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Yoga Keeps You Healthy

Yoga Keeps You Healthy

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Published by: dark_loser on Jan 10, 2012
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HEALTH WATCH Yoga keeps you healthy C h e llia h TH U RA I A P PA H The world is actually suffering from over-drugging.

Yoga can prove to be a great saviour of mankind if its practice is popularized in the length and breadth of the world, because yoga has the capacity to keep the body free from most types of sickness and thus to make the unnecessary use of drugs. It is easy to find thousands of allopathic doctors themselves who have lost faith in allopathic drugs. Yoga not only advises to avoid drugs but it also helps an individual to get rid of drugs. Another plus point of yoga is that it operates not only on the physical level but also on the mental and spiritual planes. So far as the malfunctioning of glans is concerned, no medical system has really achieved any breakthrough. Here, also, it is yoga which can restore the normal functioning of glands by corrective yogic practices. Regular practice of yoga not only keeps the body healthy and fit, but also prevents physical, mental and emotional imbalances due to various reasons in our day-to-day life. Daily yogic practices gradually bring about a change in one¶s thoughts, conduct, attitude, behaviour words and deeds and also a total transformation in personality as a whole. Yoga has the capacity to free the body from making diseases. It not only operates on the physical level but also has great benefits on mental worries and tension. Yoga comprises four types of exercises; postures (yogasanas), mudras and breathing exercises (Pranayama). Postures invigorate our internal organs, the mudras ensure healthy functioning of the glands and breathing exercises help in purifying our blood and decreases the intensity of mental stress. Meditation calms the mind. You become more aware of your body through meditation. Creating a balance Yoga is an ancient that aims to create a balance between the body, mind and soul, thereby curing physical, mental and spiritual disorders that are caused by this imbalance. In common language, yoga means union, it¶s a union of the individual consciousness with super-consciousness. To be exact, yoga aims at reminding the individual of this union that already exists and has merely been forgotten. To put it simply, yoga is experiencing and knowing what already exists, not inventing anything new. At the physical level, yoga can create a balance and harmony among the various organs and systems of the body, allowing the healing powers inherent in the body to work and cure physical ailments. At the mental level, yoga is the harmony between mind, heart and hands or between thought, speech Yoga practices help increase the oxygen levels in your blood.

particularly if you practice regular breathing exercises and meditation. long breathing is the best way to uplift your mood. glands. lubricate the joints and tone the whole body. Yoga is basically a set of systematically devised physical exercises that lay emphasis on balance and posture. Yoga is known to greatly enhance flexibility by almost 35 percent within a period of three months of regular practice. All the yoga exercises and poses you practice help you develop a healthier body and build up more strength. you will improve your physique without any work out injuries to your bones and muscles. They are scientifically graded to move from the simple to the complex. Combined with breathing exercises they have the capacity to cure almost any ailment of the body and mind. Yoga postures or positions are simple and effective body movements that massage the muscles. But. yoga aims to destroy the individual ego that stands between the individual and the cosmos. you will also have to adhere to a yogic diet. Yoga is very. Postures exercise the nerves and ligaments. endocrine. The underlying concept of yoga is to create the situation in which the human body can function at its optimum capacity. one that is predominantly vegetarian. . improve your coordination and concentration and keep all stress and tension at bay. This is one of the main benefits of yoga. for this. Yoga postures help to keep the body healthy and the mind peaceful. for this purpose it is vital that you don¶t smoke or indulge in any form of intoxication. Yoga postures refer to the sequence of exercises which is extremely important to get the best results.and action. Yoga will keep you both physically and mentally healthy. This part of your yoga regimen will help expand your chest walls. Regular practice By practising yoga regularly. very helpful in toning up your body muscles as well as the internal organs. thus attaining to the ultimate truth. But for these results you will have to be consistent in your practices. These exercises increase flexibility and balance in the body. Yoga practices also normalize sluggish endocrine glands and help keep them healthy. beverages such as tea and coffee tend to take away many of the health benefits of yoga. for this you will have to maintain the consistency of your yoga practices. At the spiritual level. pure light and rich in fruits and vegetables. But. But. Deep. Also. to cure the body first and then move on to mental and spiritual goals. Yoga practices help increase the oxygen levels in your blood and keep you active. Pranayama Pranayama (breathing exercises) is an integral part of yoga. give you greater lung capacity and that itself will solve all your respiratory problems.

