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Language/Cultural Origin

Inherent Meaning

Spiritual Connotation

Aaron, Aaran, Aaren, Aarin, Aaronn, Aarron, Aron, Arran, Arron Abbot, Abbott Abdiel, Abdeel, Abdeil Abdul, Abdoul Abel, Abell Abi, Abbey, Abbi, Abby Abia, Abiah Abiel, Abielle Abigail, Abbigayle, Abbigail, Abbygayle, Abigael, Abigale Abijah, Abija, Abiya, Abiyah Abner, Ab, Avner Abraham, Abe, Abrahim, Abram Abriel, Abrielle Ace, Acey, Acie Acton, Akton Ada, Adah, Adalee, Aida Adael, Adayel Adalia, Adala, Adalin, Adelyn Adam, Addam, Adem Adara, Adair, Adaira Adaya, Adaiah Addi, Addy Addison, Adison, Adisson Adleaide, Addey, Addie Adeline, Adalina, Adella, Adelle, Adelynn Adia, Adiah Adiel, Addiel, Addielle Adina, Adena, Adeena Adlai, Adley Adlar, Addler, Adler Adonijah, Adonia, Adoniah, Adonija, Adoniya, Adoniyah Adora, Adoree Adria, Adriah Adrian, Adreian, Adreyan, Adriaan, Adrien, Adrion, Adryan, Adryon Adrianna, Adriana Adriel, Adrial Hebrew Aramaic Hebrew Middle Eastern Hebrew Anglo-Saxon Hebrew Hebrew Light Bringer Spiritual Leader Servant of God Servant Breath God's Will God Is My Father Child of God Radiating God's Light Walks In Truth Worshiper Humble Life of God Secure in God Child of God Heir of the Kingdom

Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew French Latin Old English Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Old English Old German Old German African Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Old German

My Farther Rejoices Will of God Enlightener Father of Nations Innocent Unity Oak-Tree Settlement Ornament God Is Witness Honor Formed of Earth Exalted God's Jewel My Witness Son of Adam Joyful Noble Gift Ornament of God Adorned Justice of God Eagle

Cherished of God Eternal Believer of Truth Founder Tenderhearted One With the Father Agreeable One Who Adorns Vindicated Courageous In God's Image Worthy of Praise Valuable Chosen In God's Image Spirit of Joy Under God's Guidance Gift of Glory Lovely Clothed With Praise Truthful Youthful

Hebrew Latin Latin

Gods Is My Lord Beloved Love of Life

Reverent Gift of God Filled With Life

Greek Italian Hebrew

Rich Dark Member of Gods Flock

Prosperous Guarded of God Nurtured of God

Adrienne, Adriane, Adriann, Adianne, Adrien, Adriene Aeneas, Eneas Afonya, Afonja Afton, Affton, Aftan, Aftyn Agatha, Agata, Aggie Agrippa Agnes, Agness, Agnessa, Agniya Ahab, Ahabb Aharah, Aharra, Aharhel, Aharia, Aharya Ahmad, Ahamad, Ahmaad, Amaud Ahmed, Ahamed, Amed Ahsan, Ahsahn, Ahsan Aiah, Aija, Aijah, Aiya, Aiyah, Aja, Ajah Aileen, Ailean, Ailene, Ailina Ainsley, Ainslee, Anslea, Anslee, Ansleigh, Ansley, Aynslee, Aynsley Aiesha, Aesha, Aisha, Aishah, Ayishah, Ayshea Ajani, Ayani Ajay, Aja, Ajai Akil, Ahkeel, Akeel, Akhil, Akiel Akim, Ackeem, Akeam, Akeem Aksel, Acksel Aladdin, Alaaddin Alan, Al, Alen, Allan, Allen, Allin, Allon, Allyn Alanna, Alaina, Alainna, Alainnah, Alana, Alanis, Alannah, Alayna, Allana, Allanh, Allanis, Allayna Alastair, Alistar, Alister, Allastair, Allaster, Allastir, Allyster Alben, Albain, Alban, Albany, Albein Albert, Al, Alberto, Elbert Alda Alden, Aldin, Aldin, Aldis, Aldous, Aldwin

Greek Greek Russian Old English Greek Latin Greek Hebrew Hebrew Middle Eastern Swahili Middle Eastern Hebrew English

Confident Praised Immortal From Afton, England Benevolent Pain of Childbirth Pure My Father's Brother Brother of Rachel Most Highly Praised Praiseworthy Charitable Bird of Prey Light Bearer

Faith in God Honored Eternal Righteous Kind Promise Innocent Learned Loyal Servant Sincere Generous Strength of God Messenger of Truth


My Own Meadow

Bringer of the Word of Truth

Middle Eastern Yoruba Indo-Pakistani Middle Eastern Russian Norwegian Middle Eastern Irish

Woman Victorious in the Struggle Immovable Intelligent God Will Establish Father of Peace Pinnacle of Faith Harmonious

Companion Overcomer Stable Wise Obedient Pleasant Righteous At One With Creation



Effective Witness

Scottish Latin Old English Old German Anglo-Saxon

Defender Of the City on a White Hill Noble Prosperous Wise Protector

Courage Secure in God's Love Brilliant Under God's Direction Guided of God

Aldrich, Aldric, Aldrick, Aldridge Alea, Aleah, Aleea, Aleeah, Alia, Allia Alejandro, Alejandra, Alesandra, Alesandro, Alessandra, Alessandro Aletha, Alathea Aleta, Aletha, Alethea, Alithea Alexander, Alax, Alec, Aleck, Aleksandar, Alecksander, Alexandar, Alexandros, Alexius, Alexxander, Allax, Allex Alexa, Aleksa, Aleksia, Alex, Alexia, Allex, Allix, Alyx, Allyx Alexandra, Aleksandra, Alexandria, Lexandra Alexis, Aleksei, Aleksey, Aleksi, Alexes, Alexis, Alexus, Alexys Alfonso, Alfonzo, Alphanso, Alphonzo Alfred, Alf, Alfredo Ali, Allie Aliah, Aliah, Alia, Aliya, Aliyah Alianna, Aliana Alice, Alis, Allis, Alysse Alicia, Alica, Alicea, Alicya, Aliecia, Alycia, Elicia, Ellicia Alika, Alikah Alim, Aleem Aline, Alene Alisa, Alissa, Allissa, Allysa, Alysa, Allyssa, Alisha, Aleasha, Aleesha, Aleisha, Alesha, Aliesha, Allie, Alley, Alli Allison, Alicen, Alicyn, Alison, Alisson, Alisyn, Allyson Allard, Alard Allegra, Alegrea, Allegrea, Allegria Allan, Alan Alma, Almah Almira, Allmira, Almeera, Almeira

Old English Middle Eastern

Wise Counselor Exalted

Strong of Mind Servant

Spanish/ Italian Greek

Defender of Mankind Truthful

Sincere Wise


Defender of Mankind

Brave Protector


Defender of Mankind



Defender of Mankind


English Italian Old English Swahili Hebrew Scottish Greek

Defender of Mankind Noble Benevolent Ruler Exalted Exalted Bearer of Light One of Integrity

Intercessor Mighty Protector Obedient Greatest Humble Ambassador of Truth Truthful

Hispanic Nigerian Middle Eastern Old German English

Truthful Most Beautiful Scholar Noble Noble

Child of Truth Beauty of God Wise Righteous Bold

English Anglo-Saxon

Highborn Brilliant

Victorious Illuminated

Old German Old English Latin Irish Latin Middle Eastern

Truthful Brave Cheerful Harmonious Loving Princess

Holy Dedicated Eager to Live At One With Creation Patient Fulfillment of Truth

Alonzo, Alanzo, Almanzo, Alonso Aloysius Alpha Alphaeus Alphonso, Alfonso, Alfonso, Alfonzo, Alphanso, Alphonzo Althea, Altheya, Alithia Alton, (see Elton) Alva, (see also Elva) Alvin, Al, Alvan, Alven, Alvyn (see also Elvin) Alvis, (see also Elvis) Alyssa, (see Alisa) Amada, Amadea, Amadia Amadeus, Amandeaus, Amado, Amador, Amadeo Amadika, Amadikah Amal, Amaal Amanda, Amandah, Amandalyn, Amandi, (see also Mandie) Amar, Amarr Amara, Amarah Amarantha, Amaranda, Amiranda, Amirante, Amirantha Amariah, Amaria, Amariya, Amariyah, Amarya, Amaryah Amaris, Amarissa Amasiah, Amaziah Amaya, Amayah Amber, Ambur, (see also Ember) Ambrose, Ambrose, Ambrus Amelia, Amaley, Amalia, Amalie, Amaliya, Amallia, Amelee, Amelie, (see also Emelia, Emily) Amery, Aimery, Ameri, Ammerie, Ammery, Amory (see Emery) Ames, Aimes Amica, Amicah Amin, Ameen Amina, Aminah, Aminda, Amindah Amir, Ameir Amira, Ameira

Old German Old German Phoenician Greek

Ready for Battle Noble Ox Traveler

Prepared Great Restful Nourished

Italian Greek Latin German Scandinavian

Noble Healer Brightness Friend of All All-Knowing

Mighty Protector Wholesome Alive Sincere Conqueror




Latin Rhodesian Hebrew

Lover of God Beloved Sorrowful

Obedient Close to God Productive

Latin Punjabi Greek

Worthy of Love Immortal Wished- for Child

Virtuous Unending Precious Gift




Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Japanese Latin Greek

Covenant of God Promise of God My God Has Strength Night Rain Like a Jewel Divine

Preserved Promise fulfilled Reverent Gentle Cherished Immortal




German French Italian Hebrew Middle Eastern Hebrew Hebrew

Divine Friend Beloved Friend Trustworthy Peaceful Proclaimed Speech

Shows the way Faithful Valuable Obedient Secure in Christ Known of God Unhidden

Amiran, Ameiran, Ameiren Amittai, Ahmitay, Amitay, Amitei Amity, Amitee, Amitie Ammiel, Amiel Ammon, Amon, Amonn Amos Amy, Aimee, Aimey, Aimie, Aimmie, Aimy, Amie, Ammy Amyas, Amias Anaiah, Anaiya, Aniah, Anijah, Aniya, Aniyah Anani Ananias, Ananiah Anastassia, Anastasha, Anastashia, Anastassia, Anastassya (see also Tasia) Andra Andrea, Andee, Andi, Andraia, Andraya, Andreath, Andreea, Andreia, Andreya, Andria Andrew, Anders, Anderson, Andrae, Andras, Andre, Andreas, Andrei, Andres, Andy, Aundre (see also Drew) Anemone, Anemonee, Anemonie Aneska, Aneshka Angela, Angee, Angel, Angelea, Angelee, Angeleigh, Angelica, Angie, Angelena, Angeliana, Angelina, Angeline, Angelique, Angi, Angelika, Anjelina Angelo, Angelos Angus Ani, Anii (see also Ann) Ania, Aniah (see also Anya) Anika, Aneka, Anekah, Anica, Anicka, Anikka, Annika Ann, Anne, Annette, Anni, Annie, Anny (see also Ani) Anna, Ana, Anah, Anka Annabell, Annabelle

Hebrew Hebrew French Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew

My Nation Is Joyful Friend Bound by Friendship God of My People Of My Nation Bearer of Burden

Chosen of God Friend of God Faithful Friend My Nation Is God's Chosen Compassionate

Latin Latin Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew

Beloved Beloved God Has Answered Me Covered With God God Is Gracious

Serene Spirit Tenderhearted Restored Guarded Witness

Greek Greek

Resurrection Courageous

Awakening Enduring



Filled With Grace

Greek Greek Czech

Courageous Breath Pure

Enduring Life of God Likeness of Christ

Greek Italian Scottish Hawaiian Polish

Angel/Messenger Angel/Messenger Unique Strength Beautiful Compassion

Bringer of Glad Tidings Bringer of Glad Tidings Creative Spirit Lovely in Spirit Merciful



Grace of God

English German Latin

Graceful Gracious Graceful

Understanding Full of Grace Beloved

Annelisa, Annalisa, Annalise, Annelise Annemaire, Annamaria, Anna-Maria, Annamarie, Anne-Marie, Annmaria, Annmarie Anson, Ansun Ansel, Ancell, Ansell Anthony, Anfernee, Anthoney, Anthonie, Antoine, Antony, (see also Antonio, Tony) Anton, Antonn Antonia, Antoinette, Antonette, Antonia (see also Tania, Toni) Antonio, Antonius Anya, Annya (see also Ania) Appollos, Apollo April, Aprill, Apryl Aquilla, Aquila Aram, Aramia Aran, Aranne, Aronne, (see also Aaron, Aren) Archer, Arch, Archie Ardel, Ardell Ardelle, Ardella Ardith, Ardath, Ardeth, Ardyth Ardon, Ardan, Arden, Ardyn Arleli, Airlee, Arileigh, Ariley Aren, Arenn (see also Aaron, Aran) Aretas, Areetas, Aritas Aretha, Areatha, Areetha Ariadne, Ari, Ariane, Ariann, Arianne, Arien, Arienne Ariana, Aeriana, Arianna, Arieana, Aryanna (see also Irina) Aric, Aaric, Arick, Arik, Arric, Arrick, Arrik (see also Eric) Ariel, Aerial, Aeriell, Arial, Ariale, Arielle, Ariyel, Arrial, Arriel (see also Uriel) Arin, Arinn, Aryn (see also Erin) Arina Arioch, Arioc, Arriok


Oath of God

Gracious Promise

American Old German Middle English

Bitter Grace Divine Noble

Faithfulness of God Partaker in Glory Follower of Truth

Latin Slavic

Praiseworthy One of Value

Prosperous Eloquent

Italian Russian Greek Latin Latin Syrian Hebrew Latin Latin Latin Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Danish Greek American

Priceless Favor of God Youthful God of Music New in Faith Eagle Exalted Firm Bowman Industrious Eager Faithful Descendant Heroic Eagle Pleasing Virtuous

Righteous Peace Joyful Awakened Strong Humble Gifted Steadfast Creative Spirit of Praise Dependent Upon God Promise Miraculous Perseverance Wise Pure



Presented to God



Pure in Heart

Old English

Holy Ruler


Hebrew Hebrew Russian Hebrew

Lion or Lioness of God Enlightened Peace Lionlike

Royal Servant Filled With Light Encourager Dependent Upon God

Arion, Arian, Ariane, Arien, Arrian (see also Ariadne) Aristotle, Ari, Arias, Arie, Aris, Arri Arlen, Arlan, Arland, Arlend, Arlin, Arlyn, Arlynn Arlene, Arlana, Arleen, Arleyne, Arline, Arlis, Arlyss Arley, Areigh, Arlie, Arly Armand, Armando, Armond Armon, Arman, Armen, Armin Armoni, Armani, Armonni Arnold, Arne, Arney, Arni, Arnie Arrio, Ario Arsenio, Asenius, Arsinio Arslan, Aslan Arthur, Art, Arte, Arthuer, Arthor, Artie, Artis, Arturo, Artur Asa, Asah Asad, Asaad, Asad, Assad (see also Hasad) Asaph Asarel, Ahsarel, Azarael, Azareel (see also Asriel, Azarel, Azriel) Asenath, Asennath Asha, Ashia Ashby, Ashbey, Asher, Ashor, Ashur Ashford, Ash Ashley, Ashelee, Asheleigh, Asheley, Ashlea, Ashleay, Ashlee, Ashleigh, Ashly Ashlynn, Ashlan, Ashlen, Ashlin, Ashling, Ashlyn, Ashlyne, Ashlynne Ashton, Ashtin Asia, Aisia, Asya, Aysia

Greek Greek

Charming Greatest Achievement

Captivating Intelligent




Old English Old English Old German Hebrew Hebrew Old German Hispanic Greek Turkish

Pledge Hunter Army Man Fortress From the Palace Strong as an Eagle Warlike Masculine Lion

Truthful Pledge Strong Guarded Blessed Brave Protector One of Integrity Symbol of Christ

Irish Hebrew Middle Eastern Hebrew

Bold Healer Lion Remover of Reproach

Gracious Healer of the Mind Strength of God Gentle

Hebrew Egyptian Middle Eastern English Hebrew English

Upright Belonging to the Goddess Vitality From the Ash-Tree Farm Blessed From the Ash-Tree Ford

Exalted Honored Humble Strength Fear of God Fortunate Victorious

Old English

Of the Ash- Tree Meadow


Irish English English

Dream From the Ash-Tree Farm Eastern Sunrise

Vision of God Supplicant God is Sovereign

Asriel, Ashrael, Ashreel, Ashrayel, Ashriel, Asrael, Asreel, Asreyel (see also Asarel, Azarel, Azriel) Asther, Aster (see also Esther) Atarah, Atara, Atarra Athalia, Atalya, Athalya Athena, Athina Atherton Atley, Atley, Atlea, Atlee, Atleigh, Attley Atwell, Attwell Aubrey, Aubray, Aubreigh, Aubrie Auburn, Auburne Audie, Audi Audrey, Audra, Audray, Audree, Audri, Audrianna, Audrie, Audry Audric, Audrich (see also Aldrich) Augustus, August, Augustine Augusta, Agusta, Augustina Aurel, Aurele, Aurelio Aurelia, Auralia, Auralia, Aurelea, Aureliana, Aurielle, Aurilla Aurora, Aurore Austin, Austan, Austen, Austyn Ava, Avae, Ave (see also Eva) Avery, Averey, Averie Aviel, Avi, Avian, Avion (see also Abiel) Avis, Avia, Aviana Axel, Axell, Axil, Axill (see also Aksel) Aya, Ayah (see also Aiah) Ayanna, Aiyana, Ayanna, Ayania, Ayannah Ayasha, Ayashah Azarel, Ahzarel, Azarael, Azareel (see also Asarel, Asriel, Azriel) Azariah, Azariyah

Hebrew English Hebrew Hebrew Greek Middle Eastern English English Old German English Old English

God is Joined Flower Crown Afflicted Wise Of the Town by the Spring From the Meadow From the Well Noble Reddish-Brown Property Guardian

Unity Righteous Faithful Honor Mind of God Abundant Life Purchased Refreshing Compassionate Released Strong of Heart

Old English French Latin Latin Czech

Noble Strength Wise Ruler Venerable, Exalted Majestic From Aurek

Overcomer of Many Difficulties Chosen

Queenly Reverent

Latin Latin Latin English Middle Eastern Hebrew Latin Scandinavian Hebrew

Golden Dawn Renowned Filled With Life Ruler God Is My Father Refuge My Father is Peace Bird

Sealed Mouthpiece of God Guided of God Filled With Praise Wise Counselor Child of God Place of Freedom Victory Committed

Cherokee Middle Eastern

Everlasting Bloom Life

Blessed Eternal

Hebrew Hebrew

God Helped The Lord Will Keep Us

Delivered Preserved

Azeem, Aseem

Middle Eastern


God's Warrior

Azriel, Azrayel, Azriela, Azrielle, (see also Asarel, Asriel, Azarel) Hebrew Azzan Hebrew Name Language/Cultural Origin

God is My Help Sharp Inherent Meaning

Prayerful Devout Spiritual Connotation

Baara, Bara, Baarah Baasha, Basha Babbie, Bab, Babb, Babs Baden, Bayden, Baydon, Beyden, Beydon (see also Bedan) Bailey, Bailee, Bailie, Bali, Baylee, Bayley, Baylie Bain, Baine (see also Bane) Baird, Bairde, Bard Baker, see Baxter Balaam, Balam Baldwin, Baldwyn Balin, Baylin (see also Valin) Bambi, Bambee, Bambie Bane, Bayne (see also Bain) Bani, Baani, Banni, Bannie Banner, Bannor Banning, Baning Barbara, Barb, Barbe, Barbie, Barbora, Barbra, Barby Barclay, Barkley, Barkey, Berkley Bariah, Bariya, Bariyah, Barriah (see also Beraiah) Barker, Barcker Barnabas, Barnaby, Barney, Barnie Barrie. Bari, Barri Barry, Barrey, Bary Bartholomew, Bart, Bartket Baruch, Boruch Barushka, Baruska Basia, Basha, Basya, Batia, Batya Basil, Bazil Hebrew Hebrew American Burning Boldness Stranger Flame of God Empowered Foreigner

Old English



Old French Gaelic Irish Hebrew Old German Indo-Pakistani Italian Hawaiian Hebrew Scottish Irish

Stewardship Fair Traveling Singer of Ballad Lord of the People Bold Friend Mighty Warrior Child Child of Exhortation Built Flag Follower Small and Fair

Protector Cleansed Song of Harmony Vessel of God Courageous Successful Innocent Heir Honorable God's Soldier Cleansed

Greek Scottish

Stranger m the Meadow of the Birch Tre

Purchased Renewed in Spirit

Hebrew Old English Hebrew Old English Irish Aramaic Hebrew Czech Hebrew Greek

Fugitive Shepherd Son of Exhortation Markswoman Marksman Son of Tolmai Blessed Stranger Daughter of God Kingly

Seeker of Truth Guide Praise to God Brave Strong Heir Righteous Approved Valued Magnificent

Baxter, Baker Bay, Baye Beatrice, Bea, Beatricia, Bee Beau, (see also Bo) Bebe, Babe (see also Bibi) Beck, Beckett Becky, Becca, Becka, Becki, Beckie, Beka, Bekka, Bekki, Bekkie (see also Rebecca) Bedan, Baedan (see also Baden) Bela, Belah Beldon, Belden Belinda, Belynda Belle, Bell, Bellina Banaiah, Benaiya, Beniyah Ben-Ammi, Ben Ami, BenAmi, Ben-Ami, BennAmi Ben-Hanan, BenHanan, Ben-Hannan, BennHanan Benita, Benitta Benjamin, Ben, Benjaman, Benjamen, Benji, Benjie, Benn, Bennie, Benny, Benyamin Bennet, Bennett Benoit Benson, Bensen Bentley, Benlea, Bentlee Beraiah, Beraiyah (see also Bariah) Bergen, Bergan, Bergin Bernadette, Bernadine Bernard, Barnard, Bernardo, Berndt, Berney, Berhard, Berni, Bernie, Birnee, Birney, Burney Bernice, Berenice, Berni, Bernise Bertram, Bartram, Bert Bertrand, Bertran Bessie, Bess, Bessi, Bessy Beth, Bethe, Bethel, Bethell (see also Bethany, Elizabeth)

Middle English Vietnamese Italian French Spanish Middle Eastern

Provider n Saturday/Born in the Month Bringer of Joy Handsome Baby From the Stream

Industrious Forgiven Love of Life Peacekeeper Faith Satisfied

English Hebrew Hebrew Old English Spanish French Hebrew

Bound by Love Son of Judgment Devouring From the Beautiful Valley Lovely Beautiful The Lord Has Built

Loving Encourager Godly Example Sanctified Beauty of Soul Blessed Foundation


Son of My People


Hebrew Spanish

Son of Kindness Blessed

Loving Cherished

Hebrew English French English Old English Hebrew Scandinavian French

Son of My Right Hand Blessed Blessed Son of Ben From the Grassy Meadow The Lord Has Created From the Hill Courageous

Mighty Walks With God Received Honor of God Peaceful Joyful Made Righteous Valiant

Old German Greek Old English French English

Brave as a Bear Bringer of Victory Brilliant Bright Shield Oath of God

Wise Victorious Magnificent Protected of God Loyal


Oath of God


Beth Ann, Bethann, BethAnn, Beth Anne, BethAnne Bethany, Bethanney, Bethani, Bethanie, Bethanney, Betheny Bethuel, Bethuelle Betsy, Betsey, Betsi, Betsie Betty, Bett, Bette, Bette, Betti, Bettie Bevan, Bevann, Beven, Bevin, Bevin Beverly, Bev, Beverlee, Beverley Bevis, Bevys Bianca, Biancha, Bionca, Bioncha Bibi, Beebee (see also Bebe) Bill, (see William) Bing Birdie, (See Roberta) Birney, Birnie, Birny Bjorn, Bjarn, Bjarne, Bjorne Blade, Blayde Blaine, Blain, Blane, Blayne Blair, Blaire Blaise, Blaize, Blayze, Blaze Blake, Blakelee, Blakeleigh, Blakeley, Blakey Blanche, Blanch Blossom, Blossum Blythe, Blithe, Blyth Bo, Boe (see also Beau) Boaz, Boas, Boz Bob, (see Robert) Bobbie, Bobbi Bodan, Bodana, Bogdana, Bohdana Boden, Bodee, Bodie, Bodin Bodhan, Bodhun Bonnie, Bonita, Bonne, Bonni, Bonnita, Bonny Boone, Boon, Boonie Borden, Bordan, Boris, Boriss, Borris Botan


Gracious Oath of God


Aramaic Hebrew English English Welsh English Old French Italian Middle Eastern

House of Figs Dwells in God Oath of God Oath of God Son of the Young Warrior Peace and Harmony Bull Fair Honored From the Kettle-Shaped Hollow From the Island with the Stream Bear Knife Lean Field Worker Flame/One Who Stammers

Productive Secure Confirmed Reverent Youthful Enlightened Powerful Wisdom Praised



Middle English Scandinavian Middle English Gaelic Irish French

One of Integrity Voice of God Weapon Trusting Diligent Flame of God

English French Old English English Chinese Hebrew American Polish French Russian French French French Slavic Japanese

Attractive Pure Flower Joyful Precious Swift Foreigner Heavenly Presence Messenger/Herald Mighty Beautiful Good From the Cottage Warrior Blossom

Forgiven Gentle Joyful Cheerful Honored Bearer of the Covenant Stranger Keenly Aware Ready for Service Devoted Pure in Heart Obedient Righteous Trusting Youthful

Bowen, Bowie Boyce, Boice, Boise, Boycee, Boycie Boyde, Boid Braden, Bradan, Bradin, Bradin, Braeden, Brayden (see also Bradon) Bradford, Brad, Braddford Bradley, Brad, Bradd, Bradlee, Bradlay, Bradlee Bradon, Braedon, Braydon (see also Braden) Brady, Bradey (see also Brede_ Brandon, Brandan, Branddon, Branden, Brandin, Brandyn, Brannan, Brannon Brandy, Brandee, Brandi, Brandie Brant, Brandt, Brannt, Brantley Braxton, Braxtun Breanne, Breann, BreAnn, Bre-Anne, Breeann, Breeanne, Breighann, Briann, Brianne, Brieann, Briene, Brienne, Bryanne (see also Brenna, Brianna) Breck, Brec, Brek, Brekk Brede, Braede (see also Brady) Brenda, Brendie Brendan, Brenden, Brendin, Brendon, Brenndan Brenna, Brena, Brenin, Brennah, Brennaugh, Brynna Brennan, Brennen, Brennon Brenton, Brendt, Brent, Brentan, Brenten, Brentin, Brentton, Brentyn Brett, Bret, Brette

Gaelic French Scottish

Small From the Forest Golden-Haired

Victorious Joyful Quiet Spirit

English English

From the Broad Clearing From the Water Crossing

Redeemed Delivered of God

Old English

From the Broad Meadow


English Irish

From the Hill Spirited

Called of God Gentle

Old English Middle Dutch Czech Old English

From the Flaming Hill Distilled Wine Proud From Brock's Town

Fervent Filled With Joy Focused Faithful

Celtic Irish Scandinavian Old Norse

Strong Freckled Glacier Sword

Dependent Approved Immovable Glory of God


Stinking Hair


Irish Irish

Little Raven Little Raven

Faithful Friend Gift of God

English Scottish

From the Steep Hill Gifted

Wise Blessed

Brian, Briant, Brien, Brient, Brion, Bryan, Bryant, Bryen, Bryent, Bryon Brianna, Breana, Breanna, Breeana, Breeanna, Bria, Brianda, Briana, Briannah, Briannon, Bryana, Bryanna, Bryannah (see also Breanne, Brenna) Briar, Brear, Brier, Briet, Brietta, Bryar, Bryer Bridget, Bridgete, Bridgett, Bridgette, Bridgot, Bridget, Brigette, Brgitte, Brigitta Brigham, Briggs Brina, Breena, Breina, Brin, Brinan, Brindy, Brinn, Brinnan, Bryn, Brynan, Brynn, Brynne Brinley, Brindlee, Brindley, Brinlee, Brinly, Brynley Briona, Breeon, Breona, Briele, Brielle, Brieon, Brieona, Brione, Brionne, Briony, Bryoni Brit, Brita, Britt, Britte


Virtue and Honor

Follower of God






Child of God

Irish English

Strength From the Covered Bridge

Enduring Spirit Challenger of Apostasy


From the Fairy Palace

Gods Salvation

Old English

Burnt Wood


Irish Swedish

Mighty Strong

God's Power Prayerful

Brittany, Britain, Britane, Britaney, Britani, Britanny, Britlee, Britley, Britlyn, Britynn, Britnee, Britney, Britni, Britnie, Britny, Brityn, Brittain, Brittanee, Brittaney, Bryttney, Bryttni, Bryttny Brock, Broc, Brocke, Brok, Broque Broderick, Broderic, Brodric, Broadrick (see also Roderick) Brodie, Brodee, Brodey, Brodi Brona, See Brian Bronson, Bronnson, Bronsen, Bronsin, Bronsson Brook, Brooke, Brooks, Broox

English Old English

From Britain Badger

Stranger Full of Praise

Norse Irish Czech

Brother Canal Builder Bringer of Victory

True Friend God Is My Foundation Revered

English Old English

Son of the Dark-Skinned Peaceful

Great Ruler Refreshed

Brooklyn, Brooklin, Brooklin, Brooklynn Browning, Brownyn, Bronwyn Bruce, Bruse Bruno Bryan, see Brian Bryce, Brice Bryna, Brynn, see Brina Buckley, Bucklea, Bucklee Buddy, Bud, Budd, Buddie Burgess, Burges, Burgiss Burke, Berke, Birk, Burk Burton, Berton, Burt Byram, Byramm Byron, Bieran, Biran, Biren, Biron, Byran, Byrann, Byren

American Middle English Scottish Old German Welsh

Stream of the Waterfall Dark From the Woods Brown Responsive

Praise Enlightened Dignity Rich in God's Grace Ambitious

Middle Eastern Old English English Old French Middle English Middle English

From the Meadow Companion From the Town From the Fortress From the Fortified Town From the Fields

Worshiper Godly Steadfast Courageous Amply Supplied Freedom

Old English

From the Barn


Cachet, Cache, Cachea, Cachee Cadwll, Cadel, Cadelle Cadence, Cadenze, Kadence Cady, Cadee, Cadey, Cadi, Cadie, (see also Kadee, Katy) Caelan, Caelin, Caelin, Cailean, Cailen, Cailin, Caillin, Calan, Calin, Calon, Callan, Callon, Caylan (see also Cailin, Kaylyn) Caeley, Caelee, Caelie, Cailee, Cailey, Cailie, Caley, Caylee, Cayley, Caylie (see also Kaylee) Caesar, Ceasar, Cesar, Cesare, Cesareo, Cesario, Ceseare, Cezar, Czar, Kaiser, Sezare Cailin, Caelyn, Caelynn, Cailyn, Cailynn, Cailynne, Caylin, Caylyn (see also Caelan, Kaylyn) Cain, Caine (see also Kane) French Welsh Latin Prestigious Battler Rhythmic Flow Blessed Attentive Symphony






