rt- d' :~. I·..'{ (.011' B Ibhhir . .m1l..f. . 1'10.:::rct'dun (~hcwe) U ehe key (j) rbe t"ndl.dlll'W. (125f 21. 101 [)..~.. 110 l'.l Iknny (II.._ .2t..1118 I" till: ~!"r LhUlMj Ille' Rill" nm•• lr.".~RlJ-ld R_l!m.. It-J!.r\ Col'tlig. Tm\od.. h.1 Nephew (28) In nx IlIfI.lI. l~r.a.~.I"" II~ mim.a= Irrnm.. (17) A mt'mhcr 'riCdtl:' G...\L.~ITi~~~~:k~~SJ~~~i~f~mkT C~fllllnc. of the bOllk.rI~ilt~ J'~ .. mcrerer in lIo1l. IO~.. In Oil_'" ..m lbOOLid~91 rne h. 41..I·'f.'B.)'~ IJJ E (J. eo.. 12~.~II~'I'!. Co.lh...Il' Ch". 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A bJby ~1'T'h::lU[ rurre l'oI..lll~ rigt.. M..l~i:"r from MIInI1Y 1I1L~"-1 1". 7..r Hllbhil 20.. [}. jH.:t:~~:SI~~lll-~d Chri~~m .. l1:fl'lllH~ chr . I:. (~.. J nr~1 ftmf1.~ II') in mliui()n rn mWie: 121 Am I ElII11J..I ... :s:.nlttJ.M ORE THAN JUST AN INDEX...i:r. u~ri!m~. Cecll Tonebe [.t:ri Ilm.JIl.I--~'iJ "'lf~<C1 l'h~. 137 11. 60. 136.C' IlIq'} t. I~~c I~~ illdrog 1S-~r) ..~!T~ l'1JI. rd 10J.H G ("""... lI.ieN!l.hqor'I'riN d~.ugtl tJl'!.:. HUlllplur'] 122 Ixx . Iii hlr1ftubj[ . Ill..!"" 1''''1''< SI.98. parlence In 1I¥ It»'.Umil1Ij~d. 1)1) Bull' DUilOr (1l 12·13. ~8 HIIIl. r.ul U7 Dik'Dl:'Y. I lJ<. n.I£". '«0.. loj. krrr (128. K~nC'l~ro do II r.. 1I!f I.. .t""' ell (II) :. II. "'~"'1kr' t. 28-~~. ~111)' 89 8·9....: Gl~t'r.kt)'". I. 137 H"ck In ".gw 16.-/1"".J"ltlnl~IMlt l~tll~h trlllu=i 1111'.M...flf" 1127) I!!I 1").iJ1 dIol.:UJ.C. •.k" l. .. 1.1 rlixh~wrl h Min.y 8" . !t:Jd:lo \'< In[lu..J:. n.A!rRlflilt." I J. III...10.... ?B. Q.79 uP". f'ut~ 3S lJlud. (1C3) "ll~II)~LP~)' (142') ~/ 11.-'}·...>.I'M1tt HI"-j. ~..1 Bl~-I h.Ij.. )..lij:!' hUll'ln do"".>lLnd<1111" I I.N-2'" lG 27.Hlr... Jac" 1(l3.rliIJlC'.. 1....h.11 Iff lIoJl" R. ~-I m .[)! 106...mdpll)(" ')7 I)"rk Dod~".U 1)"n.51..il1.~.IU. ('152) iril... 117 L"'''lln" (87) '16. this combined index and character guide is a mct·fuelled darabasc on a gilaxy of Looney Tune personalities. (l1cd.liplin.:l~ (82) in A. (.ll'l'nl""!. I~'llr·\ hr.".il(."11lJ' 1 . AI.100."" [2'11 ~ 1.Q. nJ Ihe dm:r pJ. 64. \\101((21) >n." A\1'(K 111.015. YIJ11rr7lI. (13'1 I~.10 Il.)') rhe. (..!/2.l!llrh~! ~15..·I(>. 1).e urC'h (.. R. III 1\r. 11l.III...-n ~~mw!--. nrrlL" W.ucrl'bc . 62.h.r ba-1n."j~l. riB.78..t_tt .JlJh-fl w!l!)l~ 1m .j .'I1Lf1 UonJ (iJlsh -dlJrJC'.uml:'l-' i')arryf)iI(k{U) 6..~ ~t l'JiI.~Q... C[.u c l'ug>lrl. WI~ .~. 