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Bibliography Quiz II

Bibliography Quiz II

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Published by: Cosmina Catina Ciuciulete on Jan 09, 2012
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Bibliography Quiz II

1. In Jane Eyre, Blanche Ingram is a. a beautiful young lady Rochester pretends to be in love with b. Jane Eyre’s best friend who dies at Lowood School c. Rochester’s secret wife who is mad and locked up in the attic 2. In Silas Marner, the person who finds and steels Marner’s money from his house is a. Eppie Cass b. Dunsey Cass c. Molly Farren 3. In Tennyson’s poem Ulyssees, the main character, Ulysses tells his old comrades that a. they should be more polite with his wife Penelope b. he does not want to travel again away beyond the sunset 4. In Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold, the poet speaks about armies that a. sail over to France at night b. are marching on the beach c. they should all sail

c. are fighting a battle at night

5. In The Stones of Venice: The Savageness of Gothic Architecture John Ruskin a. finds the Gothic craftsmanship superior to modern industrial production b. rejects the Gothic style as savage c. praises Gothic ornament for its precision and symmetry

6. Walter Pater remarks in Studies in the History of the Renaissance: La Gioconda that Leonardo DaVinci’s
masterpiece is comparable to a. Dürer’s “Melancholia” b. Michaelangelo’s statue “David” 7. Tess is arrested at Stonehenge for a. having murdered Alec b. having murdered Angel c. Leonardo DaVinci’s selfportrait

c. having stolen from the D’Urberville’s mansion

8. In Culture and Anarchy (chapter 4), Matthew Arnold attributes to Hebraism the view that a. bodily desires prevent right thinking b. sin is an obstacle to human perfection c. things should be seen in all their beauty 9.In In Harmony with Nature, Matthew Arnold argues that humanity is a. part of nature b. inferior to nature c. superior to nature 10. In The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Cybil Vane a. commits suicide because Dorian rejects her b. becomes a great actress because of her love for Dorian c. gets married to Dorian and lives happily ever after 11. The Latest Decalogue by Clough presents a. the ten commandments b. the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ c. the first ten years of Queen Victoria’s reign 12. In My Last Duchess by Robert Browning a. the Duke has his wife killed b. the Duchess has the Duke’s mistress killed insulting the Duchess 13. In Great Expectations, Miss Havisham a. gives money to have Pip educated in London Magwich to go away to Australia c. Fra Pandolf is killed for

b. gives money to have Estella educated

c. bribes Abel

14. In Browning’s poem Prospice the speaker ends up a. calling God “my Pilot” b. being terrified by death

c. wishing to meet his beloved in the afterlife

15. In Swinburne’s poem The Garden of Proserpine, the character called Proserpine is a. the wife of Hades/Pluto b. the dead wife of Swinburne c. a lost child turned into a ghost

/ wishing to meet his beloved in the afterlife c. In Walter Pater’s La Gioconda./nephew c. Earnshaw./ climbing up a bean stalk b./ a lost child turned into a ghost 11./ the beauty of his lost child c./ “I would that God were by me” c./ the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ c. Leonardo da Vinci’s painting called Gioconda is compared in sugestiveness with a./ calling God “my Pilot” b./ speaking to one of the lovers in heaven c./ the daughter of a murderer 14./ his lover In The Savageness of Gothic Architecture./ fruits for Nelly Dean b./ implied that Northern architecture had been invented by the Goths c. In Browning’s poem Prospice the speaker ends up a./ God b. the master of Wuthering Heights./ the stormy sea b. John Rivers is Jane Eyre’s a./ killed a horse 4./ Heathcliff 12. he brings with him a. Estella is a./ his beloved c. 7./ the ten commandments b. St. the character called Proserpine is a. comes back from the market. How does Cleopatra enter the palace to meet Caesar? a.Pre-Exam on the Victorian Literature Bibliography (IV) 1./cousin 2. Silas Marner is publicly accused of having a.The feminine character in Rossetti’s Blessed Damozel is a. In Thomas Hardy’s poem Neutral Tones the poet is describing a. In Tennyson’s poem Mariana./ silent 3./ the “Primavera” of Botticelli c./ speaking to herself b./ through the window b. “I would that he were here” b./ become addicted to drugs c./ Bernini’s “Ecstasy of St Theresa 10./ falling into a white rabbit’s hole 8. disguised as a beggar . When Mr./ the first ten years of Queen Victoria’s reign 15. In Dover Beach./ “I would that I were dead” 5./ was meant to have a negative connotation b./ brother b./ Pip’s cousin b./ his scholarly friend 9./ a fiddle for his son Hindley c./ the dead wife of Swinburne c./ the wife of Hades/Pluto b. the poet is addressing a./ being terrified by death 13. In Swinburne’s poem The Garden of Proserpine. In Great Expectations./ rolled up in a carpet c. Alice gets into Wonderland by a. The Latest Decalogue by Clough presents a. Before being banished from his village. the repeated line at the end of almost every stanza is a./ the “Melancholia” of Dürer b./ was connected to the dark atmosphere of Gothic novels 6./ through an enchanted door c./ stolen some money b. John Ruskin argues that the term “Gothic” when first applied to the architecture of the North a./ the true daughter of Miss Havisham c.

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