Defended of God






Friend of Many

American Hebrew

Genuine Spear

Godly Weapon

Caitlin, Caitlan, Caitland, Caitlen, Caitlinn, Caitlyn, Caitlynn, Catlin (see also Kaitlin) Cala, Calah, Calla, Callah (see also Kala) Calandra, Calandria, Calendra, Kalandra, Kalandria Caleb, Caeleb, Cale, Kaleb Calhoun, Colhoun Callahan, Calahan, Callaghan Callie, Caleigh, Cali, Callee, Calleigh, Calli, Cally (see also Kalei, Kali, Kalli) Callista, Calesta, Calista, Calista, Calysta, Kalesta, Kalista, Kallista, Kalysta Callon, see Caelin Callum, Callam, Calum Calvert Calvin, Cal Cambria, Camberlee, Camberleigh, Camberly, Cambrea, Cambrya, Kamberly, Kambria, Kambriea Camden, Camdan Camellia, Camala, Camala, Camalia, Camelia, Camella, Kamalia, Kamelia, Kamellia Cameron, Cam, Cameran, Camren, Camron, Kam, Kameron, Kamron Cami, Cammi, Cammie, Cammy (see also Kami) Camille, Camila, Camill, Camilla, Cammille, Chamelle, Chamille Campbell, Cambell Canaan, Caenan, Caynon

Irish Middle Eastern

Pure Fortress

Innocent Protected

Greek Hebrew Scottish Irish

Lark Faithful Strong Warrior Saint

Created of God Great Spiritual Potential Great in Spirit Faithful

Middle Eastern


Guarded of God

Greek Irish Old English Latin

Most Beautiful Dove Cattle Herder Bald

Lovely Free Lover of Creatures Favored

Latin Old English

From Wales From the Winding Valley

Delivered Freedom





From the Crooked Stream

Spiritual Potential


Ceremonial Attendant


Latin French Hebrew

Devoted Beautiful Field Lowland

Loving Consistent Covenant

Candace, Candice, Candi, Candy, Candyce, Kandace, Kandise, Kandy Candra, Candrea, Candria, Kandra Cannon, Cannan, Cannen, Canning, Canon (see also Kannon) Canute, see Knute Cara, Caragh, Carah, Carra (see also Kara, Kerani) Carey, Caray, Carrey (see also Caryn, Kerry) Cari, Carie, Carii (see also Carrie, Kari) Carianne, Carena (see also Corina, Kaarina, Karena, Karina, Korina) Carissa, Cariisa, Carsia, Carrissa, Charisa, Charissa, Kariisa, Karisa, Karissa, Karrisa, Karrissa, Karyssa, (see also Corissa) Carita, Caritta, Karita, Karitta Carl, Carel, Carle, Carlis, Carlis, Karal, Karel, Karle, Karlis Carla, Carlia, Karla, Karlia Carlana, Caraena, Karlana Carlene, Carleen, Karlene, Karleen Carlan, Carlen, Carlii, Carling, Carlyn, Karlan , Karleigh, Karlen, Karlii, Karling (see also Carly) Carlina, Carleena, Carliana, Karleena, Karlina, Karlianna (see also Carlana) Carlise, Carlyle, Carlysle Carlissa, Carlisa, Carlisa, Carlisha, Carlissia, Karlissa, Karlissa, Karlise, Karlisha, Karlissia Carlos, Carlo, Karlo, Karlos

Greek Latin

Unblemished Incandescent

Shining Reflection of Christ


Church Official


Latin Welsh Turkish

Beloved Castle Flowing Like Water

Chosen Dependent Filled With Life


Dear Little One


Latin Latin

Ingenious Loving

Creative Preserved

German Italian Irish Old English

Tiller of the Soil Endearing Little Heroine Womanly

Strong in Spirit Ransomed Conscientious Respectful




English Old English

Little Champion Brave

Victor Defender of Wisdom

American Spanish

Endearing Noble Spirit

Consecrated to God Spiritual Discernment

Carlotta, Karlotta Carlton, Carleton, Carltonne (see also Charlton) Carly, Carlee, Carley, Carli, Carlie, Karlee, Karley, Karlie, Karly (see also Carlin) Carmela, Carmalla, Carmelia, Carmella, Carmellina, Carmelita Carmen, Carmain, Carmaine, Carmene, Carmon, Karman, Karmen, Karmin, Karmon Carmichael, Charmikael Carmiel, Carmiah, Carmiah, Carmiela, Carmielle, Carmiya, Karmiah, Karmiel, Karmiela, Karmielle Carney, Karney Carol, Carel, Carole, Karloe, Karrole (see also Carrol) Carolee, Carolea, Caroleigh Caroline, Caralin, Caraline, Carolin, Carolyn, Carrolin, Carroline (see also Carlin, Karilynn, Karolyn) Caron, Carron, Carrone Carrick, Karrick (see also Garrick) Carrie, Carree, Carri, Karrie, Karry (see also Cari, Kari) Carrol, Carrell, Caroll, Carroll (see also Carol) Carson, Carrson Carter, Cartar Cary, Caree, Carree, Carry (see also Carey, Kerry) Caryn, Caren, Carin, Carran, Carren, Carrin, Carynn (see also Karen, Karin) Carys, Caris, Carris, Caryss (see also Karis)



Godly Heroine

Middle English

om the Gathering of the Farme



Little Woman/Little Man




Natured of God

Latin Latin

Voice Like Soft Music Follower of Michael

Joyful Abundant Power

Hebrew Irish

God Is My Wisdom Victorious

Secure Preserved

French American

Song of Joy Little Beloved

Joy of God Just

French Welsh Irish

Womanly Loving Surrounded by Sea

Filled With Praise Witness Child of God

English Gaelic English Old English

Beloved Champion Diligent Driver of a Cart

Redeemed Steadfast Loyal Privileged




Danish Welsh

Unblemished Loving

Blameless Respectful

Casey, Cacey, Cacy, Case, Casie, Casy, Caysee, Caysey, Caysie, K.C, Kace, Kacee, Kacey, Kaci, Kacie, Kacy, Kaicey, Kasee, Kasey, Kasie, Kaycee, Kaycie, Kaysea, Kaysee, Kaysey Casimir, Cachie, Cash, Cashmere, Cashmir, Kashmere, Kasimir, Kasmir, Kasmira, Kazmir, Kazmira Casper, Caspar




Old Slavic Persian

Peacemaker Treasure

Flexible Watchful

Cassandra, Casandera, Casandra, Casandria, Cassaundra, Casaundria, Casondra, Cassaundra, Cassey, Cassi, Cassie, Cassondra, Cassondra, Cassondria, Cassondria, Cassundra, Cassy, Kasandra, Kasaundra, Kasondra, Kasoundra, Kassandra, Kassaundra, Kassey, Kassi, Kassie, Kassie, Kassy, Krisandra, Krissandra Cassia, Casia, Casiya, Cassya, Casya, Kasia, Kassia, Kasiya, Kasya Cassidy, Cass, Cassady, Kass, Kassady, Kassidy Cassius, Caz, Cazzie Casson, Kasson Catalina, Catalena, Katalena, Katalina Catava, Catavah, Katava, Katava Caterina, see Katerina Catherina, Cat, Catharina, Catharine, Catheren, Catherin, Catherina, Catheryn, Cathrine, Cathryn (see also Katherine) Cathleen, Cathleen, Cathlene (see also Kathleen)


Helper of Mankind



Spicy Cinnamon


Irish Latin English Spanish African

Clever Protective Cover Helper of Mankind Unblemished Restful

Wise Guarded Protected of God Refined Bringer of Peace







Cathy, Cathee, Cathey, Cathi, Cathie, Kathee, Kathey, Kathi, Kathie, Kathy Cato, Caton (see also Kato) Cartrina, see Katrina Catriona, Katriona Cavan, Caven, Cavin, Kavan (see also Kevin) Cavanaugh, Cayla, Caela, Caila, Cailah, Caylah (see also Kaela, Kaila, Kyla) Cecil, Cecile, Cecill Cecilia, Cacelia, Caecilia, Cece, Cecelia, Cecilea, Cecillia, CeeCee Cedric, Cedrec, Cedric, Cedrik Ceeley, Ceelee, Ceeleigh, Ceelie, Ceely, Seelee, Seeleigh, Seelie, Seely Celena, see Selena Celeste, Celesta, Celestia, Celestial, Celestine Celine, Celene, Celinda, Celine Cephas, Cephus Cerella, Cerelisa Cerise, Cerese, Ceri, Cerice, Cerissa, Cerrice, Cerrina, Ceryce (see also Cherise) Chadwick, Chad, Chadd, Chadley, Chadrick, Chadron, Chadwyck Chai, Chae (see also Chay) Chaim, Khaim Chalice, Chalace, Chalcie, Chalcie, Chalise, Chalissa, Challis, Challisse, Chalsey Chalina, Chaeena, Chara, Charah Chalmers, Chalmer, Chamer Chamadya, Chamadaea, Chamadia

English Latin Irish Irish Irish

Spotless Wise Flawless Handsome Caring

Sanctified Servant Perfect Blessed Discerning

Hebrew Latin

Empowered Blind

Spirit-Filled Illuminated

Latin English

Blind Battle Chieftain

Of the Spirit Courageous Defender

Old English



French English Aramaic Latin

Heavenly Fair as the Moon Rock Springtime

Blessed Lovely Foundation Gentle




Middle English Hebrew Hebrew

From the Warrior's Town Healthy Life

Privileged Eternal Discerning

French Hispanic Scottish Hebrew

Goblet Rose Head of the Household Desired

Cheerful Joy Prosperous Protector Blessed

Chan, Chanae, Chann, Chayo Chanah, Chana, Channa Chanan, Chanen Chandelle, Chandal, Chandel, Shandal, Shandelle Chandler, Chandan, Chandlan, Chanlan, Chandon Chandra, Chanda, Chandea, Chandee, Chandre, Chandrelle, Chandria, Shandra, Shandee, Shandrelle, Shandria Chanel, Chanell, Channelle, Channel, Shanel, Shanelle, Shannel Chaney, Chayne, Chayney, Cheney, Cheyne, Cheyney Channing, Chane, Chaning, Chann Chantal, Chantael, Chantalle, Chantara, Chantay, Chantee, Chantel, Chantell, Chantiel, Chantielle, Chantil, Chantill, Chantoya, Chantrel, Chantrell, Chauntay, Chauntell, Chauntelle, Chauntel (see also Shantel) Chante, Chante, Chantha, Chantra (see also Shantae) Chantrea, Chantria Chapman, Chapmann Charissa, Charesa, Charis, Charisa, Charisse, Charista, Shareesa, Sharisse, Sharis, Sharisa, Sharissa, Sharisse, Sharista, Sheresa, Sherisa, Sharise, Sherissa, Sherisse, Sherista Charity, Chaitee, Chariti

Cambodian Hebrew Hebrew

Sweet-Smelling Tree Favor of God Cloud

Image of God Prayerful Provision





Candle Maker

Bearer of Light


Fair as the Moon





Old French English

Oak Wood Wise

Sealed Obedient




French Cambodian English

Singer Moonbeam Merchant

Treasured Symbol Wise

English English

Kindness Benevolent

Virtuous Compassionate

Charleen, Charlaine, Charlanna, Charlena, Charlene, Charline, Sharlene, Sharlanna, Sharlena, Sharlene, Sharleen Charles, Charle, Charley, Charlie Charlotte, Charlette, Sharlotte Charlton, Charleton, Charltonn (see also Carlton) Charmain, Charmain, Charmane, Charmayne, Charmian, Sharmain Chasadya, Chasadia, Chasadya Chase, Chaise Chasity, Chasady, Chasiti, Chassady, Chassey, Chassidy, Chassie, Chassity, Chastady, Chastidy, Chastin, Chastney Chasya, Chasia Chauncey, Chancey, Chauncy Chava, Chavah, Chavalah, Chavarra, Chave, Chavel, Chavvis, Kava Chavon, Chavonn, Chavonna, Chavonne, Chevon, Chevonn, Chevonna, Shavon Chay, Che (see also Chai) Chaya, Chayka, Chayla, Chaylah, Chaylea, Chayley, Chayra Chayanna, Chaeanna, Chayana Chaz, Chazz Chazaya, Chazaia, Chazial, Chaziel, Chazielle Chazon

English English French

Valiant Manly Womanly From the Dwelling of the Free Peasants

Courageous Valiant Joy of the Lord



Latin Hebrew Old French

Singer Mercy of God Hunter

Joyful Chosen Pursuer of Truth

Latin Hebrew Middle Eastern

Pure Shield Chancellor

Virtuous Protected by God Worthy of God




Hebrew Spanish

God Is Gracious God Will Add

Cherished Dependent

Hebrew American English

Alive Alive Strong

Heavenly Treasure Childlike Reverent

Hebrew Hebrew

God Has Seen Revelation

Remembered Disciple

Chelsea, Chelcie, Chelcy, Chellsie, Chelsa, Chelsay, Chelsee, Chelsey, Chelsia, Chelsie, Chelsy, Cheslee, Chesley, Cheslie, Shelsea, Shelsee, Shelsie, Shelsey Chelub, Cheylub Cheran, Cherran, Cheranne (see also Sharon) Cherie, Cheri, Cherie (see also Shari) Cherise, Chareese, Charese, Charice, Charise, Cher, Cherice, Cherrise, Shareese, Sharese, Sharice, Sharise, Sher, Shereece, Sherese, Sherice, Sherrice (see also Cerise, Charissa) Cherish, Cherokee, Cherika, Sherokee Cheryl, Chereen, Chereena, Charrell, Charelle, Charil, Charyl, Cherelle, Cherrelle, Cheryle (see also Sherl) Chesna, Chesnee, Chesney, Chesnie Chester, Ches, Cheston, Chet Chevy, Chey, Chevi, Chevie, Chevvy Cheyenne, Cheyan, Cheyana, Cheyann, Cheyanne, Cheyene, Cheyenna, Chi-Anna, Chyann, Chyanna, Chyanne, Sheyenne, Shiana, Shiane, Shianna, Shianne, Shyana, Shyanne, Shyenna Chiara, Chiarah Chickara, Chickarra, Chikona Chiko, Chikora Chilton, Chiltonn Chinarah, Chinara, Chinika Chip, Chipper

Old English Hebrew

Seaport Wicker Basket

Shield Creative

Hebrew French

Union Sweetheart

Harmonious Valuable

French English Native American

Treasured Precious Tribe

Beloved Inestimable Worshiper

French Slavic Old English American

Filled With Grace Peaceful From Campsite Knight

Beloved Regal Servant Valiant Defender Victor

Native American Italian Japanese Japanese English Swahili English

Tribe Clear Near and Dear Pledge From the Farm by the Spring God Receives Strong

Creative Sealed Loving Promise Refreshed Offering to God Power of God

Chislon, Cheslin, Cheslon, Chelyn, Chislan, Chislyn Chloe, Chloee, Cloe, Cloey, Kloe Chloris, Cloris, Clorissa Choni, Chonee, Choney, Chonia, Chonie, Choniya, Chonya Choresh, Choresch Christa, Chris, Chrisa, Chrisie, Chrissey, Chrisse, Chrissy, Christi, Christie, Christy, Chrys, Chryssa, Chrysta, Chrysti, Chrystie, Chrysty, Cris, Crissa, Crisse, Crista, Cristee, Cristey, Cristi, Cristie, Cryssa, Crysta, Crysti, Crystie, (see also Kirsty, Kirsta) Christen, Christian, Christen, Christyn, Chrystan, Chrysten, Chrystin, Cristan, Cristen, Cristin (see also Kristen) Christian, Christiaan, Christianos, Christion, Christon, Christos, Christyan, Chrystian, Cristian, Cristiano, Criston, Khristian, Kristar, Krister, Kristjan, Krystian Chistina, Christeena, Christena, Christiana, Christiane, Christiann, Christianna, Christinna, Christy-Anna, Cristeena, Cristina, Cristiona, Crystina (see also Kristina) Christine, Christeen, Christene, Chrystine, Cristeen, Cristine, Crystine (see also Kristine)

Hebrew Greek Greek

Trust Vibrant Pale

Dependent One Who Searches Fair

Hebrew Hebrew

Gracious Power

Mercy of God Immunity


Follower of Christ

God's Reflection


Follower of Christ



Follower of Christ



Follower of Christ

Awareness of Christ


Follower of Christ

True Disciple

Christopher, Chris, Chriss, Christepher, Christobal, Christofer, Christoff, Christoffer, Christophe, Christopher, Christophor, Chrys, Cris, Cristobal, Cristofer, Cris, Cristofer, Cristopher, Khris, Khris, Khriss, Khristofer, Khristoffer, Khristopher, Kris, Kriss, Kristofer, Kristophe, Kristopher, Kristopher, Kristophor, Krys Chuck, Chuckie, Chucky Chuma, Chumah Cian, Cianan, Ciannan Cid, Cyd (see also Sidney) Cierra, Cindy, see Cythia Ciprianna, Cipriana, Cypriana, Cyprianna, Cyprianne Cissy, Cissee Claire, Clair, Clara, Clarette, Clarina, Clarinda, Clarita Clancy, Clancey Clarence, Clare, Clarance, Clarrance, Clarrence Clarissa, Claresa, Claressa, Clarice, Clarisa, Clarisse, Clarrisa, Clarissa, Clerissa (see also Klarissa) Clark, Clarke Claudius, Claude, Claudell, Claudio Claus, see Klaus Clay, Clae Clayborne, Claeborne Clayton, Clayten Clement, Clem, Clemens, Clement, Clemente, Klem, Klemens, Klement Clementine, Clementia, Clementina, Clemette Cleo, Clio Cleon, Kleon

Greek American Rhodesian Irish Spanish

Bearer/Carrier of Christ Strong Wealthy Ancient Master

Anointed Genuine Heavenly Treasure Persistent Discreet

Greek American

From Cyprus Blind

Bold Witness Discerning

French Irish

Brilliant Red-Haired Fighter

Shining Light Christlike




Italian Old French Latin English Middle English Old English

Brilliant Scholar Lame Malleable Earth From the Clay Brook From the Clay Estate

Wise Discerner Enlightened Spirit Loved Adaptable Molded by God Molded by God


Mild, Merciful


English English Greek

Merciful One of Eminence Famous

Charitable Understanding Spirit Bold

Cleopatra, Clipatra Clifford, Cliff, Cliford, Clyff Clifton, Cliffton, Clift Clinton, Clint, Clinten Clive, Cleve, Clyve Cluny, Clooney Clyde, Clide Coby, Cobe, Cobey, Cobi, Cobie, Kobe, Kobee, Kobi, Kobie, Koby Coco, Cocco, Coccoa (see also Koko) Cody, Codee, Codey, Codi, Codie, Kodee, Kodey, Kodi, Kodie, Kody Colbert, Culbert Colby, Colbey, Colbi, Colby, Collby, Kolby, Kollby Cole, Kole Colette, Colletta, Collette, Kolette, Kollette (see also Nicole) Coley, Colee, Colee, Coleigh, Koley Colin, Colan, Colen, Colyn Collier, Collyer Colson, Coleson Colter, Colt Colton, Colten, Coltin, Kolten, Koltin, Kolton Conan, Connan Concetta, Conchita, Conciana, Concianna, Concieta Coniah, Coniyah Conlan, Conlen, Conley, Conlin Connery, Connary Connie, Connee, Conni, Conny, Konnie Connor, Conner, Konner, Konnor Conrad, Conrade, Konrad, Konrade Conroy, Conroye Constance, Constanze, Konstance, Konstanze (see also Connie) Consuela, Konsuela Cooper, Courper

Greek Old English Old English Old English English Irish Welsh

Fame of Her Father From the River's Heights From the Cliff Estate From the Hill Town From Upon the Cliff Meadow Loving

Cherished Vigilant Prosperous Honorable Enduring Restful Rewarded

American Spanish

Successor Coconut

Wise Sacrifice

English English

Cushion Brilliant Seafarer

Joyful Witness Anchored in God

Old French English

From the Coal Farm Victory of the People

Dependent Granted Success

French English Irish Welsh English English Anglo-Saxon Celtic

Victorious Victorious Victorious Merchant or Miner Son of the Victor Lover of Animals From the Coal Town Intelligent

Faithful Bold Pressured Guided of God Generously Gifted Gentle Resourceful Spiritual Discernment

Italian Hebrew Irish Irish English Irish German Irish

Pure God-Appointed Hero Exalted Consistent Lofty Desire Bold Counselor Wise

Undefiled Destined Gifted Humble Unwavering Stronghold of God Discerner of Excellence Strong Leader

Latin Spanish English

Steadfast Consoling Friend Barrel Maker

Consecrated Compassionate Servant

Cora, Corra, Kora, Kora Coral, Corral, Koral Coralee, Coralea, CoraLee, Coralie, Coraline, Coralyn, Corilee, Koralee, Koralee, Koralie, Koralyn Corbett, Corbet, Corbitt Corbin, Corban, Corben, Korban, Korben, Korbin Cordell, Cordelle, Kordell Cordellia, Cordey, Cordia, Cordie Corey, Coree, Correy, Corry, Cory (see also Korey_ Cori, Coriann, Corianne, Cori-Anne, Corie, Corri, Corrie, Corrienne (see also Cora, Korah) Corin, Coren, Corian, Corien, Corinn, Corrian, Corrin, Corryn, Coryn, Corynn Corina, Coreena, Corinna, Corrina (see also Carina, Korina) Corinne, Coreen, Corine, Corinne, Coreen, Corrinne Corissa, Corisa, Korissa (see also Carissa) Corliss, Corlisa, Corlise, Corlissa, Korlisa, Korlise, Korliss Cornelius Corrigan, Korrigan Cort, see Cortney Cortez, Courtez Corwin, Corwyn Cory, see Corey Cosette, Cosetta, Cossetta, Cossette Cosmo, Cozmo, Kosmo Courland, Courtlin, Courtlyn

Greek Latin

Maiden Coral

Abiding in God Joyful Praise

English Irish

Maiden From the Sea Raven

Beloved Attractive From Whom the Lord Will Provide Laborer Precious

Latin French Welsh

Raven Rope Maker Jewel of the Sea


From the Hollow



From the Hollow

Empowered Spirit


Little One



Little Damsel



Fair Maiden



Most Maidenly

Filled With Praise

English Latin Irish Spanish Latin

Good-Hearted Sunbeam Spearman Conqueror Heart's Delight

Sanctified Praise Proud Father Valiant Brilliant Countenance

French Greek English

Victorious Orderly From the Farmstead

Confident Spirit Peaceful Truthful

Courtney, Cort, Cortnay, Cortne, Cortnee, Cortney, Cortni, Cortnie, Corttney, Court, Courenay, Courteney, Courtnae, Courtnay, Courtnee, Courtni, Courtnie, Courtny, Courtonie, Kort, Kortnay, Kortnee, Kortney, Kortni, Kortnie, Kortny, Kourtney, Kourtni, Kourtny, Kourtinee Cowan, Cowey Coy, Coi, Koy Coyle, Coyel Cozbi, Cosbey, Cosbie, Cosby, Coz, Cozbee, Cozbie, Cozby Craig, Cregg, Crieg, Kraig Crandell, Crandall Creed, Creedon Creighton, Cray, Crayton Crosby, Crosbie Cruz, Kruz Crystal, Christal, Christalin, Christall, Christalyn, Christel, Chrystal, Chrystel, Cristal, Cristel, Cristelle, Crystalee, Crystalee, Crystall, Crystallin, Crystallynn, Crystel, Crystilin, Crystol, Crystyl (see also Krystal) Cullen, Cullan, Cullin, Cully Curran, Curan Curtis, Curt, Curtiss, Kurtis, Kurtiss (see also Kurt) Cush, Kush Cybil, see Sybil Cynthia, Cindee, Cindi, Cindie, Cindy, Cynda, Cynda, Cyndee, Cyndi, Cyndie, Cyndy Cyril, Cyrill, Cyrille Cyrus, Cy, Cyris

Old French Irish English Irish

From the Court From the Hillside From the Woods Courageous Leader

Amidst God's Love Generous Focused God's Warrior

Canaanite Scottish English Latin English Scandinavian Portuguese

Deceiver From the Steep Rock From the Valley Belief From the Rocky Place Shrine of the Cross Cross

Loving Enduring Spirit Freedom Power in Faith Humble Spirit Reminder of Christ Symbol

Latin Irish Irish

Sparkling Pleasing to Look Upon Hero

Pure Loving Example

Old French Hebrew

Courteous Black

Just and Honorable Forgiven

Greek Greek Persian

Moon Lordly Sun

Celestial Light Great Spiritual Potential Spiritual Enlightenment

Czarina, Czareena, Czariana, Czarianna (see also Zorina) Russian Name Language/Cultural Origin

Empress Inherent Meaning

Regal Spiritual Connotation

Dacey, Dacee, Daci, Dacie, Dacy, Daicee, Daycee, Daycie Dacia, Dacia Dacian, Dacien Dagan, Dagon Dagana, Dagania, Daganna Dagmar Dahlia, Dahliana, Dahlianna (see also Daliah) Daisy, Daisee Dajuan, Dawan, Dawon, Dejuan, Dewaun, Dijuan, D'Juan, Dujuan Dakota, Dakotah Dale, Dayle Daliah, Dalia, Daliyah (see also Dahlia) Dallan, Daelan, Daelen, Daelin, Dalian, Daylan, Daylen, Daylin Dallas, Dallis, Dallys Dalton, Dalten Daly, Dalten Damara, Damarrah Damaris, Damarius, Damarys, Demaras, Demaris, Demarius Damian, Daemien, Daimyan, Dameion, Dameon, Damian, Damien, Damion, Daymian Damiana, Damianna Damica, Damika, Damikah, Demeeka, Demica, Demicah Damita, Dametia, Dametra Damon, Daemon, Daman, Damen, Damonn, Daymon Dana, Daina, Danah, Dayna, Daynah Danae, Danay, Dannae (see also Denae) Gaelic Latin Latin Hebrew Hebrew Old German Southerner Southerner Southerner Grain Grain Glorious Day Friend of Christ Divine Perspective Divine Perspective Wise Chosen Redeemed

Scandinavian Old German

From the Valley Vision of the Day

Cleansed Cleansed

American Sioux Old English Hebrew

God Is Gracious Friend From Valley Branch

Promise Sincere Peaceful Destined

English Scottish Old English Irish Czech

From the Dale Gentle From the Valley Town Assembly Glory of the Day

Secure Efficient Filled With Peace Bringer of Light Promised Result




Russian Greek

Soother Soother

One Who Restores Healer

French Spanish

Friendly Noble Lady

Seeker of Truth Gracious Spirit

Greek Scandinavian English

Loyal Bright as Day God Is My Judge

Walks With God Obedient Just

Dane, Daine, Dayne, Dhane Danelle, Danel, Danele, Danell, Dannell (see also Danielle) Danette, Danett Dania, Danee, Dani, Daniah, Danie, Danni, Danya Danica, Daneeka, Danika, Dannika Daniel, Dan, Daniyel, Danny, Donyel, Donyell Danielle, Danialle, Daniela, Daniele, Daniell, Daniella, Dannielle, Danyel, Danyele, Danyelle (see also Danelle) Dannon, Danaan, Danen, Danon Dante, Dauntay, Dauntaye, Daunte (see also Deon, Dontae) Danya, Danyah, Donya (see also Dawn, Donna) Daphne, Daphaney, Daphanie, Daphany, Daphnee, Daphney Dara, Darah, Darra, Darrah Darby, Darbey, Darbi, Darbie Darcy, Darcee, Darcey, Darcie, Darcy, Darsey, Darsie Daria, Darria, Darya Darielle, Dariel, Darriel, Darrielle Darius, Darian, Dariann, Darias, Darien, Darion Darlene, Darla, Darleen, Darling Darnelle, Darnall, Darnall, Darnell Daron, Darron, Daryn, Darynn, Darynne, Derrion, Diron (see also Darren, Darius, Deron) Darrell, Darelle, Daril, Darral, Darrel, Darril, Darryl, Darryll, Daryl, Derrell, Derrel, Derril Darwin, Darwyn

Old English

Trickling Stream


French American

God Is My Judge God Is My Judge

Discerning Perceptive

Hebrew Slavic Hebrew

God Is My Judge Morning Star God Is My Judge

Intuitive Attentive Discerning

French American

God Is My Judge God Is My Judge

Perceptive Preserved

Latin Russian

Enduring God Is My Judge

Loving Vindicated

Greek Hebrew Irish

Laurel Tree Compassionate Freedom

Victorious Bearer of Mercy Free Spirit

French Greek French

Fortress Wealthy Little Darling

Established in Strength Gracious Cherished

Persian French Irish

Prosperous Darling Magnificent

Preserved Loving Loving


Rocky Hill


French Old English

Beloved Beloved

Blessed Treasured

Darren, Daran, Daren, Darin, Darran, Darrian, Darrien, Darrin, Deren, Derran, Derrin (see also Daron, Darius, Deron) Dasan, Dassan Dasha, Dashah, Dasya Dashawna, Deshandra, Deshaundra, Deshawnda, Deshawna, Deshonda, Deshonna Dashon Dathan, Dathon, Daythan, Daython Datia, Datiah, Datiya, Datya David, Dave, Daved, Daveed, Davey, Davy, Dayvid Davin, Daevin, Daevon, Daevon, Davohn, Davon, Davonn, Davontay, Davonte, Dayvin (see also Devin) Davina, Davina, Dava, Daveena, Davi, Daviana, Davine, Davinia, Davira, Devona, Devonda, Devonna, Devina Davis, Davidson, Davies, Davison Dawn, Dawnan, Dawna, Dawne, Dawnn, Dawnna, Dawnya (see also Danya, Donna) Dawson, Dawsen Daya, Daeya, Daia Dayana, Dayahna Deacon, Deke, Diakonos Dean, Deane, Dene Deandra, Deandrea, Deandria, Deanndra, Diandre Deandre, D'Andre, Dandrae, Dandray, Dandre, De Andre, Deaundre, Deondre Deanna, Deana, Deann, Deanne, Deeann, Deeanna

Irish Pomo Russian

Great Leader Divine Display

Esteemed Chosen Miracle

American American Hebrew Hebrew

God Is Gracious God Is Gracious Belonging to the Law Faith in God Strength

Pardoned Receiver of Blessings Redeemed



Lover of All



Heavenly Light

Scottish English

Beloved Honorable

Enlightened Loving

Old English English Hebrew Middle Eastern Greek Old English

Beginning Anew Son of the Beloved Bird Divine One Who Serves Valley

Joy and Praise Victorious Secure Warrior Honored Prosperous









Brightness of the Dawn

Deborah, Deb, Debb, Debbi, Debbie, Debbora, Debborah, Debby, Debi, Debora, Debora, Deborrah, Debra Dee, Dede, Deedee Deena, see Dena Deirdre, Dedra, Deedra, Deidra, Deidre, Dierdra, Dierdre Deitra, Deetra, Detria Deja, Daija, Daja Dejuan, see Dejuan Delaiah, Dalaiah Delana, Dalanna, Dalayna, Dalena, Dalina, Daaina, Dalina Delano, Dellano Delany, Dalaney, Delainey, Delanny, Delaynie, Dellaney Delia, Dehlia, Deleah, Dellia, Delya Delicia, Deleesha, Delisha, Delysia Della, Dellie Delmar, Dalmar Delores, Deloria, Deloris, Dolores Delsie, Delcee, Delsee Delta Demario Demas, Deemas, Deimas Demetria, Demetra,Demitra Demetreus, Demetreaus, Demetrias, Demetric, Demetrik, Demitrik, Demitrias Dimitrios, Dimitrius, Dmetrius (see also Dimitri) Dempsey, Dempsie Dena, Deena Denae, Denay, Denee (see also Denae) Denham, Denhem Denise, Danice, Deni, Denice, Deniece, Dennise Dennis, Dennes, Denny Denton, Dentin

