supplying suppressors to a remarkably broad spectrum of shooters we have literally seen it all. At AWC Systems Technology, we pioneered much of the most important development work in both symmetric and asymmetric baffling, initial blast containment, wipeless end baffles, gas-jet redirection channeling, heat displacement pathing, advanced material utilization, captured barrel harmonics and on and on. We have probably destroyed In many ways, the story of AWC Systems Technology is a story that can never be completely told. Much of what we do is propriety in nature and for many who will use our products the requirement for secrecy is even more demanding. That is the world AWC serves, and we are capable, comfortable and successful in our role within it. In our third decade of producing the most modern, most effective and most popular suppressors in the world, we decided to share with you a little more than the all too common “we are the best” refrains seen on the web, in print and everywhere. The truth is we here at AWC have prided ourselves on just concentrating on the business at hand, that being, research and development, manufacturing and delivery to our world-wide clientele. The demand for our products is at an all time high. For many, that would be a time for celebration but, as we have been at this awhile, we have learned that when we are busy, really busy, times are soberingly difficult and dangerous for those we serve. We only know one way to help them, listen closely to their needs, design to exceed those requirements and deliver the most advanced, most effective products on time. Our clientele has responded by being the most loyal customers in this industry. We reflect on that every day, it is our greatest and most AWC has provided suppressed weapons systems to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps. We have supplied suppressed weapons systems to major Law Enforcement Agencies, Wildlife Agencies and such diverse groups as the U.S. Department of Interior, the Department of Energy, Federal and State correctional facilities, the R.C.M.P., and Special Forces units throughout Europe, Central America, Asia and the Middle East. It would be safe to say, that over the 28 years of AWC SySTEMS TEChNOLOgy PROUD TO bE A WORLD LEADER IN SUPPRESSOR TEChNOLOgy. palpable sense of accomplishment, service to our Nation and those Nations that stand with us. AWC Systems Technology continues to be the industries world leader providing “SILENS PRAESTANTIA” - Silent Superiority. AWC Systems Technology is part of Strategic Armory Corp LLC, a holding company for precision manufacturers of rifles, suppressors and select match ammunition. We take great pride in what our work has meant to the sportsman and professionals who use our products day and night. We listen to what our customers need, and make sure it becomes a reality. Our work in development has never stopped and for good reason - our developmental success is what may have brought you here, it also is why a majority of suppressor shoppers stay and become AWC clients for life. They may be called “cans” but believe us when we tell you a well made suppressor is anything other than simple to design or easy to make. The fact of the matter is that far too few individuals truly understand the inner workings of a suppressor, and when it comes to AWC, the more you understand the better we look and sound. We will be here and we are working hard to be sure you will be too. more suppressors during our “Fire-to-Failure” testing than many of today’s suppressor manufacturers have had a chance to make in total.

Table of conTenTs amphibian s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Titan Three . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 badlander . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Valkyrie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Valkyrie TI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Ultra II semi-auto suppressed Rifle systems . . . 10 Ultra II suppressed bolt Rifle systems . . . . . . . . .12 stalker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Titanium abraxas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Triad TI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 agenda six . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 MK9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Raider . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 T .H .o .R . Raider XM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Thundertrap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 T .H .o .R . TI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Turbodyne X . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 aWc Munitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 fast action bolt Knobs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Hyperdyne II . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Threaded barrels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 barrel Threading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Water Jet suppressor cleaning Tool . . . . . . . . . . 34 P22 adapter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Thread Protectors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Gunsmithing services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

Often imitated. improved accuracy and extended service life. ONE OF NATURE’S MOST bASIC LAWS. the AMPhIbIAN S has undergone 13 variations over 30 years making it the most advanced and sought after integrated . AWC maintains a factory program specifically to carry this firearm forward.0” 1. abuse or improvement in design. From salt ocean water to dry land dependable operation is guaranteed. suppressor system in the world. whether through use. OD green. Desert Tan 4 5 . AWC will upgrade or modify any existing Amphibian. and is also more responsive to simple user maintenance.AMPHIBIAN S™ . The Amphibian S was developed to meet performance requirements in 3 specific areas: reduced weight. The AWC Amphibian S will never become obsolete. Polished Stainless Matte black.22 cal.22 LR Originally developed for Amphibious Special Warfare Operations. both simple and cost effective. or Ruger/Volquartsen pistol to our best standard of excellence. FINDS TRUE MANIFESTATION IN ThE AWC AMPhIbIAN S. SURVIVAL OF ThE FITTEST. ThIS PISTOL IS A SURVIVOR! OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: STANDARD FINISh: OPTIONAL UPgRADE FINISh: 7. ShOOTINg 40gR hIgh VELOCITy ThE AWC AMPhIbIAN S IS DEADLy ACCURATE AND IS LESS NOISy ThAN A CO2 PELLET PISTOL. never equaled. the Amphibian S stands alone. Each pistol is detailed stripped and “blue printed” for reliability with standard target and high velocity cartridges. 606 1 T-6. customer supplied Ruger. The improved accuracy is primarily achieved with the new integral design. Due to the radical aerodynamic function of this unit the sound reduction performance of the Amphibian S is simply remarkable. Titanium Matte Stainless Navy Spec.0” 41 oz (complete loaded pistol weight) 304 Stainless Steel.

