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He Qi

Bible Stories

. 1983 " "

(HUH ± CHEE) " , .



. . . " . " .
English translation at the end


Losing Paradise

Ark of Noa

Finding of Moses

Escape From Egypt

Crossing the Red Sea

Desert Rest
(After Caravaggio )

Ark of Covenant

The Burning Bush

Moses Striking the Rock

Moses Blesses Israel

The Ten Commendments

Spies Return From Cannan

Jashua Blowing His Trumpet

Abraham and the Three Angels

The Dream of Jacob

Sacrifice of Abraham

Joseph and his Brothers

Elijah Taken Up to Heaven

Esther¶s Gamble

Jonah and the Whale

Gideon and the Angle

Sleeping Elijah

David and Saul

David and Jonathan

Judgement of Solomon

Song of Solomon

Dr. He Qi (Huh-chee) has been committed to the artistic creation of modern Chinese Christian Art since 1983. He hopes to help change the "foreign image" of Christianity in China by using artistic language, and at the same time, to supplement Chinese Art the way Buddhist art did in ancient times. In his works, He Qi has blended together Chinese folk customs and traditional Chinese painting techniques with the western art of the Middle and Modern Ages, and has created an artistic style of color-on-paper painting. Dr. He Qi was the first among Mainland Chinese to earn Ph.D. in the Religious art after the Cultural Revolution. He wrote his dissertation while studying at Hamburg Art Institute in Germany, where he was also able to pursue research in medieval art. He Qi is currently artist-in-residence at Yale, where he is working on a project to paint from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. A future He Qi illustrated bible in English, Spanish & Mandarin is the long-term goal of China's most prolific Christian artist.

Music: Ennio Morricone ± Gabriel¶s Oboe


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