Hebrew Welsh

Honey Bee Dark

New Era of Leadership Loving

Irish Greek French Hebrew

Wanderer Abundant Before God Is the Deliverer

eeker of Righteousness and Trut Refreshed Compassionate Redeemed

German French

Noble Protector Nut Tree

Example Anchored

Irish Greek Latin Old German Latin Spanish English Greek Italian Greek Greek

Of the Champion Visible Delightful Noble Maiden By the Sea Sorrowful Oath of God Door Son of a Warrior Ruler of People Plentiful

Victorious Divine Reflection Joyous Spirit Excellent Virtue Filled With Praise Compassionate Promise Seeker of Truth Seed of a Righteous Soldier Powerful Fruitful

Greek Irish Native American Hebrew English

Lover of the Earth Proud From the Valley Vindicated From the Valley Village

Fruitful Increase Honorable Peaceful Example One of Integrity

French Greek English

Favored Happy From a Happy Home

Reborn Effective Trusting Spirit

Denzel, Danzel, Danzell, Dennzel, Denzell, Denzil Deon, Deion, Deone, Deontee, Deontre, Dion, Diontae, Dionte (see also Dante, Dontae) Derek, Darek, Darik, Darrick, Darrik, Dereck, Derikk, Derreck, Derrek, Derric, Derrick, Derrik Derika, Dereka, Derica, Dericka, Derrica, Derrika Deron, De-Ron, Deronne, Derronn, Diron, Durron (see also Darius, Daron, Darren) Deshawna, see Dashawna Deshay, Deshae, Deshea Desi, Dezi Desiree, Desarae, Desaray, Desare, Deserae, Desirae, Desiray, Desiree, Dezirae, Deziree Desmond, Des, Desmon, Desmund, Dezmond Destin, Deston, Destry Destiny, Destanee, Destanie, Destany, Destinee, Destiney, Destinie Deva, see Diva Devany, Devaney, Devoney, Devony Devin, Devan, Deven, Devine, Devyn Devon, Devonlee, Devonleigh, Devonn, Devonne (see also Davon) Dewey, Dewie Dexter, Dextor Diamond, Diamonique, Diamonte Diana, Daiana, Daianna, Di, Diahann, Dianah, Diandra, Diane, Diann, Dianna, Dianne, Dyan, Dyana, Dyane, Dyann, Dyanna, Dyanne


From Cornwall, England









Ruler of the People





American French

Courteous Longed-For

Kind Faithful



Likeness of God

Irish French

Youthful Fate

Refreshing Confirmed

Old French



Gaelic Irish

Dark-Haired Poet

Sacrifice Seeker of Wisdom

English Welsh Latin Latin

From Devonshire Prized Skilled in Workmanship Precious Gem

Obedient Prosperous Industrious Carefully Guarded




Dibri Dick, Dic, Dickenson, Dickie, Dik, Dikk (see also Richard) Diego, Diaz Dieter, Deiter Dietrich, Dedric, Dedrick, Detrick, Didrik, Diedrick Dilbert, Dalbert, Del, Delbert Dillon, Dillan, Dillen, Dillin (see also Dylan) Dimitri, Demitre, Demetri, Dimitrie, Dmitri, Dymitri (see also Demetrius) Dinah, Dina, Dyna, Dynah Dino, Deeno Dion, see Deon Dionne, Deondra, Deonna, Deonne, Dione, Dionnal, Dionte, Diontee Dior, Diora, Diore, Diorra Dirk, Derk Diva, Deva Divina, Divinia Dixie, Dixee, Dixi, Dixy Dixon, Dickson Dolan, Dolin, Dolyn Dolph, Dolf Dolly, Dollee, Dolli, Dollie Dominic, Dom, Domenico, Domenick, Domingo, Dominitric Dominique, Dominica, Dominika Donald, Don, Donn, Donnie, Donny Donata, Donatta Donato, Donatello Donna, Dona, Doni, Donia, Donica, Donie, Donika, Donni, Donya (see also Danya, Dawn) Donnell, Donell, Donelle Donnel, Donnelle Donovan, Donavan, Donavon, Donoven, Donovon


God's Promise


English Spanish German

Powerful Ruler Supplanter Army of the People

Refuge Wise God's Warrior

German English Irish

Ruler of the People Bright as Day Faithful

Respected Obedient Steadfast in Christ

Russian Hebrew German

Immeasurable God Has Vindicated Little Sword

Gracious Righteous Covenant

Greek French German Indo-Pakistani English French English Irish Slavic American

Divine Queen Golden Ruler Blessed Beloved Tenth Son of the Ruler Dark-Haired Famous Compassionate

Promise Seeker of Wisdom Perceptive Leadership Praise Humble Blessing Youthful Courage Full of Life Great Christlike

Latin Latin Gaelic Latin Italian

Belonging to the Lord Belonging to the Lord World Leader Gift of God Gift of God

Faithful Disciple Consecrated Faithful Contemplative Kind


Refined Lady






Dark Warrior


Dontae, Dontai, Dontay, Dontaye, Donte, Dontee Dontrell Donyel, see Daniel Dora, Doralia, Doralie Doran, Dorin, Doron, Dorran, Dorren Dorcas Doreen, Dorene, Dorey, Dori, Dorie, Dorrie, Dureen Dorian, Doriana, Doriann, Dorianna, Dorien, Dorion, Dorrian, Dorrien Doris, Dorice, Dorise, Dorris Dorothea, Dorothee, Dorothy, Dottie, Dotti, Dotty Douglas, Doug, Douglass Doyle, Doyal Drake, Drago Drew, Drewe, Dru, Drue Drisana, Drisanna Drusilla, Drucilla, Druscilla Dryden, Drieden Duana, Duanna Duane, see Dwayne Dudley, Dudly Dugan, Doohan, Duggan Dulcinea, Dulcia, Dulciana, Dulcie Duncan, Duncon Dunstan, Dunsten Durant, Durand, Durante, Durrant

American Italian Greek Hebrew Greek

Preserving Lasting Gift of God God's Gift Filled With Grace

Steadfast Steadfast Wise Sacrifice Heir




Greek Greek

Gift From the Ocean

Gracious Strong

Greek Scottish Irish Latin Welsh Sanskrit Latin English Irish English Scottish Spanish Scottish English Latin

Gift of God From the Dark Stream Dark Stranger Dragon Wise Daughter of the Sun Strong From the Arid Valley Cheerful Song From the Common Field Dark Sweet Steadfast Warrior From the Stony Hill Enduring

Blessed Adventurous Guided by the Spirit Symbol Esteemed Loyal Strong in Spirit Trusting Harmonious Free in Christ Gifted Delights in God's Grace Strong in Faith Victorious Protected

Dustin, Dustan, Dusten, Duston, Dusty, Dustyn German Dusya, Dusyanna Russian Dwayne, DeWayne, Duaine, Duane, Dwane Irish Dwight, Dwieght English Dylan, Dyllan, Dyllon, Dylon (see also Dillon) Welsh Dylana, Dylanna Welsh Name Language/Cultural Origin

Valiant Warrior Hope Dark Fair From the Sea From the Sea Inherent Meaning

Brave Steadfast Transformed Heart Diligent Leader Resolute Courage Devoted Spiritual Connotation

Eagan, see Egan Ean, see Ian

Earl, Earle Easter, Eastre Easton, Eason Ebony, Ebanee, Ebany, Ebonee, Eboney, Ebonie Echo, Ecko, Ekko Eda, Edah Edana, Edanna, Edena Eden, Eaden, Eadin, Edin, Edyn Edgar, Ed Edie, Eadie, Edy, Eydie Edith, Edythe Edmund, Edmon, Edmond, Edmonde, Esmond Edna, Ednah Edom Edric, Eddrick, Ederick, Edrick Edward, Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Eduardo, Edwardo, Edwrards Edwin, Edwyn, Edwina Egan, Eagan, Egann, Egen Eileen, Eilean, Eilene, Eillenn (see also Aileen) Einar, Ejnar Eira, Eirah Eladah, Eilada, Elada, Elahdah Eirena, Eirana, Eiranna, Eirenna Elaine, Elain, Elane, Elayne, Eliane Elan, Elann Elana, Elaina, Elaina, Elainna, Elani, Elania, Elanna Elasah, Elasa, Elasia, Elasya Elden, Eldin Eldon, Elldon Eldred, Eldrid Eldridge, Eldredge Eleanor, Eleanore, Elinor, Ellenora, Elynora Eleazar, Eliazar Electra, Elektra Eleena, Elina, Ellena Elgin, Elgen Eli, Ely Eliab

English Old German English

Noble Spring Festival From the Eastern Town

Reflected Image Celebration Christlike

American Greek Irish Irish Hebrew English English Old English

Hard, Dark Wood Repeated Sound Loyal Ardent Flame Delightful Prosperous Wealthy Valuable Gift

Shining Constant Prayer Faithful Unending Love Pleasing Gifted Obedient Wise

Old English Hebrew Hebrew Old English

Blessed Peace Rejuvenated Red Earth Powerful With Property

Prosperous Protector Filled With Pleasure Strong Blessed

Old English Old English Irish English Old Norse Welsh Hebrew English Old French

Appointed to Protect Prosperous Friend Ardent Bright Light Individualist Snow Adorned of God Peace Brilliant

Guardian of Happiness Belonging to God Filled With Zeal Glorious Free Pure Lovely Contentment Admirable

English Hebrew Old English English Old English German Greek Hebrew Greek Russian English Hebrew Hebrew

Shining God Has Created Wise Guardian From the Holy Hill Elderly Counsel Mature Counselor Bright as the Sun God Has Helped Brilliant Radiant Noble Uplifted God Is My Father

Standard Image of God Good Judgment Enlightened Friend of God Godly Kindhearted Set Apart Eternal Hope Illuminated Responsible Delivered

Eliada, Eliadah, Elliada, Elyada Eliah, Eliyah Elias, Ellis Elijah, Elija, Eliyahu Eliora, Eliaura, Eliorra, Eliyora Elise, Elisse, Ellice, Ellise, Ellyce, Ellyse, Elyce, Elyse Elisha, Elishah, Elishia, Elishua Elissa, Elisia, Ellisa, Ellissa, Ellisia, Ellyssa, Elysa, Elyssa (see also Alsia, Eysia, Lissa) Eliza, Aliza, Elizah Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Elisabethe Elkanah, Elkana Elke, Elki Ella, Ellah Ellen, Elen, Ellan, Ellin Ellie, Elie, Elli Ellery, Elleree, Ellerey Elliot, Eliot, Eliott, Elliott Ellis, see Elias Ellison, Elison, Ellyson Elmer, Ellmer Elton, Alten, Alton, Ellton Elva, Elvia (see also Alvin) Elver Elvira, Elvera Elvis, Elvys Elya, Elja, Elyah (see also Ilya) Elynn, Elinn, Elyne, Ellynn Elysia, (see also Alisa, Elissa, Lissa) Emanuel, Emanual, Emanuell, Emmanuel, Immanuela Emanuela, Emmanuella, Emmanuelle, Imanuela Ember, Embur (see also Amber) Emelia, Amilia, Emalia, Emilia (see also Amelia, Emily) Emerald, Emeralde Emerson, Emmerson

Hebrew Hebrew Greek Hebrew Hebrew

God Knows The Lord Is God God Is My Salvation The Lord Is My God My God Is Light

Revealed Believer Mouthpiece of God Spiritual Champion Beloved

French Hebrew

Oath of God God Will Save Me

Dedicated Protected

Italian Polish Hebrew Hebrew German Old German English Estonian English Hebrew English Old English English Old English Scottish Spanish Old Norse Hebrew American Latin

Oath of God Oath of God Oath of God God Is Jealous Nobility Beautiful Bright Illuminated From Elder Tree Island The Lord Is My God Son of the Redeemed One Famous From the Old Town Friend of All A young eel Fair All-Wise The Lord Is My God Clear Pool Sweetly Blissful

Devoted Pledged Consecrated Pure Approved Sustained Heir Shining Light Creative Worker Consecrated Near to God's Heart Trusting Steadfast Joyous Fervent prayer Wise Righteous Filled With Praise Cleansed Strong Faith


God With Us

Gift of God

Hebrew Old English

God With Us Ashes

Gift of God Confirmed Faith

Latin French English

Industrious Green Gem Son of the Leader

Blessed Breathtaking Victorious

Emery, Emeri, Emmery, Emmory, Emroy (see also Amery, Emri) Emil, Emill Emilian, Emille, Emils Emilio, Emillio Emily, Emalee, Emelie, Emile, Emilee, Emiley, Emilie, Emillie, Emilly, Emmelie, Emylee (see also Amelia, Emelia) Emilianna, Emiliana, Emiliann, Emilianne, Emilyann, Emilyanne Emma, Ema Emmet, Emitt, Emmett, Emmit, Emmitt, Emmot, Emmott Emmy, Emee, Emi, Emmi, Emmie Emre, Emra, Emrah, Emree (see also Amery, Emery) Enid, Ennid Ennis, Enis (see also Innes) Enoch, Enoc, Enock Enos, Enosh Enrica, Enrikka Enrique, Enrico, Enrikos, Enrique Enya, Eina, Einya, Enyah Ephraim, Efraim, Efrayim, Ephrem Ephron Erasmus Erhard, Erhardt, Erhart Eric, Aric, Arik, Arick, Arrict, Erek, Erich, Erik, Eriq, Erric, Errick, Errick, Errict, Eryk Erica, Arica, Aricka, Arika, Arikka, Ericca, Ericka, Erika, Erika, Erikka, Errica, Errika, Eryka, Erykka Erin, Erine, Erinn, Erinne, Erin, Eryn, Erynn, Erynne (see also Arin) Ernest, Ernesto, Ernie, Ernst Errol, Erol, Erroll, Erryl

German German Polish Italian

Industrious Leader Industrious Eager Glorifier

Authority Under God Diligent Seeker Purified Obedient



Diligent Worker

American Old German

Gracious All-Embracing

Thoughtful Absolute Faith

Old English English

Earnest Striving

Genuine Devotion Attentive

Turkish Welsh Irish Hebrew Hebrew French Spanish Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Greek German

Brother Soul of Life Soul of Life Consecrated Man Home Ruler Head of the Household God's Eye Fruitful Strong Lovable Resolute

God's Servant Obedient Obedient Dedicated to God Expectant Righteous Servant Beloved Prosperous Thankful Endearing Efficient

Old Norse



Old Norse



Irish English Turkish

Bringer of Peace Sincere Courageous

Benevolent Free in Spirit God's Messenger

Erving, see Irving Erwin, see Irwin Esau, Esaw Esdras, Ezdras Eshban Eshton, Eshtonn Esme, Esmee Esmeralda, Esmereda, Esmiralda Esmond, Esmonde, Esmunde Este, Estes Esteban Estee Estelle, Estele Esther, Ester, Esthur (see also Asther, Hester) Estrella, Estelina, Estelita, Estella, Estrela, Estrellita, Estrietta Ethan, Eathan, Ethen, Eythan Ethel, Ethyl Ethni, Ethnee, Ethney Etienne, Etiene Euclid Eudora, Eldora, Eudorra Eugene, Gene Eulalia, Eulalie Eunice, Eunique, Eunise Eustace, Eustasius, Eustis Eve, Eva, Evah, Evie Evan, Evann, Evans, Evin, Evyn Evangeline, Evangelina Evelyn, Evalina, Evaline, Evelynne Everett, Everet, Everette, Everitt Everley, Everlea, Everlee, Everleigh Evette, see Yvette Evita, Eveeta Evonne, see Yvonne Ewing, Ewin, Ewynn Eyota, Eyotah Ezekiel, Ezekial, Zeke Ezra, Esera, Esra, Ezera, Ezri (see also Izri)

Hebrew French Hebrew Hebrew French Spanish Old English Italian Spanish English French

Hairy Help Man of Understanding Rest Overcomer Victory Rich Protector East Crowned Star Star

Strength Supported Wise Humble Victor Triumphant Spirit Gracious Armed Wise Fulfillment Infinite Potential




Spanish Hebrew Old English Hebrew French Greek Greek Greek French Greek Greek Hebrew Irish Greek English German English Hispanic English Native American Hebrew

Child of the Star Firmness One of High Regard My Gift Enthroned Brilliant Honorable Gift Born to Nobility Sweetly Speaking Joyous Productive Mother of Life Young Warrior Bringer of Good News Hazelnut Courageous From the Boar Meadow Youthful Life Friend of Justice Greatest Whom God Makes Strong

Witness Steadfast in Truth Noble Secure Humble Creative Invaluable Vivacious Mouthpiece of God Victorious Diligent Full of Life Noble Protector Happy Messenger Radiant Unending Praise Faithful Childlike Benevolent Protector Servant God Is My Strength




Ezrela, Ezraela Name

Hebrew Language/Cultural Origin

God Is My Strength Inherent Meaning

Adoration Spiritual Connotation

Fabia, Fabiana, Fabianna, Fabianne, Fabria, Fabriana, Fabrianne Fabian, Fabayan, Fabiano, Fabien, Fabio, Faybian Fadey, Faidee Faith, Fayth, Faythe Falina, Falena, Faylina, Felina Falkner, Faulkner Fallon, Falan, Falen, Falin, Fallan, Fallyn, Falyn Fanny, Fanney, Fanni, Fannie Fanya, Fania, Fannia Farley, Fairleigh, Farlay, Farrley Farrah, Fara, Farah, Farra Farrel, Farral, Ferel, Ferell, Ferryl Farren, Faran, Farin, Farrahn, Farran, Farrin, Farron, Farryn, Faryn (see also Ferran) Faustina, Faustana Fawn, Faun, Fauna, Fawna, Fawne Faxon, Faxan Faye, Fae, Fay, Fayanna, Fayla Felicia, Falesha, Falisha, Felecia, Felicya, Felesha, Feleesha, Felisha Felicity, Felicianna, Felicite, Felisianna, Felissa, Feliza, Felysse Felipe, see Phillip Felix, see Phillip Felton, Felten Fenton, Fenny Ferdinand, Ferdnand Fergus, Ferguson Fern, Ferne, Fernleigh Fernando, Fernandez Ferran, Feran, Ferren, Feron, Ferrin, Ferron, Ferryn (see also Farran) English Bean Grower Laborer

Latin Latin English Latin Old English

Bean Grower Father Firm Believer Catlike Trainer of Falcons

Nourishing Spirit Gentle Faith Upright One Who Disciples

Irish English Russian English English Irish

Grandchild of the Ruler French Free From the Sheep Meadow Beautiful Valiant

Heir Dedicated Vindicated Serene Favored Servant

English Latin Old French Old German Latin

Wanderer Fortunate Young Deer Long-Haired Raven

Foreigner Blessed Innocent Devotion Remembered




English Latin English English Gothic Irish Old English Spanish

Joyful Fortunate From the Field Town From the Marshland Adventurous Very Choice One Sincere Fearless

Content Blessed Hopeful Spirit of Life Seeker of Truth Esteemed Loving Redeemed

Middle Eastern


Laborer for Souls

Ferrand, Farrand Ferris, Faris, Farris, Feris Fidel, Fidele, Fidelis Fidelity, Fidelia Fievel, Feivel, Fivel Findlay, Finlay, Finley Finian, Phinean Fiona, Fionna Fisk, Fiske Fitzgerald, Fitz Flair, Flaire, Flare Flana, Flanna Flannery, Flann Flavia, Flavian, Flaviar, Flavio Fleming, Flemming Fletcher, Flecher, Fletch Fleur, Flure Flint, Flynt Flip, Flipp Flora, Floria, Floriana, Florianna Florence, Flo, Florance, Florann, Floren, Florida, Florrie, Flossie Florian, Florien, Florrian Floyd, Floydd Flynn, Flinn, Flyn Fontanna, Fontaine, Fontana Fonzie, Fonsie, Fonz Forbes, Forbe Forrest, Forest, Forster, Foster Frances, Fran, Francesca, Francess, Franchelle, Franchesca, Franchette, Francine, Frann, Frannie Francis, Fran, Francesco, Franchot, Francisco, Franco, Francois, Franz Frank, Franc, Frankie, Franky Franklin, Francklin, Franklinn, Franklyn, Franklynn Fraser, Fraizer, Frasier, Frazer, Frazier Frayne, Fraine, Freyne

French Middle Eastern Latin Latin Yiddish Irish Irish Irish Middle Eastern Old English English Latin Irish Latin English Anglo-Saxon French Old English American Latin

Iron-Haired Horseman Faithful Faithful Bright Valorous Soldier Fair Hero Fair Fisherman Son of the Mighty One Vivacious Blonde Redhead Blond From Denmark Arrow Featherer Flower Stream Lover of Horses Flower

Believer Fearsome Secure Received Attentive Victorious Life Servant Persevering Witness Hopeful Glorified Satisfied Accountable Redeemed Obedient Ingenious Efficient Praise Joyful Nurtured

Latin English Welsh Gaelic French German Gaelic Latin

Flourishing Blooming White-or-Gray-Haired Son of Redhead Fountain Zealous Prosperous Guardian of the Forest

Prosperous Nourished Wise Blessed Sustained Righteous Blessed Preserved




Latin English

Free Free Man

Victorious Shining

Old English French Old English

Free Holder of Land Strawberry Stranger

Joyful Filled With Life Accepting

Frederica, Freddi, Fredericka, Frederina, Frederique, Fredrika Frederick, Freedom Freeman, Freedman, Freemon Freida, Freda, Freeda, Freia, Frieda Freja, Fraya, Freya Freemont, Freemondt Fritzi, Fritzie, Fritzy Fuller, Fullar Fulton, Fultan Name

Old German German Old German English German Swedish German German English English Language/Cultural Origin

Peaceful Ruler Peaceful Ruler Freedom Free Serene Virtuous Woman Protector of Freedom Restful Cloth Worker From Near the Town Inherent Meaning

Compassionate Perceptive Released Witness Victorious Valuable Righteous Righteous Diligent Spirit-Filled Life Spiritual Connotation

Gabor Gabriel, Gab, Gabe, Gabriell, Gabrielli, Gabriello, Gibbbee, Gibbie Gabrielle, Gabbey, Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabrial, Gabriala, Gabralla, Gabriana, Gabrianna, Gabriela, Gabriele, Gabriella Gaetan, Gaetano Gage, Gaege Gail, Gael, Gaila, Gale, Gayle Gaius, Caius Gala, Galla Galatia Galen, Gaelen, Gaylen Galena, Galeena Galiana, Galianna, Galiena, Galienna Galina, Gailina Gallio, Galio Galvin, Galvan, Galven Galya, Galia, Gallia Gamaliel, Gameliel Gamarya, Gamara, Gamaria, Gamariya Gannon, Gannan, Gannen Ganya, Gania, Ganyah Gareth, Garith, Garreth Garner, Garnier Garnet, Garnette Garnett, Garnatt Garrett, Garett, Garret, Gerrett (Jarrett) Hungarian God Is My Strength Grounded in Faith


Devoted to God


Hebrew Italian French Old English Latin Old Norse Greek Greek Greek Old German Russian Hebrew Gaelic Russian Hebrew Hebrew Irish Hebrew Welsh French Latin Anglo-Saxon Irish

Devoted to God From Southern Italy Promise My Father Rejoices Lively One Who Rejoices Singer Pure Healer Calm Supreme Shining He That Sucks Glowing Illuminated God Is My Reward Act of God White Garden of God Gentle Guard Precious Stone Protection Warrior

Confident Redeemed Vision

Bold Filled With Praise Courageous Established in Truth Amiable Respectful Glorified Mighty Blessed Untainted Blessed Pledged Devout Refreshed Peaceful One of Integrity Invaluable Obedient Free

Garrick, Garick, Garreck, Garrik (see also Carrick) Garrin, Garran, Garren, Garron Garrison, Garris Garth, Gar Garvey, Garrvey Garvin, Garvan, Garvyn Gary, Garry Gaston, Gascon, Gaston Gavin, Gavan, Gaven, Gavyn Gaylord, Gayler, Gaylor Geary, Gearey Gemini, Gemelle, Gemina, Gemmina Gena, see Gina Gene, see Eugene Geneen, see Jeanine Geneva, Jeneva Genevieve, Genavieve, Jenavieve Genna, see Jenna Gennifer, see Jennifer Geoffrey, Geffery, Geffrey, Geoff, Geoffrey, Giotto, Gottfried (see aslo Godfrey, Jeffrey) George, Georges, Georgio, Georgious Georgia, Georgeann, Georgeanna, Georgene, Georgette, Georgia Gerald, Geraldo, Gerrald, Gerrold, Gerry, Jerald, Jeraldo, Jeri, Jerrald, Jerri, Jerrold, Jerry Geraldine, Geraldina, Geralyn, Geri, Gerianna, Gerry, Jeraldine Gerard, Gerardo, Gerrard, Gerry, Girard Germain, Germaine, Germana, Germane, Germaya, Germayne (see also Jermaine) Gershom, Gershon Gianna, Gianna, Gianella, Giannella, Gianni, Jiana, Jianna, Jianella

English Old English Old French Old Norse Irish English German French Welsh Old French English Greek

Ruler Spearman Fortress From the Garden Rugged Place Friend in Battle Mighty From Gascony White Hawk Lively Changeable Twin

Champion Preserved Guided of God Wise Increasing Faithfulness Peaceful Regenerated Protected Content Gifted Courageous Righteous

French French

Juniper Tree Fair

Wise Inner Beauty

Old German Greek

Perfectly Tranquil Land Worker

Restful Walks With God



Promise of God

Old German



Old German Old German

Powerful Strong, Powerful

Victorious Trusting Heart

French Hebrew

From Germany Stranger

Bringer of Unity Visitor


God Is Gracious


Gibbar, Gibson, Gilson Gideon, Gegeon, Gideon Gigi, G.G, Geegee Gilana, Gilanna Gilbert, Gibb, Gibbs, Gil, Guilbert Gilda, Gilde Gilead, Giliad Gilen, Gilan Giles, Gilles, Gyles Gillian, see Jillian Gilmore, Gilmour Gilsey, Gilsea, Gilsee Gina, Geena, Gena, Ginah, Ginia (see also Jean) Ginger, Gingata Ginny, Gini, Ginni, Jinnee, Jinney, Jinni, Jinnie, Jinny (see also Jina) Gino, Geno Giovanna, Giavanna (see also Jovanna) Giovanni, Geovani, Geovanni, Gian, Giani, Gianni, Giavani, Giovanno (see also Jovan) Giuseppe, Giusepe Gizelle, Gissele, Giselle, Jizella, Jiselle, Jizelle Gladys, Gladis Glendon, Glenden Glenna, Glenda Gloria, Gloriela, Gloriella, Glorielle, Glory, Glorya Glyn, Glynn Godfrey, Godfry (see alsoGeoffrey) Gomer Gordon, Gordan, Gordie, Gordy Gorman, Gormon Gowon, Gowan Grace, Gracey, Graci, Gracia, Graciana, Gracie Grady, Gradey Graham, Graeham, Graeme

Hebrew English Hebrew French Hebrew Old German Anglo-Saxon Hebrew Basque French Irish English

Mighty Man Son of the Honest Man Tree Cutter Trustworthy Hill of the Monument Bright Pledge Covered With Gold Mass of Testimony Notable Promise Shield Devout Flower

Empowered Fruitful Victorious True Friend Testimony Devoted Blessed Witness Protected Strength Dependent Flourishing

Italian English

Queen Pure

Full of Love Respectful

English Greek Italian

Unblemished Of Noteworthy Birth God Is Gracious

Spotless Delivered Blessed

Italian Italian

God Is Gracious God Will Increase

Servant Joyful

Old German Irish Scottish Irish

Pledge Princess From the Valley Fortress From The Valley

Approved Spiritual Understanding Excellent Worth Blooming

Latin Scottish Irish Hebrew Anglo-Saxon Gaelic Tiv

Glory From the Ravine Man of God's Peace Completion From the Round Hill Blue-eyed Born During a Strom

Glorious Protected Divine Perspective Preserved Shining Walks With God Rainmaker

Latin Gaelic English

Patient Noble From a Grand Home

Full of Grace Strong Generous

Granger, Grainger, Grange French Farmer Grant, Grantham, Grantley French Tall Grantland, Grantlund Old English From the Great Plains Granville, Grenville French From the Large Village Grayson, Greyson Middle Eastern Son of the Bailiff Greer, Grier English Watchful Gregory, Greg, Gregg, Greggory, Gregori, Greig, Grigori Greek Guardian From the Village by the Pasture Gresham, Grisham English Greta, Gretal, Grethal, Gretta English Pearl Gretchen, Gretchin German Pearl Griffith, Griffey Welsh Great Strength Grover, Grove German Gardener Guadalupe, Guadulupe Spanish From the Valley of Wolves Guillaume, Guillermo French Strong Guardian Guinevere, Guenevere Welsh Unstained Gunnar, Gunner, Gunthar, Gunther Old Norse Warrior-King Gurion, Guri, Guriel Hebrew Young Lion Gustave, Gus, Guss, Gustaf, Gustav, Gustavus Scandinavian God's Staff Guthrie, Gutherie, Guthrey German War Hero Guy, Guido, Gui French Director Gwendolyn, Gwen, Gwendalyn, Gwendolin, Gwendolynn, Gwenn Welsh Fair Name Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning

God's Follower Assurance Righteous Righteous One of Knowledge Vigilant

God's Trustee Peaceful Eternal Hope Invaluable Blessed of God Consecrated Wondrous Shielded Ransomed Obedient Righteous

Blessed Great Peaceful

Full of Honor Spiritual Connotation

Habaiah, Habiyah (see also Abia) Hadad, Haddad Hadassah, Hadasa, Hadassa Hadden, Haddan, Haddon (see also Hayden) Hadlai, Haddlai (see also Adlai) Hadley, Hadlee, Hadleigh Hadrian, Hadrien Hagan, Haggan Hagar, Haggar Hagen, Haggen Hai, Haian Haidar, Haidor Haidee, Haiday, Haydee (see also) Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Gods Has Hidden Mighty Star Preserved Strength of God Precious

English Hebrew Anglo-Saxon Swedish German Hebrew Irish Vietnamese Middle Eastern English

From the Hill of Heather Frail From the Field of Heather Dark Strong Defense Fugitive Youthful Life Sea Lion Modest

Great Confidence Child of God Peaceful Spirit Just Immovable Assurance Accountable Filled With Praise Warrior of God Humble