Upon completion the entire weapon is treated with a special charcoal black finish to give the badlander a Parkerized look with added all weather protection.TITAN THREE™ . The Titan Three™ will interface well with most . Improved accuracy is primarily achieved with the new baffle design. because the suppressor is attached to muzzle threads.22 pistols. significantly increasing service life through a change in assembly methods.22 pistols and . Like the Amphibian S. Despite its diminutive size the AWC Titan Three is an extremely effective suppressor that outperforms many designs more than twice its size. OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: MOUNTINg SySTEMS: STANDARD FINISh: 3. ShOOTINg 40gR hIgh VELOCITy ThE bADLANDER IS DEADLy ACCURATE AND IS LESS NOISy ThAN A CO2 PELLET PISTOL. where a conventional suppressor could not be implemented due to size and weight restrictions. which were originally developed for operational scenarios where high efficiency.4 oz 100% Titanium Alloys 3/8 x 24.22 LR ThE bADLANDER IS DETAILED STRIPPED AND “bLUE PRINTED” FOR RELIAbILITy WITh STANDARD TARgET AND hIgh VELOCITy CARTRIDgES.22 LR The AWC bADLANDER is simply the Amphibian S interfaced with the Ruger MKIII512 Target or PIII512 Pistol.0” 41 oz (complete loaded pistol weight) 304 Stainless Steel. the 2011 badlander is shorter and features a significant weight reduction through a new baffle design that utilizes a Titanium and 303 stainless steel primary baffle system with 6061T6 secondary chambers. and chamber system is also more responsive to simple maintenance. The new baffle The TITAN ThREE™ suppressor is the newest generation of the Warp3 and backdraft series.97” 3. 606 1 T-1 Charcoal black 6 7 . The advanced internal design causes the main gas jet to move away from the bullet and mix with the specially designed environment cells to cool the gases at an increased rate. Matte Titanium OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: STANDARD FINISh: 7. The result is the most technically advanced pistol with the look of the WWII or Vietnam Era weapons.22 rifles including all Walther and beretta . BADLANDER™ . Each suppressor is issued with the key chain thread protector. compact size and discreet appearance would be essential features for the user. 1/2 x 28 Matte black.75” 0.0” 1. it can be removed quickly returning the firearm to its original appearance and use in nonsuppressed shooting requirements.

22 muzzle device we have ever manufactured. The AWC Valkyrie and Valkyrie Ti is capable of peak operating performance for decades to come. This unit also enables the user to disassemble the mount for cleaning inside the entrance chamber and initial blast baffle if necessary. 3/8 x 24. & Custom Matte black OD green. Valkyrie Titanium Alloys & hTS Aluminum 1/2 x 28. 3/8 x 24 Tang. Developed to meet operational requirements. This forward purging design means gases cools faster while moving forward more efficiently. enabling swapping between multiple hosts regardless of thread pattern.22LR New this year. this suppressor uses an all new rear mounting system.7” 0. Abandoning cheaper mono-core designs the new AWC Valkyrie silencers integrate both critical fully machined baffle VALkyRIE TI™ .22 series of muzzle suppressors is the silencer industries most versatile sound reduction device. This may very well end up being the hardest working suppressor you own. The AWC Valkyrie & Valkyrie Ti’s radically new internal design features the quietest. both Valkyrie models utilize a solid welded fully machined blast baffle.50bMg units. SIg Mosquito. The Valkyrie and Valkyrie Ti. material and construction excellence in our .22 Valkyrie & Valkyrie Ti systems as we do in our fielded . users will never find themselves outdated. Titanium. Without the use of adapters.22 muzzle silencers in the world. Titanium or Stainless Steel. Other Coming in two base superstructure configurations. Tan. yet Lifetime upgradable. the AWC Valkyrie .* MOUNTINg SySTEMS (UNIVERSAL): STANDARD FINISh: UPgRADE FINISh: 8 9 .2 oz 4.99” 7. the Valkyrie or Valkyrie Ti is as accurate as your skills will allow. AWC invested just as much research. hTS Aluminum. the most advanced . Capable of a lifetime of hard use and high expectations.22LR facings with a super efficient chamber system to achieve the best suppression currently available.VALkyRIE™ . design. OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: VALKyRIE: VALKyRIE TI: VALKyRIE: VALKyRIE TI: 5. P22. strongest.4 oz 304 Stainless. and made from the finest materials. cleanest and most advanced .

22 RIMFIRE SEMI-AUTO RIFLE. It is also used by many recreational shooters for hours of fun plinking or target practice.99” 6. The muzzle signature of this device is similar to a spring action air rifle.22 caliber semi-auto rifles.ULTRA II™ SEMI-AUTO SUPPRESSED RIfLE SySTEMS . the Ultra II series is often considered the supreme investment. Leave your hearing protection at home. This system represents the State of the Art in silencer technology and craftsmanship. The Ultra II™ silencer can be installed on certain other rifles including the Marlin Papoose breakdown Rifle. ULTRA II™ 10/22 bLUED WITh AWC TACTICAL bLACK STOCK OVERALL RIFLE SySTEM LENgTh: DIAMETER WEIghT: 34. ThE ULTRA II™ IS AN ADVANCED CONCEPT IN A qUIET . Checkered Walnut Stock OVERALL INTEgRATED bbL LENgTh: 16. hogue Rubberized Stock.22 LR The Ultra II silencer is integrated with the barrel of the reliable Ruger 10/22 rifle and other select .5” ULTRA II™ MARLIN PAPOOSE + CASE MATERIALS: STOCK OPTIONS: 10 11 . If one were to acquire only one suppressed weapon. radiators and other impediments while making drug raids in urban or rural scenarios. Volquartsen and Magnum Research weapons. This small diameter silencer has the appearance of a heavy target barrel and has been chosen by numerous law enforcement agencies to remove street lights.5” . ULTRA II™ 10/22 STAINLESS WITh hOgUE RUbbERIzED STOCK Reliable semi-auto function is assured and calculated velocity control techniques enhancing the accuracy potential of the cartridge.0 lbs 100% 300 Series Stainless Steel AWC Tactical black Stock.

