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How to Fatten Your Bank Account in No Time Flat

How to Fatten Your Bank Account in No Time Flat

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Published by Jeff Gardner
Discover how to create a full-time six-figure income in Empower Network from a marketing master. This free ebook reveals the secrets behind the 100% commissions, the pass-up compensation plan, the hot-selling products, and much more. Included are Empower Network Success Stories. Plus, you'll see how you can rebrand this report with your own Empower Nework link - and pocket up to $4,625 per sale - simply by giving it away to others. Yes, you can make big Empower Network commissions by simply giving this report away free. All of this and more is revealed inside this powerful report.
Discover how to create a full-time six-figure income in Empower Network from a marketing master. This free ebook reveals the secrets behind the 100% commissions, the pass-up compensation plan, the hot-selling products, and much more. Included are Empower Network Success Stories. Plus, you'll see how you can rebrand this report with your own Empower Nework link - and pocket up to $4,625 per sale - simply by giving it away to others. Yes, you can make big Empower Network commissions by simply giving this report away free. All of this and more is revealed inside this powerful report.

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Published by: Jeff Gardner on Jan 11, 2012
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How to Fatten Your Bank Account in No Time Flat

How to Make Real Money Online in the Next 7 Days or Less

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and worthless “money games”.995-per-seat 3-Day Home Business Conference.000’s of people at live events… and I even hosted my own $5. courses. And How You Can Do ALL of this With Absolutely NO Personal Selling. and training programs… spoken in front of 1. solid money-making opportunities do exist. Over the years. I’ve been featured in popular books. I’ve written and co-authored over 100 wealth-building and marketing books. 3 . The Art and Science of Success. and NO Customer Service Issues. NO Product Creation. NO High-Tech Skills. including How to Get Rich on the Internet. Ultimately. NO Product Fulfillment. Real scams that end up hurting people. honest opportunities – to help myself and my clients make more money. and exciting is the greatest feeling. Part of my business is to keep on the lookout for real. I’ve also seen my fair share of junk deals. Ponzi schemes. I’m an entrepreneur at heart – and I love being self-employed. While good. I love finding the right opportunity at the right time – and watching the money flow in.and I’ve been researching home business opportunties for over 25 years. and Walking with the Wise Entrepreneur – alongside Suze Orman. you have to sift through a lot of dirt to find a few diamonds. they can be hard to find. But the thrill of finding something fresh. Of course. Robert Kiyosaki. I’ve also been fortunate enough to generate millions of dollars in sales working for myself and my clients. I’ve had the good fortune to discover and even create my own multi-million dollar winning products and opportunities. and Zig Ziglar. new. Keep reading and you’ll discover all of this and much more… Your Journey to Success Starts Here I’m a Work-from-Home Investigator . A lot of stuff that “looks good” is just overblown hype that falls apart once you start digging a little bit.

823.000.20 in One Month Rarely do opportunities take off as fast and furious as the one I’m going to tell you about in this report. Then it went on to pay out $2. credit card in hand. In fact. I do have a unique opportunity that I’ve investigated… tested… and proven that it really makes money. Today. $1. it paid out $1. that’s where I am today.000. that people are literally lining up.20 in its first 56 days. Sometimes I’m still doing my “due diligence” on a couple of promising leads – and won’t know more until I dig a bit deeper. Not this one.Because of my decades of experience in the home business industry… and my multi-million dollar track record… I have clients each year who come to me and ask: “What do YOU recommend that REALLY makes money?” Sometimes.000.000+ Members… and it’s paid out a whopping… $31 Million Dollars in Commissions to Its Happy. And it works so well. this company has over 100. I’ve found an opportunity that really works. Well. Excited Members! 4 . the opportunity I recently discovered caught on so fast. at other times. Most take off slowly – and gain momentum over time. I can’t recommend anything.221. and so fast.20 in its first 30 days.221. to join. But.

