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tmak raka

Webinar 11th December 2011 Florida, USA (S ryav ra, K a Dvit ya, rdra Nak atra)

Choice of topic
(Email exchange with Manibabu)
‡ vy vy sadev ya nama Dear Manibabu, Namaste. Jupiter is in Aries in A vin Nak atra which means that B haspati wants us to speak about the beginning of everything. Birth, Health, self-realisation, and 'sva' in all its facets come to fore in this year. So how about Atmak raka: - Where is the tma? (Liñgachakra and knowing Sarasvat ) - Bhagavad G ta and the tma (K opade a) - Chandra and tma (True meaning of J va+atma and H daya) - Introduction to the Charak raka (Par ara) - 8 types of Atmak raka (A tma) - The 7 and 8 ditya ( g Veda and Bhagavad G ta on difference between 7 and 8 tma) - Par ara, Jaimini and Mahe vara on the topic of 7 vs. 8 Charak raka - Digchakra and tmak raka - K lachakra and tmak raka - K rak a and its results (Dvada tma) - K rak a Bh va - etc. Additions:
± ± tmak raka Bh va tmak raka Nav a


. ‡ The H daya is the heart and is what many speak of as being the Anahata Chakra. The B jas given herein are not recommended for regular Ku alini practice. ‡ If the sages meant Anahata.Where is the tma? ‡ Statement: The tma resides in the H daya. but exhibit the energy of the chakras. 4. 2. The colours depicted for the chakras are not meant for approaching the chakras. This image is taken from google s image search and is a wrong depiction of some chakra basics: The chakras do not exist between the junction points of the three nadi/rivers but ARE the junction points. 3. The Chakras are supposed to be depicted as upside down lotus-pods with the Devat seated upon them. why did they say H daya? ‡ 1.

. Chakras are like Yantras hence Yantra can trap or bind the soul Hence the most effective remedy against the accumulation of bad karmas... This N i or river is also called Sarasvat and is worshipped in the g Veda with the k: pavak na sarasvat . Within EVERY chakra exists an eight-petal-lotus. They form the tube called u umna N which is like a river going through all the Chakra. This is the Liñga Chakra and the 8 tma rest here with one petal/ tma dominating over the others.H daya Liñga Chakra residing just above the Anahata holding the eight tma (charak raka) ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The Anahata Chakra has 12 petals. and just above this (or inside this) there exists a Chakra of 8 petals.

. Chapter 3). Par ara.Important questions ‡ How can the tma/soul be a graha? ‡ Is it Param tma (supersoul) or J v tma (individual soul) or either? ‡ Isn t Sun the significator of soul? (ref.

just as the king is the most famous among the men of his country and is the head of all affairs and is entitled to bind one (rebirth) or liberate one (mok a). and release from the same! Point is that tmak raka decides to what extent you are bound to this world. Comment: The reference to bondage and liberation can also directly refer to cases of kidnapping. . imprisonment.Par ara and tmak raka tm khyak rakaste u pradh na kathyate dvija || 6|| sa eva j tak dh o vijñeyo dvijasattama | yath bh mau prasiddho'sti nar k itip laka || 7|| sarvav rt dhik r ca bandhak nmok akrat tath || 8|| Translation: Out of these K raka. tmak raka is the most important and has a prime say on the native.

. D rak raka is not our spouse but how we are interacting with our spouse. 5. Hence. 4. 2. 3. 7. 8. tmak raka (self) matyak raka (advisor) Bhrat k raka (brother) Mat k raka (mother) Pit k raka (father) Putrak raka (children) Jñatik raka (community) D rak raka (spouse) All Charak raka are aspects of ourselves. 6. I. tmak raka is NOT the self but how we are interacting with our self and which experiences are covering the souls presence in this world.e.Eight Charak raka 1.

The K lachakra shows who is blocking the movement of the tma. This is depicted in two ways The Digchakra shows where the eight tma are going.Dig and K lachakra The eight petal lotus indicates the movement of pr a. and whether the tma is accepting or letting go of Pr a. .