ULTRA II™ Cz452 VARMIT 22LR ULTRA II™ 77/22 STAINLESS W/zyTEL STOCK Manufactured from 100% 300 series stainless steel the Ultra II™ silencer is integrated to the rifle in such a manner that the causal effect is target grade accuracy in an all but totally silent mode. Remington & Ruger.22LR – Ruger K77/22Vbz Stainless with Laminate Stock • Ultra II .5 lbs 100% 300 Series Stainless Steel 12 13 . Marlin. as all of AWC’s products. (Furnished with Ruger’s scope mounting rings) • Ultra II .22 LR The ULTRA II series of integral sound suppressors has.22LR – Ruger K77/22 Stainless with black zytel Stock.22LR – Cz 452 Left bolt – black with Wood Stock • The Ultra II WMR system is available in 22 WMR in rifle configurations listed above. and the use of our unique gas manipulation system controls velocity of projectiles thus enhancing suppressed firing performance. The Ultra II™ series suppressors do not utilize any bore closing wipe/mesh assemblies or extensive barrel porting that can cause degradation of sound reduction or accuracy.22 rifles including Cz.5” . experienced numerous generational technological advancements since conception.ULTRA II™ SUPPRESSED BOLT RIfLE SySTEMS . The integrally suppressed bolt action rifle is absolutely the most quiet and most accurate suppressed rimfire rifle system available.22LR – Ruger 77/22 blue – Finished black with Walnut Stock (Furnished with Ruger’s scope mounting rings) • Ultra II . ULTRA II™ WMR 77/22 MAg STAINLESS W/LAMINATE STOCK (OVERALL INTEgRATED bARREL LENgTh 20”) ULTRA II™ 77/22 bLUED W/WALNUT STOCK STANDARD SUPPRESSED RIFLE SySTEM CONFIgURATIONS: • Ultra II . The silencer can be installed on virtually all . AWC strengthens the barrel using our proprietary barrel stretching technique.99” 6.22LR – Cz 452 Varmint – black with Wood Stock • Ultra II . OVERALL RIFLE SySTEM LENgTh: OVERALL INTEgRATED bARREL LENgTh: DIAMETER WEIghT: MATERIALS: 37” 17.

98” 3. complete family of glock & Sig pistols. .22 HORNET & . Matte Titanium OD green.17HMR. • The construction should be 100% corrosion resistant and nonmagnetic Titanium. and. The silencer is constructed of 100% 300 series stainless steel with all components 360 degree welded.17hMR. pressors is the most successful military issue 9mm pistol suppressor ever. • Dimensions should preferably be similar in bulk to the slide assembly of the pistol.22 A180 for the full auto American 180.22 caliber devices.3 oz 100% Titanium Alloys 1/2 x 28. *Also available on a custom basis is the Stalker .S. 14 15 . & the early Warp 6 Variant was specified for use with the U. they do not service the same clientele as AWC. Tan.22WMR. . Any existing rifle can be quickly modified for installation of the AWC Stalker.22 hornet and . TITANIUM ABRAXAS™ 9MM The Titanium Abraxas™ is highly compatible with the beretta M9/92FS.221 Fireball cartridges.221 fIREBALL The AbRAXAS™ family of suphyPER VELOCITy . .22MAg.S. • Sound reduction and accuracy should be significantly better than the wiped “hush Puppy” type suppressor.375” 20 oz 100% 300 Series Stainless Steel 1/2 x 28 & Custom Matte black. Another popular option is to upgrade to the AWC Raider 5. as well as other select 9mm pistols. Custom PPK/S & Custom Matte black. Redesigned in May of 2009 the AWC Stalker again exceeds the performance expected from this type of system handling these particular calibers.S.7” 0. It is an exceedingly effective 9mm pistol sup- OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: MOUNTINg SySTEM: STANDARD FINISh: 6. but then. Army for use on the glock 26 & glock 19. the Stalker™ controls the report of the weapon. like the Thundertrap™. • No internal mesh packing or accuracy degrading wipes used.STALkER™ . The stainless steel version was contracted by the U. OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT MATERIALS: MOUNTINg SySTEMS STANDARD FINISh: UPgRADE FINISh: 5. Navy. • The suppressor should be compact and light weight. ThE AWC TITANIUM AbRAXAS™ SUPPRESSOR WAS DESIgNED TO MEET SPECIFIC REqUIREMENTS.22’S REqUIRE DEDICATED DESIgNS.7” 1. ThE STALKER gETS IT DONE. . It could be considered a miniaturized Thundertrap™.56 allowing the end user many suppressed shooting options in . Other The STALKER™ was developed in response to the recent surge in popularity of high performance rimfire and centerfire small bore weapons such as the . The Abraxas™ was built under contract for the U. Matte Stainless Steel pressor in a package that is smaller than most conventional .22 up to 223 with fantastic results with minimum increased investment. The majority of silencer manufacturers sacrifice longevity by using Aluminum and deem that as adequate. Taurus PT92. Air Force for issue to its special warfare operators.

45AcP high Order Radiant” active forward purging technology. hTS Aluminum 1/2 x 28. Starting with solid titanium bar stock.h. any design with an aluminum frame is nothing new. 17-4Ph.45ACP STANDARD FINISh: UPgRADE FINISh: 16 17 . We revisited 30 years of important performance goals established in our pursuit of quiet. representing our most advanced design.5 x 1 Lh & Custom 9/16 x 24. 16 x 1 Lh. index-able recoil regulator and Life Time upgradable for a Life Time of dependable Service. 45AcP In 2012. that we immediately stopped legacy production to re-tool and broke new ground.neither AWC or our clients will have any part of it.45acp suppressors. Let’s be clear here. we integrated the T. Tan. 16 x 1 Rh & Custom Matte black OD green.365” 13 oz 12. 17/32 x 32 & Custom .TRIAD TI™ 9MM. building on our sales to the Army. When we were done. AWC set about to produce our newest generation of 9mm.O.40 and .578 x 28. CNC’s machine out what is now the strongest envelope in pistol suppressor history. high end center-fire pistols suppressors should start with an all titanium superstructure. The result is the AWC Triad Ti silencer system. Finally we did something special for pistol calibers. we had a suppressor so advanced. OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT 9MM: .40CAL/10MM: . its 2012. our most costly production line and. with swappable mounting systems. 40S&W. Then.R. “Thermal TRIAD TI™ 9MM.5 x 1 Lh. 40S&W. Other MATERIALS: MOUNTINg SySTEMS: 9MM: . Navy. we decided to build the first generation of what we call the Triad. AWC’s strongest and quietest offering ever.9 oz 12. We have seen what happens to aluminum in practice and in the real world . 13.40CAL/10MM: . as one might expect. Marine Corps and Air Force. most advanced materials. 14.4 oz Titanium. This isn’t 1984. Available in 3 main calibers. the blast chamber is integrated with each fully machine faced internal to create the most bore-precise stack we have ever made.8” 1. again with solid titanium. .45ACP 7.

