Cloud Computing

a smart way to reduce IT cost, CO2 footprint and provide services anywhere, anytime
Abou Sofyane Khedim

Overview ‡ Computing Evolution ‡ What is cloud computing? o o o Definition Cloud anatomy Cloud architectures ‡ Why cloud computing? ‡ HealthCare in the cloud .

.Computing Evolution Now 40¶s ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 70¶s 80¶s Mobility explosion Collaboration High level of interconnection between users Web platform growing Pressure over companies data centre.

paying only what they use . control.What is cloud computing ‡ ³Cloud´ is actually a metaphor for the Internet. ownership in the computer infrastructure. ‡ User do not have or need knowledge. ‡ Users simply rent or access the software.

What is cloud computing Cloud computing is using the Internet to access someone else¶s software running on someone else¶s hardware in someone else¶s data centre while paying only for what you use. .

..) PaaS = Platform as a Service (eg: Google Apps) IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service (eg: Amazon EC2) . Google Calendar.Cloud anatomy SaaS = Software as a Service (eg: Gmail..

Cloud architecture Private Cloud .

Cloud architecture Public Cloud .

Cloud architecture Hybrid Cloud .

Why cloud computing ‡ Data centres are notoriously underutilised. SMBs and enterprises alike. and IDC²agree that this new model offers significant advantages for fast-paced startups. Cost effective solutions to key business demands Move workloads to improve efficiency ‡ ‡ ‡ . often idle 85% of the time o Over provisioning o Insufficient capacity planning and sizing o Improper understanding of scalability requirements etc including thought leaders from Gartner. Forrester.

Why cloud computing Traditional IT .

Cloud .Why cloud computing .

No need any more powerful computer to run powerful software Reduce IT Cost o Green / CO2 footprint reduced o o .Why cloud computing ‡ ‡ ‡ Instant Elasticity o Scale up / down Pay only what you use The servers unused are switched off automatically.

We care about where the data are stored and who take care of them. The private cloud could pretend to be more secure but the maintenance's cost of the infrastructure is still present. o The cloud vendor can keep our data anywhere. The public cloud cannot really meets these needs.Healthcare in the cloud ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ IT requirements o functional and non-functional are more complex. .

Strong policies rules must be implemented to target the both cloud.Healthcare in the cloud ‡ The hybrid cloud could be the solution. o The private side could only be used to process. . store sensitive data. o ‡ BUT difficult to implement. o The public side could be used to compute non sensitive data.

‡ The government could create their own private cloud and propose IaaS/ PaaS / SaaS to the UK hospitals. . ‡ The best solution could be to introduce a new cloud architecture which could take only advantages of the 3 existing architecture.Healthcare in the cloud ‡ Understanding that cloud infrastructure brings many advantages for the hospitals nevertheless the public cloud architecture. most economic with endless resources cannot really be enjoyed by hospitals.

Healthcare in the cloud Protected Cloud .

Who already used the cloud ‡ Peter Harkins at The Washington Post: 200 EC2 instances (1. . Defense Department is offering now cloud computing services.481 pages of Hillary Clinton¶s travel documents within 9 hours ‡ The New York Times used 100 Amazon EC2 instances + Hadoop application to recognise 4TB of raw TIFF image into 1.1 million PDFs in 24 hours ($240) ‡ The U. convert 17.407 server hours).S.

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