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iPhone Imail Guide

iPhone Imail Guide

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Published by: Jeerahnon Thanumaiweerakun on Jan 09, 2012
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Iphone pushmail configuration guide
 Make sure your iphone is 3G(S) version or above。  setting> Mail, Contacts, Calendars-> press Add Accounts ->“Microsoft Exchange”

Type in your Huawei e-mail address:***@huawei.com,  Type in your UserName(x00654321), and Domain Password( (windows Password)  Input China Domain:china.huawei.com  Press ‘Next’


华为机密,未经许可不 得扩散

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huawei. 共 4 页 .huawei.com UK imailuk.huawei. select: Email location serverMicrosoft Exchange Server China imailcn.文档名称 文档密级  Press ‘Accept”  Enter the Email server address.com US imailus.com  Press Next to continual 07:59:22 华为机密,未经许可不 得扩散 第 2 页.

 Note: If you enter the wrong password for 10 times. your need do the following work on your pohne  then set 6-bit phone lock code.huawei. the phone back to factory settings 07:59:22 华为机密,未经许可不 得扩散 第 3 页.文档名称 文档密级  you will receive a reminder mssage in your outlook that contains your phone DEVICEID. and synchronize again According to the security request of company.aspx  please wait for a moment for processing your request. please complete DEVICEID binding by the following link. your phone will be remotely wiped and all contents in phone card and phone memory card will be fully erased. 共 4 页 .com/exchangehelp/ActivePushMail. http://imailcn.

huawei.com . 共 4 页 .then see the URL imailcn means China.文档名称 文档密级 Remarks 1: How to look up server location Login your webmail by china domain account http://imail. 07:59:22 华为机密,未经许可不 得扩散 第 4 页. imailuk means United Kingdom. imailus means United States.

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