Come spend a day to meet other spouses and de-stress with the Pegasus Rising herd! WHAT PEGASUS DOES : Our services are free of charge. We provide a natural and fun equine based experience for our veter ans and their families. Interacti ng with our herd is a natural way for our veterans to cope with their experiences oversea s and to help reconnect and b ond with their family members

12.1 Spouse Retreat! February 1st, 2012 11AM 1PM
Spend a relaxing afternoon engaging with this herd of rescued horses in beautiful Del Mar, California! Transportation and a light lunch will be provided.
12 Participants max. so RSVP ASAP!
Hosted by the 1st Supply Battalion Chaplain s Office (LT Jeanette Shin, CHC, USN) For more information or to RSVP call Chaplain Shin at (760)212-3376 or Email:

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