‡ Venus and Moon form the pair of unconditional love vs. knowledge.e. ‡ R hu and Jupiter form the pair of doubt vs. but you will use them like a child uses their mother. Moon tmak raka is so often used for their compassion towards others that they begin setting conditions for their compassion/love.Dig Chakra pairs (opposites) ‡ Sun and Saturn form the pair of king and servant. Mercury tmak raka is often drawn into battles indicated by Mars. . ‡ Mercury and Mars form the pair of communication and the break down of the same. These pairs are opposites and seek each other in an attempt to find balance in their own traits. i. Moon AK is your best friend. conditional love.

This is the native in its giving mood which we are UNAWARE of. So remember to give as much as you get.K la Chakra directions ‡ The directions of the K la chakra are in two pairs: ± The horizontal and vertical directions form one group of KENDRA directions. ± Pr a moves IN through the KENDRA.. ± The diagonal directions form another group of KO A directions. ± Pr a moves OUT/leaves through the KO A. Also spirituality is the opposite of material life and accumulation prevents spiritual growth. This is the native in its receiving mood and which we are AWARE of. ‡ Implication: spirituality requires giving. These are more spiritually focussed. not receiving. .. These are more materially focussed.

.tmak raka placement ‡ The bh va occupied by the tmak raka from Lagna is the burning point of the chart. This is what you consider as GOD in your life.] ‡ Every decision is made revolving around this house and is what you consider as most important. [Imagine a neighbourhood where one house is on fire that s the bh va of the tmak raka. ‡ Your decisions about this house all revolve around avoiding change to the house s significations.

You can criticize a person for many things. This is what is most important to the native. Bh va 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th Sayings I am God King is born God is kula (family) God is my protector/bodyguard God is mother God is child God is enemy God is spouse God is death monk is born God is Guru (first Guru is father) God is karma God is punishment God is liberation sage is born Know a persons tmak raka Bh va and you will know the person. . whether they believe in God or not. From this house the native finds excuses for their happiness and suffering unfailingly. Praise this and you are their best friend. but if you touch the tmak raka Bh va s indications they will never forgive nor forget you.tmak raka placement cont.

Chandra ekarendra Sarasvat Rashi (D-1) General Rashi (D-1) General SaAK Ke16° 27° 6 7 4 3 SL13° RaPiK 16° Am Ve23° MeDK JpBK 7°! 18° GK Su7°! SL13° As24° 5 MoPuK 15°! 8 11 2 Jp Su Me BK 18° GK 7°! DK 7°! MaMK 15°! Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Sun. Family is God. . INDIA As24° SaAK 27° Ke16° 9 HL24° MaMK 15°! 10 12 1 HL24° RaPiK VeAm 16° 23° MoPuK 15°! ‡ Saturn tmak raka in the second house. Joined spiritual family (Ketu Gurukula) at the age of 13 and stayed there until leaving his body at age 99. 20/5/1894 13:22:00 Villupuram.

playing instruments.Rashi (D-1) General Elvis Presley Am 26° Rashi (D-1) General Me Su VeGK 9 7° MK Ra9° 10 SL25° AK 30° BK 25° Jp HL11° 7 As20° 6 MaPiK 20° SaDK 3° PuK Mo10° 8 11 2 5 MoPuK 10° SaDK 3° RaMK Elvis Presley 9° GK Tue. ‡ Mercury indicates the arts. . 8/1/1935 4:35:00 SL25° Ve7° Tupelo. craftmanship. MS 4 3 Ke9° 12 1 Ke9° MeAK 30° BK Su25° As20° JpAm 26° HL11° MaPiK 20° ‡ Mercury AK in second house seeking family. dancing. With Sun makes him the king of this family.e. i.