resulting in a lighter. smaller diameter silencer. .5”/10” 1. Other Nomex Cover 18 19 . Kriss . It was engineered to eliminate the requirement for accuracy degrading wipes & packing commonly used in suppressors built at that time and surprisingly still used by some today.. 4140. MAC and hK MP5 submachine guns.357.45cal SMg. Today the 9th generation of the AWC MK9 is stronger. The newly redesigned Agenda Six offers significant changes to the previous version of the Agenda Six™. The UzI & MINI UzI units mount to the existing barrel retaining nut threads and the MAC type units mount to the existing threads. .45 AcP The AgENDA SIX™ represents a breakthrough in suppressor technology for submachine guns in .AGENDA SIX™ 9MM. Tan. The Agenda Six is available with a coupler assembly for mounting directly to the standard MP5 3 Lug variant. quieter and produces the soft sweet sound expected from AWC silencers. . With 1000’s of MK9’s sold its basic minimal back pressure design is still highly regarded and often imitated.75” 2” 29 oz 304 Stainless Steel. Users can specify mounts for the MP5N and “NAVy” PDW variant with 1/2 x 32 TPI muzzle threads. The story of the MK9 starts back in the early 80’s. by design the Agenda Six suppressor enhances the efficiency. 10mm & . .40cal. Mac 11 . Matte Titanium OD green. This ultra.40 S&W.45 AcP The AWC MK9™ suppressor is intended for use on the UzI. Available calibers include 9mm. Tan. 9mm. accuracy and function of the weapon on which it is mounted. and other thread mounting options between 1/2 x 28 thru 5/8x24. . The MK9™ is the most successful submachine gun suppressor that exists. MINI UzI. . . This silencer effects a significant reduction in muzzle blast and flash signature in a shorter package. 6061-T6 Matte black OD green. 6061-T6 Matte black.380.380. 10mm & 45acp. 4140.380. It can also be mounted to the existing barrel retaining nut threads of the MINI or MICRO UzI and thread modified barrel of a beretta CX4 Storm. Mk9™ 9MM.625” 20 oz 304 Stainless Steel. high-efficient light weight unit is a true example of “state of the art” design and engineering allowing for extreme full auto fire in a maintenance free package. the Colt 9mm SMg with 1/2 x 36 threads.45acp SMg factory thread 16x1Lh.40cal. Other Nomex Cover OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT MATERIALS: STANDARD FINISh: UPgRADE FINISh: RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES 11.40 S&W. OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT MATERIALS: STANDARD FINISh: UPgRADE FINISh: RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES 8.

h. the SIg556. Matte Stainless Steel 20 21 . such as an open field.5” 23 oz (Stainless. RAIDER 6. AIR FORCE.56 X 45MM Today the technology of the Raider has. it is incredibly quiet.56 X 45MM ThE AWC RAIDER UNIT WAS PRODUCED UNDER CONTRACT FOR ThE U. The AWC Raider™ is so effective that it can be used safely and comfortably without hearing protection in confined areas such as underground structures.O. mounting will not cause the adverse accuracy effect commonly associated with the “quick Detach” silencer types. AIR FORCE SPECIAL WARFARE UNITS AND hAS ALSO bEEN ACqUIRED by ThE U. U. ultra quiet silencer for 5.S. The Raider is also available in our TI “titanium” configuration for reduced weight. Including Mount System) 14. This system of The Raider™ represents a “state-of-the-art” design in a durable. ARMy. Secure mounting is accomplished simply with our new 2 piece “Cam Lock” system.S. among other advancements in sound reduction: less weight.S.5 oz 304 Stainless Steel *Also Available in Titanium black S. hK 5. The Raider can be mounted on any 5. MARINE CORPS. In fact accuracy is enhanced! The Raider is a very strong unit. The Raider is capable of withstanding rapid-fire semi auto and “full auto” bursts.S.R. compact. in a totally open environment.RAIDER™ 5.56mm rifle including all AR-15/M16 style weapons. OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: STANDARD FINISh: RAIDER T. RAIDER™ 5. constructed of 100% stainless steel with each component solidly 360 degree welded as it has been since the inception of the Raider. however. Ruger M-14. U.56mm and the Steyr AUg.S. AND U.56mm caliber series. NAVy FOR SPECIFIC USERS. aircraft hangers and small seagoing vessels. blow back reduction control and high tech heat dissipating ceramic exterior coating.7” 1.

milling the wall thicknesses as required. and that is only the beginning.8 SPc (6. we at AWC spent a small fortune to build a whole new assembly line for the most advanced suppressor the . materials and now.T. Mission accomplished. For 2012.8 marketplace has ever seen.56 NATO. the most advanced mid caliber suppressor in the world. For those of us that have been successfully making suppressors for 30+ years. 100% fully machined baffles. Including Mount System) 16 oz 300 Stainless Steel *Also Available in Titanium Titanium Matte black S.h.223. The poly ceramic finish alone takes two days to cure and hardens with every heat cycle.O. The ThOR Raider XM is the strongest. Tan. In many ways.H.5” 24 oz (Stainless. unique blast chamber and primary diverter and the incredible performance of T.56 NATO. 6.R. We start with a 100% solid block of Titanium. RAIDER XM RAIDER XM T. advanced thermal technology have been found in suppressors. 100% circumference welded. 100% deep penetration welded.O. This is a precision suppressor that is made for America’s finest.8 X 43MM) 100% titanium.R. fastest cooling and one of the lightest tactical suppressors in the world.O. RAIDER XM RAIDER XM T.h. allowing your ThOR XM to go the RAIDER XM 5. Matte Stainless Steel Matte black S OD green.R.R. 6. 6. . there has never been a time when so much craftsmanship. quietest.O. Other 22 23 .8 X 43MM) distance for a lifetime of hard use.8” 1. RAIDER XM 5.h.260.8 SPc (6.h.O.R. our job at AWC is to give them what they deserve. we are all living in the golden Age of suppressors.O. OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: STANDARD FINISh: UPgRADE FINISh: RAIDER XM T.h. T. stands for “Thermal high Order Radiant. RAIDER XM 7.R. quality design.” essentially a giant step forward in addressing heat in suppressors.