but profit-splits that high can be rare. 5 . AND.. Making real money is all about selling something long-term – which means that the market has to want it next week. I prefer 75% or more. too. the product has to actually be in-demand. Therefore.  High Price & High Profits: These two go hand-in-hand. I look for products that have a market of millions of interested buyers worldwide.. I love this stuff guys!”* . non-stop. I love products that I can sell for decades. it’s got to be in demand by a lot of people. For any opportunity to thrive and last long-term. because it’s hard to get rich making 100% profits on a $1 product… or 1% profits on a $100 product. it has to meet ALL 8 CRITERIA on this checklist…  In-Demand Product: This might seem obvious. and next year. if you really want to make money. Maybe it can help you sort through all of the opportunities I’m sure you come across. and then I took a week off to go cruising around the mountains. And I want to pocket A MINIMUM of 50% per sale I make. For example. let me share with you my own personal checklist that helps me find legitimate opportunities that are worth my time.318. “ho-hum” product onto a compensation plan and call it “good”. next month.67 deposited into my bank account.People who have made little or no money in other opportunities are finally making money in this opportunity. here’s one “Success Story”* from a recent Member… “In only 5 days of work I got $3.  Evergreen Product: I want a product that can sell for years. but you’d be surprised at how many opportunities just slap a lame. Not a fad that’s hot today and gone tomorrow.Jordan Schultz WHAT is this opportunity? Before I tell you WHAT this opportunity is. My Opportunity Checklist For me to even look at an opportunity. I look for products that sell for a minimum of $25 on up to $500 or more.

stick around and keep reading anyway. (If you said “no”. I also don’t want to get involved in stale companies that have been around for decades – that EVERYONE has already heard of. what do you think of my checklist? Would you like to hear about an opportunity that meets or BEATS all of my criteria? If you said “Yes!”. Any business I get into has to be easy to run and very LOW STRESS!  It Must Already Work: I don’t want to be someone’s “guinea pig” and spend my own time and money proving whether an opportunity works or not. Without “residual income”. If I have to personally sell products one-on-one… either face-to-face or by phone… that’s NOT the best use of my time. If I have the opportunity to make money on the efforts of others. I’m an entrepreneur. I’ll tell about a HOT “Target Market” (that YOU are knee-deep in) that I’ve used to literally generate millions of dollars. whenever you stop making sales.  NO Personal Selling: Look. and autoresponders that can do the “heavy lifting” for me.  NO HASSLES: I don’t want to pack and ship orders. I won’t waste my time promoting ANY opportunity that doesn’t have some passive income built in. then that’s a definite plus. easier than anything I’ve ever done. and efforts. Without leverage. even years ago.  Leverage: Another absolute must. the money stops. not a salesperson. The opportunities I’m looking for let me “leverage” someone else’s products. So I look for companies that have been around for 3 to 6 months. have generated real money for their current Members – BUT still have a lot of worldwide opportunity for growth. 6 . So. I also don’t want to deal with customer service hassles or have to be a “techie” to run a business. money. marketing system. I’m doing EVERYTHING myself. then you’ll love the rest of this report. That way you can take time off – and you’re still getting paid on sales you made months. It’s one of the reasons I like direct sales and network marketing opportunities (even if their “Small Profits” turn me off). If you want time freedom along with financial freedom. I look for opportunities that have ready-to-go systems. Of course. Residual Income: An absolute must.)  First. I did it many years ago – and packing up my car with priority boxes and driving them to the Post Office’s dock for drop-off is not my idea of “fun”. websites. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised with what I’m about to reveal to you. you must select an opportunity that pays you over and over again on every product sale you make.

I’ve done a lot of “panning for gold”. instead of panning for gold… I Discovered I Can Make MORE MONEY Selling Training and Tools to “Gold Miners” Than Panning for Gold Myself! 7 . There are millions of people each year who are also searching… “panning for their own gold”… in the home business industry. I’ve been fortunate. looking for that ONE breakthrough opportunity to make real money with. I realized that there were MILLIONS of people just like me. I’ll show you how myself and others are tapping into this massive worldwide market and getting daily deposits of up to $3. Millions of “Gold Miners”. And I’m not alone. So. of home business opportunities. I’ve actually FOUND a lot of gold along the way. I made a BIG DISCOVERY that has made me more money than anything else prior to that. all “panning for gold”. How an Ah-Ha Moment Opened Up a NEW Market and Made Me Millions Over the last 25 years. Then. evergreen. However. I’ve researched and investigated hundreds. possibly thousands. about 15 years ago. and worldwide market.000 each. A massive.