Hakim, Hakeem (see also Akim, Joachim) Hal, see Harold Hale, Haile Halen, Haylan Haley, Halley, Halli, Hally Halona, Halonah Halsey, Halsee, Halseigh, Halzee Hamal, Hamaal Haman, Hayman Hamilton, Hamelton Hamlet, Hamlett Hamlin, Hamelin, Hamlyn Hammond, Hamond Hamuel, Hammuel Hana, Hanita Hanan, Hannan, Hannen, Hannon Hanani, Hannani, Hananni Hananiah, Hananiyah Hania, Hanja, Hanya Haniel, Hanniel Hanley, Hanlee, Hanleigh, Henlee, Henleigh, Henley, Hensley Hannah, Hanna Hannibal, Hanibal Hans, Hansel, Hansen, Hanz Haran, Harran Harbin, Harbyn Hardin, Hardan Hardy, Harel, Hariel, Harrel Harlan, Harland, Harlon Harley, Harlee, Harleigh Harmony, Harmoni, Harmonie Harold, Hal, Herald, Herold Harper, Harpo Harriet, Harriett, Hattie Harris, Harrison Harry, Harray, Harrey Hartley, Hartlee, Hartleigh Harvey, Harv (see also Herve) Hasad, Hasad, Hasaad (see also Asad)

Ethiopian Hawaiian Swedish Nigerian Native American English Middle Eastern Hebrew Old English Old Norse Old German English Hebrew Japanese Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew

Doctor Military Power Hall Unexpected Gift Fortunate From the Ruler's Island Lamb Well Disposed From the Fortified Castle From the Village Loves His Home From the Village Warmth of God Flower Merciful God Has Shown Mercy God Is Gracious Resting Place Grace of God

Healer Act of God Gracious Blessing Blessed Righteous Hopeful Blessed Faithful Compassionate Godly Example Witness Loving Joyful Compassionate Promised Blessed Peaceful Restored

English Hebrew Phoenician Swedish Hebrew German English English Hebrew Old English Old English Latin Old English English Old German Old English Old German Anglo-Saxon Celtic Turkish

From the High Pasture Gracious Grace God Is Gracious Enlightened Little Warrior From the Hares' Valley Bold Mountain of God From the Land From the Rabbit Pasture Oneness Army Leader Harp Player Ruler of the Household Son of the Strong Man Home Ruler From the Deer Meadow Noble Harvester

Protector, Shepard Compassionate Merciful Discerning Spirit Sanctified Obedient Righteous Confident Holy Resolute Chosen of God Unifier Born of God Instrument of Praise Discerner of Excellence Courageous Integrity Victorious Brave Evangelist

Hasana, Haseina Hasani, Hasaan, Hsan, Hashaan (see also Ahsan, Ihsan) Hasrah, Hazrah Hatipha, Hateefa, Hatifa, Hateepha Haven, Havan, Havin Hayden, Haden, Haydn, Haydon (see also Hadden) Hayes, Hays Hayley, see Haley Hayward, Heyward Haywood, Heywood Hazel, Hazyl Haziel, Hazael Heath, Heathe Heather, Heatherlee Hebron Hector, Hectar Heidi, Heide, Heidee, Hidee, Hiedi (see also Haidee) Heinrich, Heinrick, Heinrik Helen, Hellen Helena, Haleena, Halena, Helana, Heleana, Heleena (see also Halina) Henley, see Hanley Henrietta, Henrieta Henry, Hank, Henri, Henri Herbert, Herb, Herbie Hercules Herman, Hermann, Hermon Herick, Herrik Hershel, Herschel, Hershell Herve, Hervay (see also Harvey) Hester, Hestar (see also Esther) Hezekiah Hezrai, Hezrael Hilda, Hilde Hillary, Hilaree, Hilari, Hilary, Hillaree, Hillarie, Hilleree, Hillory Hillel, Hillal Hilton, Hillton Hirah, Hierah Hiram, Hi, Hirom



Follower of Christ

Swahili Hebrew Hebrew Dutch

Handsome Splendor Captive Harbor

Chosen Praise Obedient Preserved

English English English English English Hebrew English Middle English Hebrew Greek

From the Hedged Valley From the Hedged Valley dian/Protector of the Hedged A From the Hedged Forest Commander of Authority God Sees Shrub Flowering, Blooming Company Steadfast

Victorious Moderate Secure Chosen Cleansed Witness Protector Cover of Beauty Inheritance One of Integrity

Old German German Greek

Honored Household Ruler Light

Blessed Just Righteous

English English Old German Old German Greek Old German German Hebrew French English Hebrew Hebrew Old German

Brightness Household Ruler Ruler of the Household Shining Soldier Glorious Gift Noble Soldier War Ruler Deer Warrior Star God Has Strengthened Beautiful Battle Maid

Testimony Strong Trusted Powerful Protector Enduring Righteous Chosen Promise Steadfast Gift of God Hopeful Testimony Courageous

English Hebrew English Hebrew Hebrew

Cheerful Greatly Praised From the Hill Town Noble Most Noble

Blessed Humble Obedient Holy Righteous

Hiroko, Hirokoh Hiroshi, Hirashi Hisa, Hisae, Hisayo Hodiah, Hodiyah Hogan, Hogen Holbrook, Holbrooke Holden, Holdin Hollis, Hollyss Holly, Hollee, Holley, Holli, Hollie Hollyann, Hollianna, Hollyanne Homer Honoria, Honor, Honora, Honore Hope, Hopie Hophni, Hophnee, Hophney Horace, Horacio, Horatio, Horatius Horton, Horten Hosanna, Hosana (see also Osanna) Hosea, Hoshea Hoshama, Hoshamma Howard, Howie Howe, Howey Howell, Howel Hoyt, Hoyte Hubert, Hubbard, Hubie Hugh, Huey, Hughes, Hugo Humphrey, Humfrey Hunter, Huntar Hur, Hurr

Japanese Japanese Japanese Hebrew Gaelic Old English English Old English Old English English Greek Latin Old English Hebrew Latin Old English Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew English German Welsh Irish Old German Old German Old German Old English Hebrew

Self-Sacrificing Generous Long-Lasting Splendor of God Youthful From the Brook From the Valley Hollow From the Holly Trees Holly Tree Gracious Covenant Honorable Gift Trust in the Future Strong Keeper of Time From the Garden Estate God Has Heard Deliverance God Has Heard Chief Guardian Eminent Remarkable Spirited Clear Minded Thoughtful Protector Hunter Noble

Glorified Cheerful Wise Majestic Generous Peaceful Fearless Righteous Peaceful Kind Doer of God's Word Thankful Understanding Heart Arm of God Efficient Faithful Steward Praise the Lord Strength Godly Discerning Protected Reconciled Zealous Obedient Wise Peaceful Strength Pursuer of Truth Purified Blessed Tranquil Spirit Righteous Spiritual Connotation

Hurley, Hurlee, Hurleigh Gaelic Lover of the Sea From the Wise Man's Meadow Huxley, Huxlee Old English Hyatt, Hyett English From the High Gate Name Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning

Iago, Jago, Yago Ian, Ean, Iain Ianos, Iano, Ianos Ianthe, Iantha, Yantha Ibri, Ibree Ichabod Ida, Idaleena, Idarina Idalia, Idalis, Idalys Iesha, Ieasha, Ieesha, Ieisha, Ieshia (see also Aiesha) Ignatia, Ignacia, Ignashia Welsh Scottish Czech Greek Hebrew Hebrew German American Supplanter God Is Gracious God Is Gracious Violet Flower Passes Over The Glory Has Departed Youth Creative Replacement Discreet Divine Vision Restored Symbol Grief Industrious Gifted

American Latin

Woman Ardent

Blessed Full of Honor

Ignatius, Ignacius, Ignashus Igor, Igorr Ihsan, Ihsaan, Ihsan (see also Ahsan, Hasani) Ilan, Illan Ilana, Ilani, Illana, Illanda, Illani Iliana, Ileana, Illiana (see also Eliana, Liana) Ilona, Ileena, Ilina Ilya, Ilias, Iljah (see also Elya) Iman, Imani Imelda, Imalda Imla, Imlah Immanuel, Immanuela, see Emanuel, Emanuela Imogene, Imogenia Imra, Imrah Imran, Imrand Imri, Imree Ina, Inah India, Indya Indigo Indira, Indra Inessa, Innessa Ingemar, Ingeborg Inger, Ing, Inga, Inge Ingerlisa, Ingerlise Ingram, Ingraham, Ingrim Ingrid, Ingela Iniko, Ineeko Inka, Inkah Innis, Innes, Innes (see alsom Ennis) Ioan, Ioann Ioanna, Ioana Iola, Iolia Iolana, Ioanna Iona, Ione, Ionia Ira, Irah Iram, Irram Irene, Irena, Iryna Iri, Iree, Ireigh Irijah, Irija, Iriya, Iriyah Irina, Irana, Iriana, Irianna (see also Ariana) Iris, Irisa, Irisha, Irissa, Irusya irma, Erma, Irmina

Latin Russian

Ardent Protected

Diligent Preserved

Turkish Hebrew Hebrew Greek Hungarian Russian Middle Eastern Swiss Hebrew

Compassionate Youth Tree From Troy Light The Lord Is My God Believer All-Encompassing Battle Fulfilling

Loving Pride of the Father Firmly Rooted Believer Disciple of Christ Confessor Illuminated Victorious Prosperous

Latin Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Irish English Latin Indo-Pakistani Russian Old Norse Old Norse Norwegian Old Norse Old Norse Ibo Russian Gaelic Romanian Russian Greek Hawaiian Greek Hebrew Hebrew Greek Hebrew Hebrew Russian Greek Latin

Image Stubborn Host Speech Pure From India Dark Blue Splendid Innocent Famous Son Army of the Son Praised Daughter King's Raven Hero's Daughter Born During Hard Times Heavenly From the Island God Is Gracious God Is Gracious Dawn of Day Soaring Like a Hawk Violet Flower Watchful Brightness Messenger of Peace God Watches God Sees Serenity Rainbow Exalted

Likeness of God Learner of Obedience Gracious Empowered Divine Inspiration Gift of Faith Strengthened Miraculous Cleansed Adventurous Kind Consecrated to God Wise Cherished Forever Preserved Image of God Obedient Cherished Set Apart One Made Worthy Steadfast Inner Beauty Led by the Spirit Profound Victorious Spirit In the Light One of Integrity Absolute Peace God's Promise Excellent Virtue

Irving, Earvin, Erv, Ervin, Ervine, Ervine, Erving, Irv, Irvin, Irvine Irwin, Erwin, Erwyn, Irwyn Isaac, Ike, Isaak, Isac, Isak, Ishaq, Itzak, Izaac, Izaak, Izac, Izak, Izakk, Izzy, Yitzak, Yitzhak Issachar Isabel, Isabela, Isabella, Isabelle, Izabel, Izabele, Izabelle Isadora, Isidora, Isidora

Irish Old English

Handsome Friend

Trusting Spirit Triumphant Spirit

Hebrew Hebrew

Laughter Reward

Child of Promise Righteous

Spanish Greek

Consecrated to God Gift of the Goddess

Discerning Spirit Inspired

Isaiah, Ishmael, Ishmeil, Ismael, Ishmaiah, Ismail Hebrew Ishmaela, Ismaela Hebrew Israel, Izrael, Yisrael Hebrew Italia, Italie, Italya Italian Ivan, Iven Russian Ivana, Ivania, Ivanna Slavic Ivar, Iver, Ivor Old Norse Ives, see Yves Ivonne, Ivette, Ivete, Ivonn (see also Yvonne) Scandinavian Ivory, Ivori American Ivy, Ivey, Ivie English Iwan, Iwann Polish Name Language/Cultural Origin

God Will Hear God Will Hear Wrestled With God From Italy God Is Gracious God Is Gracious Noble

Blessed Trusting Reminder Flexible Triumphant Thankful Peaceful

Yew Wood Made of Ivory Ivy Plant God Is Gracious Inherent Meaning

Devout Fearless Trusting Grateful Spiritual Connotation

Jaakan, Jaekan, Jakan, Jaikan (see also Jachan) Jaala, Jala Jaalam, Jalam Jaan, Jaann, Jaano, Yaan, JayAnn Jaasiel, Jasiel Jaaziel, Jaziel Jabari, Jabaar, Jabar, Jabbar, Jabier Jabez, Jabe, Jabesh Jabin, Jaban Jachan, Jacan, Jachon, Jacon (see also Jaakan) Jacey, J.C., Jace, Jacee, Jacie, Jaciel, Jaycee, Jaycie, Jaciel, Jayce, Jaycee, Jaycey, Jaycie (see also Jacy) Jacinda, Jacenda, Jacinta Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Estonian Hebrew Hebrew Swahili Hebrew Hebrew Intelligent Doe Hidden Disciple of Christ God Is My Maker God Is My Comfort Fearless Born in Pain God Has Formed Discerning Loving Guardian of Wisdom Anointed Thankful

Leader Blessed Chosen




American Hispanic

Prestigious Beautiful

Blessed Cherished

Jack, Jackie, Jacky, Jax Jackson, Jakson, Jaxon Jacob, Jacobb, Jacobs, Jakab, Jakiv, Jakov, Jakub (see also) Jacobi, Jackobi Jacqueline, Jacalyn, Jacalyn, Jackalyn, Jackee, Jacki, Jacklyn, Jacquelyn, Jacquelynn, Jacque, Jacqui, Jakki, Jaquelynn, Jaqui Jacques, Jacquan, Jacque, Jacquees, Jacquez, Jaques Jacy, Jaicy (see also Jacey) Jada, Jaeda, Jaida, Jayda Jade, Jadah, Jadi, Jadie, Jady, Jaide, Jayde Jadon, Jaden, Jadin, Jaeden, Jaedon Jae, see Jaye Jaegar, Jaager Jae-Hwa, Jaewah Jael, Jaela, Jaelle (see also Yael) Ja'Far, Jafar, Jaffar Jaffa, see Yaffa Jaga, Yaga Jago, see Iago Jahdiel, Jadiel, Yadiel Jahzeel, Jahziel, Jazeel, Jaziel Jaime, Jaimey, Jaimee, Jaimmie, Jaimy, Jayme (see also Jamie) Jairus, Jairo, Jarius

English English

God Is Gracious Son of Jack

Redeemed Gracious

Hebrew Scottish

Supplanter Replacement

Benevolent Joyous




French Guarani Hebrew

Supplanter Moon Wise

Redeemed Reverent Blessed

Spanish Hebrew German Korean Hebrew Sanskrit Polish Hebrew Hebrew

Precious Gem God Has Heard Hunter Prosperous Mountain Climber Little Stream Innocent God Gladdens God Distributes

Priceless Seeker of the Truth Increase Blessed God's Servant Refreshing Cleansed Cheerful Righteousness of God

French Hebrew

I Love God Enlightens

Devoted Wise

Jajuan, Jauan, Jawaan, Jawan, Jawann, Jawaun, Jawon, Jawuan, Jujuan, Juwaan, Juwan, Juwann, Juwaun, Juwon, Juwuan Jake, Jayke Jakim, Jakeem Jalila, Jalile Jamaal, Jamar, see Jhamil

American English Hebrew Middle Eastern

God Is Gracious Substitute Uplifted Great

Blessed New Covenant Chosen Humble

Jamarcus, Jamarco, Jemarcus Jamario, Jamari, Jamariel, Jamarius, Jemarus James, Jaimes, Jaymes, Jim, Jimi, Jimmee, Jimmie, Jimmy, Jimy Jameson, Jamerson, Jamison, Jemisian Jamie, Jamee, Jamey, Jami, Jamia, Jamian, Jamii, Jammie, Jamya, Jaymee, Jaymie (see also Jaime) Jamila, Jahmela, Jahmelia, Jameela, Jamelia, Jamelle, Jamelya, Jamilia, Jamilla, Yamila, Yamilla Jamin, Jaman. Jamial, Jamian, Jamiel, Jaymin Jamond, Jamand, Jamon (see also Jemond) Jan, Jani, Jania, Jann Jana, Janna (see also Yana) Janae, Janaya, Janaya, Janea, Janay, Jannay, Jenay, Jennaya, Jennae, Jennay, Jennaya Janan, Janani, Janann Jane, Jaine, Janet, Janett, Janey, Janie, Janice, Janis, Jannie, Jayna, Jayne, Jaynee Janelle, Janel, Janele, Janell, Janella, Janiel, Janielle, Jannel, Jannell, Jannelle, Jenell, Jenelle, Jennell, Jennelle, Jonell, Jonelle Janessa, Janiesha, Janissa, Jannisha, Jannissa, Jenisa, Jenisha, Jenissa, Jennisha, Jennisse Janson, Jansen, Janssen, Jantzen, Janzen, Jensen Japheth, Japeth, Yaphet, Yapheth





Of the Sea


Hebrew English

Supplanter Son of James

Nurtured Preserving




Middle Eastern Hebrew

Beautiful Favored

Loving Triumphant

American German Slavic

Mighty Protector God's Gift Gift of God

Exalted Cherished Cherished

American Middle Eastern

God Is Gracious Tenderhearted

Treasured Gentle


God Is Gracious



God Is Gracious



God Is Gracious


Scandinavian Hebrew

Son of Jan May He Expand

Joyful Ancestor

Jarah, Jarrah (see also Jerah) Jardan, Jarden, Jarden, Jardina (see also Jordan) Jared, Jarad, Ja'red, Jarod, Jarrad, Jarred, Jarrod, Jarryd, Jerad, Jerod, Jerrad, Jerrod, Jerryd, Yarod, Yarrod Jarek, Jarrek Jarell, Jarel, Jarelle, Jarrell, Jerall, Jerel, Jerral, Jerell, Jerrel, Jerrell Jaroah, Jaroha, Jaroyah Jaron, Jaaron, Jairon, Jaren, Jaron, Jarone (see also Jeron, Yaron) Jarrett, Jaret, Jareth, Jarratt, Jarret, Jarrot, Jerrat, Jerrett, Jerott (see also Garrett) Jarvis, Jarvas, Jarvares, Jarvaris, Javarius, Javaron Jaisa, Jasha, Jasio, Jasya, Jazya Jasmine, Jas, Jasmain, Jasmaine, Jasman, Jasmin, Jasmon, Jasmyn, Jass, Jassmin, Jassmine, Jassmyn, Jaz, Jazmin, Jazmine, Jazminn, Jazmon, Jazmyne, Jazz, Jazze, Jazzman, Jazzmin, Jazzmon, Jazzmyn (see also Yasmine) Jason, Jacen, Jaeson, Jaison, Jasan, Jasen, Jasun, Jaysen, Jayson Jasper, Jaspar Javan, Jaavon, Jahvon, Javaughn, Javon, Javoni, Javonn (see also Jevan, Jovan) Javana, Javanna, Javonna, Javonne, Javona Javier, Javiare Jawaun, see Jajuan Jay, Jey


Sweet As Honey





Hebrew Slavic

Descendant Born in January

Favored Promised Assurance

Scandinavian Hebrew

Mighty New Moon

Power of God Festive


He Will Sing; He Will Cry Out





German Polish

Skilled God Is Gracious



Jasmine Flower

Messenger of Love

Greek English

Healer Treasure Holder

Benevolent Richly Blessed




Malayan Spanish Old French

From Java Owner of a New House Vivacious

Honest Prosperous Adventurous

Jaya, Jaea, Jaia, Jayla, Jaylah Jaye, Jae, Jaela, Jaelin, Jaelynn, Jalen, Jalin, Jaylan, Jaylee, Jayleen, Jaylene, Jaylin, Jaylyn Jean, Jeana, Jeane, Jeanee, Jeanie, Jeanna, Jene (see also Gina) Jeanette, Janeen, Janette, Jannine, Jeaneen, Jeanett, Jeanine, Jeannette, Jeannine, Jenine Jedaiah, Jedaia, Jediah Jedidiah, Jeb, Jebadiah, Jebediah, Jed, Jedediah Jefferson, Jeferson Jeffrey, Jefery, Jeff, Jefferay, Jefferey, Jefferie, Jefferies, Jeffery, Jeffrie, Jeffries, Jeffry (see also Geoffrey) Jehan, Jehahn, Jehann Jehohanan Jehonathan Jehoram Jehu, Jaehu, Jayhue, Yayhu, Yayhue Jekamiah, Jekamiyah Jelani, Jeanee, Jelani, Jelanni, Jellani Jelena, Jelina (see also Yalina) Jemal, see Jhamil Jemima, Jamima, Jemimah, Jemma, Jemmia, Jemmiah Jemond, Jemon, Jemond, Jemonde, Jemone (see also Jamond) Jemuel Jendaya, Jenndaya Jenevieve, see Genevieve Jenkin, Jenkins, Jenkyn, Jenkyns Jenna, Jena, Jenah, Jennah, Jennay






Source of Joy


God Is Gracious


French Hebrew

God Is Gracious Hand of God

Preserved Guided

Hebrew English

Beloved of God Son of the Peaceful Man

Perceptive Contemplative

English French Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Swahili Russian

Divine Peace God Is Gracious God Is Gracious God Has Given God Is Exalted God Is God Will Gather Mighty Shining

Wise Godly Example Contrite Blessed Majestic Divine Perspective Blessed Promise Strength of God Filled With Praise




French Hebrew Shona

Temporal God is Light Give Thanks

Mind of Christ Set Apart Adoration

Flemish Middle Eastern

Little John Small Bird

Reverent Nurtured

Jennifer, Jen, Jenefer, Jeni, Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenn, Jennafer, Jennee, Jenney, Jennie, Jenniffer, Jenny Jerah, Jerrah (see also Jarah) Jeremiah, Jeramiah, Jeramaya, Jeremai, Jeremia, Jeremias, Yermiya, Yirmaya Jeremy, Jeramee, Jerami, Jeramy, Jereme, Jeremee, Jeremey, Jeremii Jereni, Jerani, Jeraney, Jerenee Jeriah, Jariah, Jariah, Jariya, Jeriya Jeriel, Jerriel (see also Yeriel) Jermain, Jermane, Jermayne, Jhirmaine (see also Germaine) Jeroham, Jeroam Jerome, Jerrome Jeron, Jerone, Jerron (see also Jaron) Jesaiah, Jeshaiah Jesse, Jesee, Jess, Jessee, Jessey, Jessie Jessenia, Jeseenya Jessica, Jesi, Jesica, Jesika, Jeskia, Jess, Jessaca, Jesseca, Jessi, Jessie, Jessika, Jessy, Jessyca, Yessica, Yessika Jethro, Jethroe Jevan, Jevaughn, Jevaun, Jevohn, Jevon, Jevoni, Jevonn, Jevonne (see also Javan, Jovan) Jewel, Jewell, Jewelle Jezaniah, Jezania, Jezzania Jeziel, Jezziel Jezreel, Jezriel

Welsh Hebrew

Fair Moon

Trusting Glorious Hope


God Is Exalted

Seeker of the Truth

English Russian Hebrew Hebrew

God Is Exalted Peace God Has Seen God's Foundation

Humble Filled With the Spirit Proven Reflection of Christ

English Hebrew Latin English Hebrew Hebrew Middle Eastern

Sprout Loved Scared Set Apart God Is Wealthy God Exists Flower

Constant Growth Treasured Holy Chosen Eternal Perspective Upright Spiritual Maturity

Hebrew Hebrew

Wealthy Excellence

Blessed Abundant Praise

English French Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew

Abundance Gem God Determines Assembly of God God Sows

Heir Precious In God's Hands Restored Proclaimer of the Word

Jhamil, Jahmal, Jahmel, Jamaal, Jamaar, Jamaari, Jamahl, Jamail, Jamal, Jamall, Jamar, Jamara, Jamarr, Jameel, Jamel, Jamell, Jamelle, Jamiel, Jamil, Jamill, Jamille, Jammal, Jammel, Jemaal, Jemal, Jemar, Jemel, Jhamaal, Jhamal, Jhamar, Jhameel, Jhamel, Jhamelle, Jhamiel, Jhamielle, Jimaal, Jimell, Jimelle Jilanna, see Gianna Jillian, Gillian, Jil, Jilaine, Jilayne, Jileesa, Jilian, Jiliana, Jiliann, Jilianna, Jill, Jillana, Jillene, Jilliana, Jillianne, Jillisa Jin, Jinn Jina, Jinna (see also Ginny) Jindrich, Jindrick Jinny, see Ginny Jiri, Jirian Jizelle, see Gizelle Joab, Yoab, Yoav Joachim, Joakim, Joaquim (see also Akim, Hakim, Joaquin) Joah, Yoah Joan, Joane, Joana, JoAnna, Joannah, Joey, Johana, Johannah, Yoana, Yoanna, Yohana, Yohanna Joaquin, Joaquin, Jocquin, Juquin Joash Job, Jobe Joben, Joban Jocelyn, Jocelin, Jocelynn, Joscelyn, Joscelynn, Josalene, Joselyn Jody, Jodee, Jodene, Jodey, Jodi, Jodie, Jodine Joel, Jole Joelle, Joella Joergen, Jergen, Joergen, Jorgen, Jurgen



Image of God

Latin Chinese Swahili Czech Czech Hebrew

Youthful Gold Name Head of the Household Farmer Praise the Lord

Regenerated True Worth Destined Trusted Expectant Adoration

Hebrew Hebrew

God Will Establish God Is Gracious

Enthroned Secure

German Portuguese Hebrew Hebrew Japanese

God Is Gracious God Is My Salvation God Hastens to Help Afflicted Cleanliness

Delivered Filled With Praise Delivered Delivered White as Snow

Old German



American Hebrew French Danish

Praised The Lord Is My God The Lord Is My God Farmer

Humble God's Messenger Beloved Preserving

Johann, Joannes, Johan, Johanan, Johannas, Johanes, Yohan, Yohann, Yohannes Johana, see Joanna John, Jahn, Jhan, Jhon, Johnnie, Johnny, Jon, Jonn, Jonnie, Jonny (see also Jonathan) Jolan, Jolanda, Jolanta Jolene, Jolayne, Jolean, Joleane, Joleen, Joline, Jolinn, Jolynn Jonah, Jona, Jonas, Yona, Yonah Jonathan, Johnathan, Johnathon, Jonathon, Jonnathan (see also John) Jonina, Jeneena, Joneena, Jonika, Joniqua, Jonita, Jonnina, Jontaya Jontae, see Shantae Jorah, Jora, Yora, Yorah Joram, Jorim Jordan, Jordaan, Jordain, Jordane, Jorden, Jordenn, Jordenne, Jordin, Jordon, Jordyn, Joree, Jor'ee, Jori, Jorie, Jorii, Jorin, Jorrdan, Jorrie, Jorrin, Jorry, Jory, Jourdan Jordana, see Yordana Jorell, Jorel, Jorrel, Jorrell Jorgen, see Joergen Jorianna, Joriann, JoriAnna, Jorianne, Jorrianna, Yoriann, Yorianna, Yorianne Joseph, Joe, Joey, Joseseph, Jose', Jose'e, Joseff, Josephe, Josephus, Jozef, Yosef, Yoseff, Yosif, Yousef, Yusif Josephine, Jo, Joey, Jose'e, Joselle, Josetta, Josephina, Josey, Josie


God Is Gracious

Generosity of Spirit

Greek Hungarian

God Is Gracious Violet Flower

Strength of God Steady Growth

English Hebrew

God Will Increase Dove

Reborn Declarer of Joy and Salvation


Gift of the Lord

God's Precious Gift



Reflection of God

Hebrew Hebrew

Autumn Rain God Is Exalted

Blessings Reverent



Wise in Judgment


He Preserves



Increasing in Grace



God Will Add She Shall Increase in Wisdom

Wise and Understanding


Spiritual Understanding

Joshua, Jeshua, Jeshuah, Josh, Joshe, Joshuah, Joshuwa, Jozua Josiah, Josia, Josias Jovan, Jeovani, Jeovanni, Jiovani, Jiovanni, Jovaan, Jovani, Jovann, Jovanni, Jovonn, Yovaan, Yovan, Yovani, Yovann, Yovanni (see Giovanni, Javan, Jovanna, Jeovana, Jeovanna, Jovana, Jovena, Jovonna (see also Giovanna Joy, Joya, Joyanna, Joye Joyce, Joice, Joyous Juan, Juanito, Juaun Juanita, Juana, Juanequa, Juanesha, Juanna Jubal, Jubel Judah, Jud, Juda, Judas, Judd, Jude Judson, Judsen Judith, Judi, Judie, Judy

Hebrew Hebrew

God Is My Salvation Fire of the Lord

Bringer of Truth Intuitive Perception




Latin Latin Latin Spanish

Majestic Joyful Vivacious God Is Gracious

Lovely Follower of Truth God's Gracious Gift Righteous

Spanish Hebrew Hebrew English Hebrew

God Is Gracious Ram's Horn Praised Son of the Praised One She Who Praises

Famous Victorious Full of Love Glory to God Righteous

Julia, Julee, Juleen, Juli, Juliana, Juliane, Juliann, Julianna, Julie, Julieann, Juliene, Julienne, Julila, Julilla, Julina, Juline, Julisa, Julissa, Julliana, Jullianna Latin Youthful Juliet, Julieta, Juliete, Julietta, Juliette, Julliet, Jullietta French Youthful Julius, Jule, Jules, Julian, Juliano, Julias, Julien, Julio, Jullian Latin Youthful June, Junelle, Junia Latin Born in the Forth Month Juri (see Yuri) Jurrien, Jurian, Jurien, Jurrian Dutch God Will Uplift Justin, Justan, Justen, Justinn, Justinus, Juston, Justun, Justyn Latin Upright Justina, Justeen, Justine, Justinna French Upright Justus, Justas, Justine, Justinna Hebrew Just Juwan (see Jajuan) Name Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning

Guided by Faith


Regenerated Loving


Righteous Righteous Righteous Spiritual Connotation

Kaarina, Kaariana, Kaarianna (see also Carina, Karina, Karena) Kacey (see Casey) Kachina, Kachna Kacia, Cacia, Casia, Kaycia, Kaysia Kadee, K.D., Kadey, Kadie, Kady, Kaydee, Kaydi, Kaydie, Kaydy (see also Cady, Katy) Kadim, Kadeem, Kadim, Khadeem (see also Qaudim) Kadin, Kaden, Kadeen, Kaiden, Kadon Kadmiel, Kadmielle Kaela, Kaelah, Kahlah, Keila, Keilah, Keyla, Keylah (see also Cayla, Kaila, Kayla, Kyla) Kaelyn, see Kaylyn Kahlil, Kahleil, Kahll, (see also Kalil) Kai Kaija, Kaijah, Kaiya, Kaiyah Kaila, Kailah, Kailla, Kaillah (see also Cayla, Kaela, Kayla, Kyla) Kailee, Kailey, see Kaylee Kaitlin, Kaetlin, Kaetlynn, Kaitlan, Kaitland, Kaitlen, Kaitlinn, Kaitlyn, Kaitlynn, Kateland, Katelin, Katelyn, Katlyn, Kaytlin, Kaytlynn Kala, Kalah, Kalla, Kallah (see also Cala) Kalama, Kalam, Kallam, Kallama Kalani, Kalan, Kalana, Kalanna, Kailana, Kailani, Kalanee, Kalanie (see also Keilani) Kale, Kayle Kalea, Kahlea, Kahleah, Kallea, Khalea, Khaleah Finnish Native American Greek Pure Sacred Dancer Thorny Spotless Pleasant Offering Holy




Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Hebrew

Servant Confidant God Is of Old

Messenger Peacemaker Eternal

Middle Eastern



Turkish Navaho Russian

Young Willow Tree Life

Accountable Firmly Rooted Eternal




Irish American Hawaiian

Virtuous Refuge Flaming Torch

Favored Guarded of God Testimony

Hawaiian Hawaiian

Chieftain Farmer

Guardian Sower of Truth




Kaleena, Kalena (see also Kalina) Kalei, Kahli, Kallei, Khalei, (see also Callie, Kali, Kalli) Kaley, see Kaylee Kali, (see also Callie, Kalli) Kaliana, see Kaulana Kalil, Kahleel, Kaleel, Kalel (see also Kahlil) Kalila, Kahlila, Kaleela, Kalilla, Kaylila, Khalilah, Kylila, Kylilah Kalin, Kalyn, see Kaylyn Kalisa, Kalissa, Kalysa, Kalyssa Kallan, Kallen, Kallin, Kallon, Kallun, Kallyn (see also Kellen) Kalli, Kaleigh, Kallee, Kalley, Kallie, Kally Kalyca, Kaleecia, Kalicia, Kalicia, Kalicya Kama, Kamah, Khama Kamal, Kamaal, Kaml, Kaml Kamali, Kamalaya, Kamalee, Kamaleah, Kamaleigh Kamaria, Kamara, Karami Kamea, Kameah Kameko, Kameka, Kamika, Kamiko Kamilah, Kameela, Kameelah, Kamila, Kamilla, Kamillah Kana, Kna, Kaena, Kaina, Kayna Kanani, Kananee, Kananie Kane, Kan, (see also Cain) Kange, Kainge, Kang Kaniel, Kahniel, Kahnyell, Kanyel Kanika, Kanicka, Kaneeka, Kanikah Kannon, Kanen, Kannen, Kanon (see also Cannon) Kanya, Kania, Kanyah Kaori, Kaory





Wreath of Flowers




Examiner of Truth




Middle Eastern




Pure Offering

Sweet Sacrifice

Slavic English Greek Hebrew Middle Eastern

River Lark Rosebud Ripe Harvest Perfect

Joyful Cheerful Promise Reaper Power of God

Mahona Swahili Hawaiian Japanese

Protector Moonlight Precious Divine Aura

Chosen Deliverance Honored Gifted

Middle Eastern Japanese Hawaiian Celtic Lakota Hebrew Kenyan

Perfect Powerful Beautiful Beautiful Raven God is My Reed Black Cloth

Holy Strength of God Obedient Hopeful Genuine God Has Bought Me Reverent

Polynesian Thai Japanese

Unchained Young Lady Strong

Free Prosperous Majestic

Kara, Kaira, Kairah, Karah, Karrah, (see also Cara, Kerani) Karal, Karel, see Carl Karalee, Karalea, Karaleah, Karaleigh, Karalie Kare, K re, Kare Kareem, see Karim Karen, Kaaren, Karan, Karon, Karren, Karron, Karryn, Karyn, Karynn (see also Caryn, Karin) Kareah, Kareeah Karena, Kareena, Karyna, Karynna, (see also Corina, Kaarina, Karina) Kari, Karee, Karie, Karri (see also Cari, Carrie) Karianne, Carianna, Cariann, Carianna, Carianne, Kariana, Kariann, Karianna, Karriana, (see also Kerianne) Karif, Kareef Karilynn, Kariln, Karilyne, Karilynne, Karylin, Karylynn, (see also Caroline, Karolyn) Karim, Kareem, Karm, Karriem, Karin, Kaarin, Krin, Karrin (see also Caryn, Karen) Karina, Karine, Karinna, Karrina, Karrine, Karyna, (see also Carina, Kaarina, Karena) Karis, Kariss, Karris, Karys, Karyss, (see also Carys) Karissa, see Carissa Karl, see Carl Karla, see Carla Karlana, see Carlana Karlene, see Carlene Karlin, Karlee see Carlin Karlina, see Carlina Karlissa, see Carlissa Karlynn, see Karlyn Karmen, see Carmen




English Norwegian

Innocent Enormous

Righteous Saved by Faith

German Hebrew

Pure Bald

Beloved Forgiven







English Middle Eastern

Virtuous Born in the Fall

Godly Prosperous

American Middle Eastern

Pure Water Distinguished

Cleansed Chosen













Karolyn, Karalyn, Karalynn, Karilyn, Karilynn, Karrolyn, (see also Caroline, Karilynn) Karsten, Karstan, Krsten, Karstin, Karstine Kasem, Casem Kasey, see Casey Kasha, Kahasha, Kahsha, Kasa Kashawna, Kashana, Kashaun, Kashauna, Kashawn, Kashonda Kasim, Kaseem, Kazeem Kasimir, see Casimir Kassandra, see Cassandra Kassidy, see Cassidy Katrina, Catarina, Caterina, Ecatarina, Ekatarina, Ekaterina, Katareena, Katerina, (see also Katrina) Kate, Cait, Cate, Kait Katherine, Katharin, Katherine, Katheren, Kathereen, Katherin, Katheryn, Kathren, Kathryn (see also Catherine) Kathleen, Katheleen, Kathlynn, Katleen, (see also Cathleen)




Swedish Thai

Anointed Joy

Chosen Fulfilled

Native American

Fur Robe


American Middle Eastern

Pure Promise Divided

Eternal Gift Holy

Czech/Russian English

Unblemished Innocent

Purified Godly Example







Kato, Katn (see also Cato) Katone, Katne Katriel, Catriel, Catrielle, Cattriel, Katrielle, Kattriel

English Hungarian

Wise The Lord Exalts

Humble Obedient


God is My Crown


Katrina, Cateena, Catina, Catreen, Catreena, Catrien, Catrin, Catrin, Catrina, Catrine, Catrinia, Catriona, Catryn, Catryna, Cattrina, Cattrinna, Cattryna, Ecatrinna, Ekatrinna, Kateena, Katina, Katreen, Katreena, Katrene, Katrien, Katrin, Katrin, Katrine, Katrinia, Katriona, Katryn, Katryna, Kattrina, Kattryna Katurah, Katura (see also Keturah) Katy, Catey, Caytee, Caytie, Katey, Kati, Katie, Kaytee, Kaytie, (see also Cady, Kadee) Katya, Cata, Catia, Catja, Catka, Cattiah, Catya, kata, Katia, Katica, Katja, Katka, Kattiah Kaulana, Kalianna, Kalianna Kay, Kae, Kaye Kaya, Kayah Kayla, Kaylia, Kayliah, (see also Cayla, Kaela, Kaila, Kyla) Kaylee, Kaeleah, Kaeleah, Kaelee, Kaeleigh, Kaelie, Kailee, Kaileigh, Kailey, Kalee, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kaley, Kayleah, Kayleigh, Kayley, Kaylie (see also Caeley) Kayleen, Caeleen, Caileen, Cayleen, Caylene, Kaeleen, Kaileen, Kaylene Kaysa, Kajsa Keandra, Kendre, Keondre (see also Kendre) Keane, Kean, Keano, Keanu

Russian/German Rhodesian

Spotless Relieved

Cleansed Righteous

Russian Hawaiian Latin Hopi

Pure Famous Rejoicer Child of Wisdom

Righteous Strength of God Joyful Youthful Example

Middle Eastern






Middle Eastern Swedish

Sweetheart Clean

Beloved Innocent

American Irish

Manly Commander

Gentle Steadfast

Keara, Kearra, Keera, Keira, Keirra, Kera (see also Kiera, Kira, Kyirie) Kearney, Kearn, Kearny Keaton, Keaten, Keeton Keegan, Kaegan, Keagan, Kegan, Keghan Keelan, Kealyn, Keelen, Keelin, Keelyn, Kielan, Kielyn Keely, Kealey, Kealy, Keelee, Keeleigh, Keelie, Keely, Keilee, Kieley Keena, Kina Keenan, Keanan, Keenen, Keenon, Kienan, Kienon Keianna, Kayana, Kayanna, Keiana, (see also Kiana, Kiona, Quiana) Keiffer, Keefer, Kieffer Keiko, Keiki Keila, see Kaela Keilani, Keilana, Keilanna (see also Kalani) Keisha, Keesha, Keeshawna, Keisha, Kesha, Keshia, Keshonda, Keysha, Kiesha, Kisha (see also Queisha) Keita, Keeta Keith, Keath Kelby, Kelbee, Kelbey, Kellby Kelissa, Kalisa, Kalissa, Kelissa Kelita, Kellita, Kelitta Kellen, Kellan, Kellin, Kellon, Kellyn see also (Kallen) Keller, Kelia, Keli, Keliana, Kelianna, Kellee, Kelley, Kelli, Kellia, Kelliana, Kellie Kelly, Kelia, Keli, Keliana, Kelianna, Kellee, Kelley, Kelli, Kellia, Kelliana, Kellie

Irish Irish English

Dark Victorious From Where Hawks Fly

Obedient Thankful Reverent







Gaelic Irish

Beautiful Brave

Trusting Given Strength


Little Commander


Japanese German Japanese

Reverent Barrel Maker Happy Child

Heir Beloved Chosen



Likeness of God

American Scottish Scottish Old German English Hebrew

Beautiful Woman Enclosed Place From the Place of Battle From the Spring Farm Fighter Poverty

Gentle Joyful Brave Petition Witness Unselfish


Mighty Warrior



Little Friend




Loyal and Brave

Kelsey, Kelcea, Kelcee, Kelcey, Kelcie, Kelcy, Kellsea, Kellsee, Kellsie, Kelsee, Kelsi, Kelsie, Kelsy Kelvin, Kelvan, Kelvyn Kemp, Khemp Kenda, Kendi, Kendie, Kenda, Kindi, Kinnda, Kynda Kendall, Kendahl, Kendal, Kednel, Kendell, Kindal, Kindall, Kyndal, Kyndall Kendra, Kenndra, Kindra, Kyndra Kendre, Kendrae, Kendr, Kendrei (see also Keandre) Kendrick, Kendric, Kendrik (see also Kenrick) Keneisha, Kaneisha, Kaneshia, Keneesha, Keneshia, Kenishia, Kineisha, Kinesha, Kineshia (see also Quaneisha) Kennedy, Kenadee, Kenedy, Kennady Kenneth, Ken, Keneth, Kenney, Kennith, Kenny Keneese, Kenese, Keniece, Keniesem Kennise Kennan, Kenan, Kennen, Kennon Kenrick, Kenric, Kenrik (see also Kendrick) Kent, Khent Kenya, Kenia, Kenja Kenyon, Kenyan Kenzie, Kensie, Kenzy, Kinzie (see also Mackenzie) Keon, Keion, Keionne, Ken, Keyon Kerani, Kera, Kurani, Kura Kerensa, Karenza, Kerenza Kermit, Kermet, Kermie Kern, Kerne Keros, Karos

Old Norse Celtic English

From Ship Island From the Narrow River Champion

Malleable Reasonable Zealous


Water Baby


English English

From the Clear Valley Understanding

Thankful Filled With Wisdom





Royal Chief

Subject of God

American Irish

Beautiful Ugly-Headed

Promise Obedient

Old English

Royal Oath


English Scottish Old English Welsh Hebrew Irish

Fair Little Ken Bold Ruler Radiant Animal Horn Blond/White-Haired

Companion Encourager Loyal Wise Accountable Righteous

English Irish Indo-Pakistani Cornish Irish Irish Hebrew

Child of the Wise Leader

Destined Blessed Protected Beloved Steadfast Righteous Gifted

God is Gracious Sacred Bells Loving Free of Envy Dark Reed of Weaver's Beam

Kerrianne, Karriann, Karrianne, Keriann, Kerianne, Kerryann, Kerryanne (see also Karianne) Kerry, Kearie, Keary, Keree, Kerey, Keri, Kerrey, Kerri, Kerrie (see also Carey, Cary) Kersten, see Kirsten Kersen, Kersan, Kersun Keishia, see Keisha Keshawn, Keshaun, Keshon, Keyshaun, Keyshawn Kessie, Kessa, Kessey, Kester, Kesster Keturah, Keturia, Keturyah (see also Katurah) Kevin, Kev, Keven, Kvin, Kevinn, Kevon (see also Cavan) Kevyn, Kevan, Kevynn Kezia, Kazia, Kaziah, Ketzia, Ketziah, Keziah, Kizzie, Kizzy Khalid, Khaled, Khlid Khan, Khanh (see also Quanah) Khristian, Khristopher, see Christian, Christopher Kia, Kiah Kiana, Keanna, Keiana, Kianna, Kiauna, Kiaunna (see also Keianna, Kiona, Quiana) Kiaria, Kiariah, Kiariana, Kiarianna Kiele, Kiela, Kieli Kiera, Kiara, Kiarra, Kierlyn, Kierlynn, Kierra, Keh'ara (see also Keara, Kira, Kyrie) Kieran, Keiran, Kernan, Kiernan, Kieron Kiley, Kilee, Kileigh Killian, Kilian Kimana, Kimanna Kimball, Kim, Kimbal, Kimble


Grace of the People

Child of Grace







American Ashanti English

God is Gracious Chubby Baby Bearer of Christ

Forgiven Nourished Servant




Irish Irish

Handsome Beautiful

Honored Attractive

Hebrew Middle Eastern Turkish

Cinnamonlike Bark Eternal Prince

Valuable Divine Promise


Beginning of the Season


American Japanese Hawaiian

Grace of God Fortunate Fragrant Blossom

Restored Blessed Sacrifice

Irish Irish Irish Irish Shushone Celtic

Little and Dark Little Attractive Little Warrior Butterfly Ruler

Contemplative Blessed Desirable Attentive Unchained Subject of God

Kimberly, Kim, Kimba, Kimber, Kimberlea, Kimberlee, Kimberleigh, Kimberley, Kimberli, Kimberlyn, Kimberlynn, Kimbria, Kym, Kymberlee, Kymberly Kimi, Kimie, Kimia, Kimika, Kimiko Kineshia, see Keneshia Kinsey, Kingsley, Kingsly, Kinsea, Kinsee, Kinslea, Kinsleigh, Kinslee Kioko, Kiyoko (see also Kyoko) Kiona, Kionia, Kionna, Kionya (see also Keianna, Kianna, Quiana) Kipp, Kip, Kippar, Kipper, Kippie, Kippy Kira, Kiri, Kiria, Kirianna, (see also Keara, Keira, Kyie) Kiral, Kieral Kirby, Kerbey, Kerbie, Kerby, Kirbey, Kirbie Kirmia, Kireema Kiri, Kiree, Kirie, Kirey (see also Kuri) Kirk , Kerk Kirsi, Kirsea, Kirsee Kirsten, Keirstan, Kersten, Kerstin, Kerstine, Kerston, Kerstyn, Kiersten, Kirstan, Kirstien, Kirstin, Kirstine, Kirston, Kirstyn, Kjerstein, Kurstan, Kursten, Kurstyn (see also Karsten) Kisa, Keesa, Keeson, Kissa, Kison Kish Kjell, Kjele Klarissa, Klaresa, Klaressa, Klarisa, Klarisse, Klarrisa, Klarrissa, Klerissa (see also Clarissa) Klaus, Claas, Claus, Clas, Klaas, Klas, Klause

Old English Japanese

From the Royal Meadow

Seeker of Truth Honored


Old English Japanese

Relative Happy Child

Protected Respectful

Native American English

Dark Hills From the Pointed Hill

Preserved Near the Heart of God

Bulgarian Turkish Anglo-Saxon Eskimo Cambodian Old Norse Indo-Pakistani

Throne King
From the Church Village

Temple of God Obedient Follower of God Joyful Praise Abundance Glad in the Heart Blessed

Hill Mountain From the Church Blossoming Flower

Greek Russian Hebrew Swedish

Follower of Christ Kitten Straw Landworker

Anointed Formed of God Faithful Blessed



Glorious Reflection


Victory of the People


Knox, Konxx Knute, Canute, Knut Kobi, see Coby Kody, see Cody Kohana, Kohanna Koko, Kokko (see also Coco) Koley, see Coley Kolya, Kollya Kona, Konia, Konya Konstance, see Constance Korah, Korrah Kordell, see Cordell Koren, Coren, Corren, Korren Korey, Koree, Korrey, Korry, Kory (see also Corey) Korina, Koren, Koreen, Koreena, Korey, Kori, Korie, Korianna, Korine, Korri, Korrie, Koryn (see also Cora, Cori, Corina, Corinne, Kaarina, Karina, Korah) Korissa, see Corissa Kortney, see Courtney Krissy, Khris, Kris, Krissey, Krissi, Krissi Krista, Khrissa, Khrista, Khryssa, Khrysta, Krisa, Kriska, Krissa, Kristia, Kryssa, Krysta (see also Christa, Kirsty) Kristen, Kristan, Kristi, Kristie, Kristii, Kristin, Kristy, Kristyn, Krysten, Krysti, Krystin (see also Christen, Karsten, Kirsten) Kristian, see Christian Kristina, Khristina, Kristeena, Krysteena, Krystina, Krystyna (see also Christina) Kristine, Kristeen, Kristene, Krystine (see also Christine) Kristopher, see Christopher Kruz, see Cruz

Old English Old Norse

From the Hills Knot

Peaceful Victorious

Lakota Japanese Russian Hawaiian

Speedy Stork Victory of the People Lady

Efficient Created Exalted Loving






Image of Christ


From the Hollow






Follower of Christ



Follower of Christ



Follower of Christ



Follower of Christ

Near to God


Follower of Christ


Krystal, Kristal, Kristalin, Kristall, Kristalyn, Krisstal, Kristal, Kristalee, Kristel, Kristelle, Krystall, Krystallin, Krystel, Krystell, Krystilin, Krystol, Krystylin (see also Crystal) Krystalynn, Krystaleen, Krystalina, Kristalyn, Kristilynn, Krystalin, Krystalin Kumi, Kumie, Kumika, Kumiko


Clear, Sparkling


English Japanese

Perfectly Clear Water Braided Hair

Symbol Lovely Sacrifice

Kuir, Kuree, Kurie, Kurii, Kurri (see also Kiri) Japanese Kurt, Kort (see also Curtis) German Kwan, Kwanan Korean Kyla, Kylah, Kylla, Kyllah (see also Cayla, Kaela, Kaila, Keila) Yiddish Kyle, Kile, Kylan, Kylan, Kylen, Kyler Gaelic Kylie, Kylee, Kyleigh, Kylen, Kylyn (see also Kiley) Aboriginal Kyrie, Kyra, Kyrah, Kyria, Kyriah (see also Keara, Kiera, Kira) Greek Kyoko, Kyokoh (see also Kioko) Japanese Name Language/Cultural Origin

Chestnut Bold Counselor Strong

Expectant Wise and Just Upright

Crowned From the Strait

Purchased Perceptive Insight



Feminine, Ladylike Mirror Inherent Meaning

Tenderhearted Reflection Spiritual Connotation

Laban, Laben, Labon Lacey, Lacee, Laci, Lacie, Lacy Lachelle, Lachele, Lachell Lachlan, Lachlann, Lochlan, Lochlann Lachlana, Lachlanna, Lochlanna, Lochlanne Lada, Ladah Ladonna, Ladona, La Donna, Ladonia, Ladonya Laela, see Layla Lahela, Lahaela, Lahaila Laine, Laina, Lainee, Lainey, (see also Lane) Hebrew Latin American/French Scottish Scottish Russian White Joyful Lock From the Land of Lakes From the Land of Lakes Beauty Glorious Filled With Praise Steadfast Reverent Strength Through Faith Useful


Refined Lady


Hawaiian French

Lamb Brilliant

Redeemed Righteous

Laird, Layrd Lakeisha, Lakaisha, Lakasha, Lakecia, Lakeesha, Lakesha, Lakeshia, Lakesia, Lakeysha, Lakicia, Lakisha, Laqueshia, Laquesha, Laquiesha, Laquisha, Lekasha. Lekeesha, Lekeisha, Lekesha, Lekeshia, Lekicia, Lekisha Lakenya, Lakeena, Lakena, Lakenia, Lakinya, Lekenya Lakia, Lakita, Lakiya, Lakya Lakresha, see Lucretia Lala, Lalla Lamar, Lamarr, Lemar, Lemarr Lambert, Lambard Lamond, Lammond, Lemond Lamont, Lamonte, Lemont Lana, Lanna, Lannah Lanae, Lanai, Lanay, Lannay Lance, Lantz, Launce Lancelot, Launcelot Lander, Landers Lando, Landro Landon, Landan, Landin Landry, Landr Lane, Laney, Lanie, Layne Lang, Lange Langley, Langsdon Langston, Langsdon Lani, Lanata, Lanita Lanny, see Lawrence Laquisha, see Lakeisha Lara, Larah (see also Laura) Laramie, Laramee Laraine, Larain, Larayne, Larine, Lauraine (see also Lorriane) Lari, Laree, Larey, Larii Larina, Larena Larissa, Larisa, Laryssa


Wealthy Landowner





American Middle Eastern Slavic Latin Old German French Old Norse Irish Hawaiian German Old French Basque Portuguese Old English French English Old Norse Old English Old English Hawaiian

Horn Treasure Discovered Tulip From the Sea From the Bright Land From the Earth Lawman Attractive Buoyant From the Land Attendant Like a Lion From the Famous Land
From the Grassy Meadow

Symbol of Strength Wise Enduring Preserved Protected Blessed Fearless Peaceful Full of Faith Witness God's Helper Powerful Destined Comforted Subject of God Eternal Lifted Up Peaceful Rescued Thankful

Ruler Road Tall

From the Long Meadow From the Tall Man's Town


Latin French

Famous Tears of Love

God's Gracious Gift Vital

Latin English Greek Greek

Freedom Bay Sea Bird Cheerful

Free Spirit Protected Free Grateful

Lark, Larke Larkin, Larkan Larry, see Lawrence Lars, Larsen, Larson, Larss, Larsson

English Irish

Skylark Fierce

Spiritual Freedom Strength of God


Crowned With Honor


Lashonda, Lashana, Lashandra, Lashanna, Lashannon, Lashauna, Lashaunda, Lashaundra, Lashawnda, Lashawndra, Lashawnia, Lashona, Lashondia, Lashondra, Lashonna, Lashunda, Lashundra, Leshundra, Leshondra, Leshundra, Leshawna Latanya, Latana, Latania, Latanja, Latanna, Latona, Latonia, Latonna, Latonya (see also Litonya) Latasha, Latacia, Latashia, Lataysha, Letasha, Letashia Latavia, Latavya Lateefah, Latifa, Latifah Latham, Laith, Lathe Latisha, Latecia, Lateesha, Lateisha, Latishia, Latissa Latoria, Latora, Latorya Latoya, Latoiya, LaToya Laura, Lauralee, Laureana, Lauret, Laurette, Laurianna, Lauriane, Laurianna, Laurina, Lora, Lorah, Loretta, Lorra, Lorrah, Lorreta (see also Lara, Lori) Laurel, Laural, Laurall, Laurell Lauren, Lauran, Laurene, Laurin, Lauryn, Laurynn (see also Loren) Laurie, see Lori Laveda, Lavedia Laverne, LaVerne, Laverna


God is Gracious





American Middle Eastern Hebrew Old Norse

Christmas Child Pleasant Caress From the Farmstead

Witness of Christ Wise Tender Strong

Latin American American

Gladness Victorious Victorious

Joyful Faithful Exalted

Latin Latin

Crowned With Honor Laurel

Victorious Faithful

English Latin Latin

Bay Purified Springtime

Guarded of God Blessed Peaceful

Lavinia, Lavenia, Lavina Lavonne, Lavanna, Lavonda, Lavondria, LaVonne, Lavonya Lawrence, Lanny, Larrance, Larrence, Larry, Laurence, Laurens, Laurant, Laurent, Lauris, Lauritz, Lawrance, Lorence, Lorentz, Lorenzo, Lorinzo, Lorrenzo (see also Loren) Lawton, Laughton Layla, Laela, Laylah, Laylee, Laylie (see also Leala, Leila, Lila) Lazarus, Lazaros Leah, Lea, La, Leeah, Leia (see also Leigh, Lia, Liya) Leala, Lealia, Leial, Leiala (see also Layla, Leila, Lila) Leander, Landre Leandra, Leandrea, Leandria, Leandra Leann, Leann, Leanne, Leean, Leeanne, Leiann, Leianne (see also Lian) Leanna, see Liana Leanore, Lanore, Leanoer, Lenora, Lenore, Leonore, Leonora, Leonorah Lee Leeann see Leann Leedon, Leydon, Lidon, Liedon Leesha, Lecia, Leecia, Leesia, Lesha, Leshia Leeza, Leza (see also Lisa, Liza) Leif, Lif, Lief Leigh, Leigha, Leighann, Leighanna (see also Leah, Lia, Liya) Leighton, Layton, Leyton Leila, Laila, Leala, Lelea (see also Layla, Leala, Lila) Leilani, Lelani, Lelania





Warm, Cheerful


Latin English

Crowned With Laurel From the Hill Town

Joyful Seeker of Truth

Middle Eastern Greek

Born at Night He Whom God Helps

Cause for Joy Friend of God



Beauty and Grace

French Greek English

Loyal Brave as a Lion Brave as a Lion

Faithful Strong in Spirit Steadfast




English German

Bright Like the Sun

From the Sheltered Place

Reflection of Christ Gracious

Hebrew English American Old Norse

Justice is Mine Happy Surrendered to God Beloved

Defended Obedient Sacrifice Chosen

American Old English

Meadow From the Meadow Farm

Guided of God Rescued

Hebrew Hawaiian

Dark Beauty Heavenly Flower

Bringer of Light Priceless

Leith, Lif, Lief Lekeisha, see Lakeisha Leland, Leeland, Leyland Lemuel, Lem Lena, Leena, Lenah, Lina Lenita, Leneisha, Lenice, Lenis, Lenise, Lenisha Lennon, Lennan, Lennen Lennox, Lenox Lenore, see Leanore Leo, Lo, Leon, Lon, Leone Leona, Leone, Leonia, Liona Leonard, Len, Lenard, Lennard, Lennie, Lenno, Lenny, Leno, Lonard, Leonardo Leora, see Liora Leroy, Leeroy, LeeRoy, LeRoy Leslie, Leslea, Leslee, Lesley, Lesli, Lesslie, Lezlee, Lezley, Lezlie Lester, Les Levana, Lvana, Levanna, Livanna, Livanna Levanon, Levanan, Levanen, Levannon Levi, Leevi, Levey, Levy Levia, Levya Levina, Leveena Levona, Livona Lewis, Lew, Lewie Lex, Lexx Lexi, Leksa, Lexa, Lexey, Lexee, Lexia, Lexxa, Lexxia, Lexxie, Lexy Lia, Liah (see also Leah, Leigh, Liya) Lian, Liane, Lianne (see also Leann) Liana, Leana, Leanna, Leeanna, Leiana, Leianna, Lianna (see also Iliana, Eliana) Libby, Libbee, Libbey, Libbie Liberty, Libertee


From the Broad River


English Hebrew Greek

From the Meadowland Consecrated to God Gentle

Prosperous Holy Blessed Peacemaker

Latin Irish Scottish Latin English Latin

White Lily Small Cloak Placid Stream Lionhearted Brave as a Lion Lioness

Discerning Spirit Selfless God is All-Sufficient Courageous Brave Courageous Spirit

Old German

Strong as a Lion

Fearless Spirit

Old French



Scottish English

From the Low Meadow From the Chosen Camp

Remembered Shining Spirit

Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew Latin Hebrew Old English English

Moon Moon Harmonious Attached Flash of Lightning Incense Safeguard of the People Defender of Mankind

Symbol Blessed Enlightened One With God Ardent Praise Sacrifice Righteous Protector

Czech Greek Chinese

Defender of Mankind Bringer of Good News Willow

Stronghold Messenger Eternal

Hebrew English Latin

My God Has Answered Me

Important Preserved Unchained

Promise of God Freedom

Lida, Leeda, Lita Liesel, Leisel, Liesel, Liezel, Liezl, Lisel Lila, Lilah, Lyla, Lylah (see also Layla, Leala, Leila) Lilith, Lillith Lillian, Lilli, Lilia, Lilian, Liliana, Liliane, Liljana, Lilliana, Lillianna, Lillyann, Lily Lin, Linh, Linn (see also Lynn) Lincoln, Lincon Linda, Linnea, Linnie, Lynda Lindee, Lindey, Lindi, Lindie, Lindy Lindell, Lendell, Lindall, Lindel, Lyndel, Lyndell Lindsey, Lindsay, Lindsee, Lindsi, Lindsie, Lindsy, Lindzee, Linsay, Linsey, Linsi, Linsie, Linzey, Lynnzey, Lynsay, Lynsee, Lynsey, Lynzey, Lynzi, Lynzie Linford, Lynford Linley, Lindlee, Linlea, Linlee Linus, Linas Lionel, Lional, Lionell, Lyonel Liora, Leora Lisa, Leesa, Liesa, Liisa, Lisana, Lisann, Lisanna, Lisanne, Lise (see also Leeza, Liza) Lissa, Lissee, Lissey, Lissi, Lissie, Lissy, Lyssa (see Alisa, Elissa, Elysia) Lisette, Lissette Lita, see Lida Litonya, Litania, Litanya, Litonia (see also Latanya) Livia, Levia, Leviya, Levya, Livie, Liviya, Livy, Livya (see also Olivia) Livingston, Livingstone Liya, Leeya (see also Leah, Leigh, Lia)

Slavic German

Love Oath of God

Beloved Promise

Persian Hebrew

Lilac Night Owl

Lovely Aroma Wise

Latin Chinese Old English Spanish American

Purity Jade From the Pool Town Beautiful Lovely

Shining Light Beautiful Victorious Excellent Virtue Witness


From the Linden Trees


English Middle Eastern Old English Greek Latin Hebrew

From the Pool Island

From the Lime-Tree Ford

Peaceful Gentle Abiding in God

Treasurer of Wisdom and Knowledge

From the Flax Meadow Fair-Haired Little Lion Glowing Light

Strong in Faith Brilliance


Consecrated to God


English French

Honeybee Promise of God

Servant One With Christ


Darting Hummingbird

Child of God

Hebrew Old English Hebrew

Royal Crown From Leif Belonging to God

Exalted Town Trusting

Liza, Liz, Lizann, Lizanne, Lizbeth, Lizina, Lizzey, Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lyza (see also Leeza, Lisa) Llewellyn, Lewellyn Lloyd, Loyd Locke, Lock Logan, Logen Lois Lola, Lolita Loman, Lomn Loman, Loms London, Londan, Londen, Londyn Lonna, Lona, Loni, Lonie Lonnie, Lon, Lonn, Lonny Lora, see Laura Lorelei, Loralee, Loralie, Lorilee Loren, Larian, Larien, Laurin, Lawren, Loring, Lorin, Lorne, Lorren, Lorrin, Loryn (see also Lauren, Lawrence) Lori, Lari, Laure, Laur, Lauri, Laurie, Loree, Lorey, Lorianna, Lorie, Lorrie (see also Laura) Loritz, Lauritz Lorreta, see Laura Lorraine, Loraine, Lorayne, Lorrayne (see also Laraine) Lot, Lott Louis, Lou, Louie, Luigi, Luis Louise, Louisa, Luisa, Luiza Lourdes, Lordes Lowell, Lovell, Lowel Luann, Luana, Luanna, Luanne Lucile, Luci, Lucia, Luciann, Lucie, Lucienne, Lucile, Lucille, Lucina, Lucinda, Lucy Lucius, Lucas, Lucian, Lucien (see also Luke) Lucretia, Lacresha, Lacreshia, Lacretia, Lakresha, Lakreshia, Lucresha, Lucreshia