625” 30 oz 304 Stainless Steel *Also Available in T.50 beowulf) cALIBERS: . . The 100% stainless steel ThunderTrap and the all new incredibly light weight 100% titanium ThOR TI. A shorter. 7MM.300 Win Mag) (. both suppressor models feature 360 degree circumferentially welded internal components for increased durability.45-70 cAL. . 6.45-70 Cal. 6. Matte Stainless Steel (.204.50 BEOWULf/ALASkAN. 50 beowulf/ Alaskan and other custom requirements. Titanium Matte black.30 cALIBER (INcLUDING . 45-70.5mm. .223.204. 6mm.h.22 centerfire to .THUNDERTRAP™ OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: STANDARD FINISh: 8. .25” 10. . . The enhanced models service calibers from .243. 7mm. . . AWC produces battle proven centerfire rifle silencers in two material configurations. the newest generation of ThunderTrap continues to set the standard within the precision shooting community. this new design retains spent gases for longest period thus far.22-250. . causing the sound emitted to be a soft hiss rather than a pop. 6. .22-250.408. Delivering the accuracy demanded by tactical marksman. .300 Win Mag to 338.5MM.8MM.8mm.223.408.300 WIN MAG). 6MM. lighter and astonishingly quiet version celebrates the 5th generation of ThunderTrap dominance. The standard ThunderTrap is constructed for all centerfire bolt and semi-auto rifles chambered in a .338 Lapua. The gas exit delay time is nothing short of fantastic and along with our proprietary frequency shift technology. another industry first from AWC. .458 SOcOM.O.30 Caliber including . . . 6.25” 1. 24 25 .300 WIN MAg.243.R. . . cUSTOM cONfIGURATIONS The AWC ThunderTrap™ suppressor is an example of our ability to deliver the most advanced suppressor technology known.338 LAPUA. 408 Cheytac.

WANT ThE bEST POSSIbLE? yOU ARE LOOKINg AT IT. 5/8 x 24.8.338 ULTRA MAG.408. The AWC T.300 WIN MAG AWC Systems Technology is excited to introduce the all new AWC ThOR Ti Center-fire Rifle Silencer System. 3/4 x 24 & Custom black OD green. T.H.300 WIN MAG OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: MOUNTINg SySTEMS: STANDARD FINISh: UPgRADED FINISh: 8.O.h. . . 45-70 cAL. . 6.R.O.R. Ti was built from the ground up to maintain the highest internal dimensional structural precision possible. the AWC Thundertrap is perhaps the most copied suppressor in the world. A “once and your done” purchase and the flagship of our efforts. TI . providing world class suppression for world class precision platforms. 18 x 1 Rh.223. . Tan.8.22-250. when some of the most accurate military platforms in the world select a suppressor to go into trials. just solid execution of a product that we started 30 years ago and never stopped improving. 6. 100% titanium.338 LAPUA. 7MM. no mono-cores.65” 19. no spots.22-250. . quietest. Well.30 cALIBER INcLUDING ..H. . the resulting design becomes as much of an art as a science. no cheap coatings.260. . Tan.408.30 cALIBER INcLUDING . then a stack of fully machined titanium baffles are 360 deep penetration welded into the strongest armature in the world.h. let them try to copy this. they go with AWC’s T. most accurate bore alignment and one of the lightest .h. sealing in perfect alignment the surface areas required to support T. 45-70 cAL. Poly Ceramic coated and in service for 30 years. you are looking at the strongest.h.260. 9/16 x 24. 7MM.O.204. TI . Made in America by Americans.65” 23 oz Titanium 5/8 x 24. 50 BEOWULf OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: MOUNTINg SySTEMS: STANDARD FINISh: UPgRADED FINISh: 10. That armature is again fully welded into the Titanium superstructure. our “Thermal high Order Radiant” cooling system.T. Ti sets the highest possible standard and gives everybody else something to aspire to. Now in its 6th generation.223. . .2” 1. no glues.338 LAPUA. the AWC T.2” 1.R.2 oz Titanium 1/2 x 28. . We started with a billet of solid Titanium that sits for three hours in the most advanced milling machines in the industry. no crimps. 50 BEOWULf No suppressor is a worth while investment unless it is accurate.O.O. . Ti .R.R. Other 26 27 . 100% machined baffle facings. When one wants to set the standard in the large bore silencer market. 18 x 1 Rh & Custom black OD green.204. In fact.30 through .O.243. .R.408 suppressors made. No threads.338 ULTRA MAG.243. 100% deep penetration welded. Other . . . .

I’ll be quick to recommend AWC to any interested party. AWC’s neW produCTs Are A CleAr depArTure from The old TrIed And True.22LR handgun.50 cal rifles. The suppressor is also available in . Matte Stainless Steel “As a dealer (Class 2 Type 7) I have dealt with AWC since the 80’s.Gary Curtiss. you have made firearms and it’s accessories.WIlSon ComBAT “I want to congratulate you and your staff for the quality of your products and service. Thanks for such a fine job putting an Amphibian suppressor on my competition Ruger. excellent service. Country handloader “Just a quick note to tell you how much I like the TurboDyne suppressor. your company has been the best business I have dealt with in my thirty four years dealing with armaments. decent price… what more could you ask?” . – Scottsdale.50 BMG The AWC TURbODyNE X™ is absolutely the most compact. My AWC AMPhIbIAN S is nothing short of fantastic – IT’S hOLLyWOOD qUIET! I have used the recommended ammunition from the start and have shot close to 8000 rounds so far.” -JONAThAN h. What surprised me the most was the enhanced accuracy when fired with the suppressor attached. Az 28 “AWC. The bullet impact can be heard and is the primary source of sound while the lack of the concussion allows for comfortable shooting for hours. mounting directly to the current muzzle brake threads without modification to the gun. Quality products.50 caliber suppressed rifles more practical. I was using full power match ammo! ThAT TURbODyNE IS A NICE PIECE OF go to www. FL “I’ve been using another well known brand suppressor and an AWC ThunderTrap TI .” Richard L.AWCSysTech. I tried it out on my Tac-50 and it was extremely quiet. Thank you for building a prod- 29 . VA and quiet as it was when I pulled the trigger with amazement the first time. The suppressor design manages to delay the hot expanding gas for a period of time causing the sound emitted to be a thump rather than a bang.TURBODyNE X™ . The workmanship is exceptional and the pistol is extremely accurate. I want you to know that you performed a superior job which is ThE ENVy OF OThERS IN My TyPE OF bUSINESS.308 and 11” 6. The Amphibian S is just as accurate uct that truly exceeds expectations.416 caliber. From the astonishing sound reduction to the fit and finish AWC SILENCERS WERE ELEVATED bEyOND COMPARAbLE.Powhatan. The AWC IS defInITely The quIeTer of The TWo And The mfg quAlITy IS ToP to hear the Turbodyne X™ versus a . They have always had a quality product and stood behind what they sell. NV OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: STANDARD FINISh: 15” & 16. The funny thing was. The TurboDyne X™ suppressor employs a sophisticated baffle and chamber design that has allowed us to maintain very high performance in a smaller envelope making deployment of . My EXTENSIVE RESEARCh FOUND Db DATA TO bE VERy DECEIVINg AS I hAD ThE OPPORTUNITy TO COMPARE FOUR SUPPRESSOR bRANDS . The performance is notably quieter and the appearance is far superior to the competition and its important to be able to speak with an intelligent person who can answer your questions. The TurboDyne X™ can be fitted to most semi-auto and bolt action . -JOhN K – MIAMI.NUISANCE WILDLIFE EVICTIONS ThE AWC RAIDER SUPPRESSOR WORKS gREAT (AS I’M SURE yOU ARE AWARE…) -Kent W .50 caliber silencer available on the market today. I had several experienced shooters come up to me at the range and ask what kind of subsonic ammo I was using.8SPC with supersonic ammunition.5” 2” Varies by Design 304 Stainless Steel Matte black. . gEAR.” -BIll WIlSon . Thanks again for producing such a fine Job. Constructed of 100% stainless steel and 360 degree circumferentially welded the TurboDyne produces less noise than a .22 thru 308 and your product was the most consistent.30 cal suppressor on my 11” .22LR. effective and quiet . a work of art!” -Daniel R – Las Vegas.