the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations say there are OVER 91 MILLION MLM & DIRECT SALES DISTRIBUTORS WORLDWIDE. I keep depositing daily profits by selling them the tools they need to achieve their goals. YOU Can Cash In by Tapping Into This Massive Market of Millions! Here’s how it works: You know that there are millions of people who have joined different money-making opportunities… home businesses. direct sales offers… In fact. In fact. And it’s the secret behind the opportunity I’m about to explain to you. And that doesn’t count the millions more worldwide still searching for that ONE amazing opportunity. 8 . Since then. most of whom are DESPERATE to break free of the rat race and work full-time for themselves. I’ve built my business on finding and selling training and tools to the massive home business industry. There are tens of millions of people worldwide who are either already involved in… or are looking for… a way to make extra money from home. It’s a win/win situation. Now. While the gold miners are panning every day. shortly after making this realization. network marketing programs. I generated well over $2 million dollars in sales – selling an in-demand business-building service to home business owners. And with MILLIONS of people in the “Home Business Industry”.That realization was a major “ah ha” moment for me – and it’s helped me generate more money. faster and easier. This is the secret I’ve used to make millions of dollars over the years. the DEMAND for training and tools is huge. than ever before.

and they need help and guidance. 9 . you can pocket 100% PROFITS when you sell these tools and training to home business owners.The market is MASSIVE and WORLDWIDE. as a Member of Empower Network. All of these millions of people who join home business opportunities each year are “Gold Miners” – and you can make A LOT of money by selling them the training and tools they need to succeed in their chosen opportunity. It’s a fact. you’d be making an ongoing passive income – selling tools and training to these millions of people. they don’t have the tools necessary to promote their opportunity. And there’s where my secret project comes in. And. Ask almost ANYONE who has joined any opportunity and they’ll tell you they are excited about the opportunity – but they’re not sure HOW to promote the opportunity they just paid good money to join. Now. Imagine that YOU had the tools and training these MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLDWIDE needed to succeed in whatever opportunity they’ve chosen? Instead of exhausting yourself “panning for gold” like everyone else. It’s called… The Empower Network The Empower Network puts you into your very own “Marketing Tools & Training Business” TODAY – so you can tap into this massive worldwide market and start making real money THIS WEEK! The Empower Network provides the tools and training that the millions of opportunity seekers need to succeed in THEIR chosen opportunity. what’s the #1 PROBLEM that all of these people have when they join an opportunity? They’re FRUSTRATED & Getting NO RESULTS! They don’t know how to promote their opportunity. Now.

$100/month. But Empower has created a unique comp plan that pays out 100% commissions on your sales. even $1. I get 100% of the $100 every month. order forms.  Empower’s Products Sell for $25/month.000’s of dollars.  Sells “Evergreen” Products to an “Evergreen” Market.  Automatic System Does the Selling For You. $500. This is exciting. 24/7. All of the tools and training are delivered ONLINE – so there’s nothing for me to stock or ship. I’m making thousands of dollars a month in passive residual income… on sales I made one time… when I first joined Empower. and even $3. Entrepreneurs want and need the products Empower Network offers. The system. they plan on having more high-end live events. for months to come.000.. etc. This is unheard of in the industry. But. There’s NO one-on-one or personal selling involved – ever!  It’s a No Hassle Business. websites. So I can make a sale one time… and get paid. And there’s no customer service.000! Plus. When I make a $100 per month sale. working for themselves. While I do keep in touch with people who join my Team and promote Empower.Here are The Benefits of Empower Network…  Offers In-Demand Products to a HUGE Worldwide Market of millions of people who are desperate to make a part-time or full-time income. You rarely get to keep 100% of the profits UNLESS you actually created and own the product. Empower has their own support system and staff to handle any issues with their products. trainings. autoresponder. making sales. presenting the company’s products. over and over again. New entrepreneurs are constantly entering the Home Business Industry… in good times and bad… so you always have people to promote to. my organization has increased my monthly residual income by $100’s.  Empower Gives You Massive LEVERAGE. Another biggie is that they have a “Pass-Up” Compensation Plan that actually lets me leverage the efforts of the people I refer – and get paid 100% commissions on their efforts.. because I can be on vacation and when I come back home. 365 days a year. it’s definitely NOT “Customer Service”. the BIGGEST thing… the most exciting thing… is that YOU GET PAID 100% COMMISSIONS on their products.)  Empower Pays a Monthly RESIDUAL Income. $1. fulfilling orders – and depositing the 100% profits in YOUR bank account. Right now. back office… it’s already done for you! Simply plug in to this turn-key system – and it’ll work around-the-clock for you. And my Team Members rarely 10 . (More details on that in a moment. And you’ll have evergreen tools and training they need to succeed in whatever opportunity they choose.

