Goods Receipt Slip

(Ref. SOP WAR-005)

Form-075 Issue date

Component Movement Direction
Storage Type Q (Quarantine) DS (Dispensary) Q (Quarantine) BS (Bulk Store)
Comment if item is rejected: Goods Receipt Number: YY000000 Consignment note: Goods receipt date: Receiving Plant: Purchase Order #: No. of ID labels: Item # Material Code Material Description Mfg s Batch # Initial Qty. Qty. after sampled Date & Qty. after Re- sampled (if applicable) Date: Supplier: Contact: No. of pallets: No. of containers:

Storage Bin (Booth #)



Receiving store person: Sampler: Sampler (if re-sampled):

Sign: Sign: Sign:

Date: Date: Date:

File Location:

Date Printed:

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