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Published by: Raghwendra Singh on Jan 10, 2012
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A PR O J E C T O F T H E B S & G F O U N D A T I O N

Admission procedure consists of:
1. Completion and submission of application form 2. Online Aptitude Test 3. Personal interview 4. Notification and acceptance of admission Completion and submission of application form Completed application forms must reach IIJNM by no later than May 31, 2012. The application will not be considered unless all answers are typewritten (or printed legibly), signed and dated. The applicant's full name must appear at the top right corner on each page of the application and supporting materials. Applications that do not reach by May 31, 2012 will not be considered. The following must be submitted to the Admissions Committee: 1. Completed application form. 2. Supporting materials (if any) such as writing samples (published), record of achievements, etc. 3. Photocopy of official transcripts of academic records from undergraduate, graduate and/or professional institutions attended. 4. Two letters of recommendation from current or former academic faculty or professional superiors. The applicant must ask those writing recommendations to sign across the sealed flap of the envelope. Recommendation letters must accompany the application form. 5. Essay 1: Your reasons for wanting to pursue a career in journalism, and what you hope to achieve in this career (in not more than 250 words) 6. Essay 2: Your views on a recent event that received major national or international attention (in not more than 1,000 words) 7. The Rs. 500 application-processing fee by bank draft or pay order (payable at Bangalore) and drawn in favour of “IIJNM Bangalore.” 8. Based on the applications, qualified candidates will be interviewed in Bangalore/Telephonically. Selected candidates will be notified by the end of June. 9. Payment towards confirmation of admission (Rs.75,000) must be received by the Institute within seven days of notification of selection. Tuition and other fees for the semester are payable at the time of joining. The registration and tuition fees, once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances. Applications must be sent to: Admissions Processing Office Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media No. 401, 4E cross, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyananagar Bangalore 560043. India Tel: 080-25432565 / 25432575 / 25444995 / 25440164 Fax: 080-25440210 e-mail: admissions@iijnm.org

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Broadcast (TV & Radio) and Online/Multimedia Journalism j) Choose one concentration (Print or Broadcast or Online/Multimedia) in order of preference: 1) 2) 3) 1 .Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media Application Form 1. Broadcast (TV & Radio) and Online/Multimedia Journalism One-year Diploma in Print. Paste a passport size photo in the space provided and sign across it Affix passport size photograph Personal identification a) Full name : b) Date of birth : (Day) (Month) (Year) Sex (M/F) : Mother’s Name: Tel/Mobile No: e-mail: Permanent address of candidate: c) Father’s Name: Tel/Mobile No: e-mail: d) Current mailing address of candidate: Pin Code: Candidate’s Tel No : Candidate’s Mobile No: e) Nationality/Passport of country: f) Student’s E-mail id: g) Local guardian in Bangalore: Name & Address: Pin Code: Contact Tel No: Mobile No: Contact Tel/Mobile No: e-mail: h) Name and address of person to be contacted in case of emergency: i) Program applied for : One-year Postgraduate Diploma in Print. Type or write in clear block letters 2. Attach photocopies of documents specified 3.

1 2 3 4 2 Language Speak Read Write .m) Are you computer literate? YES / NO What applications are you familar with? Education: a) High school: Name of school School leaving certificate (SSLC/HSC/ISCE/ICSE) Year of passing Division/Grade/Rank b) Bachelor’s degree: Name of college or university Degree obtained Duration and year of graduation Subjects (majors) Division/Grade/Rank c) Master’s degree: Name of college or university Degree obtained Duration and year of graduation Subjects (majors) Division/Grade/Rank d) Any other qualifications: e) Languages known: Sl. No.

PHYSICAL. but will enable the Institute to make any necessary accommodations) a) Have you had any any chronic illness for the past five years? (give details): b) Have you been under medication for the past last years? (give details): c) Are you under any medication now? d) Do you have any allergies? (give details) f) Are you under medication for allergies? (give details) d) Any precautions to be taken? 3 .Work Experience: (if applicable) a) Most recent work experience: i) ii) Name of organization: Location and address: iii) Nature of business: iv) Your job / designation: v) Duration of employment: vi) Employer’s office telephone number: b) Previous work experience: i) ii) Name of organization: Location and address: iii) Name of business: iv) Your job/designation: v) Duration of employment: vi) Employer’s office telephone number: Personal assessment: MEDICAL. This will not affect candidate selection. DIETARY OR OTHER PERSONAL CONSIDERATIONS – IF ANY: (The candidate must state if s/he has any existing medical conditions or currently is taking any prescription medication.

Special skills. Hobbies and other interests: Accomplishments: Special Skills: Hobbies: Other Interests: 4 .Accomplishments.

and contact information for your two referees. official titles. 1) 2) b) List the academic records enclosed: c) List other supporting materials enclosed d) Name the titles of the two essays enclosed. state the currency 5 . Also describe how each knows you.List of accompanying materials: a) State the names. Enclose essays in separate sheets.: Dated: Drawee Bank If payment is made in another currency. e) Details of the bank draft or pay order (payable at Bangalore) for Rs. 500 towards application-processing fee DD/BC No.

Signature of Student 6 . Website ads: (specify) From educational fairs/seminars: (specify) Posters/campaigns/advertisements: (specify) IIJNM Alumni/lecturers: (specify) HOD’s from other colleges: (specify) All the above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.Applicant feedback: How did you come to know of IIJNM? Word of mouth Search engines: Yahoo Specify through whom Google Others (specify) If yes what were the words used to search (specify) for eg. Journalism college etc.

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