Here are just a few… “Never have I seen a group that actually cares about their people as much as these guys. This rush also created some real-life “Success Stories” and testimonials*. But here’s icing on the cake that made me sign up immediately.Tracey Walker 11 . Now they’re at $4. now we help people feel good about sponsoring into their primary business. Imagine giving 100% commissions.000! I am PUMPED about what we are doing here in EN because I have also had so many people who have NEVER made money online. Empower Network Members made OVER $1 MILLION DOLLARS in commissions. or in their Network Marketing Business. Empower met or exceeded every item on my checklist. because the entire marketing system is point-and-click easy. and now we can truly EMPOWER people to live the life of their dreams!”* . Empower Network Really Pays! In the first 30 days. that number DOUBLED to OVER $2 MILLION DOLLARS in commissions. WOOHOO!”* .2 MILLION & growing! And over 12.925 Members joined. finally do it here. I am getting about $450 per day in new referrals and added income. In the first 56 days.contact me (except to send me excited emails about how much money they’re making). In less than 10 days I am already at about $2700 in monthly residual income + additional $500 one-time sales. Now we can help build a person's posture.Ed Przybylski “Been with Empower Network for 13 days and have made just shy of $10.

.075 so far.200 in his first 3 weeks…  Marisol Dennis created a monthly income of $3..600 of that being paid to him in recurring PASSIVE monthly income…  And Lawrence Tam generated over $59. which pays me roughly $200/residual.050. …I made my first $100 commission in less than 24 hrs. I built a 70+ person team in my primary opportunity. In 11 days with Empower.”* .000…  Tracey Walker added $20.”* .Tim Buist And there are many. 12 . part-time.. many more…  Kelly Williams created a monthly income of $7.075 of that is recurring PASSIVE monthly income…  Barbie Zabel made a whopping $16. Until now! Until Empower Network. I wish this system had been around when I first started online a few years ago. I am not and will not get suckered into anything else. I've almost tripled that. More recently (in the past 1-1/2 yrs.”* .Carl Willis “For years I had struggled to be in business for myself.075 in just 4 weeks… and $7.000 in her very first month…  Kris Darty received $20..725 per month. I've been involved in the industry six months.Debra Hill “$1.“In my first 6 days with Empower Network I had already earned $1. Empower Network is where it's at and where I'm staying.) all I did was spend money and never made any money. $575 Residual. Some of the businesses I started did just ok.375 to her bank account in her first 37 days…  Carol Douthitt was paid $12.575 his first month… with $8.225 in just 5 weeks… and a recurring PASSIVE income of $27.

even though I just joined… the system has already deposited thousands of dollars into my bank account – and is paying me thousands more in passive residual income each month! I love going to my email inbox and seeing all of the emails telling me the system has made a sale for me… and my income has increased! So… now that you know I’ve found a high-quality opportunity that really works. it’s time to give you the full scoop on Empower Network – and explain why I believe that. if you want to make real money online.And. you owe it to yourself to join in the new few minutes… 13 .