American Celtic Welsh Old English Celtic Greek Latin Serbian English English German English

Covenant of God Ruler Wise From the Forest From the Little Hollow Desired
owned With Compassion and Gra

Delicate From Lomas Castle of the Moon Lioness Ready for Battle

Established Peaceful Seeker of Holiness Wise Devoted to God Established in Truth Perceptive Insight Loving Reverent Unique Courageous God's Soldier

Old German




Son of the Famous Warrior

God's Warrior

English Danish

Crowned With Honor Evergreen

Hopeful Promise

German Hebrew Old German Old German French Latin Hebrew

Warrior Covered Famous Warrior Protectress From Lourdes Little Wolf Graceful Warrior

Strength of God Protected Declarer of God Watchful Redeemed Peaceful Righteous

English Latin

Light Bringer Bringer of Light

Chosen of God Enlightened


Riches, Rewards


Ludwig, Ludvig German Luke, Luc, Luk (see also Lucius) Greek Lupe, Lup Spanish Luther, Lothar, Luthor Old German Lydia, Lidi, Lidia, Lidiya Greek Lyle, Lisle, Lysle Old French Lyndon, Lindan, Linden, Lindon, Lynden English Lynelle, Linell, Linnell, Lynell, Lynell, Lynnelle English Lynn, Linette, Lyn, Lynetta, Lynette, Lynne (see also Lin) English Lysander, Lisandra Greek Name Language/Cultural Origin

Famous Warrior Luminous Wolf Famous Warrior Womanly From the Island From the Lime Tree Hill Pretty

Gifted Talented Courageous Honored Beautiful Light Joyous Spirit Excellent Worth Virtuous

Clear Pool Liberator Inherent Meaning

Holy Freedom Spiritual Connotation

Maayan, Maayana, Maeanna, Maion, Mayon, Mayani (see also Mahon, Maon) Mabel, Mable Macabee, Maccabee, Mkabi Macarthur, MacArthur, McArthur Macaulay, Macauley, McCauley Macdonald, McDonald, McDonnell Macia, Macya Mackay, MacKay, McKay Mackenzie, Mackensie, Mackenzee, McKensi, McKenzee, McKenzie Mackinnley, MacKinnley, Mckinnlee, McKinnley Macnair, McNair Macy, Macee, Macey, Maci, Macie Maddox, Madox Madeline, Mada, Madalaina, Madaline, Madalyn, Madalynn, Maddi, Maddie, Maddy, Madelaine, Madeleine, Madelene, Madelynn, Madelynne, Madelynne, Madlen, Madlin, Madoline Hebrew Latin Hebrew Scottish Scottish Scottish Polish Scottish Water Source Lovable Who Is Like God? Child of the Brave Child of Righteousness Child of the Great Ruler Wished-for Son of the Rejoicer Fountain of Life Beautiful in Spirit Reverent Forgiven Mature Honest Blameless Received With Glory


Child of the Wise Leader


Irish Scottish French Welsh

Child of the Scholarly Ruler Child of the Heir From the Matthew's Estate Son of the Benefactor

Peaceful Favored Enlightened Promise




Madison, Maddison, Madisen, Madissen, Madisson Madonna, Madona Mae, see May Magdalene, Magdalen, Magdalina, Magdaline, Magdalyn, Magdelana, Magdelena, Magdelene, Magdelina, Magdeline, Magdelyn, Magdelynn Maggie, Maggee, Maggi Magnus, Magnes Maguire, MacGuire, McGwire Mahalah, Mahala, Mahalah, Mahalia, Mahaliah, Mahalla, Mahlah, Mehalia, Mehalla Mahina, Maheina Mahira, Maheira Mahon, Mahan (see also Maayan, Maon) Maia, Maiah (see also Maija, Maya, Mia, Miya) Maija, Maja, Majalyn (see also Maia, Maya, Mia, Miya) Maitland, Maitlan, Maitlen Major, Majar, Majer Makana, Makanna Makani, Maknee Mala, Malea (see also Malaya, Malia) Malachi, Malakai Malana, Malanna Malaya, Malea (see also Mala, Malia) Malcolm, Malcom Mali, Malee, Maley, Mal (see also Malley) Malia, Maleah, Maleia, Maliea (see also Mala, Malaya) Malik, Maalik, Mlik, Maliq, Malique Malika, Maleeka, Maleka Malin, Mallin, Mallon, Maylin Malina, Malena (see also Milana, Milena)

Old English Latin

Child of the Valiant Warrior My Lady

Brave Pure

Greek Greek Latin Irish

High Fortress Pearl Great Child of the Fair One

Protected Of Great Value Privileged Trustworthy

Hebrew Hawaiian Hebrew Irish Greek

Tenderness Moon Industrious Bear Nurse

Gentle Testimony Diligent Favored Healer

Middle Eastern English Latin Hawaiian Hawaiian English Hebrew Hawaiian Filipino Scottish Thai

Splendid From the Meadowland Greater Present Wind High Fortress Messenger of the Lord Buoyant Free Diligent Servant Flower

Wondrous Blessed Selfless Priceless Gift Mysterious Child of God Trustworthy Preserved Liberated Teachable Spirit Joyful

Irish Middle Eastern Hungarian Old English Hebrew

Bitterness The Lord's Messenger Industrious Little Warrior Tower

Forgiven Forerunner Committed Champion Secure

Malinda, Malinde, Malynda (see also Melinda) Malley, Malli, Mallie (see also Mali) Mallory, Mallari, Mallary, Malerie, Mallerie, Mallery, Malloree, Mallorey, Mallori, Mallorie, Malori, Malori, Malorie, Malory Mamie, Maymee Manasseh, Manassah Mandel, Mandell Mandie, Manda, Mandaline, Mandalyn, Mandee, Mandi, Mandy (see also Amanda) Manley, Manlea, Manleigh Manning, Maning Manon, Mannon Manor, Mannor Mansel, Mansell Mansie, Mancey, Manci, Mancie, Mansey, Mansy Manton, Manten Manuel, Manni, Mannuel, Manny (see also Emanuel) Manya, Manyah Maon, Maeon, Mayon, Meion, Meyon (see also Maayan, Mahon) Mara, Marah, Marra (see also Maria) Marcel, Marcele, Marcelis, Marcelius, Marcell, Marcello, Marcellus, Marsel, Marsello Marcella, Marceil, Marcele, Marcelia, Marcelle, Marcilla, Marcille, Marselle Marcia, Marcee, Marci, Marciana, Marcianna, Marcie, Marcy, Marsey, Marsha, Marsi, Marsi, Marsie, Marsy Marcus, Marco, see Mark Maren, Marin, Miren

Greek English

Gentle Bitterness

Tenderhearted Peaceful

German English Hebrew German

Counselor Desired Cause to Forget Almond

Joyful Righteous Restored Sign

Latin Irish English French Hebrew Old English

Loveable Heroic Child of the Hero Wished-for Weaver's Beam From the Pastor's House

Eternal Victorious Spirit Obedient Fulfilled Creative Discerning

Hopi Old English

Pruned Blossom From the Hero's Town

Fruitful Wise

Spanish Russian

God With Us Wished-for

Consecrated to God Faithful

Hebrew Hebrew

Habitation Bitterness

Beautiful Blessed


Industrious Worker

Strong in Spirit



Steadfast in Spirit



Excellent Worth




Margaret, Margara, Margarett, Margarita, Margaux, Marge, Margeret, Margerite, Margi, Margie, Margo, Margot, Margret, Marguerite (see also Maggie, Marjorie) Maria, Marea, Mareah, Marija, Mariya, Mariyah, Marja, Marya (see also Mara Marie) Mariah, Maraia, Maraya, Mariyah, Marriah (see also Moriah) Marian, Mariana, Mariane, Mariann, Marianna, Marianne, Mariene, Marion, Marrian, Marrianne, Maryana, Maryanna Marie, Maree (see also Maria, Mary) Mariel, Marial, Mariela, Mariele, Mariella, Marielle (see also Maurelle, Merial, Muriel) Marika, Marica, Marrika, Maryka, Merika Mariko, Meriko Marilee, Marrilee, Merrilee, Merrily Marilu, Marilow, Marylou Mariyln, Maralin, Maralyn, Maralyne, Maralynn, Marillyn, Marilynn, Marralin, Marrilyn, Marrilyn, Marylin Marina, Marena, Marrina, Merina Mario, Marios, Marrio Marion, see Marian Marissa, Maressam, Maris, Marisa, Marise, Marisha, Marishka, Mariska, Marisse, Marris, Marrisa, Marrissa, Marrissia, Marysa, Maryssa, Meris, Merisa, Merissa Marit, Marita, Merit



Gift of God







English French

Bitterness Bitterness

Grace Consoled




Greek Japanese English American

Bitterness Circle Bitterness Bitter Grace

Vindicated Believer Vindicated Blessed

English Russian Italian

Bitterness From the Sea Sailor

Sacrifice of Praise Wonder of God Regenerated

English Aramaic

Bitterness Lady

Eternally Steadfast Righteous

Marius, Mariano, Marino Marjorie, Margerie, Marjarie, Marjerie, Marji, Marjie, Marjorey, Marjori, Marjory Mark, Marc, Marciano, Marcio, Marco, Marcos, Marcus, Marek, Marke, Markeese, Markei, Markey, Markice, Marko, Markos, Markques, Markus, Mrkus, Marques, Marqes, Marquez, Marqui, Marquis, Marx Markita, Markeeta Marland, Marlan Marlene, Marla, Marlah, Marlaina, Marlaine, Marlana, Marlanna, Marlayne, Marlea, Marleah, Marlee, Marleen, Marleena, Marleigh, Marlena, Marli, Marlie, Marlina, Marline, Marlis, Marlo, Marlow, Marly, Marlys, Marlysa, Marlyssa Marlon, Marlin Marnina, Marna, Marne, Marnee, Marney, Marni, Marnie, Marnia, Marnja, Marnya Marsden, Marsdon Marsha, see Marcia Marshall, Marshcal, Marshal, Marshel, Marshell Martha, Marta, Marti, Martie, Martika, Marty, Mattie Martin, Martan, Marten, Martinez, Marton, Marty, Martyn Martina, Martel, Martelle, Marthina, Martinia, Martiza, Martoya, Martrina, Martyna Marvel, Marvelle Marvin, Marv, Marven, Merv, Mervin






Gift of Praise

Latin Bulgarian Old English

Martial Pearl From the Lake Land

Servant of God Wise Destined

Slavic Welsh

High Fortress From the Hill by the Sea

Shielded Victorious Spirit

Hebrew English

Rejoice From the Boundary Valley

Content Preserved

Old French




Mistress of the House

Helpful Spirit



Seeker of Truth

Hispanic Latin Welsh

Lady of the House Miracle Lover of the Sea

Virtuous Sustained Trusting Spirit

Mary, Mari, Marietta, Meri (see also Mara, Maria, Marie) Marylou, see Marilu Masada, Massada Maslin, Maslen Mason, Maison Matana, Matanna Mather, Mathre Mathilda, Tilda, Tillie Matrika, Matreika Matsuko, Metsuko Mattea, Matea, Mathea Matthew, Mateo, Mathew, Mathias, Mathieux, Matt, Matthias Maude, Maud Maureen, Maura, Maurene, Maurine Maurelle, Maurial, Mauriall, Mauriel, Mauriell, Maurielle see also Mariel, Merial, Muriel) Maurice, Maury, Morrice, Morrie, Morris, Morry Mavis, Mayvis Maximillian, Max, Maxx Maxine, Maxeen, Maxene Maxwell, Max, Maxx May, Mae, Maye Maya, Mayah (see also Maia, Maija, Mia, Miya) Mayer, Mayor (see also Meyer) Mayhew, Maihew Maynard, Mnard Mayo, Maiyo Meara, Mearah (see also Meira, Mira, Mura) Medina, Medaena, Medaina, Medinah Medora, Medorra Megan, Maegan, Maeghan, Magan, Magen, Meagan, Meagann, Meagen, Meaghen, Meaghann, Meg, Megan, Megen, Meggan, Meggen, Meggie, Meghan, Meghann

Hebrew Hebrew French Old French Hebrew English German Indo-Pakistani Japanese Hebrew

Sea of Bitterness Foundation Little Twin Stoneworker Gift Conqueror Noble Lady Mother Evergreen Gift of God

Blessed Enlightened Bold Overcomer Blessed Intuitive Beloved Nurturing Perpetual Blessed

Hebrew English Irish

Gift of God Noble Lady Wished-for Child

Honor to God Victorious Beloved




Latin French Latin Latin Scottish Hebrew Latin Latin Latin Old English Irish Irish Hebrew English

From the Marshland Songbird Greatest in Excellence Greatest in Excellence From the Great Spring Gift of God Esteemed Renowned Gift of God Powerful From the Yew-Tree Plain Mirthful State/country Mother's Gift

Conciliatory Praise Teachable Spirit Secure in Truth Righteous Blessed Honored Enlightened United in Spirit Spirit of Praise Heart of Praise Gift of Discernment Intercessor Blessing



Victorious Spirit

Meira, Meera (see also Meara, Mira, Mura) Melanie, Melanie, Melanee, Melaney, Melani, Mlanie, Melaniya, Melissa, Malissa, Mallissa, Melisa, Mlisa, Mlissa, Mellisa, Mellissa, Milissa, Millisa, Millissa, Missi, Missie, Missy, Mylis, Mylissa Melody, Melodee, Melodey, Melodi, Melodie Melora, Melorra Melvin, Malvin, Mel Mendel, Mendell Menora, Manora Mercedes, Mersade Meredith, Meredithe, Meredyth, Merideth, Meridith, Merridith, Merry Merial, Merial, Meriol (see also Mariel, Maurelle, Muriel) Merlin, Merle, Merlen Merrill, Meril, Merill, Merril (see also Meryl) Merrily, see Marilee Merton, Murton Mervin, see Marvin Meryl, Meral, Merel, Merrall, Merryl, Meryll (see also Merrill) Meyer, Meier, Myer (see also Mayer) Mia, Meah, Miah (see also Maia, Maija, Maya, Miya) Micah, Mica, Micaiah, Michah, Mycah Michael, Mekhail, Micael, Mical, Michale, Micheal, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Mickie, Micky, Mickael, Mickal, Mikal, Mike, Mikhael, Mikhail, Miki, Mikki, Mychal, Mychael, Mycheal, Mykael, Mykal








Sweetened With Honey


English Latin Middle English Hebrew Hebrew Latin

Song Improved Reliable Friend Wisdom Candelabrum Gift

Joyful Sanctified Excellent Virtue Studious Witness Esteemed


Guardian of the Sea

Faithful Friend

Irish Old English French Middle English

Shining Sea Falcon Famous From the Town by the Sea

Cherished Courageous Honored Child of God

German German

Famous Farmer

Chosen Blessed

English Hebrew

Wished-for Who Is Like God?

Devout Reverent


Who Is Like God?


Michal, Machelle, Makayla, Mekaela, Mekala, Mekayla, Meshelle, Micaela, Michaele, Michaelle, Michala, Michayle, Michayle, Michele, Michle, Michelle, Mikaela, Mikalya, Mikyla, Mischel, Mishayle, Mychaela, Mykala, Mykaela Midori, Midoree Miguel, Migel Milada, Miladah, Milady Milan, Milen, Mylan, Mylen, Mylon Milana, Milanna, Milania (see also Malina) Mildred, Midge, Mildrid Milena, Milna, Milenia, Milenya (see also Malina) Miles, Myles Miliani, Milianni Millard, Miller, Myller Millicent, Melisenda, Mellicent, Millee, Millie, Milly Milo, Mylo Milton, Milt, Mylton Mimi, Mimee, Mimie, Mimie, Mimii Mindy, Mindee, Mindi, Mindie, Myndee, Myndie Mingan, Mingen Minh, Min Minna, Meena, Mena, Mina, Mini, Minni, Minnie, Minny Mira Mirra, Mirah (see also Meara, Meira, Mura) Miranda, Mariam, Mariame, Mariamne, Miriame, Mirriam, Myriam, Myriame Miron, Miran (see also Myron) Misha, Mischa, Mishka Mishan, Mishn, Mishaun, Mishawn, Mishon

Hebrew Japanese Portuguese Czech Italian

Who Is Like God? Green Who Is Like God? My Love From Milan

Godliness Restful Victorious Spirit Beloved Witness

Italian Old English

From Milan Gentle Spirit

Blessed Loving Spirit

Slavic German Hawaiian Latin

Dark Merciful Caress Caretaker

Prepared Heart of Compassion Treasured Excellent Worth

Old German Old German English English

Industrious Generous From the Mill Town Wished-for

Strong Spirit Helpful Spirit Blessed of God Spiritual Passion

English Native American Vietnamese

Sweet as Honey Gray Wolf Light

Genuine Vigilant Enlightened

Old German






Hebrew Polish Russian

Bitterness Peace Who Is Like God?

Discerning Commissioned Disciple




Mitchell, Mitch, Mitchall, Mytch, Mytchell Mitzi, Mitzee, Mitzie Miya, Miyana, Miyanna (see also Maia, Maija, Maya, Mia) Miyo, Miyoko, Miyuko Mohala, Moala Moira, Moirah, Moyra, Moyrah (see also Mora) Moises, see Moses Molly, Mollee, Molley, Molli, Mollie Mona, Monna, Moyna Monica, Moneka, Moni, Monicka, Monika, Monique, Monnica, Monnika Monroe, Munroe Montana, Montanna Montgomery, Monta, Monte, Montee, Monty Mora, Morra (see also Moira) Morsha, Morascha, Morrasha Mordecai, Mordechai Morgan, Morgana, Morgann, Morganna, Morganne, Morgen, Morgun, Morrgan, Morrgana Morrell, Morell Moriah, Moria, Moriya, Moriel, Morriah (see also Mariah) Morris, see Maurice Morton, Mort, Mortey Moselle, Mozelle Moses, Moe, Mose, Moisei, Moises, Moiss, Moishe, Moisis, Mose, Moshe, Moyshe, Mozes Moya, Moia Mura, Murah (see also Meara, Meira, Mira) Muriel, Murial, Muriell, Murielle (see also Mariel, Maurelle, Merial) Murphy, Murfey Murray, Murrey Mustafa, Mostafa, Mustafah, Mustapha

English German

Who Is Like God? Bitterness

Consecrated to God Vindicated

Japanese Japanese Hawaiian Irish

Temple Beautiful Generation Blooming Wished-for

Pure Spirit of Praise Destined Zealous

English Irish

Desired Noble

Righteous Reflection of Wisdom

Latin Irish Spanish Old English Spanish Hebrew Persian

Advisor From the Hill Mountain

om the Mountain of the Wealthy O

Consecrated Trusting Joyful Prosperous Lovely Heritage Renowned

Blueberry Legacy Warlike

Welsh French

White Sea Dark

Bright Redeemed

Hebrew English Hebrew

God is My Teacher
rom the Town Near the Moor Esta

Privileged Empowered Rescued

Drawn From the Water

Hebrew English Japanese

Drawn From the Water Wished-for Village

Delivered Hopeful High Praise

Middle Eastern Irish Gaelic Middle Eastern

Myrrh Sea Warrior Sailor Chosen

Fragrant Full of Praise Discerning Destined

Myisha, Miyesha, Myesha, Myeshia, Myeisha, Myeshia Middle Eastern Myla, Mylah, Mylea, Mylie English Myles, see Miles Mylon, see Milan Myra, Myrah, Myria Latin Myrna, Myran (see also Miron) Greek Mysie Scottish Mystique, Mistique French Name Language/Cultural Origin

Woman Merciful

Invaluable Compassionate

Fragrant Fragrant Ointment Pearl Intriguing Inherent Meaning

Abundant Praise Peaceful Praise Treasured Reverent Spiritual Connotation

Naaran, Naaren, Naran, Naren Naaria, Naarya, Naria, (see also Nara, Narah) Nadia, Nadea, Nadiya, Nadja, Nadya (see also Nydia) Nadim, Nadeem, Nadim Nadine, Nadean, Nadeen Naida, Nayda Najila, Naiyila, Najah Nakita, see Nikita Nalani, Nalanee Nancy, Nan, Nana, Nancee, Nanci, Nancie, Nanette, Nanna Nani, Nanie Naomi, Naomie, Neomi Naphtali, Naftali, Naftalie, Naphtalie Napoleon, Nap, Napoleon Nara, Narra (see also Naaria, Narah) Narah, Naara, Naari (see also Naaria, Nara) Nari, Naree Nariko, Nareeko Nasser, Nassar, Nassor Natalie, Natalea, Natalee, Natali, Natalia, Nataliana, Natalina, Natallia, Natalya, Nattalie Natania, Nathania Natara, Natarra (see also Nitara) Hebrew Hebrew Young Man Child of God Temperate Heir

Slavic Middle Eastern French Greek Middle Eastern Hawaiian

Hopeful Friend Hopeful Water Nymph Has Beautiful Eyes Clam as the Heavens

Blessed Friend of God Spiritual Potential Gifted Anointed Discerning

English Hawaiian Hebrew Hebrew Greek Japanese Hebrew Japanese Japanese Middle Eastern

Graceful Warrior Beautiful Delightful Renewal Struggle Lion of the Woodland Oak Young Woman Thunder Humble Child Victorious

Gracious Lovely Trusting Seeker of Truth Bold Holy Respectful Attentive Righteous Delivered

Latin Hebrew Middle Eastern

Christmas Child Gift of God Sacrifice

God's Gift of Joy Righteous Generous

Natasha, natachia, Natacia, Natascha, Natashah, Natashia, Natasia, Nathasha, Nitasha, (see also Tasha) Nathaniel, Nat, Natan, Nataniel, Nate, Nathan, Nathanael, Nathaneal, Nathanial, Nathann, Nathaneal, Nathanyel, Nathen, Nathon, Natt, Naython, Nethanial, Nethanyal Natifa, Nateefah, Natifah Navin, Navaan, Naven (see also Nevan) Ned, Nedd, Nedra Nehemiah, Nehmiah Neil, Neal, Neale, Nealon, Neile, Neill, Neilon Nellie, Nel, Nell, Nelle, Nellee, Nelley, Nelli Nelson, Neilson, Nelsen, Nilsson Neriah, Neri, Neria, Nreiya, Nerriah (see also Nuria) Nerissa, Narissa Ness, Nes Neva, Neyva Nevan, Neven, Nevin, Nevon (see also Navin) Neville, Nevil, Nevile, Nevill Newell, Newall Newton, Newtyn Neylan, Neylan, Neylen Nicholas, see Nicolas


Christmas Child


Hebrew Middle Eastern Indo-Pakistani English Hebrew

Gift of God Untainted New Guardian God Comforts

Victorious Pure Regenerated Preserved Righteous

Irish English English

Champion Shining Son of the Champion

Beloved Witness Honored

Hebrew English Hebrew English Irish Old French Middle English Middle English Turkish

Light of the Lord Sea Nymph Miracle New Holy From the New Town From the New Hall From the New Town Granted Wish

Witness Expectant Act of God Obedient Righteous Compassionate Spirit Sincere Helpful Counselor Made Whole

Nicole, Nichola, Nichole, Nicholette, Nicholle, Nicki, Nickola, Nickole, Nicky, Nicolette, Nicolle, Nicolyn, Niki, Nikkey, Nikki, Nikkie, Nikkola, Nikkole, Nikkolette, Nikky, Nikola, Nikole, Nikolette, Nikolle, Nikolyn, Niquole, Nykola, (see also Colette, Nikita)


Victory of the People


Nicolas, Nic, Niccolas, Nichalas, Nicholas, Nicholsen, Nicholson, Nick, Nickey, Nickolas, Nickolaus, Nickolus, Nicky, Nicolaas, Nicolai, Nicols, Nicolo, Nik, Niki, Nikki, Nikk, Niklas, Niklaus, Niklos, Nikolaas, Nikolai, Nikolas, Nikolaus, Nikolai, Nikoli, Nikolos, Nycholas, Nykolas (see also Nikita) Niesha, Neisha, Neishia, Nesah, Neshia, Nisha Nigel, Niegel, Nigell, Nijel, Nygel Nika, Neika Nikita, Nakeeta, Nakita, Nakkita, Nakyta, Nikkita, Naquita, Niquita Nils, Niels, Niles Nimrod Nina, Neena, Nennah, Ninah Niran, Nieran Nishan, Nishana, Nissim Nita, Nitika (see also Anita) Nitara, Nitarah (see also Natara) Nixon, Nickson, Nikson, Nixon Nizana, Nizanna Noah, No Noam, Noame Noel, Nol, Nol, Noela, Noele, Noelia, Noelle, Noella, Noelle Nokomis, Nokomas Nola, Nuala Nolan, Noland, Nolyn Nona, Nonah, Noni, Nonie, Nonna, Nony, Nonya Nora, Norah, Nordia Nori, Noria Norma, Noma Norman, Norm, Normand, Normen, Normie Norris, Noris


Victory of the People

Triumphant Spirit

Hebrew Latin Russian

Sign Champion Belonging to God

Glorious Manifestation Adventurous Spirit Purchased

Russian Scandinavian Hebrew English Thai Armenian Hebrew Indo-Pakistani English Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew

Victory of the People Champion Rebel Grace of God Eternal Miracle Planter Deeply Rooted Son of the Victor Flower Bud Peaceful Friend

Eternal Hope Triumphant Mighty Delivered Gift of Faith Spirit-Filled Sower of Truth Steadfast Overcomer Joyful Provider of Comfort Chosen

Latin Dakota Latin Gaelic

Christmas Child Moon Child Small Bell Noble

Precious Gift Great Promise Harmonious Honorable

Latin Greek Japanese Latin

Ninth Light Tradition Perfection

Full of Wisdom Esteemed Honored Model of Excellence

Old English Old English

Man From the North Northerner

Courageous Spirit Wise

Norton, Nortan Middle English Norwood, Norrwood Middle English Novia, Nuvia Spanish Nuri, Nurie, Nury Hebrew Nuira, Noura, Nura, Nuriah, Nuriel, Nuriya (see also Neriah) Aramaic Nydia, Nydya (see also Nadia) Latin Nyusha, Nyasha Russian Name Language/Cultural Origin

From the North Town From the North Forest Sweetheart Fire of God

Integrity Noble Beloved Guided of God

Fire of God Nest Pure Inherent Meaning

Dependent Upon God Spiritual Potential Patient Spiritual Connotation

Oakley, Oaklee, Oakleigh Obadiah, Obediah Oceana, Ocean Octavia, Octivia Octavius, Octavian, Octavio, Octavien, Octavious Odella, Odeleya Odell, Odie Odessa, Odyssa Odysseua, Odesseus Ogden, Ogdan Okalani, Okilani Olaf, Ole, Olay, Olie, Olle Olajuwon, Olajuwan Oleg, Olleg Olesia, Olesha, Olsya, Olga, Olya Oliver, Olley, Ollie, Olliver Olivia, Olive, Olivea, Olyvia (see also Livia) Olujimi, Oluyimi Olya, Ollya Olympia, Olympa Oma, Omah Omar, Omarr Ona Oni, Onii Oona, see Una Opal, Opall Ophelia, Ophilia Oprah, see Orpah Ora, Orah Oran, Orane (see also Orin) Oren, Oreen (see also Orin) Orestes, Orastes Orianan, Orastes Old English Hebrew Greek Latin From the Oak Trees Servant of God Sea Eighth Immovable Discerning Praise Abiding in God

Latin Hebrew Middle English Greek Greek Old English Hawaiian Old Norse Nigerian Latvian Polish Scandinavian Old Norse Latin Nigerian Russian Greek Hebrew Hebrew Lithuanian Nigerian Sanskrit Greek Latin Irish Hebrew Greek Greek

Eighth I Will Praise God From the Wooded Hill Long Voyage Wrathful From the Oak Valley Heavenly Ancestor Honor of God Holy Defender Holy Kind and Affectionate Peace Given by God Holy Heavenly Eloquent Eloquent Grace of God Born on Holy Ground Jewel Helper Prayerful Green Ash Tree From the Mountain Dawning Sun

Abiding in God Thankful Spirit Hopeful Preserved Righteous One of Dignity Eternal Protector Reverent Unending Praise Protector of Truth Wise Bringer of Peace Walks With God Righteous High Praise Beloved Voice of God Successful Viewed With Favor Sacred Treasure Consecrated Precious Fruitful Blessed Peaceful Enlightened for Sacrifice

Orin, Orinn, Orrie, Orrin (see also Oran, Oren) Greek Mountain Orion, Orien Greek Son of Fire Orlando, Orlanda, Orlondo Italian Famous Throughout the Land Orli, Ori, Orlie Hebrew My Light Orpah, Ophra, Opra, Oprah Hebrew Runaway Orrick, Orric, Orrik English Aged Oak Tree Orson, Orsen Latin Little Bear Orville, Orv, Orval French From the Golden Town Osanna, Osana (see also Hosanna) Hebrew Save Us Osborn, Osborne English Divine Warrior Oscar, Oskar Old English Divine Spearman Osmond, Osmund Old English Divine Protector Oswald, Osvaldo, Oswaldo English God's Power Othello, Othella Spanish Wealthy Otis, Ottis Greek Keen of Hearing Otto, Oto German Prosperous Ouray, Orray Cherokee Arrow Owen, Owens Greek Distinguished m the Place Where the Oxen Cross the Oxford, Oxforde Old English Oya, Oiya Miwok Called Forth Oz, Ozz, Ozzey, Ozzi, Ozzie Hebrew Courage Ozara, Ozarra Hebrew Treasurer Name Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning

God-Revealed Insight Zealous Renowned Fearless Chaste Great Joy Loyal, Steadfast Benevolent Remnant Victorious in Truth Appointed of God God's Warrior Honored Obedient Open to Divine Inspiration Esteemed Guardian of Truth Pleasant to Look Upon Restful Witness Overcomer Divine Perspective Spiritual Connotation

Pablo, Paublo Paige, Page, Payge Palani, Pallani Palasha, Pasha, Pelasha Palmer, Palmar Paloma, Palloma Pamela, Pam, Pamala, Pamella, Pammela Pancho, Poncho Pandora, Pandorra, Panndora Panya, Pania Pari, Pri, Parri Paris, Parras, Parris Park, Parke Parker, Parkker Parnell, Parnel, Pernell Parrish, Parish Parry, Parrey, Perry Pascal, Paschale, Pascual, Pascuale Patience, Paishence Spanish French Hawaiian Russian Old English Spanish Greek Spanish Greek Russian Persian Greek Chinese Middle English French English Welsh French English Small Bell Young Assistant Free From the Sea Peaceful Pilgrim Dove Honey Frenchman Skilled Crowned Eagle Attractive Cyprus Tree Guardian of the Park Little Peter From the Church District Son of the Leader Easter Child Endurance, Fortunate Great Faith Blessed Helper Unchained Protected Bringer of Peace Symbol Righteous God's Witness Gifted Wise Renewed Godly Blessed Spiritual Light Faithfulness Devout Humble Resurrected Firmness of Spirit