1(17.I. ll·I. 116. I" d~.II ?7 ~b(:..29 Piceuee An:!: . ')0 OIJ1' ny ..JJi qli) 1.J.f.""'IN1~""~Ib.:niJII!M' I~I i'kll f®d rrollll\H~' ir~l. 101.12') B"."d IJIl(I1'j l'neky". In I~~... II~. M..·hh". ~1......f 1'1~r. sIf' &n:1.: ikon).mod . . 18. _'i1ldff.. 1\ldl.IlIi.IItllt' ..· O:. .n1l.IIi he .'JlIlU~ J 111"1r~ DI)Ie' ul d\J:.lml~ I~.:t.b S'IJI mll}' ID rtly dirl)' '" /i".:IIt'<1 In h~lpl"Rc. . uo...I!~. I.lUI~b9. III. n 11I.1 cine I1l1ru 1~. 28. '2() t'lmj..tIJo 1..LL. lOS ""~" n"".j.IIIl'~t'L dDII' 100. IV "'''''' "~.... ~..~.rj~ rl'i J'rrrNIf nl.JII.{1IiY 13' CJ1.1d"*i"1 b)i ('rw-.~l1dc''r 107 77. Rtu'~' /. ~uS' !.J.llIrln~ dl...~ u4"11'Pt'l' r. !II' "...I~ A".Il'f1I1~ rh~(la. l. 84.I. 9~ C. W~~r J'. ".. 4(1.00""'" .I..N'Ur"'tdpriFn.r I.. l'(. 12Q B:'If.I».mIp I w=t ~'' ..~ 1'''1'!'1 flUl \'Ii1I('CI It'm&~ Blil ch '!ICi a sen m l?ipptr l~fI" COil 1[1..JL-n iI bUll: J("\'o. 101. J 18.' l18.Ot..rn..S..1'1<" 1\1:"..I' [lilt! !-r!..:.usi I.ld~ I 07.uion ~1'~pLlIt'r-l¥'rl-l:·r-:1~ ~3. sud limily H~ m ". 71. AU~ .~·~ eta) ~I" ..t[~ mn~" 45.1.'~ ~lfII1lJjC'C(UTl~.< HPhll:\· . II bm:lWJlll'OIIX' (jIillgh~ lre.\1.. .h"" . c..tUlrt''l-hKltlmilrl. L-1I. 11M. nu.1'.1 f. [.Qtl()ljhJil Smllh.rr.'o . . l'.trl WhlL'!fI It Mowing ..-..r.i!{lln. r!~ l.rd I'<t hi ...!. 96. SUo ~O.(n I'~"JI)' ~ :lwry.i".. JOI: j2 U.mi~.. lll.'""I fJ."' SQ. II J. ble fJ.2 \~.u~67. II~ U.\'1rluwtlinn"" fddom" whh p~lotlll!o' !m1l.

-blJI ~ttrt .IrtI...r hh .ju".. Mill IIA.B. '" ~.._it ~uHlf~l_ h~. 12~. m 111. md AI. Mj. . I. :aM ·1}1C' irli:" m~r-.")i<l' 1m.1i'/i In{rod..t:h.::I' g.' I. 112.g T1.I0 [n as.1l I" (_.JI r"A-f1I"Ij1.: I~Jn UI~ 1..1f b.llt! E".un b III Ul"'JI.nJ GettrwJ[. 11 (111111 Lin. Brendan IB.rru.dri I.. 60.. .l!(10). ltl ~ lit . 101.AII:.hlld~nu~ Or WAS 11.r. 1.~_ I{)j Hullj n" Foo.hbcr""Olllc 12:1.. 13D 9..iiH wltl-. "..J . 1 J 1.ibhy 77....ty 123 (."y (m).U J. 47. 7~. .1Iu I u6 mice 102~IOJ Mi<hill'I1 I.w..u.J1-tG.kllu rio'tt)'.59 M.. lUI' I I U :I:::~~.60.. ~')."'&"'"~HiPI'" [1111 1" }/~J.rltJ.h. 1U ~[I..' IJlc-lKlrlH. so.mld..:c-i'I!l Ih~m'("nu.LI~ I' lli f.p.. 1201.r. (18) ily Ib~ ~llllmof(ji[dl~Gmll'-': Iwt"'t .~ 1 IN T'hr« ikJ 1"'0. ~~.i. r Gt'II.111. (m) I L~ ~~ld'&m~~L~::~I::J~~.'l:bJRJ d~ddc.UlIW t. BiI~fIlli.~I.I.~.Ike.. Jl F l~h'!:'1 Pc nclope Flmt.l1Cn:ynol.51. ~~ JUllj(j-f (_ :.l and F.118."! 1>1! . ~t~t:.iM m~ (115) ~~~~ill~:r.-o111.t D. ~>~~·ou:'" hum. 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