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Prisoner of Zenda: People & Places

Prisoner of Zenda: People & Places

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Published by Kieran McGovern
Characters & locations in classic adventure story
Characters & locations in classic adventure story

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Published by: Kieran McGovern on Jan 10, 2012
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Main Characters

Rudolf Rassendyll Rich young English gentleman looking for adventure. Bored with his life London he travels to Ruritania for the Coronation of his distant cousin the new King Rudolf..

King Rudolf

At the start of the story, Prince Rudolf Elpberg is about to become the new King of Ruritania. He likes to eat, drink and enjoy himelf. A rich, beautiful widow in love with Duke Michael

Antoinettede Mauban

Duke Michael

Half brother of King Rudolf. Michael has a castle and hunting lodge in Zenda. He will do anything to become King. Famous adventurer working for Duke Michael. Rupert is clever and brave and a brilliant fighter. He is in love with Antoinette. Loyal friends of King Rudolf. They know the danger from Duke Michael but cannot stop the King Six of the best fighters and worst men in Europe. They work for Duke Michael of the includes Detchard, De Gautet & Bersonin

Rupert Henztau

Fritz & Sapt

Famous Six

Princess Flavia

The people want Princess Flavia to marry King Rudolf and become Queen of Ruritania. But which ‘King’ does Flavia love?

Places in the Story
The writer Anthony Hope invented the country of Ruritania. It is somewhere in central Europe (see map for possible locations) London - where Rudolf Rassendyll lives Paris - where Rudolf Rassendyll first sees Antoinette Ruritania –country in central Europe Dresden - city in Eastern Germany Strelsau – capital of Ruritania Zenda - town in Ruritania with famous castle

When  does  the  story  take  place?
In the early 1890s. Rudolf travels to Ruritania at a time when there were railways and guns but people still used horses and swords. In Europe at that time you did not need a passport to travel between countries.


Look for images of the following from the 1890s a) Paris b) Dresden.c) London d) Budapest e) your home town/city. Write down a) three ways all the cities are different to today b) three differences between London and Budapest or Dresden.

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