Now. Next. Once you join Empower Network. but what I’ve given you are the basics. following the “Fast Start” training you’ll get directly from Empower Network. handles customer service. deposited directly into your account. and you get paid your 100% commission. You simply promote Empower’s in-demand tools and training to the millions of frustrated. No headaches. you can promote these tools and training to the MILLIONS of opportunity seekers worldwide. Then.. Whenever someone buys ANY of our in-demand tools and training through YOUR Empower Network system. 14 . Empower’s system fulfills the service for you. You’ll also be able to set up their done-for-you marketing system with your own payment processor and autoresponder – so when your system makes a sale – the money is directly deposited into your account and the product is delivered to the customer. there is a special “pass-up” compensation plan I’ll explain in a moment – that will help you make even more money.The Full Scoop on Empower Network When you join Empower Network. you’ll get access to their complete video training “Fast Start” series that will walk you through setting up your Empower Network System. It’s easy! It’s literally possible to be set up and ready to take 100% COMMISSIONS in the first 24 hours after joining Empower. No hassles. you have the ability to become a “reseller” of their training and tools. you can pocket a 100% commission on that product. None of the problems that most people deal with when setting up and running their own home based business. desperate opportunity seekers who NEED them.. Don’t worry if you don’t have a “payment processor” or autoresponder (or even if you don’t know what they are).

and much. this “Inner Circle” Membership costs just $100 per month. lead generation. this done-for-you “Instant Setup” blogging system is only $25 a month. let’s walk through Empower Network’s Training. for a low monthly fee of just $25 a month. Clients can use their blog to brand themselves. Copy-writing.000’s of dollars worth of valuable marketing training. Setting up a blog can be a “technical nightmare” for a beginner – so most beginners and “newbies” NEVER take even this most basic step. Empower Network’s Training and Tools Currently.Now. generate leads. traffic generation. With Empower Network. when a customer signs up for our Done-For-You Blogging System. Loaded with $1.000’s of dollars. even $1.000’s of dollars to design and set-up blogs for clients. With Empower Network. strategies and techniques for Members to use to build their own businesses. even $1. 15 . customers can download and listen to these valuable audio courses as many times as they want and learn from the six-figure and sevenfigure earners who can give them the “shortcuts to success”. The best and easiest website to build is a “Blog”. no learning curve. Those who do usually end up forking over $100’s. video and article marketing – reveal their cutting-edge secrets. In this exclusive and regularly updated educational audio library. Tools. to get someone else to set it up for them. [2] Empower Network’s Inner Circle Membership Empower also offers a monthly “Inner Circle” Membership – where marketing experts. These include… [1] Empower Network’s Done-for-You Blogging System Everyone building a business online needs their own “Internet Real Estate”. Empower Network has 4 products (even though they’re currently working on more to add to their line-up). Other companies charge $100’s. ready to use to promote ANY OPPORTUNITY. it’s set up and ready to go seconds after they purchase. and no techie stuff to mess with. who specialize in skill sets like Search Engine Optimization. keep in touch with their clients. There’s no set-up. advertise their products. With Empower. much more. and Compensation Plan. we provide a Done-For-You Blogging System that is set-up and online.

their NEWEST addition is a multi-lesson video training program that shows you step-by-step. which was then preserved in this documentary style advanced marketing course. This 10-video series outlines advanced marketing techniques which are taught in live. hosted for approximately 10 high-level entrepreneurs.000.997 when it was offered as a live event to the public. and it sold out quickly.which documents in extensive detail.497 INSTANTLY… and access all 10 videos right from your computer… for a one-time payment of only $500. a live marketing seminar Empower Network co-founder. but incredibly powerful marketing strategies. you won’t pay $2. seminar fashion complete with audience interaction.000 per month – using proven marketing strategies from people who are making this much and more – working for themselves. many times what they’re charging for it. David Wood. you’ll want to unlock this NEW training program – and implement the easy-to-understand.997 for this 11-Hour Video Training Package. PLUS: When you get this new program.[3] Costa Rica Intensive Seminar Videos This is an eleven-hour online video course shot in HD video . It was sold for $2. This is a truly special marketing course that condenses years of the most powerful marketing strategies into an exclusive 3-day seminar. how to grow your income from $0 to $15. While this video training program is worth many. As an Empower Network Member. 16 .000 or more per month. You can SAVE $2.000 Monthly with Offline Magazine Ads”. If your goal is $15. [4] $15K Formula Training Program Finally. you can unlock the entire $15K Formula for just one payment of only $1. you’ll also get TWO BONUS MODULES… Advanced Search Engine Optimization Secrets – and “$20.

