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1 Asssignment

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Published by: Aravind Jamakhandi on Jan 09, 2012
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Winter / November 2011

Master of Business Administration Semester I MB0038 –Management Process and Organizational Behaviour - 4 Credits (Book ID:B1127) Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks) Note: Each Question carries 10 marks. Answer all the questions.
Q1. Q2. Q3. Q4. Explain the four processes of Social Learning Theory. What are the hindrances that we face in perception? Describe the bases of power. Ms.Chanchal Das Gupta is a recruitment specialist. For the post of QC Manager, she interviews three candidates. Given below are the physical characteristics of the candidates. Candidate Mr.Ravi Mr.Gineesh Mr.Ramgopal Physical Characteristics Muscular, thick skin, rectangular shaped. Thin, delicate build, large brain, tall. Soft, round shaped, underdeveloped muscles.

From the above descriptions, what personality traits can Ms. Chanchal derive out of the candidates as per Sheldon’s theory of personality? Q5. Q6. What are the consequences of conflict in organisations? Explain sensitivity training.

HR of a leading Financial services company. for creating an . the HR consultant. What suggestions you will give to Mr. Answer all the questions. He is having a meeting with Ms. environment that increases job satisfaction? Q3. Q1. Rejani Chandran leading HR consultant. Q2. Q4. Explain Goleman’s model of emotional intelligence. State the characteristics of management. Suresh. Suresh Kumar is the VP. Distinguish between internal and external forces of change. Mr. Assume that you are Ms. What are the 14 principles of management of Henri Fayol? Rejani. Q5.Winter / November 2011 Master of Business Administration Semester I MB0038 –Management Process & Organizational Behaviour . Define emotional intelligence.2 (60 Marks) Note: Each Question carries 10 marks.4 Credits (Book ID:B1127) Assignment Set. Suresh is concerned about creating an environment that helps in increasing the job satisfaction amongst employees. Mr. Explain the different leadership styles as per Managerial – Leadership Grid Theory. Q6.

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