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Contoh Penulisan Rancangan Pengajaran Harian Matematik Tingkatan 2

Time/class /subject 1.10 -2.20pm Ting. 2K Mathematics Topic/learning area 12. Solid Geometry II 12.2 understand the concept of nets Learning outcome/ objective Students will be able to : 1. Draw nets for cubes, cuboids, prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cone 2. state the types of solids given the nets 3. Construct the models of solids given their nets Skill / value/ activity/ reflection : CCTS : to compare, identify , value : rational, neat Activity : 1. Recognize types of solids in the surrounding, students identify name of solids orally. 2. Explanation by teacher about the concept of `nets 3. Students get into their groups, trying to identify & compare the set of nets given by teacher. (2 types) 4. Group presentation : a) state the type of solid of each net given b) construct the model of solid of each net c) Draw the solids on the board 5. Comment and correction by teacher 6. Group discussion : written exercise in hand out (refer to hand out attach)- 10 subjective questions ( 5 questions draw nets of solids shown, 5 questions state types of solids given the nets) Reflection : 30 out of 38 students are able to complete the questions correctly, the rest of the students have done the correction with the help of their group leaders. Correction are marked by group leaders and checked by teacher. .

Teaching Aid : 6 sets of nets made from card manila