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Dogism-Amateur Dog Book

Dogism-Amateur Dog Book

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Published by: T_o_y_b_o_x on Jan 11, 2012
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Dogs from time to time require washing to remove the accumulations of dirt and
the fine scales that the skin is constantly exfoliating. By adding proper insecticides
to the water in which the dogs are washed, the fleas and lice which ordinarily infest
dogs will be destroyed, diseases of the skin will be prevented and the comfort of
the dog correspondingly promoted.

The use of proper soap stimulates the growth of the hair, removes the
objectionable doggy smell and improves the appearance.

Amateur’s Dog Book

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When washing dogs every precaution should be taken to prevent the animal
contracting cold. If the bath is to be given out of doors during the summer, a warm,
sunshiny day should be selected; if in the house, see that the room is properly
heated, and do not allow the animal to enter the open air until the coat and skin
are thoroughly dry. In washing large breeds, such as St. Bernards, they can be
placed on some clean surface; collies and setters can be placed in an ordinary
tub, while a footpan answers for small dogs. Fill the receptacle with lukewarm
water as high as the dog's knees; to this add Dent's Germicide in the proportion of
a tablespoonful to the gallon, as it softens the water, destroys all insects and
germs, and assists in cleansing the skin. The animal's coat should then be
moistened all over, beginning at the neck and shoulders, either pouring on the
water from a small tin cup or using a sponge. Dent's Dog Soap should then be
rubbed well into the coat, more water gradually added, and the animal carefully
rubbed until a profuse lather is produced. The head should be washed last and
care exercised that soap or water does not gain entrance to the ears or eyes.
Allow the lather to remain on a few moments and then rinse off with clean water, to
which Dent's Germicide has been added in the proportion of from one to three
tablespoonfuls to the gallon.

The animal must now be carefully dried with a coarse towel, those made from a
salt sack cut into suitable sizes being efficient and durable.

Even after a dog has been thoroughly dried there is danger of its taking cold, and
while most authorities advise giving a freshly washed dog a warm kennel or a bed
before the fire, a better procedure is to blanket it lightly and induce it to exercise
for fifteen or twenty minutes. The natural warmth of the body, induced by exercise
and retained by a blanket, will restore the natural circulation quicker than artificial
heat. If the weather is such that the dog cannot be safely exercised out of doors,
exercise him in a warm room and give him a warm bed of clean straw. A good
meal at this time will nourish him and stimulate his powers of resistance.
Therefore, the best time to wash a dog is about one hour before feeding time.

When washing long-haired toy breeds, such as Yorkshires, use Dent's Quinine

A small quantity should be dissolved in a pan of water. Place the dog in the pan
and cleanse his coat by brushing him with a long-handled hair brush kept
saturated with the soapy water. By preserving the part of the hair down the dog's
back, all danger of snarling the coat will be avoided. Rinse in clear water and dry
by brushing before a fire with two or more ordinary hair brushes that can be
alternately warmed and used.

When washing collies it is advisable to dissolve the soap in the water instead of
applying it directly to the dog's coat, and in drying this breed brush the hair the
wrong way and force the air into the coat with a fan.

Amateur’s Dog Book

- 10 -

The best preparation on the market for washing dogs is Dent's Dog Soap, as it
stimulates the roots of the hair, increases the glossiness of the coat and contains
ingredients destructive to insect life that will destroy fleas and cure most of the
simple diseases of the skin.

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