Patricia, Pat, Patreice, Patrice, Patriece, Patrisha, Patsey, Patsi, Patsy, Patti, Pattrice, Patty Patrick, Pat, Patric, Patrique, Patrik, Patryck, Patryk Patton, Patten Paul, Pasha, Pauley, Pauli, Paulis, Paolo, Paulo, Paulus, Pavel Paula, Paula, Paolina, Paulette, Paulina, Pauline, Paulla Paxton, Paxon, Paxten Payne, Paine Payton, see Peyton Pearl, Pearle Pearson, Pierson Pedro, Pdro Peggy, Peg, Pegg, Peggi Pele, Pel, Peleh Peli, Pel Penelope, Pennelope, Penney, Penni, Pennie, Penny Percival, Percivall, Percie, Percy, Purcell Perkin, Perkins, Perkyn, Perkyns Perry, see Parry Pervis, Purvis Peter, Peder, Petar, Pete, Pter, Petr, Petey, Petra, Petros, Pietro Petra, Petrina, Pietra Peyton, Paiton, Payden, Payton Phebe, Phoebe Phelan, Phaelan Phelps, Phellps Philana, Philina Philantha, Phillantha Philemon, Philmon Phillip, Felipe, Felpe, Filip, Fillip, Phil, Philip, Philipp, Philippe, Phill, Phillipp Phineas, Phinehas Phoebe, see Phebe Phylicia, see Felecia Phyllis, Philyss, Phylis, Phyllis, Phylliss




Welsh Old English

Nobleman From the Warrior's Town

Obedient Immovable



Dynamo of Energy and Faith

Latin Old English Latin Latin English Spanish English Hebrew Basque

Small From the Peaceful Town From the Country Priceless Jewel Son of the Rock Rock Pearl Miracle Happy

Loving Prepared Sacred Health and Long Life Joyful Praise Steadfast in Christ Promise Strong Faith Filled With Joy

Greek Old French English Latin

Industrious Weaver Pierce the Veil Little Rock Passage

Creative Spirit Miracle Joyful Messenger

Greek Greek Middle English Greek Irish Middle English Greek Greek Greek

Rock Small Rock From the Leader's Town Bright Little Wolf Son of Phillip Lover of the Humankind Lovers of Flowers Kiss

Powerful Faith Strong and Everlasting Christlike Cherished Exalted Loving Spirit Gracious Seeker of Truth Affectionate

Greek Hebrew

Lover of Horses Face of Compassion

Transformed Merciful


Green Branch

Youthful Trust

Pia, Piya Pierce, Pearce, Peerce, Peirce Pilar, Pillar Piper Pippi, Pippen, Pippie, Pippin Piran, Pieran Pitney, Pittnee, Pittney Placido, Placydo Plato, Plaeto, Platn Polly, Pollee, Polli, Pollyana, Pollyanna Ponce, Ponc Poppy, Poppey, Poppi, Poppie Porter, Port Portia, Porsch, Porschia, Porsha Powell, Powel Prentice, Prentis, Prentise Prescott, Prescot Presley, Presleigh Preston, Prestan Price, Pryce Priel, Poriel, Priela, Priella

Italian English Latin English English Irish English Spanish Greek English Spanish Latin Latin Latin English Middle English Old English Old English Old English Welsh Hebrew

Devoted Stone Pillar Pipe Player Lover of Horses Prayer Strong-Willed Tranquil Broad-Shouldered Gentle Fifth Poppy Flower Gatekeeper Offering Prepared Learner From the Priest's Dwelling From the Priest's Meadow From the Priest's Home Son of the Ardent One Fruit of God

Focused Strong in Spirit Strong in Faith Joyous Spirit Eternal Supplicant Act of God Serene Wise Loving Spirit Increase Nourished Watchful Spirit Gift of God Purified Seeker of Truth Blessed Peaceful Spirit Consecrated to God Eager Righteous

Priscilla, Prescilla, Pricilla, Priscila, Prisilla, Prissilla, Prysilla Latin Prudence, Prudy Latin Pryor, Prior Latin Name Language/Cultural Origin

Primitive, Ancient Discretion Head of the Monastery Inherent Meaning

Eternal Value Awareness of God Respected Spiritual Connotation

Qabil, Qabial, Qabiel, Qabiele, Qabielle Qadim, Qadeem, Qadm (see also Kadim) Qadir, Qaudeer Qadira, Qadeera Qamar, Quamar Qitarah, Qitara Quanah, Quan, Quanh (see also Khan) Quaneisha, Quanesha, Quanisha, Quanishia, Quenisha, Quenisia (see also Keneshia) Qubilah, Quabilah Queisha, Queshia, Quisha (see also Keisha) Quenby, Quenbie Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Comanche Able Ancient Powerful Powerful Moon Fragrance Fragrance Strength of God Eternal Witness Power of God Glorious Joy Pleasing Beloved

American Middle Eastern

Beautiful Conciliatory

Righteous Peacemaker

American Swedish

Beautiful Feminine

Unblemished Holy

Quenell, Quenell, Quennel Quentin, Quenton, Qwentin Querida, Queridah Quiana, Quianna (see also Keianna, Kiana, Kiona)

Old French Middle English Spanish

From by the Oak Tree From the Queen's Town Beloved

Steadfast Forgiven Loving



Blessed Beloved Vigilant Spirit Freedom in Christ Godly Insight

Quillan, Quillen, Quillon Gaelic Little Cub Quimby, Quinby Scandinavian From the Queen's Estate Quincy, Quincey, Quinci, Quincie Old French From the Fifth Son's Estate Quinn, Quin Gaelic Intelligent Quintana, Quinta, Quintanna, Quintara, Quintarah, Quintina English Fifth Quintessa, Quintesa English Efficiency Quintin, Quint, Quinten, Quinton, Quintus, Qwinton Latin Fifth Quon, Quonn Chinese Bright Name Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning

Compassionate Steward

Brave Righteous Spiritual Connotation

Raanan, Ranaan, Ranan (see also Rhiannon, Ranon) Rabiah, Rabiya Rachel, Rachael, Rachaele, Rachal, Rachele, Racquel, Raechel, Raechele, Raquel, Raquela, Riquelle, Rashel Rachelle, see Rochelle Radley, Radlee, Radleigh Rae, Ralina (see also Ray) Raenn, Raeanna, Raenne, Rayanna, Rayann, Rayanna, Reana, Reane, Reann, Reanna, Reanne, Reyanna, Reyanne, Reonne (see also Rhian) Raelene, Raeleen, Raelina, Raelle, Raelyn, Raelynn, Rayele, Rayelle, Rayleen, Raylene, Raylynn Rafael, Rafaela, see Raphael, Raphaela Rafer, Rafar Hebrew Middle Eastern Luxuriant Breeze Sacrifice Miracle




English English

From the Reed Meadow Doe

Spirit-Filled Full of Grace










Raghib, Raquib Rahim, Raheem, Rahm, Rahiim Raina, Raenah, Rainna (see also Rana, Rayna) Rainor, Rainar, Rainer, Rainos, Ranos (see also Rainier) Rainey, Raine, Rainie Rainier, Rinier, Rainios, Ranios (see also Rainor) Raiza, Raissa, Raisza Raizel, Raisel (see also Rasia) Raja, Raija, Raiya Raleigh, Rawley Ralph, Ralf (see also Rolf) Rama, Ramah Ramiro, Rami, Ramierez, Ramieros, Ramos Ramon, Raimon, Ramn, Ramone (see also Raymond) Ramona, Ramonda, Rimona, Romona Ramsey, Ramsay, Ramzee Rana, Rahna, Rahni, Ranee, Rania (see also Raina, Rayna) Randall, Rand, Randal, Randel, Randell, Randle, Randy, Ranndy Randi, Randalin, Randalyn, Randee, Randie, Randie, Randii Randoph, Randolf Ranger, Rainger, Range Ranita, Ranata, Ranitta (see also Renata) Ranon, Ranen, Rani, Ranie Rankin, Randkin Ransom, Randsom, Ransome Raoul, Raul, Ral Raphael, Rafaela, Rafaell, Rafaelle, Raphala Raquel, see Rachel Rasha, Rahsha, Rashia

Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Russian

Desirous Compassionate Queenly

Ardent Merciful Gracious

Greek English

Counselor Regal

Promise Praised

Old German Russian Yiddish Middle Eastern Old English Anglo-Saxon Hebrew

Mighty Army Rose Rose Hopeful From the Deer Meadow Counselor Praised

Strength of God Lovely Adorned Gift of Faith Excellent Worth Discerning Glory to God




Spanish Old German Old English

Mighty Protector Protector From the Wooded Island

Vigilant Virtuous Believer







English Old English French Hebrew Hebrew Old English Latin French

Shield Shield Keeper of the Forest Song My Song Small Shield Redeemer Counselor

Guarded Established in Peace Covenant Filled With Joy Praise Valiant Spirit Hopeful Divine Wisdom


Healed by God


Middle Eastern

Little Gazelle


Rashad, Raashad, Reshad, Rhashad, Rishad Rashawna, Rashana, Rashanda, Rashaunda, Rashona, Rashonda, Reshana, Reshanna, Reshaunda, Reshawnda, Reshonda Rashid, Rasheed, Rasheid, Rashied, Rausheed Rashida, Rahsheda, Rasheeda, Rasheida Rasia, Rasha, Rasya Ratana, Ratania, Ratanya Raul, see Raoul Raven, Ravan, Ravin, Ravon, Ravyn Ray, Raye (see also Rae) Rayah, Raia Raya (se also Rhea) Rayanne, see Raeann Rayleen, see Raelene Raymond, Raimond, Ramond, Raymon, Raymont (see also Ramon) Rayna, Reyna (see also Raina, Rana) Rea, Reah, Reha (see also Rayah, Rhea, Ria) Reagan, see Regan Reanne, see Raeann Reba, Reva, Rheba Rebecca, Rabecca, Rebeca, Rbecca, Rebeccah, Rebecka, Rebeckah, Rebeka, Rebekah, Rebekka (see also Becky) Reed, see Reid Reena, Rena (see also Rina) Reesa, Resa, Reesha, Risa, Risha, Ryssa, Rysha Reese, Reece, Rhys Reeve, Reaves, Reeves Regan, Raegan, Reagan, Reaganne, Reegan, Reegen

Middle Eastern

Wise Leader



God is Gracious


Turkish Swahili Greek Thai

Well-Directed Well-Directed Rose Made of Crystal

Humble Discerning Joyful Priceless

Old German French Hebrew

Blackbird Royal Companion

Cherished Wise Friend of God

Old German Yiddish Greek

Mighty Protector Pure Poppy Flower

Sanctified Virtuous Firmly Grounded









Abiding in God

Latin Welsh Middle English

Laughter Enthusiastic Steward

Blessed Dedicated Servant



Spiritual Strength

Regina, Regeena, Reggi, Reggie, Regi, Regie, Reginia, Reginna Reginald, Reg, Reggie, Reginauld, Reginnault Regis, Reggis Reid, Raed, Reade, Reed, Reid, Ried Reiko, Reyko Remi, Remee, Rmi, Remie, Remy, Remmie, Remmy Remington, Remingten Remus, Reemus Renata, Ranata, Renada, Reneeta, Renita, Rinata (see also Ranita) Rendor, Renndor Ren, Raene, Rainato, Ranato, Renato, Rene, Renne, Renne, Rennie Renee, Renae, Renay, Rene Rephael, Rafael, Rafeal, Raffael, Raffeal, Raphal Reseda, Resada Resel, Reisal Reshawna, see Rashawna Reuben, Reuban, Reubin, Rheuben, Ruben, Rubin Rex, Rexx Reynard, Reinhart, Renrd, Rennard, Rey, Reynardo Reynold, Reinhold, Renaldo, Renault, Rey, Reynald, Reynaldo, Reynolds Rhea, Rhaya, Rha, Rhia (see also Rayah, Rea, Ria) Rhett, Rhet Rhian, Rhiana, Rhianna, Rhiauna, Rhyan, Rhyanna, Rian, Riana, Riann, Rianna, Rihana, Rihanna (see also Raenn, Ryan)

Latin Middle English Latin Old English Japanese

Queen Powerful Counselor Regal Fair Countenance Sign

Gracious Humble Honored Blessed Miraculous

French Old English Latin

From Rheims From the Home of the Raven Speedy

Obedient Devoted Joyful

Latin Hungarian

Reborn Police Officer

Quickened Spirit Trusted

Latin French

Reborn Born Again

Forgiven Joyful

Hebrew Spanish German

Healed by God Fragrant Blossom Summer

God's Anointed Pleasing Aroma Blessing

Hebrew Latin

Behold, A Son King

Wondrous Recognition Leadership







Greek Welsh

Flowing Stream Ardent

Refreshing Shepherd




Rhiannon, Rhianen, Rhiannan, Rhiannen, Rhiannon, Riannon (see also Raana, Ranon) Rhoda, Rhodi, Rhody Rhodes, Rhoads Rhonda, Ronda Ria, Ra, Riah (see also Rayah, Rea, Rhea) Richard, Ric, Ricardo, Ricardos, Ricci, Rich, Richards, Richie, Rick, Rickey, Ricki, Rickie, Ricky, Rico, Ricqui, Ricquie, Rik, Riki, Rikk, Rikki, Rikky, Riks, Riq, Riqee, Riqui, Riquie, Ritch, Ritchard, Ritchie, Rykk (see also Dick) Richelle, Richela, Richele, Richella (see also Rochelle) Richmond, Richmon Rider, Ryder Rigel, Reigel, Reigell, Rigell Riley, Reilly, Rileigh, Rylee, Rylie Rina, Rinnah (see also Reena) Ringo, Rengo Riordan, Reardon Ripley, Rip, Ripleigh Rishon, Rishn, Rishaun, Rishaun, Rishawn Rita, Reeta, Rheta River, Rivers Roanna, Rohanna, Roana, Roann, Roanne (see also Ruana) Roarke, Rourke Robert, Bob, Bobb, Bobby, Rob, Robb, Robbert, Robbie, Robby, Roberto, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rupert Roberta, Birdee, Birdie, Bobbi, Robbi Robin, Robbin, Robbyn, Robyn, Robynn Rocco, Rock, Rocko, Rocky, Rokko, Roque

Welsh Greek Greek Welsh Spanish

Goddess From the Island of Roses From the Island of Roses Grand River

Mortal God's Unfolded Love Formed of God Beloved Sacred

Old German

Powerful Ruler


German French English Middle Eastern Irish Hebrew Japanese Irish English

Strong Ruler om the Hill of Wealthy Vegetati Travels by Horse Foot Valiant Song of Joy Apple Poet/Singer
m the Meadow of the One Who Sh

Hand of God Nourished Great Faith Secure Protected Filled With Gladness Beloved Full of Wisdom Thankful

Hebrew Spanish English

First Pearl Large Stream

Servant Priceless Vessel of God

Hebrew Irish

Reminder of Sweet Incense Famous Ruler

Spiritual Understanding Courageous Spirit

Old English English

Bright in Counsel Famous Brilliance

Abiding in God Excellent Worth

English Italian

Shining Fame Rest

Victorious Spirit Restored

Rochelle, Rachalle, Raechell, Raeschelle, Rochell, Rochella, Rochette, Roshele, Roshell, Roshelle (see also Richelle) Roderick, Rodderick, Roderic, Roderigo, Roderique, Rodric, Rodrigo, Rodriguez, Rodrik, Rodrique, Rodiquez (see also Broderick) Rodman, Rodmond, Rodmund Rodney, Rod, Rhodney, Rodnee Rogan, Rogann Roger, Rodger, Rog, Rogersm Rutger Roland, Rolando, Rolland, Rollando, Rolle, Rollie, Rowland Rolanda, Rollanda Rolf, Rolfe, Rolph Romaine, Romana, Romanda, Romayne, Romi, Romy Roman, Romn Romeo, Romo Ronald, Ron, Ronny Ronan, Ronn, Rnn (see also Raanan, Rhiannon) Rondel, Rondell, Rondrell Ronni, Ronee, Roni, Ronia, Ronnee, Ronney, Ronnie, Ronny, Ronya Roosevelt, Rosevelt Rory, Roari, Rorey, Rori Rosalind, Rosalea, Rosalee, Rosalia, Rosalin, Rosalina, Rosalinda, Rosalyn, Rosalynn, Roselynn, Rosetta, Rosette, Rosilyn, Roslyn, Rozlia, Rozalee, Rozalie, Rozalin, Rozalyn, Rozalyn, Rozlyn Rosamond, Rosamund Roscoe, Rosco


Little Rock


Old German Old English Anglo-Saxon Irish Old German

Famous Ruler Heroic From the Clearing on the Island Redhead Famous Warrior

Arm of God Famous Joyful Persevering Strong in Counsel

Old German German Scandinavian

Famous Throughout the Land Famous Throughout the Land Counselor

Full of Wisdom Peaceful Wise

French Latin Italian Old English

From Rome From Rome Pilgrim to Rome Mighty Power

Blessed Protector of Truth Steadfast Authority

Irish French

Little Seal Poem

Playful Gifted

English Dutch Gaelic

Power From the Field of Roses King

Strength Blessed Worthy of Honor

Spanish Old German Old Norse

Beautiful Rose Guardian From the Deer Forest

Wise Protector of Truth Discerning

Roseanna, Rosana, Rosannah, Rosangela, Roseann, Rose Ann, Rose Anne, Roseannah, Rossana, Rossanna, Rozana, Rozangela, Rozanna, Rozeanne Rose, Rosa, Rosey, Rosi, Rosie, Rosy, Roza, Roza, Rozee, Rozy Rosemary, Rosemaria, Rosemarie Rosine, Rosina Ross, Roess Rowen, Rowan Rowena, Rowina Roxanne, Roxana, Roxane, Roxann, Roxi, Roxie, Roxy Roy, Roi Royce, Roice Rozen, Roszen Ruana, Ruanna (see also Roanna) Ruby, Rubia, Rubey, Rubi, Rubie Rudolph, Rudi, Rudy Rufus, Ruffus Rune, Roone Rupert, see Robert Ruri, Rurika, Ruriko Rush, Rusch Russell, Russ, Russel, Rusty Ruth, Ruthann, Ruthanne, Ruthe, Ruthey, Ruthie Rutherford, Rutherforde Rutledge, Rutlege




Latin Latin Italian Gaelic Irish Welsh

Rose Dew of the Sea Cherished Knight Red Peaceful

God's Gracious Gift Crowned Bold Victorious Purchased Wise

Persian French Old English Hebrew Indo-Pakistani French Old German Latin Swedish Japanese English French

Sunrise King Son of the King Ruler Stringed Instrument Beautiful Jewel Great and Famous Red-Haired Secret Emerald Redhead Redhead

Heavenly Seeker of Wisdom Tranquil Spirit Gifted Joyful Praise Full of Grace Resourceful Excellent Virtue Guarded of God Future Hope Strength Trusting

Hebrew Scottish Scandinavian

Companion From the Cattle Ford From the Red Land

Faithful Vigilant Loyal

Ruza, Runzena, Ruzenka, Ruzina, Ruzsa Czech Ryan, Rhyan, Rhyne, Rian, Riann, Ryann, Ryanne, Ryen, Ryon, (see also Rhian) Irish Name Language/Cultural Origin



Little Ruler Inherent Meaning

Youthful Heart Spiritual Connotation

Saba, Sabah, Sabbah, (see also Shaba Saber, Sabre English French Oath of God Sword Promise Spiritual Warrior

Sabina, Sabinna, Sebina, Sebinah Sabiya, Sabaya Sable, Sabel Sabra, Sabrah, Sabriya Sabrina, Sabreena, Sabrinna, Sebrina, Zabreena, Zabrina Sadanna, Sadana, Sadhana Sadie,S'ade, Sad'e, Sadee, Saydee Sadiya, Sadeea, Sadia, Sadya Safari, Saf'aree, Safaria, Safarya Safford, Saford Safron, Saffrn Sage, Saige Sahara, Saharah Sakari, Sakaree Sakura, Sakhura Salaam, see Selam Salim, Saleem, Salm Salina, Salena, Saleena (see also Selena) Sally,Sallee, Salley, Salli, Sallie Salman, Salamen, Salmun (see also Solomon) Salome, Saloma, Salom Salvador, Sal, Salvadore, Salvatore Samantha, Sam, Samanthia, Sami, Sammantha, Semantha, Simmantha, Symantha Samara, Samarra, Samira, Sammara, Samora Samina, Sameena, Samayna Samona, see Simona Samson, Sam, Sampson Samuel, Sam, Samm, Sammie, Sammuel, Sammy, Samuele Sanborn, Sanborne, Sandbourne Sancho, Sanchez

Latin Middle Eastern English Hebrew

Planter of Vines Morning Sleek Cactus

Spiritual Discernment Lovely Prudent Joyful

Latin Indo-Pakistani English Middle Eastern Swahili Middle English English English English Indo-Pakistani Japanese Middle Eastern

Boundary Devotion Princess Fortunate Born While Traveling

the Place of the Willow-River Cro

Protected, Guarded Persistent Beautiful Blessed Promise Beloved Valuable Spice Discerning Strengthened Forgiven Promise Shielded

Flower Wise Wilderness Heart of Sweetness Cherry Blossom Safe

French Old English

Dignified Princess

Delivered Beloved

Czech Hebrew Italian

Serenity Peaceful Savior

Strong in Character Restful Faithful



Attentive to God's Voice

Hebrew Middle Eastern

Guarded by God Praised

Proven Faithful Honorable


Like the Sun

Strength of Spirit

Hebrew English Latin

God Has Heard From the Sandy Brook Sanctified

Instructed of God Defender of Truth Appointed of God

Sancia, Sancha, Sanchia, Sancie, Sanzia Sanders, Sander, Sndor, Sandey, Sandy, Saunder, Saunders Sandra, Sahndra, Sandee, Sandi, Sandie, Sandrea, Sandreea, Sandreia, Sandira, Sandy, Saundra, Sondra, Sonndra (see also Xandra, Zandra) Sandord, Sandford Santiago, Sntiago Sanya, Sania, Saniya Sapphira, Safire, Saffire, Sapphire Sarah, Saara, Saarah, Sahra, Sahra, Sara, Sarai, Sarra, Sarrah, Sharai, Sharaiah, Sharaya, Sharayah (see also Soraya, Zara) Sariya, Sareeya Sasha, Sacha, Sascha, Sasha, Sashana, Sashia, Sashka, Sausha, Shasha, Shashia, Zasha Sason, Sasne, Sassn Satin, Sattin Saul, Sal, Sol Savannah, Sahvannah, Savana, Savannah, Savanna, Savauna, Sevana, Sevanah, Sevanna Saville, Savill, Seville, Sevilla Sawyer, Soiyer Saxon, Sax, Saxen Schafer, Schaefer, Shffer, Shayfer Schuyler, see Skyler Scott, Scot, Scottie, Scotty Sean, San, Sen, Seane, Shaan (see also Shane, Shawn) Seana, see Shauna Sebastian, Sabastien, Sbastien Seeley, see Ceeley







English Old English Spanish Indo-Pakistani Greek

the Place of the Sandy River Cro

Saint Born on Saturday Gem

Guardian of Truth Gentle Gifted Believer Precious

Hebrew Middle Eastern

Princess Night Clouds

Beloved Guided of God

Russian Hebrew French Hebrew

Defender of Mankind Delight Smooth Asked-for

Heart of God Godly Freedom God's Blessing

Spanish French English Middle English German

From the Treeless Plain From the Willow Village Wood Worker Swordsman Shepherd

Cherished Trusting Gifted Valorous Leader

Old English

From Scotland

Temple of God


God is Gracious





Selam, Saalam, Salaam, Selaam Selby, Selbey Selena, Selenia, Selina, Selyna, Sylena, Sylina (see also Salina) Selma, Selmah, Zelma Sequoia, Seqora, Sequora, Sequoya Seraphina, Sarafina, Saraphina, Serafina, Syrafina Serena, Sarina, Sereena, Serenah, Serrenna, Serenity Sergel, Serg, Serge, Sergey, Sergio, Sergios, Sirgio, Sirgios Seth, Sethe Shaba, Shabba (see also Saba) Shae, see Shea Shaela, Shaila, Shalah, Shaylah, Shaylan, Shaylea, Shaylee, Shaylie, Shaylin, Shaylyn, Shaylynn Shaina, Shaena, Shainah, Shainna, Shayna Shakara, Shacara, Shaccara, Shakkara Shakia, Shakeeya, Shakeya, Shakiya, Shaqiya, Shaquiya, Shekia, Shekeeya Shakila, Shakaela, Shakeela, Shaquilla, Shekaela, Shequilla, Shikeela, Shiquilla Shakira, Shaakira, Shakeira, Shakira, Shakiria Shalana, Shalaina, Shalauna, Shelanna, Shilauna Shalman, Shalmon Shalom, Salm, Shalum , Sholome Shamara, Shamarah, Shamarra, Shammara Shamir, Shahmir, Shameer Shamira, Shamiria

Ethiopian English

Peaceful From the Mansion

Content Child of God

Greek Celtic Cherokee

Fair as the Moon Divinely Protected Redwood Tree

Full of Wisdom Enlightened Spirit Filled With Praise







Russian Hebrew Hispanic

Servant Appointed of God Rose

Humble Chosen Virtuous


Lovely Eyes


Yiddish American

Beautiful Pure

Witness Innocent


Season's Beginning


Middle Eastern



Middle Eastern



American Hebrew Hebrew Middle Eastern Hebrew Hebrew

Attractive Peacemaker Peace Prepared for Battle Precious Stone Precious Stone

Peaceful Pure Hopeful Vigilant Invaluable Destined

Shammai, Shamai, Shammae, Shammay, Shammei Shana, Shanae, see Shauna Shanahan, Shannahan Shandra, see Chandra Shane, Shaine, Shayne, (see also Sean, Shawn) Shaneisha, Shaneesha, Shanesha, Shaneshia, Shanisha, Shannisa Shanel, see Chanel Shanequa, Shaneequa, Shaniqua Shanley, Shanlea, Shanlee, Shanleigh, Shanly Shanna, see Shauna Shannon, Shanan, Shannan, Shannen, Shannin, Shannyn, Shanno Shantae, Jhontae, Jhontay, Jontae, Jonte, Jont, Jonte, Shanta, Shantai, Shantay, Shantaya, Shant, Shante (see also Chante) Shantel, Shaquana, Shaquandra, Shaquani, Shaquanna Shaquille, Shaquile Shari, Shara, Sharee, Shareen, Sharene, Sharie, Sharree, Sharrie, Sheree, Sheeree, Sheri, Sherie, Sherri, Sherrie (see also Cherie) Sharice, see Cherise Sharissa, see Charissa Sharleen, see Charleen Sharmain, see Charmain








God is Gracious






God is Gracious



Child of the Hero








American Middle Eastern

Wanderer Handsome

Seeker of Truth Eternal




Sharon, Shaara, Shaaron, Sharen, Sharona, Sharone, Sharonna, Sharra, Sharran, Sharren, Sharron (see also Cheran) Shaula, Shala, Shaola

Hebrew Hebrew

Floral Plain Borrowed

Vision of Beauty Dedicated

Shauna, Seana, Seandra, Seanna, Shaana, Shana, Shanea, Shanna, Shannah, Shannay, Shannea, Shaunah, Shaundel, Shaundell, Shaundelle, Shaundel, Shaunia, Shaunna, Shauntrel, Shaunya, Shawna, Shawndel, Shawndelle, Shawndrelle, Shawnelle, Shawnna, Shawntel, Shawntelle, Shawntreice, Shona, Shonah, Shonda, Shondel, Shondelle, Shonelle, Shonna, Shondelle, Shonelle, Shonna, Shonnika, Shonta, Shont, Shontara, Shontasya, Shonte, Shont, Shontel, Shontelle, Shontrail, Shontreece, Shunna, Shunnel, Shunnelle, Shunta, Shuntelle, Shuntia Shavon, see Chavon Shawn, Shaughn, Shaune, Shaunn, Shawne, Shawnn, Shawon (see also Sean, Shane) Shay, see Shea Shayla, see Shaela Shayna, Shaina


God is Gracious



God is Gracious


Shea, Shae, Shaela, Shaelee, Shaeleigh, Shaena, Shaeya, Shaia, Shay, Shaya, Shaye, Shayia, Shaelyn, Shealy, Shana, Sheanna, Shey


From the Fairy Place


Sheena, Sheenah, Sheenna, Sheina, Shena Sheila, Sheela, Sheelah, Sheliah, Shiela, Shyla Shelby, Shelbee, Shelbey, Shelbie, Shellby Sheldon, Shelden, Sheldin Shelley, Shelee, Sheley, Shellee, Shelli, Shellie, Shelly Shelton, Shelten Shem, Shemm Sheridan, Sherridan Sherika, Shereka, Sherica, Shericka, Sherrika Sherman, Scherman, Shermann Sherrod, Sherod, Sherrard, Sherrodd Sherwin, Sherwyn Sheryl, Sharilyn, Sharyl, Sherey, Sheri, Sheril, Sherill, Sherleen, Sherrey, Sherri, Sherrie, Sherril, Sherrilynn, Sherrly (see Cheryl, Shari) Shiante, Shianda, Shianta, Shiant, Shianna, Shianne, Shyanna, Shyanne, Shyenne, (see also Cheyenne, Shantae) Shilo, Shiloh Shiona, Shona, Sheyona Shirley, Sherlee, Shirlee Shona, Shonda, see Shauna Sibley, Siblee, Sibleigh, Syblie


God is Gracious

Instrument of Grace




Old English Middle English

From the Estate on the Slope From the Steep Valley

Faithful Steward Man of Virtue

Old English Middle English Hebrew Irish

From the Meadow on the Slope From the Edge of Town Reputation Ambitious

Walks With God Divinely Bestowed Honest Free in Spirit

Middle Eastern Anglo-Saxon Anglo-Saxon Anglo-Saxon

Easterner Sheepshearer Clearer of Land Swift Runner

Stranger Gifted of God Messenger Steady Judgment




Native American Hebrew Scottish Old English

Tribe God's Gift God is Gracious From the Bright Meadow

Regenerated Precious Sacrifice Redeemed Happiness of Heart

Middle English



Sidney, Cyd, Cydna, Cydnee, Cydney, Sidauni, Sidona, Sidonia, Sidonio, Sidony, Sydna, Sydnee, Sydney, Sydnie, Sydonia (see also Cid)