9mm 9mm 40cal 45acp 223 308 308 308 308 300 338 338 50bMg 50bMg 147gr bJhP Sub-Sonic bonded Defense hollow Point 158gr SE-FMJ Sub-Sonic Full Metal Jacket 180gr bJhP-SE bonded Defense hollow Point 230gr bJhP Sub-Sonic bonded Defense hollow Point 55gr hornaday V-MAX Match Cartridge 170gr SE-FP Sub Sonic .Sierra MatchKing bThP 220gr Match – Sierra MatchKing bThP 250gr Match – Sierra MatchKing bThP (Laupa brass) 300gr Match – Sierra MatchKing bThP (Laupa brass) 750gr Match hornady AMAX (NSN#1305-LL-000-1666) 705gr Match Solid – Navy Spec FOR MORE INFO gO TO: WWW. Finally. A shooter can expect unmatched performance with every round. and minimal velocity variances provide outstanding and predictable results.AWc MUNITIONS AWC Munitions continues a company legacy of unsurpassed quality.COM OR CALL 1-888-833-0898 30 31 . reliability and consistency by utilizing our computerized laser guided loading equipment to ensure each cartridge meets our rigorous standard.Flat Point 168gr Match hornady AMAX w/ ballistic Point 168gr Match .AWCAMMO. all AWC Munitions cartridges are sealed with a special clear coat to offer extended shelf life.Sierra MatchKing bThP 175gr Match . Learn more about the quality and consistency AWC Munitions delivers utilizing our unique proprietary techniques.

98” 1 oz 6061-T6 Anodized Matte black THREADED BARRELS If you like to cycle your bolt fast. and ask how they insure the threads are within spec. Many experienced machinists are capable of threading a barrel. you will love this option. properly threads the barrel. however.00 which includes fitting the barrel to the pistol and function testing the pistol with and without the suppressor. cuts and re-crowns to proper length. glock. browning. HyPERDyNE II™ IMPORTANT NOTE: ThERE IS NOT A MORE EFFECTIVE MUzzLE bRAKE/FLASh SUPPRESSOR ThAN A PROPERLy ENgINEERED SOUND SUPPRESSOR. & fabricates a thread protector. Recoil is reduced to the extent that eye relief to the scope can be maintained and the target will remain in the field of view when the weapon is fired. This knob increases the speed and reliability of cycling the action while maintaining target acquisition and quick recovery with each executed shot. AWC Systems Technology has fabricated systems and tooling to insure correct fitting using class 3A specifications. Walther and others. S&W M&P. Colt. Since many weapons vary in tolerances some SemiDrop in barrels will need to be fitted by a knowledgeable certified gunsmith. It pulls enough recoil off a . The 90 degree alignment shoulder is extremely important for proper barrel to suppressor engagement and is used as the alignment point for the complete system. we would not punish ourselves producing this one. Custom 32 33 . After threading we check every job with calibrated go/ No go gauges to recheck our own work. Finally. Springfield Armory XD.300 Win Mag. We remove the factory knob and strategically position the AWC Fast Action bolt Knob. make most barrels look unmodified. Sig. When an extended barrel is necessary AWC acquires these barrels 1 inch longer than standard. If there were an acceptable muzzle brake available from another source. AWC performs fitting services for $55. if they elect to not use thread gauges you should question as to why. Para Ordnance.56.6 oz 304 Stainless Steel Natural Stainless or Matte black CALIbERS AVAILAbLE: 5. OVERALL LENgTh: DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: STANDARD FINISh: 1. OVERALL LENgTh: MAX DIAMETER: WEIghT: MATERIALS: STANDARD FINISh: 1. or we can install it on your rifle bolt.0” 3.7” 1. The hyper-Dyne II significantly reduces the “dust and debris” signature during prone firing.575” 0.fAST AcTION BOLT kNOB The Fast Action bolt Knob can be ordered as an option for any of our precision rifles. . The device forces the muzzle blast pressure away from the shooter and observer. Accurately machined and suppressor tuned match grade stainless steel barrels are available for beretta. bARREL ThREADINg IS ONE OF ThE MOST VITAL PARTS OF ADEqUATELy SETTINg UP yOUR hOST FIREARM FOR USE WITh A SUPPRESSOR. BARREL THREADING The hyPER-DyNE II is simply the most effective brake available. The finishing and detail work.300 WIN MAg rifle to allow you to shoot that monster all day long. AWC fabricates a thread protector that goes over the thread when the suppressor is not being used.

