One of the most extreme mandatory ultrasound laws in the nation — requiring women be given information even when neither the woman or her physician believe the information is necessary to make a decision — has now led to an extreme court decision on this issue. This clears the way for the enforcement of an insulting and intrusive law whose sole purpose is to harass women and dissuade them from exercising their constitutionally protected reproductive rights. Until today, every court that has reviewed similarly intrusive laws have ruled the laws unconstitutional. Disdaining the uncontroversial notion that women are fully capable of weighing their reproductive choices carefully and responsibly on their own, the Texas ultrasound law serves only to place multiple hurdles between women and the free and full exercise of their reproductive rights. It is yet more evidence of the base hostility of anti-choice lawmakers to women, their reproductive healthcare providers, and the rights guaranteed all of us as American citizens. The Center for Reproductive Rights is currently evaluating all available means of continuing to challenge this and all laws that seek to undermine women’s fundamental rights, and to reverse the noxious tide of anti-choice assaults that this law represents. This law, and this decision, inserts government directly into a private decision that must be protected from the intrusion of political ideologues. Anyone concerned with the erosion of the constitutional protection of our individual rights as Americans should be profoundly concerned and disappointed by today’s events.”

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