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Dogism-Amateur Dog Book

Dogism-Amateur Dog Book

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Published by: T_o_y_b_o_x on Jan 11, 2012
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The first thing to be done to save a poisoned animal's life, is to empty the stomach
by giving, if possible, one-eight grain of Apomorphia to a small dog, and one-
quarter grain to a large dog; or, if a hypodermic syringe is available, inject under
the skin from three to eight minims of a one-to fifty solution of Apomorphia, Wine
of Ipecac is a very good emetic; a teaspoonful should be given every ten minutes,
until the animal vomits; or drench the dog with lukewarm water containing from ten
to sixty grains of Sulphate of Zinc, or three grains of Tartar Emetic; after these act
give milk and eggs, flour and water, starch and milk.

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