If there are any delays on delivery.45 Tactical Compact. MANy COMPANIES hAVE bEEN. with excellent reports on all of the suppressors. A 25% restocking fee will be charged on canceled orders prior to shipment. TERMS “qUALITy hAS NO FEAR OF TIME. Az USA. for physical injury or property damage resulting from careless and/or irresponsible handling. Certain AWC products may be classified as ordinance and/or implements of war and are sold by us with the specific understanding that AWC has taken every reasonable precaution in providing our customers with inherently safe merchandise. Personal or Company checks are accepted and will not delay order processing.” NO OPEN ACCOUNTS. loyalty and compliments. neglect. hK . to add or remove accessory material. in prices. AWC SySTEMS TEChNOLOgy hAS ALWAyS ENDEAVORED TO DELIVER bOTh. adjustments to equipment. the repaired firearm must be returned to the same address from which it was received.b. however. and that we assume no liability whatsoever for unsafe handling by the purchaser or his agents. The symbol TM is used with most of our suppressors and only signifies that the name is a registered trade mark for AWC Systems Technology. you will be notified. produced over the years. hK . a non-refundable deposit of 50%. hK 9mm Tactical. Custom work including tactical rifles require OUR FOUNDER COINED ThIS PhRASE yEARS AgO. numerous Spec Ops Teams. “you forgot to thread the barrel” is a common accusation we hear with the ‘Oh’ following our instructions to try to unscrew the last portion of the barrel. heads of State. WARRANTy All sound suppressors manufactured by AWC are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.40 Tactical. and rifle systems AWC Systems Technology has AWC Systems Technology has a full services in-house gunsmithing department that offers quality work with fast turnarounds. P22 ADAPTER AWC’s Walther P22 Adapter allows installation of a suppressor by simply replacing the factory barrel nut. or abuse.45 Mark 23. INTEgRITy AND hONOR WILL OUTLAST AND OVERCOME EVERyThINg. All major credits are accepted. SIg P220 Combat. It is our intent that the customer be completely satisfied with the product. AWC Systems Technology has furnished suppressors and weapon systems to Kings.O. hK . and to add or delete items without incurring any obligation. etc. can be so quiet” statement are many. dealers and thousands of normal. LEAD AND DELIVERy TIME All Products listed are inventory items.O. AVAILAbLE WITh 1/2 X 28 TPI OR 3/8 X 24 TPI threads and supplied with a matching thread protector. all specifications are subject to change without notice. The complete warranty and all limitations appear in the instruction manual. Law Enforcement Agencies. citizens like the rest of us. The “I can’t believe something so small as the Titanium Abraxas. to ship a personal firearm to a licensed dealer such as AWC Systems Technology for repair purposes. SIg P226 Tactical. 34 35 . THREAD PROTEcTORS AWC OFFERS ThREAD PROTECTORS FOR PISTOLS ThAT COME WITh FACTORy ThREADED bARRELS. Princes. To those writers we also extend our thanks for their fairness. Many. A definitive line between the thread protector and barrel shoulder isn’t usually noticeable. SPECIFICATIONS Due to our continuing R&D program. under federal law.WATER JET cLEANING TOOL The AWC Water Jet Suppressor Cleaning Tool easily attaches directly to any laundry sink or garden hose threads to allow cleaning of any suppressor with minimal effort. AWC reserves the right to make changes at any time and without notice. All shipped sales are final. providing that the units are not abused and their structural limitations are observed. nor will we honor claims damages for any of the afore-mentioned. We will ship C. these items are not included in the price of a sound suppressor or weapon system. Our state-of-the-art facility employs trained gunsmiths with years of experience to insure a professional outcome to any project It is legal. many times these loyal and wonderful people take the time to send us a note or letter of thanks and compliments. GUNSMITHING SERVIcES RIFLE ACCURIzINg | STOCK WORK | PISTOLSMIThINg SERVICE WORK | INSTALLATIONS | REFINIShINg There are also numerous magazine articles and books. Archangel T. suppressed weapons. REMEMbERED FOR ThE OUTSTANDINg PRODUCTS PRODUCED AND SERVICE RENDERED. hE bELIEVED ThEN AND NOW ThAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO PRODUCE ThE bEST PRODUCT POSSIbLE WITh ThE bEST MATERIALS AVAILAbLE. Special government Agencies.D to authorized dealers. to change specification or design. Adapters for the SIg Mosquito & other select firearms available. AND WILL bE. quality does make a difference. All prices are F. Military Units.. but by no means ordinary. both domestic and International. (freight on board) Phoenix. regardless of nature. gENERAL NOTES Although photographs may show weapons mounted with optical or laser sighting devices. Nexus III. AWC assumes no responsibility whatsoever. Over the years.

