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Published by: Steven Kurtz on Jan 09, 2012
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Customer Success Story

AN EXCERCISE IN SUCCESS CHALLENGE: Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) is a family of more than 60,000 caregivers and staff dedicated to delivering excellent care to diverse communities across Arizona, California and Nevada. As the eighth largest hospital provider in the nation business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning is an ongoing priority for the organization. An integral part of the planning is systematic, comprehensive, and rigorous testing across hundreds of systems in a widely distributed environment. SUNGARD SOLUTION: SunGard Availability Services provides recovery facilities, equipment, consulting, and support for CHW’s annual BC/DR test exercises. These services assist CHW in continually refining and strengthening their BC/DR program to ensure a swift, seamless recovery in the event of a business interruption.

For an organization with the breadth and complexity of CHW. we call these ‘exercises’ because when you exercise. “When we hit an impasse in the exercise.” . it can be a monumental task. Their BC/DR program is proactive.” STRENGTHENING EXERCISES One of the key ways CHW keeps their BC/DR plan finely-honed is through yearly testing. they prepare to go through 72 hours of complete and stringent BC/DR testing. SunGard was able to provide these specialized skills. people immediately shift into a ‘pass/fail’ mindset. prefers to refer to testing as ‘disaster recovery exercises. and showed us how to resolve issues in recovering to different locations and to dissimilar hardware. Disaster Recovery Manager at CHW Founded in 1986 and headquartered in San Francisco. They also helped us identify gaps in our operational process. for two months. and it’s not what we want to accomplish. There were exceptional challenges with this exercise. and executing an effective BC/DR program is challenging for organizations of any size. That’s not what we want to communicate. When it comes to disaster recovery exercises. but they have taken it completely in stride. although Patrick Ridder. Disaster Recovery Manager at CHW.to become stronger all the time. you become stronger. “SunGard helped us meet every challenge involved in this exercise.’ He explains. implementing. in society. they suggested alternate recovery strategies. we never know what we will actually find. While this exercise represented an extreme disaster recovery situation. financial and operational data and manages many of the daily patient care functions in the hospitals. comprehensive. CWH needed consultants with knowledge of a specific software and operating system. and its global footprint allowed for the remote and onsite support that was critical to managing the overall process. Their attitude and approach have enabled us to experience more positive and successful outcomes.” Ridder affirms. specific areas or applications of CHW plan for the hypothetical worst-case scenario. and in technology. CHW benefited greatly from practicing and preparing for BC/DR in a worst-case scenario. and detailed. Ensuring for seamless business continuity and data recovery is an integral part of the patient care objectives. Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) has diverse needs for serving patients from rural to urban areas and in community hospitals to nationally recognized centers of excellence. Recently. Instead. That is our goal .” Patrick Ridder. as well as experience and insight into the processes that had to be followed for a successful recovery. CHW tested one of the electronic medical record (EMR) systems that handles extensive amounts of clinical. Chris Balsino.“A true sense of partnership exists between us. Account Executive for SunGard Availability Services and the primary liaison with CHW. Then. “We learned some time ago that if you refer to something as a test.” For ten months of every year. And they never consider it to be final: they are always seeking ways to refine their plan to keep it attuned to every change in their business. SunGard has always allowed us to learn and grow in the testing environment. comments on the hospital system’s commitment to business continuity: “Developing. Each of the CHW clinical settings shares an unwavering dedication to providing high quality services to their patients and communities. utilizing SunGard’s state-of-theart recovery equipment and facilities.

SunGard Availability Services | 680 East Swedesford Road | Wayne. and facilities are available for the test itself.S. ƒƒ Remediation: making recommendations for ways to reduce recovery time objectives and to strengthen the BC/DR program. Ridder enumerates the top three benefits CHW has gained by engaging in their annual disaster recovery exercises: 1. managed IT. CHW faces strict regulatory requirements for business continuity. As a medical organization. we never know what we will actually find. including: BEST PRACTICES. . Testing demonstrates conclusively that their BC/DR plans are effective. Enhanced compliance. Their attitude and approach have enabled us to experience more positive and successful outcomes. SUC-055 Trademark information: SunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc. business continuity management software to over 10. infrastructure. you become stronger.” About SunGard Availability Services SunGard Availability Services provides disaster recovery.sungardas. and system-wide data in the event of an actual crisis. Ridder concludes. and ensuring that all the necessary equipment. This relationship has been integral to the success of our BC/DR program. information availability consulting services. and needs.” ƒƒ Preparation: determining what area or application needs to be tested. Ridder emphasizes the benefits of this ongoing dialogue. 3. “My account representative has his finger on the pulse of CHW at all times. He can then offer SunGard solutions to us from the standpoint of knowledge. That is our goal: to become stronger all the time.com © 2011 SunGard. They also receive hands-on training in the management and execution of all recovery and validation processes. Instead. Enhanced continuity.” This partnership is characterized by constant dialogue through every stage of the testing process. 2. people immediately shift into a ‘pass/fail’ mindset. and from a true understanding of our concerns.” Patrick Ridder. or its subsidiaries in the U. and other countries. Testing both validates recovery documentation and provides an opportunity for improving it. because there is nothing in the disaster recovery area that he is not aware of. “A true sense of partnership exists between us. I consider this to be one of the greatest advantages of working with SunGard. Disaster Recovery Manager at CHW A TRUSTED PARTNER CHW began their relationship with SunGard over ten years ago.Catholic Healthcare West 3 “We learned some time ago that if you refer to something as a test. This makes him strong and efficient. ƒƒ Support: being on-call throughout the test to turn even the most challenging obstacles into opportunities for growth and advancement. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. When it comes to disaster recovery exercises. BEST RESULTS Testing is a key best practice when forming an effective BC/DR program.000 customers in North America and Europe. SunGard has always allowed us to learn and grow in the testing environment. “We truly – and I can’t stress this enough – feel that SunGard is a partner who is vested in our success. SunGard has provided effective disaster recovery testing and solutions as this large hospital system continues to evolve. issues. Testing allows the CHW staff to address the system holistically. The result is system documentation that any person could use in any crisis to ensure business continuity. Enhanced confidence. from equipment to interfaces. in a way that cannot be done under ordinary circumstances. This experience gives the staff the confidence they need to recover small pieces of data on a daily basis. PA 19087 | 800-468-7483 | www. working with the SunGard team to create a solid BC/DR program. Ridder reflects. Over the years. we call these ‘exercises’ because when you exercise.

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