6/2/1874 13:40:00 Puri. .Srila Bhaktisiddh nta Thakura Rashi (D-1) General Rashi (D-1) General MaDK 6° 4 5 As3° Ra PuK 19° As3° 2 1 RaPuK 19° SL1° HL5° 3 6 9 12 JpGK 10° MoMK 19° MaDK 6° MeAK VeBK 28° 22° PiK Am Su26° Sa15° SL1° Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thak Fri. INDIA Ke19° 7 8 11 10 Ke 19° JpGK 10° Mo MK HL5° 19° SuAm 26° PiK Sa15° VeBK MeAK 22° 28° ‡ tmak raka Mercury in the 8th house monk is born. ‡ Father of the modern day ISKCON.

Obama Rashi (D-1) General Rashi (D-1) General Ke5° Mo MK 11° 11 12 Ve PuK 9° As25°SaDK 3° GK SL27° Jp8° 10 1 4 7 9 8 Ke 5° Me PiK 10° BK Su 20° SL27° Jp 8° GK Barack Obama Fri. ‡ Is this indicative of a strong soul or weak soul? . 4/8/1961 19:24:00 Honolulu. HI Ra Am Ma AK 5° 30° HL29° As25°Sa DK 3° Mo MK 2 11° 3 SuBK 20° Me PiK 10° 6 5 VePuK 9° RaAm HL29° Ma AK 30° 5° ‡ Mars AK in 8th house Monk is born? ‡ See campaign slogans: Change we can believe in and later Change we need .

. Worshipped r (Venus) Yantra (R hu) in ruby-stone (Sun). Was titled Mahar i! ‡ Sun lords the 8th house performed penance in a cave for many years like a monk. INDIA Mo BK 10°! Sa Ke 28° PiK 5° 5 SL 23° Mo BK 10°! ‡ Sun AK in 12th house i is born.Mahar i Mahe a Yogi Rashi (D-1) General HL 22° Rashi (D-1) General Su AK Ra DK Ve GK 28° 29° 4°! Jp PuK 4°! Ma MK 10°! Me Am 13° As27° 10 1 4 7 9 8 HL 22° SL 23° 11 12 Ke 28° Sa PiK 5° Jp PuK 4°! 2 3 6 As27° Me Am 13° MK Ma 10°! Ra DK 28° GK AK Su 29°Ve 4°! Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Fri. 12/1/1917 8:40:00 Jabalpur. ‡ R hu-Venus yoga.

UK MoGK 6° 3 2 JpBK 22° HL16° VePuK 10° SaMK 21° As23° MeDK 1° SuAK 27° MaPiK 17° ‡ Sun AK in 12th with Mars. 13/10/1925 9:00:00 Grantham.Margaret Thatcher Rashi (D-1) General Rashi (D-1) General VePuK 10° 8 HL16° SuAK MaPiK 17° 27° MeDK 1° MK Sa21° As23° 7 6 5 SL30° 9 JpBK 22° Ke8° MoGK 6° RaAm 8° 10 1 4 RaAm 8° Margaret Thatcher Ke8° 11 12 SL30° Tue. ‡ Believed that the Trade Unions (Saturn) were a threat (bondage) to democratic policies and was instrumental in eradicating their influence for an entire generation! . Was titled Iron Lady when stating that the USSR sought world domination she liked the name.

Sv dhisth na (sva-adhi-sth na = place where the self comes first)? .e. i. Doesn t that hint that tmak raka is in the Sv chakra.Sv and tma ‡ Par ara and Jaimini use the term Sva or Svami at times to refer to the tmak raka.

tmak raka vs. K rak a ‡ Par ara and the sages are not concerned with the nature of the Graha becoming tmak raka and hence only the tradition has given the results of the various planets as tmak raka as mentioned in previous slides. ‡ Why is this so? .

K rak a and its results (Dvada tma) ‡ The tmak raka sign in Nav a is termed K rak a. the sign of the K rak a shows what karma we are doing to the world in this life! The lord of this sign can be the tmak raka in the next birth. ‡ Nav a shows the Bhagya and Dharma. while the signs show what we are doing in this life! ‡ Hence. . The grahas show what has been undergone in past life.

