Statement of Accomplishment

December 31, 2011 Dear Robert Tsai (,

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the online Machine Learning course (, offered October through December, 2011. To successfully complete this online course, students were required to watch lectures, complete review questions, and work through programming exercises. Your score on these components were as follows: Review Questions: 78.25 out of a maximum of 80 Programming Exercises: 800 out of a maximum of 800 Sincerely,

Andrew Ng

Disclaimer: This online offering of Machine Learning does not reflect the entire curriculum offered to students enrolled at Stanford University. This document does not affirm that you were enrolled as a Stanford student in any way; it does not confer a Stanford grade; it does not confer Stanford credit; it does not confer a Stanford degree or a certificate; and it does not verify the identity of the individual who took the course.

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