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Define Equivalent Diameter. What is the equivalent diameter for a wide shallow depth? Write the equation to define the minimum fluidization velocity for turbulent flow conditions? Write the general application of fluidization? Define Drag. Name four pipe fittings. Define vena contracta. How the flow is measured in open channels? Define Sphericity and shape factor. Give different types of fluidization. Define Drag Coefficient. Define Equivalent diameter. State application of fluidized beds. Draw typical drag curves for flow past regular solids. What is continuous fluidization? How is the friction factor for packed beds selected? What are the major differences between solid-gas and solid liquid fluidization? Define Minimum fluidization Velocity. When a particle attains its terminal velocity? Define Drag force on an airfoil. Define particle Reynolds s Number. Define Creeping Flow. Define Bluff bodies. Define Stagnation Pressure. Define Porosity. Define superficial velocity. Define terminal settling velocity. Define free settling and hindered settling. Define particulate fluidization. Define bubbling fluidization. Define pneumatic transport. Define aggregative fluidization. Define stroke s law of settling. Define Newton s law of settling. Explain the term criterion for settling. Define Buoyancy force. What are the forces acting on a particle moving through a fluid? Write down Burke-Plummer equation and mention its use. Write down Kozeny-Carman equation and mention its use. Write down Ergun s equation and mention its use. What are the applications of fluidization?

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