anywhere. and in traditional businesses in a vast assortment of different industries – who want to learn how to get more traffic. “Simple in nature. at this price.and give those same people an edge most people never get. they have assisted entrepreneurs in simplifying the entire online marketing process and have actually given them a gift many would deem priceless – the opportunity to get started.Cutting-Edge Training & Tools from the World’s Best Experts Empower Network’s educational courses offer our customers and members an education that is hard to find. is exactly how you could describe the Empower Network products. Since Empower Network’s launch. but powerful in value”. in hundreds of different direct sales companies. 17 . more leads and improve their bottom line. Empower Network – supporting entrepreneurs in over one hundred countries. Products That Truly Make a Difference to Those They Serve Empower Network’s mission since the day they launched – to inspire and empower as many ordinary people to do extraordinary things in their lives and in their business .especially under one roof. The quality and skill-level of contributors in the video and audio courses is rare – I dare to say non-existent ….

When someone buys the $25 per month blogging system through your link. when YOU buy the $25 per month blogging system. Costa Rica Intensive Seminar Videos. and $15K Formula. Here’s a Client Comment from Empower Network’s Facebook Page: A small investment pays off in big. It’s the same with the Inner Circle Membership . If you buy them yourself. So. BUYING an Empower Network Product makes you a “Reseller” and gives you the ability to pocket 100% COMMISSIONS as you make sales. Empower Network’s Compensation Plan The “Big Buzz” behind Empower Network is the fact that they let you keep 100% COMMISSIONS on any product you buy yourself.BUT: The REAL PROOF is in the RESULTS* that Empower Network clients are getting by buying and USING their products. you keep 100% of the profits. big results. Basically. you become a “RESELLER” for the blogging system. you get to keep $100 18 .

Basically. 19 . 4th.000’s of others… You Can Get Paid 100% Commissions on the Efforts of 1. This motivates the people YOU refer to buy all of Empower Network’s products as soon as possible… either immediately… or by upgrading. even 1. as they can afford them. one product at a time. just ONE REFERRAL pays you back 100% of your initial investment! When you refer someone to the blogging system. And this is the same with all of Empower’s tools and training. What’s the deal with commissions “passing up” to others? Here’s Where REAL LEVERAGE kicks in – and how you can make money from the efforts of 100’s. Best of all.000’s of Others Empower Network has added the Power of Leverage by adding a “Pass-Up” Compensation plan. If you don’t buy a particular product. This basically “Pays You Back” for your cost for the service.per month on your Inner Circle sales –the $500 one-time fees on the Costa Rica Intensive Seminar sales – and the $1. 6th. the commissions from those products automatically “pass-up” to the first person in your upline who HAS purchased them – and qualifies as a “RESELLER”.000 fees on the $15K Formula. they’ll pay YOU $25 per month – which covers YOUR COST of $25 per month. and every future 5th sale to the “Reseller” directly above them who purchased that product. everyone who joins Empower Network “passes up” their 2nd.

you’re not just getting paid on your efforts.This pays you an ongoing stream of $25… $100… $500… and even $1.000 “pass-up” commissions from the people you refer to Empower’s tools and training. on the efforts of excited. this extends down unlimited depth – so you could be getting paid pass-up commissions on 100’s. motivated entrepreneurs – who promote Empower’s breakthrough products to the millions of people in the home business industry! The easiest way to explain this is show you a real-life example of how YOU will get paid pass-up commissions from those you refer to Empower. John is an excited (but confused) distributor in a discount travel opportunity – and he wants a ready-to-go blog to promote his opportunity. and every 5th sales from then on. You can get paid. even 1. 6th. And. get free advertising on the search engines. Pass-Up Profits in Your Bank Account! Let’s say you sign up with Empower Network today… and. 20 . 24/7. too… the SYSTEM automatically deposits their 2nd. as they promote them. using their training. and generate leads. you sign up John. into YOUR Bank Account! THAT is the secret to “fattening your bank account in no time flat”! Now.000’s of people’s effort! Imagine… Referring a few people to Empower’s cuttingedge products – and. John pays you $25 a month through Empower – and that monthly fee is directly deposited into your account. 4th.