Sat and Parvat ) . ‡ Taurus & Libra: After great penance or preparation will be distracted by the spouse from ones objective leading to great lamentation (refer ukr charya and Jayant ) ‡ Cancer: will approach or be approached by another's spouse (refer Soma and T r ) ‡ Leo: will wander the earth after the loss/separation from spouse. until remarriage (refer iva.K rak a signs and marriage ‡ Aries: will be unsuccessful in marriage once after which one wanders the earth looking for a spouse and eventually marries very well (refer Skanda and his bet with Ga e a) celibacy is forced upon the native even during marriage.

‡ Gemini: will have two spouses yet marry or support many others who have been deprived from their spouses (refer r K a) ‡ Virgo: will marry and be dedicated to spouse whom one suffers repeated separation or difficulties from (refer r R ma) .K rak a and marriage cont.

IT 9 Ra DK 25° 12 SL24° VeMK 14° 10 SL24° 2 11 1 Ra DK 25° Ma BK 16° JpAK 29°! Me GK 8° MoAm 29°! PiK Su 13° As7° HL1° SaPuK 12° ‡ AK Jupiter in Gemini Nav a.Silvio Berlusconi (D-1) General Rashi (D-1) General Rashi JpAK 29°! 7 MeGK 8° HL1° VeMK 14° As7° SuPiK 13° MoAm 29°! 6 5 4 Ke25° MaBK 8 16° Ke25° 3 Sa PuK 12° Silvio Berlusconi Sun. ‡ Note Venus in 12th leads to marriage. not renunciation. 29/9/1935 5:53:37 Milan. Infamous for his bunga bunga parties. . In R i Jupiter is in second with Venus in 12th as Mercury is joined it seeking a family of wives.

K rak a and marriage cont. the spouse will cause great misfortune in life (refer ani cara and his wife) ‡ Sagittarius & Pisces: spouse may be approached by other courters because one ignores or leaves the spouse for long periods of time (refer B haspati and T r ) . ‡ Scorpio: will have two spouses. either simultaneously or consecutively after misfortune with a partner (refer Ga e a and Tuls ) ‡ Capricorn and Aquarius: because of the native s lack of interaction with spouse.

Carla Berlusconi (D-1) General Rashi (D-1) General Rashi Ke19° 12 MoPiK 14° 10 9 Ke19° As26° SaMK 22° Am Jp23°! SL2° SaMK 22° Am Jp23°! 1 As26° 11 2 5 8 VePuK 12° Carla Berlusconi SL2° 3 4 SuAK 27° MaBK 23°! 6 MoPiK 14° 7 Thu. 12/9/1940 19:30:00 La Spezia. ‡ Venus in 6th house spouse treats native like an angel. But Mercury in 8th with Moon in trines to it means he is like Soma with 27 wifes! With R hu can multiply this by 3! . IT MaBK 23°! AK Su27° HL15° VePuK 12° MeDKHL15° RaGK 19° 4° RaGKMeDK 4° 19° ‡ AK Sun in Sagittarius Nav a neglects spouse. In R i Sun is in 7th in own sign Spouse is like God..

Prince of Wales Rashi (D-1) General Navamsha (D-9) Dharma/Spouse Mo GK 8° MK Ra 11° MaAm 11° JpDK Su AK 1° 24° GK Mo 6° Ra MK Ve BK 8° 30° PuK Sa 20° As13° MePiK 5° SL30° Sa PuK 13° Ke 8° Prince Charles Sun.Charles. UK HL29° Ma Am 28° Jp DK 7° MePiK 14° AK Su30° Ke 11° VeBK 24° HL17° As21° SL27° ‡ AK Sun in Gemini Nav a with Moon and Jupiter maintains two spouses (Gemini) neglects initial spouse (Jupiter) and may have an affair with the spouse of another (Moon). 14/11/1948 21:14:00 London. . ‡ Ak in 4th in R i mother is God Mother is the Queen and is the reason for all his decisions in relationships.

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