Emotional stress Many women experience cramps or dysmenorrhoea or pre-menstrual syndrome during their menstruation. Brahmari pranayama is very effective in osteoarthritis patients. Tree pose (Vrikshana) are very helpful. digestive disorders such as heartburn and ulcers. Fish pose (Matsyasana). Modern medical science treats the blood pressure but not the underlying reason that is mental strain. the blood pressure comes to normal for sometime but when the effect of the medicines is over. Easy pose (Sukhasana). Triangle pose (Trikonasana). the blood pressure again rises. colitis and many other conditions. asthma. constipation. Pranayama. These are pelvic and abdominal pains. Pranayama reduces the need of oxygen. arthritis. certain endocrine diseases. The cramps can be caused by emotional stress as well as uterine contractions. Yoga certainly helps in osteoarthritis. such as coronary artery disease. Crocodile pose (Chararunga). Yoga therapy has been found to be effective in the treatment and management of the following problems and diseases: Heart disease. Meditation releases mental and emotional tensions. headache. Ujjayee Pranayama balances the Pranic flow of energy in the body. It purifies the nerves and thereby strengthens the nervous system. lungs and hypertension. reduces arthritic rigidly. fit and resistant against all forms of chronic diseases. so also production of carbon dioxide. There is no solution except removing all the strains on mind and control the mental activities. High mental strain results in high blood pressure. Corpse pose (Shavasana) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) relieve both. So the respiration rate reduces. back pain. to reap these benefits. Pain killers cause serious side effects. cold or minor indisposition. Simple poses (Asanas) help increase the blood circulation in the joints and limbs. affecting principally the elderly. 15 minutes meditation every day shows miraculous results. Meditation and Yoga Nidra definitely help achieve mental peace. Especially for high blood pressure patients. It awakens the slumbering energies of the mind. When you take medicines. Yoga postures. Wind relieving pose (Pavanamuktasana). Yoga certainly helps achieve the stress-free mind. So the best remedy is to remove all underlying reasons for mental stress and strain. cat pose (Bidalasana). diabetes. sinusitis. Dysmenorrhoea actually means painful menstruation. Cobra pose (Bhujangasana). It is very beneficial in the ailments of the nervous system. bow pose (dhanurasana). Then again. Ujjayee also affects carotid sinus which helps reduce blood pressure. Nadishodhana Pranayama controls the Pranic flow. In various Pranayama techniques. These medicines only weaken your body and increase your dependence on them. the most common form of arthritis. high blood pressure. Warrior pose (veerasana). Osteoarthritis. you will have to resist the urge to resort to allopathy for every little cough. hay fever. It helps one handle stressful situations in efficient ways. It is a remarkably useful practice for those who get worried or agitated easily or those who suffer from high blood pressure and insomnia. . Meditation saves the mind from dissipation and takes it to the realms of peace and perfection. Cobra pose (Bhujanagansana). is a deliberating progressive disease.Practising yoga regularly will definitely keep you healthy.

Sun Salutation (Suriya Namaskar). It is said that no due recognition is given to this ancient science of living in our country. yoga can combat both with pranayama and relaxation techniques. Addiction to alcohol. Cobra pose. Bow pose. Locust pose. Yoga also helps in the functioning of the nervous system and the endocrinal glands. About 10. yoga relaxation (Yoga Nidra). During this process one gets a feeling of freshness physically and mentally. junk food. and Ujjayee pranayama help to manage cardiovascular problems. chronic kidney and lung diseases. Since stress and bad lifestyle habits cause cardiovascular problems. People who do not exercise much or are obese or have diabetes in their family history are more prone to getting diabetes. heart diseases. Almost 350 people die due to these diseases daily in Sri Lanka. emotional and mental strains very easily and effectively and controls high blood pressure very effectively. stroke. Health Ministry has given high priority for prevention of these diseases. the leading killers of the world population are non communicable diseases (NCDs). smoking. Yoga is very good for cardiovascular health. Certain yoga postures massage the pancreas and stimulate it to produce adequate quantity of insulin that controls the blood sugar level. cancer and diabetes. According to WHO reports. Lotus pose (Padmasana). Yoga therapy is extremely good at treating and managing these chronic diseases not incurring any expenses. This again reduces the chances of heart diseases. Through relaxation techniques. It also helps focus the mind and removes negative elements.000 to 12. Camel pose. one can raise the heart rate variability (HVR). Yoga therapy is gaining popularity fast now since it has been accepted as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Western countries. Yoga controls and even curses diabetes. Non communicable diseases account for 90 percent of death in hospitals. physical inactivity. such as. artificial beverages and foods with excess sugar and flour are most prominent reasons of non communicable diseases. Yoga postures and pranayama relax the body and mind. Corpse pose (Shavasana). It gives the results in a short time. An increase in HVR leads to better cardiovascular health. Ujjayee pranayama and Meditation cure and control diabetes.Yoga relaxation (Yoga Nidra) is psychic sleep. Yoga poses help to cure obesity too. Modern medical science accepts that a cleaned body and calm mind can act as curative force for many diseases. Yoga improves the flow of blood while making the veins and arteries more flexible and elastic. . slow down the metabolism and control the breathing. Bellow breathing (Bhastrika pranayama). Practice of Pranayama techniques like Nadishodana pranayama. It helps remove physical.000 new cancer patients have been reported annually.

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