16th. the $500 one-time Costa Rica Intensive Seminar Videos. the $1. 4th. and 21st. 11th. and every future 5th $25 per month sale to YOU. IMAGINE… What if you had a dozen or even 100’s of people “passing up” $25 per month sales… $100 per month sales… $500… and $1. and ANY future tool or training program Empower creates in the future. the MORE pass-up sales you’ll get… automatically! And this same pass-up structure works the same with the $100 a month Inner Circle Membership. While John will get 100% of his first referral (paying him back for HIS own initial $25 per month investment). even years! Now. 6th. he’ll start to make sales of $25 per month.000 sales? 21 . 4th.000 $15K Formula. That’s 8 “Pass-Up Sales” that go to you. the system will automatically “pass-up” John’s 2nd. That can be months. and 31st referral.And the system will continue to auto-charge John $25 per month for his blog. 26th. So if John signs up 35 people to Empower’s blogging system. if John chooses to promote Empower Network’s Done-For-You Blogging System to his downline (or even his upline). you’ll get $25 a month from John’s 2nd. for AS LONG as he continues to use it. 6th. Do the math – and John just made you $200 in passive residual income – from his efforts. And the MORE PEOPLE you refer.

This can go down dozens.000.000 in the first 56 days! Today… and I’m writing this… Empower Members have already been paid a whopping… $31 MILLION and GROWING! This is why some people who HEAR about Empower are jumping in. But NONE of this happens if you don’t TAKE ACTION and JOIN EMPOWER NETWORK right now… while this is still a fresh. 4th. hundreds. promoting. virtually untapped opportunity! So. new. Best of all… Your “Pass-Up” Commissions Are Paid Down to UNLIMITED DEPTH Yes. and getting their first sales within days.Now you see why ordinary people are making extraordinary incomes… and how Empower Network Members made over $2. even potentially thousands of levels deep… paying you 100% Pass-Up Commissions of $25 per month… $100 per month… and $500… from people working all over the world to build their Empower income. by now you’re probably wondering… 22 . 6th. you’ll get the 2nd. and every 5th pass-up referral from EVERYONE who has been passed up to you.

a free theme with a sleek design (complete with profit pulling sales psychology).. they actually pay you directly) You Can Join Immediately by Clicking Here and Paying Your $25 Fee Right Now. 23 .. the core 'must have' principals to effective online business building. Theme and Plugins: $247 Value Because you’ll want to get marketing and making money. fast. you don't have to! You'll get free hosting for your blog. and a downloadable PDF 'Core Checklist' that will outline your biggest money making principals all in one place.  Website Hosting. access your personal data base. plus valuable paid plugins so you can save money and avoid set-up!  Plus. and even use your own auto-responder to follow up with those leads if you want to!  8-Part Fast Start Video Training Series: $397 Value In this high-value video training series. you get all of this to start your Empower Network Online Business…  The Empower Network Core Blogging System: $497 Value You'll receive a core 'done for you' blogging system. you don't want to have to set-up your blog . once you complete your order you can choose to become a RESELLER and get 're-sell' rights to offer this product to others and earn 100% commissions on ALL the customers that pay YOU directly! (Yes. so you can be ready to generate traffic and leads as soon as you place your order below!  High Converting Lead Capture Pages: $297 Value You'll receive high converting lead capture pages so you can capture your leads. For just a small $25 per month fee.and here. INSTANTLY set-up with all the 'bells and whistles'. Design.What’s the Cost to Join Empower? You can actually join Empower Network simply by purchasing their flagship “Done-For-You” Blogging System for $25 per month.. you'll learn the most effective ways to leverage your blog (if results is what you’re am after). Cancel Anytime. No Long-Term Contracts.

