A Project submitted in MJP Rohilkhand University For the partial Fulfillment of course B.C.A.

GUIDED BY-: Mr. Sanjeev Agnihotri

SUBMITTED BY-: Ritu Bhojwani Roll No. 10102298

P.___________ Date____________ CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Project Report entities ´PAYROLL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM·· embodies the original work done by SHOBHIT SHARMA during this Project report submission as a partial fulfillment of the required for the Project report of Bachelor of Computer Application Vth Sem of the BAREILLY COLLEGE BAREILLY .J. Rohilkhand Unversity Bareilly .Ref.Singh (principal) BAREILLY COLLEGE BAREILLY .Srivastav (Head of Department of BCA ) BAREILLY COLLEGE BAREILLY Sign Dr.K.no. Sign Dr.R.It has been carried out under the guidance and supervision of project guide.P.A Project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award of Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA) of M.R.

Bareilly for their guidance and motivation in the completetion of this seminar report. ABHINAV SAXENA RAHUL DASS . understanding and wisdom. Head of computer department.Srivastav. who guided us to complete this report. At last I would like to express my gratitude my parents who guided my way always towards success. I hope the seminar report will prove it self a milestone to others but the evolution of this seminar report is in your hands.K. So I would like to give thanks to Dr. teacher is KEY to knowledge. BAREILLY and my seniors & class fellows whose valuable suggestions can¶t be Ignored. A Special thanks to Mr.Sanjeev Agnihotri. BAREILLY COLLEGE. I would like to say thanks to GOD gave me ability to complete this seminar report.R. I am also thankful to other staff member of computer department.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all. To a student. Bareilly College.

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