Nagpur the centre of india also known as Orange City is the 9th largest urban conglomeration in india and cleanest & 2nd greenest city in india surrounded by many rivers and lakes to name few the nag river kanhan river, ambazari,futala,gorewada telankhedi etc etc. Rapid growth of human population, increase in industrial activity and higher demands For water have put tremendous pressure on these water bodies, most of which are now grossly Polluted. As we know that Water is a basic and essential component of life and therefore not only managing it wisely but also safeguarding aquatic resources from further abuse is absolutely essential for their sustainable use.
Domestic sewage water includes substances such as human waste, food Scraps, oils, soaps and chemicals Businesses and industries also contribute their share Of used water that must be cleaned. The major aim of wastewater treatment is to remove as much of the suspended solids as possible Before the remaining water, called effluent, is discharged back to the environment. As solid material Decays, it uses up oxygen, which is needed by the plants and animals living in the water. Inorganic nutrients can cause Eutrophication of surface water receiving the effluent causing blooms of algae.

Pollution of aquatic ecosystems in many city lakes have reached alarming proportions.

So here is your challenge..

1. Select any two water bodies from city 2. The present environmental Status of water bodies 3. Information of Socio-economic activities that cause degradation of water bodies egganesh festival 4. Other all activities causing pollution of these water bodies 5. Figure out the quantity and quality of waste viz. effluent, sewage and domestic wastewater, industrial waste, bio-medical etc 6. Find out the advanced methods for the treatment of waste water so that
Water after treatment can be reused for various purposes in eco friendly manner as well as it can able to restore aquatic ecosystems


· · ·

Your solutions should be Technically sustainable and feasible Economically sound-For instance, suggesting that all nearby industries be shut down is not logical. Socially acceptable- Clearing all of the encroachments in a river is not practically possible.

**Note1. In the last & 2nd last five year plan for rivers, lakes and aquifers many rivers, lakes in India had been restored, but only temporarily-due to poor management post restoration. So covering this issue will give you a +ve impact on judges highly appreciated along with the technical solution. 2. If your treatment technique is aimed at transforming dissolved and particulate Biodegradable constituents and other waste into acceptable end products then it will be highly appreciated.

At present the city of Nagpur is facing the problem of waste disposal, according to recent census the population of Nagpur is close to 25lacs. Which results in generating large amount of domestic solid waste which endangering the health of our life time Dumping of this waste creates so many problems like groundwater contamination and burning causes serious air pollution so here it is your task Propose the various waste treatment and recycling ways. There are various techniques for this waste treatment, you have to just find em and apply

Your solution need to posses objectives.. 1. To relieve citizens from nuisance value of organic waste by scientific treatment and cost effective, quick, non-polluting way or recycling. 2. To reduce dump site land requirement or increase the shelf life of waste disposal facilities. 3. To inactivate pathogens and eliminate insects vectors and rodents. 4. To remove foul smell and unpleasant gases like, H2S, NH3, NOx, mecaptance etc. 5. To minimize health to Municipal Workers and Waste recycles. 6. To improve aesthetic outlook of cities.

The recent environmental NMC report says City air is unsafe to breathe. The report, prepared by Global scienticfic Inc revealed that Respirable suspended particulate matter [RSPM] and suspended particulate matter [SPM] including dust, fumes, mist, and smoke in the air in commercial, industrial and even residential areas of the city exceeds the National Ambient Air Quality Standards throughout the year So ur challenge is to propose all the possible technical and non-technical solutions regarding this problem

Your solution should be based on the following two facts · 1. INPUT CONTROLS- Give all possible input controls which involves prevention of the problem before it occurs or atleast limiting the effects the process will produce · 2. OUTPUT CONTROLS- Give all possible output controls which is the opposite method, seeks to fix the solutions for problems caused by air pollution. This usually means cleaning up an area that has been damaged by pollution.

· · · · · Understanding the problem and identifying the issues involved The approach of your team to solve the problem The method harnessed in the solution Charts, Graphs, site photograph and other pertinent details if necessary Various parameters such as innovation, originality of ideas, technical and economic feasibility, detailing of the treatment techniques used.

· · · · The event will be held in two phases First phase : Participants should have to send a abstract cum write up which include a short introduction of the technique you ve used and all other key points Final phase: All the teams will have to give a presentation in front of judges giving the brief idea of the solution they have proposed. 15 min for presentation and 5min for Q&A should be allotted.

· · · The source of data used must be mentioned. The abstract cum short write up should not exceed 2 A4 pages. The write up should be in one of the two formats-word or pdf. The abstract should be sending on before 12th Jan {4pm}. with Subject: IRP Elite2k12

· · · · · This event is open to students from 1st year to final year of our colleges. A maximum of three participants per team is allowed. The last date for submission of the abstract is 12 Jan. The registration fees for the event are nominal 25rs/head. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.

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