00 795.22LR (Semi Auto Suppressed Rifle) ULTRA II 10/22 Black Rifle w/ AWC Tactical Black Stock ULTRA II 10/22 Black Rifle w/ Checkered Walnut Stock ULTRA II K10/22 Stainless Rifle w/ Black HOGUE Rubber Stock ULTRA II K10/22 Stainless Rifle w/ Checkered Walnut Stock ULTRA II Marlin Papoose Break Down . M11/380 – Add $100) AGENDA SIX 45/40 (37/64X28 5/8X24 9/16X24) MK9 9MM/45ACP (UZI MAC) RAIDER 5.00 895.00 1295. MINI Uzi.00 895.22LR (Blued Suppressed Pistol) UPGRADE Night Sights (Tritium White Dot) ULTRA II .7 (10mmx1 w/ 1/2x28 Adapter) THUNDERTRAP (Calibers up to 300) (9/16X24 5/8X24 Custom) THUNDERTRAP 338/50 (5/8X24 3/4X24 Custom) T.22LR ( x24 ½x28 P22 Sig) VALKYRIE Ti . MP.R.H.00 995.00 1395.00 1595.O.00 1995.H.00 1195.00 1295.17 (½x28 OR Custom) TITANIUM ABRAXAS 9MM (½x28) TRIAD Ti 9MM/40CAL/10MM (½x28 13.00 1295.00 795. TI 338/50 ( X24 ¾X24 Custom) TURBODYNE X 50/416 (Barrett 82 OR Custom) Glock.00 1395.00 595.R.56 (1/2X28 OR 9/16X24) RAIDER XM 5.00 950.56/6.8 (1/2X28 9/16/X24 5/8X24) Life Support System 5.R.O. RAIDER Ti 5.00 995.00 195.H. Colt SW.SILENCER PRICE LIST Effective October 2011 TITAN THREE .00 85.00 195.R.00 950. Micro.00 695.22LR ( x24 ½x28) VALKYRIE .00 195. Uzi.00 1295.00 695.00 1295.8 (1/2X28 9/16X24 5/8X24) T. XD & Sig Barrels Threaded & Tuned AWC ACCURIZED 308 RIFLE SYSTEMS SUPPRESSOR READY AWC WATER JET SUPPRESSOR CLEANING TOOL starting at 495.22 Suppressed Rifle HOUGE RUBBER 10/22 RIFLE STOCK UPGRADE 1" CH ULTRA II . TI (Calibers up to 300) (9/16X24 5/8X24 Custom) T.00 1395.00 In house gunsmithing and refinishing services available.00 1595. RAIDER XM 5.H.00 295. .00 1395.00 65.22LR (Bolt Action Suppressed Rifle) ULTRA II CZ 452 VARMINT BLACK ULTRA II CZ 452 LEFT BOLT BLACK ULTRA II K77/22 Stainless Rifle w/ Zytel Stock ULTRA II 77/22 Black Rifle w/ Walnut Stock STALKER .00 995.00 1395.22LR (SS/K Complete System) UPGRADE Poly Ceramic Finish (Black/ OD Green/ Tan) UPGRADE Night Sights (Tritium White Dot) BADLANDER .00 395.22LR ( x24 ½x28 P22 Sig) AMPHIBIAN S .00 1395.5X1LH 9/16X24 14.00 1395.5X1LH) TRIAD Ti 45ACP (45ACP 37/64X28 16X1LH 16X1RH) AGENDA SIX 9MM (1/2x28 – 1/2x32 – 1/2x36) (3 LUG.O.O.00 1195.56 (1/2X28 OR 9/16X24) T.00 1895.56/6.

HK Para Ord.00 35.00 150.00 65. Brown Leather Fast Action Bolt Knob Hyper Dyne II Muzzle Brake .00 3495.C.ACCESSORIES AND SERVICES PRICE LIST Effective May 1.5x1LH.00 150.40 Tactical 14.00 150.00 295.M.S.25” width) Tactical Black or U. HK 9mm Tactical 13.00 P22 Adapter w/ Protector (1/2x28 or 3/8x24) Sig Mosquito Adapter w/ Protector (1/2x28 or 3/8x24) M91BDR M92 M95 M40A2 Left Hand Rifle Option Thread Barrel for Silencers or Hyper Dyne II Muzzle Brake Forend Accessory Rail for Model M91BDR or M40A2 Leather Military Sling (1.95 49.00 3495.00 Fit Match Barrel to Customer Pistol M9 Beretta Barrel (Includes link & pin) Threaded w/ Protector Thread Protector (Sig P226 Tactical 13. HK MK23 16. Browning.5x1LH.00 65. Taurus & Walther) 150. Colt.00 150.00 45.5x1LH. Glock.5x1RH. Sig. HK .00 45.00 295.00 195.5x1LH. HK Tactical .00 3995.00 95.45 16.00 150. Sig P220 Combat 37/64x28) 29. 2009 Thread Barrel & Fabricate Matching Thread Protector Shorten & Re-Crown Barrel Tune Trigger Pillar Bed Action Relocate Front Sight Refinish Pistol Barrel to Matte Black Refinish Rifle Barrel to Matte Black Refinish Rifle Barreled Action to Matte Black Extended Match Suppressor Tuned Pistol Barrels (Available for Beretta.00 195.00 49.00 150.00 3495.

95 39.00 50 50 50 29.95 34.95 29.00 700.95 14.00 10 10 10 10 78.00 50 50 50 39.95 223-1002 223-1008 55 53 Ballistic Tip Match Cartridge Hollow Point Tip Match Cartridge 400 400 340.95 45ACP-1003 45ACP-1004 45ACP-1005 200 230 230 BJHP Sub-Sonic Bonded Defense Hollow Point BJHP Sub-Sonic Bonded Defense Hollow Point FMJ-SE SubSonic Full Metal Jacket 1000 1000 1000 750.00 20 20 17.00 700.Hollow Point 400 400 400 400 770.00 1230.00 20 20 39.95 74.BTHP .00 750.00 20 20 129.95 129.00 380.95 29.95 50BMG-1005 50BMG-1006 50BMG-1011 50BMG-1012 REV: 02-24-2011 750 750 705 750 Match .Hornady AMAX .95 29.00 560.00 750.95 338 LAPUA-1001 338 LAPUA-1002 250 300 Sierra Matchking .Solid .NSN#1305-LL-000-4703 Match .95 29.BTHP .BTHP .Hollow Point Sierra Matchking .MUNITIONS PRICE LIST Effective February 2011 PER CASE PER BOX CALIBER GRAIN COST TYPE 9MM-1003 9MM-1004 9MM-1005 147 158 115 BJHP Sub-Sonic Bonded Defense Hollow Point FMJ SubSonic Suppressor Enhanced Round Nose BJHP Bonded Defense Hollow Point 1000 1000 1000 550.00 550.00 20 20 20 20 36.95 39.00 560.00 660.95 300 WIN-1001 300 WIN-1005 190 220 Sierra Matchking .00 700.95 39.00 550.00 550.95 29.95 74.Hollow Point 200 200 380.NSN#1305-LL-000-4663 Match .Flat Point .Hollow Point Sierra Matchking .BTHP (Factory Lapua Brass) 200 200 1230.BTHP (Factory Lapua Brass) Sierra Matchking .NSN#1305-LL-000-1666 Match .BTHP .00 280.308Win Match .95 COST .Solid Hollow Point 100 100 100 100 750.95 308-1003 308-1004 308-1009 308-1011 170 168 168 175 SubSonic .Hrndy AMAX w/ Ballistic Tip Sierra Matchking .Solid (US Navy ) .95 40CAL-1002 40CAL-1003 165 180 BJHP Bonded Defense Hollow Point BJHP-SE Bonded Defense Hollow Point 1000 1000 550.00 50 50 29.95 74.


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