OCSO DIGNITARY PROTECTION UNIT (DPU) Summary of DPU activities for 2011: January: Formation of the DPU 02/04: OK Congressional

Delegation Annual Media Convention Location: Reed Center in Midwest City. Dignitaries: Congressman Cole – Congressman Lankford DPU: 6 02/24: 8 CLEET hours training for DPU. 03/02: Mike Huckabee Location: Best Books Store in Edmond – Cox Studios in OKC – Will Rogers Airport. DPU: 4 03/22: Congressman Lankford Town Hall Meeting Location: EOC Tech in Choctaw – Harrah City Hall – Old German Restaurant in Choctaw. DPU: 4 04/15: Women of Joy Convention - Dignitaries: Sarah Palin – Bristol Palin Location: Will Rogers Airport – Cambria Suites - OKC Fairgrounds Arena – Will Rogers Airport. DPU: Dignitary Arrival Team – 6 Arena Advance Team – 7 04/29: OK State Health Department training exercise. DPU: 4 05/06: OK GOP State Convention – Clarion Convention Center in OKC Dignitaries: Congressmen Cole, Lankford, Sullivan, Lucas, Senator Inhofe, Govenor Fallin DPU: 5 05/09: 8 hours training for DPU. 05/17: Congressman Cole Town Hall Meeting/Midwest City Chamber of Commerce Location: Rose State College in Midwest City DPU: 2 06/25: OK GOP Annual Outdoor Event – Sportsman’s Club in OKC Dignitaries: Congressman Lankford & OK State Officials DPU: 12

Page 2. 08/15: Congressman Lankford Town Hall Meeting – EOC Tech in Choctaw DPU: 4 08/24 & 25: Congressman Elijah Cummings – 7th District of Maryland Location: Will Rogers Airport – Marriott Hotel – Fairview Baptist Church – Langston University OKC – Marriott Hotel – Will Rogers Airport. DPU: 6 08/29: Congressman Cole Town Hall Meeting – Rose State College DPU: 4 09/08: Senator Inhofe and U. S. Director of Wildlife Dan Ash – Environmental Meeting – University of Central Oklahoma DPU: 2 09/09: 9/11 Attacks Anniversary Ceremony – U. S. Air Force Association Dignitaries: TAFB Commanders – Governor Fallin Location: Rose State College in Midwest City DPU: 4 09/14: DPU training - firearms qualifications and squad drills 10/06: Funeral for OK County Judge Twyla Gray Dignitaries: OK County Officials and Judges DPU: 4 12/20: OK County Detention Center – Inmate Catholic Confirmation Dignitaries: Sheriff, Catholic Archbishop and guests

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