Old French

From St. Denis, France


Siegfried, Seifert, Siegfred, Sig (see also Zigfrid) Sierra, Ciaara, Ciara, Ciera, Siarra, Siara, Siarra, Sieara, Siera Sigmund Sigourney, Sigourny Silas, Sylas Silvia, see Sylvia Simba, Symba Simon, Shimon, Shimne, Simeon, Simmons, Simion, Symon Simone, Samona, Simmona, Simmone, Simoane, Simona, Simonne, Symone Sinclair, Sinclaire Sinead, Sined Siona, Siauna, Siaunna, Sionna Skeeter, Skeet Skelly, Skelley Skipper, Skip, Skipp Skye, Sky Skyler, Schylar, Schyler, Skyelar, Skyla, Skylah, Skylar, Skylee, Sklie, Skyllar, Skyller, Skylor Slade, Slayde Slater, Slaeter Sloan, Sloane Socrates, Socratis Solana, Solanna, Soliana, Solianna Solomon, Salamun, Sol, Solaman, Sulaiman (see also Salman) Sommer, Summar, Summer Sonya, Sonia, Sonja, Sonjia, Sophia, Sofi, Soffi, Sofia, Sofie, Sofiya, Sofya, Sophey, Sophi, Sophie, Zofia, Zophia Soraya, Sorayah, Suraya, Surayah Soren, Sren Sorrel, Sorel, Sorell Spencer, Spence, Spenser Spike, Spyke


Victorious Place


Irish Old German Old English Latin Swahili

Black Victorious Protector Conqueror From the Forest Lion

Pure Guardian Victor Steadfast in Trust Blessed


God Heard


French French Irish Hebrew English Gaelic Old Norse Middle Eastern

God Hears Prayer God is Gracious Apex Fast Storyteller Master of a Ship Supplier of Water

Steadfast Heavenly Minded Blessed Productive Efficient Treasure of Knowledge Leader Miraculous Creation

Dutch Old English English Irish Greek Spanish

Scholar Child of the Valley Roof Slater Warrior Learned Sunshine

Wise Fearless Skilled Victorious Spirit Brilliant Righteous

Hebrew English Russian

Peaceful Summer Wisdom

Where God Dwells Ordained Spiritual Discernment

Greek Persian Danish French English English

Wisdom Princess Thunder Reddish Brown Dispenser of Provisions Ear of Grain

Excellent Virtue Beautiful Power of God Witness Faithful Steward Content

Spiro, Spiros, Spyros Spring Stacey, Stacia, Stacee, Stacie, Stacy, Stasia, Stasha, Stashia, Stasia, Stasia, Stasya Stafford, Stafforde Stamos, Staemos, Stmos Stana, Stano, Stas, Stasik, Stasio Stanford, Stamford Stanley, Stan, Stanlee Stanton, Stanten Starling, Starrling Stasha, see Stacey Steadman, Stedman Stefan, Stefane, Stfane, Stefano, Stefanos, Stefon, Stefn, Stefone, Stefne, Steffan, Steffon (see also Stephen) Stella, Stellar Stephen, Steeve, Steeven, Stephan, Stephn, Stephon, Stevan, Steve, Steven, Steven, Stevens, Stevie (see also Stefan) Stepahine, Stefani, Stafanie, Staffany, Stefaney, Stefani, Stefany, Stefenie, Stephana, Stephaney, Stephani, Stephania, Stephany, Steffani, Stephanya, Stephenie, Stephi, Stephie, Stephney, Stephnie Sterling, Stirling Steven, see Stephen Sting Stockton, Stokkton Storm, Stormy Stratford, Strattford Strom, Stromm Stuart, Stu, Steward, Stewart Suke, Sukee, Suke Suki, Sukie, Suky Sullivan, Sulley, Sullie, Sully Sultan, Sultaan Summer, see Sommer

Greek English

Breath Springtime

One of Integrity Renewed

English English Greek Czech English English English English English

Resurrection From the Riverbank Landing Crowned Stand of Glory From the Rocky Riverbank From the Rocky Meadows From the Stony Farm Bird Landowner

Strengthened High Praise Exalted Rewarded Voice of God Sincere Devotion Excellent Worth Treasured Generous

Polish/Swedish Latin

Crowned Star

Wise Esteemed




Greek Middle English English English Middle English Old English German Old English Hawaiian Japanese Irish Swahili

Crowned Of Genuine Value Spike of Grain om the Town Full of Tree-Stum Turbulent Bridge Over the River Stream Caretaker Lily Beloved Black-Eyed or Hawk-Eyed Ruler

Illuminated Excellent Worth Blessed Thankful Courageous Comforted Seeker of Truth Helpful Spirit Adorned Image of Christ Deep Wisdom Kind

Summit, Summet English Peak Sumiko, Sumyko Japanese Lovely Child Suni, Sunni Zuni Native Sunny, Sunney, Sunnie English Cheerful Susanna, Susanne, Sue, Sueanne, Susan, Susana, Susanah, Susann, Susannah, Susanne, Susette, Suzann, Suzanna, Suzanne, Suzette, Suzi, Suzie, Suzy Hebrew Graceful Lily Sutherland, Sutherlend Scandinavian Southern Land Sven, Svein, Swen Scandinavian Youth Svetlana, Sveta, Svetlania, Svetlanna, Svetlanya Russian Bright Light Swaley, Swailee, Swailey Old English Winding Stream Swindel, Swindell Old English From the Valley of the Pigs Sybil, Cybel, Cybele, Cybil, Cybill, Sibbel, Sibbill, Sibel, Sibyl, Sybille Latin Prophet Sydney, see Sidney Sylvester, Silvester, Sylvain, Sylvestre Latin From the Forest Sylvia, Silva, Silvana, Silvanna, Silvia, Silvania, Sylvana, Sylvanya, Sylvya Latin From the Forest Name Language/Cultural Origin Inherent Meaning

Righteous Pleasing Restored Peaceful

Purity Blessed Loving

Image of Christ Expectant Beloved


Strong in Spirit

Dwelling in Spirit Spiritual Connotation

Taber, Tabor, Taibor, Tayber Tabitha, Tabatha, Tabathia, Tabby, Tabytha Taci, Tace, Tacee, Tacey, Tacia, Taciana, Tacianna, Tacie, Taceya Tadan, Taedan, Taidan Taesha, Taheisha, Tahisha, Taiesha, Taisha, Teisha, Tyeisha, Tyeshia, Tyishia (see also Tisha) Taggert, Taggart Taja, Taeja, Taija, Teijah, Tijara Takenya, Takenia Takia, Takya, Taka, Takiya, Taquilla Persian Drummer Merry of Heart




Zuni Native American

Washtub Plenty

Forgiven Nourished

American Gaelic Indo-Pakistani Moquelumnan Middle Eastern

Beautiful Son of the Priest Crown Swooping Hawk Worshiper

Testimony Full of Life Child of God Humble True Believer

Takara, Takaria, Takarya, Taqara, Taqaria Tal, Talley, Tally Tala, Tallah Talbot, Talbott Talia, Talaya, Talea, Tahila, Taliah, Taliya, Tallia, Tallie, Tally, Talya, Thalia, Tylia Talitha, Taltha Tallis, Tallys Talman, Talmon Talon, Talan, Talin, Tallin, Tallon, Tallyn, Talyn Tamar, Tamara, Tamarah, Tamaria, Tamarra, Tamarria, Tamary, Tamera, Tamerai, Tamerey, Tameris, Tamia, Tamie, Tamiya, Tammara, Tamme, Tammera, Tammey, Tammi, Tammie, Tammra, Tammy, Tamra, Tamy, Tamya Tani, Tahnee, Tahnie, Tanee, Taney, Tanie, Tany (see also Tawny) Tania, Tahnia, Tahniya, Tahnya, Taina, Tana, Tanae, Tanalia, Tanasha, Tanaya, Tanea, Taneia, Taneya, Tanija, Taniya, Tanna, Tannia, Tannis, Tanniya, Taunya, Tawnia, Tawnya, Tonasha, Tonaya, Tonia, Tonja, Tonnia, Tonniya, Tonnya, Tonya (see also Tatiana) Tanner, Tannar, Tannor Tapani, Tapnee, Tapney Tariq, Tareek, Tark, Tarick, Tarik, Triq, Tarreq

Japanese Hebrew Native American Old German

Beloved Jewel Rain Stalking Wolf Bright Valley

Discerning Blessing Tamed Promise

Hebrew Aramaic French Aramaic

Heaven's Dew Little/Young Girl From the Forest Oppressed

Richly Blessed Heavenly Vision Thankful Vindicated





Palm Tree

Victorious Spirit




Russian Old English Finnish

Queen Leather Worker Crowned

Honorable Diligent Partaker in Grace

Middle Eastern



Tarah, Taira, Tairra, Tara, Tarai, Taran, Tarasha, Taraya, Tari, Taria, Tarin, Taris, Tarisa, Tarise, Tarissa, Tarra, Tarren, Tarrin, Tarron, Tarryn, Taryn, Tayra (see also Tera) Tarrant, Terrant (see also Terrence) Tarver, Tarvar Tasha, Tacha, Tachia, Tachiana, Tachianna, Tahsha, Tashana, Tashanna, Tashi, Tashia, Tashiana, Tashianna, Tashina, Tashira, Tashiya, Thasah (see also Natasha) Tahana, Tashanda, Tashanna, Tashauna, Tashaunna, Tashawna, Tashonda, Tashondra, Tiashauna, Tyshanna, Tyshauna, Tyshanna, Tyshauna, Tyshawna Tasia, Tasja, Tasiya, Tasiana, Tasianna, Tasiyana, Tassiana, Tassianna, Tassie, Tasya (see also Anastasia) Tasmine, Tasmin Tatiana, Taitiana, Taitianna, Tatanya, Tatia, Tatiana, Tatiania, Tatianya, Tatjana, Tatyana, Tatyanna (see also Tania) Tatum, Taetum, Taitum, Tate, Tayte, Taytum Tawny, Tahnee, Tauna, Tauni, Tawnee, Tawney, Tawni, Tawnie (see also Tani) Taylor, Tailor, Talor, Taya, Tayana, Tayanna, Tayla, Taylar, Tayler, Taylore, Taylour, Tayna, Taynie, Tayny, Teylar, Teyler, Teylor

Hebrew Welsh English

Wild Goat Thunder Leader

Excellent Worth Mighty Power Dependent Upon God


Christmas Child

Glorious Gift


Christmas Child


Slavic English

Resurrection Twin

Eternal Hope Worthy




Middle English




Little One





Teagan, Taegan, Teaghen, Teegan, Tegan, Tegan, Teigen, Tiegan Tempest, Tempestt Tera, Terra (see also Tarah) Teresa, see Theresa Terrell, Tarell, Terel, Terell, Terral, Terrell, Terrelle Terriel, Terryl, Tyrel, Tyrell, Tyrelle, Tyrelle Terrence, Tarrance, Tarry, Teran, Teren, Terence, Terin, Terran, Terrance, Terren, Terri, Terry (see also Tarrant) Tessa, Tesia, Tessey, Tessi, Tessia, Tessie, Tessy Thaddeus, Tad, Tadd, Thad, Thadd, Thaddaeus Thalia, see Talia Thane, Thain, Thaine, Thayne Thatcher, Thaxter Thayer, Thayor Thelma, Thellma Theodore, Ted, Teddie, Teddy, Theo, Thedore Theresa, Taresa, Tarisa, Tarise, Tarissa, Teree, Tereese, Terese, Teresa, Teresea, Terezia, Teri, Terie, Terisa, Terise, Terisha, Teriza, Terree, Terresa, Terri, Terrie, Terry, Therese, Threse, Theressa, Thereza, Trescha, Tresha, Treshana, Tresa, Tressa, Treysa, Treyssa Theron, Theran, Therron Thomas, Thom, Thompson, Tom, Toms, Tomm, Tommie, Tommy Thor, Thorin Tia, Ta, Teeya, Teia, Tialeigh, Tiamarie, Tiandra, Tianika, Tilia

Welsh Latin Latin

Attractive Stormy Earth

Faithful Serene Miraculous


Thunder Ruler

Mighty Protector



Gently Formed







Old English Old English French Greek Greek

Follower Repairer of Boots National Army Willful Divine Gift

Loyal Diligent Brave Defender Strong in Spirit Gift of God

Greek Greek

Harvester Hunter

Bountiful Spirit Efficient

Aramaic Old Norse

Twin Thunder

Divinely Preserved God's Warrior




Tiana, Teana, Teanna, Tianna Tiara, Tearra, Teira, Teirra, Tira, Tiaria, Tiarra, Tirra, Tiera, Tira, Tierra, Tyara, Tyarra Tierney, Tiernan Tifara, Tifra, Tifarra, Tifaria, Tifarra, Tiffarya Tiffany, Tifanee, Tifaney, Tifani, Tifanie, Tifany, Tiff, Tiffanee, Tiffaney, Tiffani, Tiffanie, Tiffanny, Tiffeney, Tiffenie, Tiffeni, Tiffennie, Tiffinee, Tiffiney, Tiffini, Tiffinie, Tiffiny, Tiffney, Tifnee, Tifnie, Tifny, Tiphanee, Tiphaney, Tiphani, Tiphanie, Tiphany, Tyfanny, Tyfanni, Tyffini, Typhanee, Typhany Tiger, Tig, Tige, Tyger Tilda, Tillie, see Matlida Tilden, Tildan Tiltan, Tilton Timothy, Tim, Timmie, Timmothy, Timmy, Timoth, Timothe, Timothi, Tymothee, Tymothy Tina, Teena, Tna, Tyna Tino, Tno Tipper, Typper Tire, Teara, Teera (see also Tyra) Tirza, Thira, Tirsa, Tirzah, Tirzha, Tyrza, Tyrzah Tisha, Tiesha, Tieshia, Tish, Tishia, Tysha, Tyshia (see also Taesha) Tirshrey, Tishrae, Tishreigh Titus, Tito, Titos, Tytus Tobias, Tobee, Tobey, Tobiah, Tobie, Tobi, Toby Todd, Tod Toni, Tonee, Tonie Tony, Toney




Latin Irish Hebrew

Crowned Lordly Splendor

Thankful Gracious Spirit Reverent

English English

Divine Showing Powerful

Beloved Strength of God

Old English Hebrew

From the Blessed Valley Clover

Peaceful Spirit Blossom

Greek English Hispanic Gaelic Hebrew

Honor to God Anointed Venerable Water Pourer Small Village

Blessed of God Protected Promised Hope Generous Treasured




English Akkadian Greek

Joy Beginning Of the Giants

Thankful Wise Honorable

Hebrew Scottish English English

The Lord Is Good Fox Hunter Priceless Praiseworthy

God's Workmanship Divine Ingenuity Lovely Pure

Tonya, see Tania Topaz Topher, Tofer Tori, Toria, Torian, Toriana, Torianna, Torie, Torii, Torri, Torria, Torriana, Torrianna, Toriie (see also Tory) Torrance, Tornance Tory, Torey, Torre, Torrey, Torry (see also Tori) Towsend, Townshend Tracey, Trace, Tracee, Traci, Tracia, Tracie, Traciya, Tracy, Tracya, Traecee, Traecey, Traicey, Trasee, Trasey (see also Taci) Travers, see Travis Trayton, Traeton, Traiton Tremaine, Tremain, Tremayne Trent, Trente Trenton, Trendon, Trenten, Trentin Trevor, Trev, Trevar, Trever Trey, Trae, Trai Trilby, Trilbee, Trilbey, Trilbie Trina, Treena, Treina, Tria, Triana, Trianna, Trinette, Trinice, Triniece, Trinique, Triya Trisha, Tricha, Tricia, Trisa, Trish, Trishana, Trishanna, Trishara, Trissa, Tryssa Tristen, Trista, Tristan, Tristia, Tristian, Tristiana, Tristianna, Tristin, Tristina, Triston, Trystian, Trystin, Trysten, Trystia (see also Trusten) Trixie, Trix, Trixi Troy, Troi, Troye Truman, Trumann Trusten, Trustan, Trustin (see also Tristen) Trygve, Trigve, Trygvee Tucker Tullis, Tullias, Tullius

Latin Greek

Gem Bearer

Fidelity Helper

Japanese Irish

Bird From the Knolls

Great Worth Man of Peace


From the Edge of Town




Noble Spirit

Old French Celtic English Old English Irish Middle English English

m the Settlement Near the For From the House by the Rock Rapid Stream m the Town by the Rapid Stre Prudent Third Hat

Treasured High Praise Renewed Rooted in Faith Righteous Sacrifice Covered







Welsh American Gaelic English

Bold Bringer of Joy Foot Soldier Honest

Valiant Peaceful Steadfast Faithful

English Norwegian Old English Latin

Trustworthy Victor Folder of Cloth Rank

Reliable Triumphant Efficient Admirable

Turner, Turnar English Tushiya, Tuschiya Hebrew Twain, Twaine, Twayne English Twyla, Twila, Twilla, Twylla English Tyler, Ty, Tylar, Tyller, Tylor Middle English Tyra, Tyraa, Tyrah, Tyresa, Tyrisa, Tyrina, Tyrinia (see also Tira) Scandinavian Tyrel, see Terell Tyrone, Ty, Tyronne Greek Tyson, Tison, Tyce, Tysen French Name Language/Cultural Origin

Wood Worker Wisdom Divided in Two Doubly Woven Tile Maker

Infinite Creativity Righteous Renewed Strong Resourceful

Warrior Sovereign Son of the Ruler Inherent Meaning

Blessed Steadfast Gifted Spiritual Connotation

Ulani, Ulana, Ulanna, Ulanni Hebrew Ulric, Ulrik Old German Ulrica, Ulrika Old German Ulysses, Ulisses Latin Uma, Ooma, Umah Indo-Pakistani Umi, Umee Yao Una, Oona Hopi Unique Latin Unity Latin Upton, Uptonn Old English Urban, Urbain Latin Urbana, Urbanna Latin Uri, Uree, Urii (see also Yuri) Hebrew Uriah, Urias, Uriyah Hebrew Uriel, Uriela, Urieli, Urielia, Urielle (see also Ariel) Hebrew Urika, Uraeka, Uriqua Omatha Ursula, Ursa Latin Uziel, Uzziah, Uzziel Hebrew Name Language/Cultural Origin Cheerful Ruler of All Ruler One Who Detests Mother Life Strong Memory One Togetherness From the Hill Town From the City From the City My Light God Is Light Filled With Joy Regenerated Strong in Virtue Seeker of Truth Blessed Energetic Humble Incomparable Harmonious Honorable Peaceful Majestic Righteous Excellent Virtue

Flame of God Universally Useful Little Bear God Is My Strength Inherent Meaning

Transformed Student of the Word Courageous God's Servant Spiritual Connotation

Vail, Vael, Vaile, Vale, Vayle Valerie, Val, Valarae, Valaree, Valarie, Valaree, Valeri, Valery, Valerie, Valeree, Valeri, Valery, Vallerie, Valllery, Vallory Valeska, Valisha, Valishia Valin, Vaylin (see also Balin) Valli, Vallee, Valley, Vallie, Vally English Valley Praise

Latin Slavic Indo-Pakistani Latin

Strength Glorious Ruler Mighty Warrior Strong

Spiritual Purpose Esteemed Arm of God God's Leader

Van, Vann Vance, Vanse Vanda, Vandelia, Vandi, Vandie, Vandda (see also Wanda) Vanessa, Vanesa, Vanissa, Venessa Vanna, Vana, Vania, Vannah, Vanya Varina, Vareena, Vareyna, Varin, Varya (see also Verena) Vashawn, Vashaun, Vashon, Vishaun, Vishawn, Voshan, Voshon, Voshaun, Voshawn Vashti, Vashtee, Vashtie Vaughn, Von Vega, Veyga Velma, Valma, Vellma Venus, Veenus Vera, Vara, Vira Verena, Verasha, Verasia, Vereena, Verina, Verity (see also Varina) Vernon, Vern, Verne Veronica, Varonica, Veronika, Vronique, Vonnie, Vonny, Vronica Vianna, Viana (see also Vienna) Victor, Vic, Victer, Vik, Viktor Victoria, Vicci, Vickee, Vicki, Vickie, Vicky, Victori, Victoriana, Victorianna, Victorina, Victorya, Viki, Vikki, Vikkie, Vikky, Viktori, Viktoria, Viktoriana, Vicktorianna, Viktorina, Viktory, Viktorya Vienna, Viena (see also Vianna) Vincent, Vincente, Vince, Vinny Vinson, Vinnson Violet, Vi, Viola, Violette, Vyolet Virgil, Vergel Virgilia, Virgillia Virginia, Virg, Virgenia

Dutch English

Water Dam Thresher

Forgiving Hard Worker

Slavic Greek English

Wanderer Butterfly Butterfly

Redeemed Free Spirit Liberated




American Persian Welsh Middle Eastern Old German Latin Latin

God is Gracious Lovely Small Falling Star Determined Protector Love Truth

Blessed Beautiful Compassionate Prophetic Watchful Greatest Power Strong in Virtue

Latin Latin

Truthful Youthful

Forthright Vigorous

American Latin

Gracious Conqueror

Blessed Triumphant Spirit

Latin Latin Latin English Latin Latin Latin Latin

Conqueror Capital of Austria Conquering Son of the Victor Modest Flower Staff Bearer Staff Bearer Pure

Triumphant Spirit Chosen Strength Through Faith Redeemed Humble Loyal Spirit Protector Unblemished

Vivian, Viv, Vivia, Vivana, Vivianne, Viviane, Vivianne, Vivien, Vivienne Vladimir, Vladamir, Vlade, Vlad Vondra, Vonda, Vondraea, Vondrea, Vondraya Name

Latin Russian

Lively Famous Prince

Joyous Spirit Upright

Czech Language/Cultural Origin

Loving Inherent Meaning

Reborn Spiritual Connotation

Wade, Wayde Wagner, Waggner Wakanda, Wakandra Walden, Waldon Waldo, Wald Walker, Wallker Wallace, Wallach, Wallis, Wally, Walsh, Welsh Walter, Walt Walton, Walt Wanda, Wahnda, Wannda (see also Vanda, Wendy) Ward, Warde Wardell, Wardel Warner, (see also Werner) Warren, Warrin Warwick, Warick, Warrick Washington Wava, Waiva Wayman, Waymon Wayne, Waiyne Webster, Web Welby, Wellby Weldon, Welden Wellington, Wellingtun Wendell, Wendal, Wendall, Wendel Wendy, Wenda, Wendee, Wendey, Wendi, Wendie (see also Wanda) Werner (see also Warner) Wesley, Wes, Weslee, Westlee, Westley Wheatley, Wheatleigh Whitley, Whitlee, Whitleigh Old English Old German Dakota Old English German English One Who Advances Wagon Maker Power From the Forest Valley Strong Cloth Cleaner Generous Spirit Trusting Spirit Faithful Calm Spirit Thankful Diligent

English Old German English

From Wales Powerful Ruler From the Fortified Town

Man of Peace Strong Protector Freedom of Spirit

Old German Old English Old English Old French German Old English English Slavic Middle English English Old English Old English Old English Old English Old German

Wanderer Guardian From the Watchman's Hill Defender Protecting Friend From the Near Dam From the Town Near the Water Foreigner Traveler Wagon Maker Weaver From the Near Well From Hill Near the Well Prosperous Wanderer

Seeker of Truth Watchful Spirit Protector Courageous Spirit Righteous Led by the Spirit Witness Child of God Shielded Industrious Example Trusting Spirit Preserved Conquering Spirit Messenger of Truth

Welsh Old German English English English

Wanderer Protector From the Western Meadow From the Wheat Field From the White Field

Redeemed Peaceful Steadfast Witness Joyful

Whitney, Whitnee, Whitne, Whitneigh, Whitnie, Whittany, Whittney, Witney, Wittney Wilbur, Wilber Wilder, Willder Wilhelm, Willhelm Willard, Wilard William, Bill, Billy, Wil, Wiley, Will, Wiley, Willie, Willy, Wilson Willis, Willus Willow, Wilow Wilona, Wilow

Old English Old German Old English Old German Old English

From the White Island Resolute From the Wilderness Determined Guardian Resolute and Brave

Protected Obedient Sower Wise Champion

Old German English English English

Resolute Protector Son of the Guardian Willow Tree Desired

Noble Spirit Cautious Great Hope Seeker of Truth

Winifred, Winn, Winnie, Winny, Wyn, Wynnie German Winona, Wenonah, Wenonah, Winonah, Wynnona, Wynona Sioux Winston, Winsten, Wynston Old English Winthrop, Wynthrop Old English Wolfgang, Wolfgong Old German Woodrow, Woody, Woodson Old English Woodward, Woodard Old English Worrell, Worrek Old English Worth, Worthington Old English Wyatt, Wyat, Wyatte Old French Wyman, Wymon Old English Wynn, Wyn, Wynette, Wynne Welsh Wynonna, see Winona Name Language/Cultural Origin

Peaceful Friend

Cheerful Heart

First-Born Daughter From the Friendly Town From the Friend's Home Quarrel of the Wolves From the Woods Forest Warden From the Honest Home Farmstead Little Warrior Warrior Fair Inherent Meaning

Peaceful Trusting Benevolent Faithful Excellent Worth Guardian Faith Steadfast Immoveable Determined Righteous Spiritual Connotation

Xandra, Xandraea, Xandraya, Xandrea, Xandriana, Xandria (see also Sandra and Zandra) Xanthe, Xantha, Xanthia, Zantha, Zanthe, Zanthia Xavier, Xavian, Xavion, Xaven, Xavon, Zavier, Zavon Xenia, Xena (see also Zena, Zina) Xerxes, Xersus Ximines, Ximenes Xuan, Xuann Xuxa, Xxa







Arabic Greek Persian Spanish Vietnamese Brazilian

Bright Hospitable Ruler God Heard Spring Lily

Wise Blessed Benevolent Vindicated Refreshed Beautiful

Xylia, Xyleah, Xyliana, Xylina Xylon, Xylen Name

Greek Greek Language/Cultural Origin

Wood From the Forest Inherent Meaning

One of Integrity Joyful Spiritual Connotation

Yadin, Yadeen, Yadn Yael, Yaella, Yaelle (see also Jael) Yago, see Iago Yale, Yail, Yayle Yamila, see Jamila Yaminah, Yamina Yana, Yanah, Yanna, Yannam, Yannah, Yannica, Yannick, Yannika, (see also Jana) Yardan, Yarden Yarina, Yariana, Yarianna, Yaryna Yaron, Yairon, Yarne (see also Jaron) Yasmine, Yasmen, Yasmon, Yazmen, Yazmin, Yazmine (see also Jasmine) Yeira, Yeirah Yelina, Yelana, Yelanna (see also Jelena) Yemena, Yemina Yeriel, Yeriell, Yerielle (see also Jeriel) Yohann, see Johann Yohanna, see Johanna Yoko, Yoki Yolanda, Yalonda, Yolana, Yolanna, Yolonda, Yulonda Yonina, Yonita Yordana, Jordana, Jordanna, Yordanna Yori, Yoriko Yorianna, see Jorianna York, Yorick, Yorke, Yorrick Yoshi, Yshi, Yoshie Yuki, Yukie Yul, Yule, Yuul Yuma, Yumia Yuri, Juri Jurii, Jurri, Yurri, Yuri, Yury (see also Uri) Yuriko, Yurko Yvanna, see Ivana Hebrew Hebrew Old English Middle Eastern God Will Judge Strength From the Hill Proper Righteous Arm of God Prosperous Respectful

Polish Middle Eastern Russian Hebrew

Gift of God King Peace He Will Sing; He Will Cry Out

Purchased Victorious Secure High Praise

Persian Hebrew

Jasmine Flower Light

Blossom Witness

Russian Hebrew Hebrew

Shining Capable Taught by God

Glory of God Exalted Wise


Good Girl


Greek Hebrew Hebrew Japanese

Violet Flower Dove Descender Trustworthy

Sign of Life Graceful Praise Honest

Celtic Japanese Japanese Mongolian Native American

From the Yew-Tree Estate Respectful Snow Beyond the Horizon Son of the Chief

Vigilant Obedient Cleansed Worshiper Beloved

Russian Japanese

Farmer Lily Child

Gifted Blessed

Yves, Ives French Yvonne, Ivette, Ivonne, Yavonne, Yevette, Yvette French Name Language/Cultural Origin

Little Archer

Trusting Spirit

Young Archer Inherent Meaning

Shielded Spiritual Connotation

Zabrina, see Sabrina Zachariah, Zac, Zacariah, Zacarias, Zacary, Zacc, Zaccari, Zacccary, Zach, Zacharee, Zacharee, Zacharey, Zacharia, Zacharias, Zacharie, Zachary, Zachrey, Zachry, Zack, Zackari, Zackarie, Zackary, Zackery, Zackory, Zacory, Zak, Zakery, Zakarey, Zakarie, Zakery, Zakree, Zakry, Zaqary Zada, Zaida, Zayda Zadok, Zaydok Zafina, Zafeena Zaim, Zaime, Zaimee, Zayme, Zaymee Zaimir, Zameer, Zameir Zandra, Zahndra, Zandraea, Zandrea, Zandria, Zanndra, Zondra (see also Sandra, Xandra) Zane, Zain, Zayne Zanna, Zana (see also Zaynah) Zantha, see Xanthe Zara, Zaira, Zarah, Zaria, Zarianna, Zarya Zavier, see Xavier Zaynah, Zayna (see also Zanna) Zebediah, Zebedee Zebulon, Zebulun Zedekiah, Zedekias Zeke, see Ezekiel Zelda, Zellda Zelenka, Zelenkia Zena, Zeena, Zeenia, Zeenya, Zeina (see also Xenia, Zina) Zephaniah, Zephan, Zephania Zephyr, Zephria, Zephriana

Hebrew Middle Eastern Hebrew Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Hebrew

God Has Remembered Fortunate Righteous Victorious Brigadier General Song

Humble Before God Faithful Rewarded Strength of God Leader Joyful

English English English

Defender God is Gracious Lily

Protector Blessed Beautiful

Middle Eastern



Middle Eastern Hebrew Hebrew Hebrew German Czech

Lovely God's Gift Exalted God is Mighty and Just Warrior Budding Blossom

Beautiful Redeemed Wise Glory to God Gifted Nurtured

Persian Hebrew Greek

Woman Protected By God West Wind

Cherished Precious Reborn

Zerlina, Zerleyna Zia, Zea, Zeah, Zeya Zigfrid, Ziggy (see also Siegfried) Zimra, Zamora, Zemora Zimraan, Zimran Zina, Zinah (see also Xenia, Zena) Zoe, Zoa, Ze, Zo, Zoee, Zoey, Zoia, Zoie, Zoya Zora, Zorah, Zorana, Zoranna, Zoriana, Zorianna, Zorya Zorg, Zrg Zorina, Zori, Zoriana, Zorianna, Zorie, Zory (see also Czarina) Zsa Zsa, Zha Zha Zulema, Zulima Zuri, Zuria, Zuriya

Spanish Middle Eastern Latvian Hebrew Middle Eastern English

Dawn Light Victorious in Peace Song of Praise Praise Hospitable

Blessed Fearless Secure in Christ Thankful Reverent Radiant Love




Slavic Intergalactic Space

Dawn Descendent of Blurgon

Bringer of Light Intelligent Life

Slavic Hungarian Middle Eastern Swahili

Golden Lily Peace Beautiful

Attractive Lovely Secure Messenger