Then add the Inner Circle Membership for $100 per month. If you want to profit from Empower Network’s other products – simply purchase these products in your back office – and you’ll instantly become qualified as a “RESELLER”. you’ll give yourself an “Instant PayRaise”! Best Of All… It only takes ONE REFERRAL of a product to put the monthly fee or one-time payment BACK into your bank account. Then the system will automatically pay you 100% commissions on those products. Remember.Upgrade at Anytime… and Give Yourself an Instant Pay Raise With Empower Network. as well as the Costa Rica Intensive Seminar for $500 one-time and the $15K Formula for $1. you can “Upgrade” to the Inner Circle Membership and Costa Rica Intensive Seminar videos instantly after your initial purchase… or ANYTIME in the future through your Empower Network Back Office. Every future referral you’re paid 100% commissions on is pure profit. back in your pocket! 24 . So join now for just $25 per month – and get access to the entire Empower Network System. you can only get paid 100% commissions on products that YOU yourself have purchased. too. As soon as you do.000 – when you can afford to do so.

Simply opt-in and you’ll be taken to the video. click the link to be taken to their online order form… Click Here to Join Empower Network Now for Just $25 You’ll set up your Empower Network Account. Click Here to Watch the Empower Network Video Make sure to turn off your phone and silence any distractions – and watch the entire video from beginning to end to get the full Empower Network story.Empower Network & 100% Commissions Are Just a Few Clicks Away… Right now. 25 . After you pay the first $25 per month. You can upgrade immediately and become an instant “Reseller”… Or you can choose to upgrade at anytime in the future through your Empower Network Back Office. which walks you through the company. and get instant access to your “Done-For-You” Blogging System. you can watch that video by clicking the link below. products. You’re in complete control of when you upgrade. After you order. you’ll get access to your complete Fast Start Video Start -Up System. you have two options… Option #1: Join Empower Network Right Now To Join Empower Network right now. Option #2: Get More Information on Empower If you want to watch the Empower Network’s video. you’ll be taken to a page that will let you upgrade to the Inner Circle and Costa Rica Videos. place your $25 per month order. and compensation plan.

REBRAND THIS REPORT to Create 100% Commissions With Viral Marketing To help you grow your Empower Network income. they’ll join through YOU! You’ll get the 100% Commissions from the reports you share – and start to build your Empower Network passive residual income. any way you wish. You can even post it on the new blog you’ll get when you join Empower Network. share it on home business blogs and forums. post it on free classified websites. YOUR Empower Network link will be embedded inside EVERY “Click Here to Join” link through this report – so when they join. or upload it to document sharing websites. Your Cost: FREE! With our simple “point and click” system. send it to your email list. But here’s where it “GOES VIRAL” and gets exciting… 26 . I’m giving you the ability to rebrand this report with Your Very Own Empower Network affiliate link – and use it as your own PERSONAL MARKETING & MONEY-MAKING TOOL. Post a link to it on Facebook and Twitter. you can rebrand this report in about 30 seconds – and then give it away to anyone you wish. This report walks new prospects step-by-step through Empower Network – and why this beats every other home business opportunity on the market today.

That’s MORE $25 per month… $100 per month… $500… and $1.000 sales in YOUR BANK ACCOUNT from people who join through your report – and rebrand it to use themselves! And the more people you refer… the more people will rebrand this report… and the more pass-up sales you’ll make. before I joined Empower. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR REBRANDING SYSTEM (You can instantly download it. Does it work? Well. HERE’S HOW TO RE-BRAND THIS REPORT: Step 1: Right now. or we’ll even host your NEW rebranded report for you… at NO ADDITIONAL COST!) Step 3: Start sharing your new branded report with others and GET PAID 100% COMMISSIONS! 27 . Click Here to Join Empower Network for $25… Step 2: After you set up your Empower Network Account. Now it’s time to re-brand this report. I created a report just like this one that was downloaded 37.. To rebrand this report with YOUR ID. you’ll get your own unique Empower Network Username. When they do… and give it away… YOU will get their 2nd.The people who join through YOUR Rebranded Report can also rebrand the report with THEIR OWN Empower Network Affiliate Link.983 people – just by giving it away free. Now.482 times… helped me personally enroll 664 distributors… and built a downline of 8. 4th. and every 5th Pass-Up Sales.. I believe this NEW viral report can become YOUR SECRET WEAPON to growing a massive Empower Network Business – and create the passive monthly income you want. 6th.

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