Retail redefined...

Understanding Consumers
‡Consumer is the king understand his psyche ‡Emotions driving consumer behaviour Greed, Fear, Envy.

India One Two Three

‡India one Consuming class ‡India two serving class ‡India three struggling class Shopping habits of all the classes are different

Paradigm Shift
‡Shift to new era of CONSUMERISM. ‡Macro Factors Demographic profiles Increasing income levels Globalization Free flow of ideas ‡Diversity of India Opportunity and Challenge ‡Youth Power ‡3 Cs Confidence , Change and Consumerism Rewrite Rules , Retain Values

Reasons for Future s Impressive growth
y From what to sell to how to sell it decided by consumers only. Primary Rule of Retail: CONSUMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT y Believing that Retailing is simple act of buying & sellingFollow simple methods & procedures. y Doing the things in Indian waysy Allowing consumers to touch, smell & feel the staples before buying (Food Bazaar) y Mixing Innovation with awareness of Indian culture i.e.Lauch of Ekkta private brand of future group.

Idea of Big Bazaar
y Big Bazaar is Indian personification of retail. y It's like an Indian bazaar or mandi s look being merged with modern retail features like quality, convenience & choice. y Provides best value for money & comfortable shopping experience. y Ensures customization by catering to the local needs. y Its central idea is self-explanatory by its tag-line only.

y Ancestral origin and Immigration

In this chapter Mr. Kishore biyani has discussed about his ancestral origin and the migration of his grandfather Late Bansi Lal Biyani from Nimbi village of Rajesthan to Mumbai. According to Mr. Biyani, Nimbi was a small village which hardly had anything to discuss about, however the Dist. Town was famous for animal fare. In 1935 Mr Biyani s Granfather shifted to Mumbaiand setup his first business as shop, selling dhotis and saris.

Till early 1950s the entire Biyani family was set up in Mumbai and business was roaring, inspite of the complex govt regime with import restrictions and quotas etc. Mr Bansi Lal Biyani had formed a partnership concern Comtex Industries and procured and marketed polyster knitted shirts. He also managed to get the sole sole distributorship of Ashoka Industries, a textile company in Nepal This was how Biyanis landed and established in Mumbai in their early days.

y KB y Mr Kishore Biyani was born on 9th august 1961. The year He

was born his family setup it s second business in synthetic furnishingand named it Messrs Kishore Kumar Biyani. It was told to Mr Kishore Biyani that his horoscope was extremely good for business. y To quote Mr. Kishore Biyani here, he wrote in his book I haven t yet bothered to look at that horoscope It shows His believe in himself and not on fortune.

y Early Days

Mr Biyani grew up in a joint family with his grand parents, five uncles and 12 cousins and siblings. He used to go to nearby school and was fond of cricket and had enjoyed the company of friends . In studies Mr Biyani was a mediocre one not very good but not a bad student as well. In his early days he lived in a closed family atmosphere, used to watch movies together, there was ramayana paath once in a year and the Grandparents were giving lessons in evenings on Indian values to the children in the family. But from the early days Mr. Biyani was against any religious practice or ritual

y Anil Biyani

Anil Biyani is Kishore Biyani s younger brother. Anil has also revealed the similar aspects about Kishore s nature. He told how Kishore refused the rituals like shitala devi vrat etc. Even at playing he used to say that he will be in Ravan s team and others can go in Ram s Team. He actually trusted his own capabilities so strongly that he never needed to be on the side of an established hero. Kishore Biyani was obsessed with rationality from the veryu beginning.

y After finishing school, mr Biyani joined HR college in

Mumbai. And it gave an all new horizon to his stride. He made several good friends and was spending time with them wandering around new places and understanding and interpreting the new world

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