Improving communication Competence
1) How competent are you in various communication skills? I think I am very competent in verbal and non- verbal communication but when it comes to written communication I do lack a in that department. In written communication I am not able to convey the exact idea which I am easily able to deliver in verbal and non-verbal communication. When talking about listening skills I am a very good listener. I listen to others very carefully and sort out any problem which the person is facing. I try my level best to help the other person when he needs my guidance.

2) Describe communication situations in which you don’t feel you are competent as you’d like to be. I think written communication skill is the major point of my weakness. I have also felt that because of my poor handwriting, even while writing during the exams I fell short of words to the topics on which I have thorough knowledge.

starting from my school days I always use to behave the same way others behave in the group. I feel adaptability has three aspects standup. If I am talking to my boss I speak very politely. share problems. it is always very essential to listen to different people perspective as we no that a coin always have two sides. . clinch and ground.3) How will you adapt your communication to different situations and people? I have good adaptability to which ever situation I am in. I do change my communication style according to the people around me. 4) How consistently and effectively do you engage in dual perspective when interacting with others? How can you tell when you really understand another’s point of view? I mostly engage myself with dual perspective. if I am with my friends I speak everything from my heart.

feedback. practice. and feelings to another person. yourself and the interpersonal communication process.5) How do you monitor your communication so that you gauge how you come across to others? 6) Describe your commitment to others. thoughts. . and reflection. Interpersonal communication is the process that we use to communicate our ideas. Our interpersonal communication skills are learned behaviors that can be improved through knowledge. relationships.

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