Design II- FSCJ Spring 2012, Instructor: Mark Creegan

Assignment taken from Chris Ireland

Description: To start out the semester, we will do an activity to get your creative juices flowing, and to give you an opportunity to play around with some materials. In this open-ended mixed media assemblage project, your assignment is to create a robot. Your robot will have 5 components that you will select in class that will help shape his/her personality and vitality. Should you select a ³wild card´ you have the ability to choose any item within the bounds of the category. Example: if you select the ³profession´ wild card, you can opt to make your robot a janitor. How you resolve and address each component is completely up to you, but all 5 must be present in the final project. We will be working on our robots all day in class next Friday but you are welcome to get started before class session meets. Expect to work th some outside of class, these will be due at 8pm Wednesday January 18 . (come to class regular time -6pm- to work on the robots and we will have discussion at 8) Helpful hints: Be creative about the kind of objects you select to work with. It's probably good the first day to bring in a whole bunch of materials. Bring some material that is flexible, and bring some material that you can use as binders. Think of smaller pieces as well to add flair. Remember the principles of divergent thinking, consider many different possibilities of what a robot could be. Do not rely on cliche or accepted answers to design problems. Also try to incorporate texture, either invented (drawn or fabricated) or physical (existing). Think about the spaces you are leaving empty around and between elements of your robot (aka negative spaces), and the areas that you are building on (aka positive spaces). Try to think outside of the box when creating your non-traditional robot! You will select (at random) one component from the following categories: 1. Profession: cowboy, businessman, college drop-out, pro wrestler, astronaut, wild card! 2. Article of clothing: cape, sunglasses, belt, bow tie, kilt, helmet, wild card! 3. Number of appendages: (includes but is not limited to; legs, arms, tails, wings, etc) 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, wild card! 4. Hair: mohawk, mullet, bald, afro, facial hair, wild card! 5. Accessorize! lasso, go-go boots, fannypack, baton, pet, wild card!

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