My boss __ to Australia next month to open a new business a. has travel d. Go b. Has been travelling 3.1. I only ___to work on Monday. am going c. Have been going 2. The rest of the week I work from here a. is traveling c. is eating c. Eat b. My co-workers and I ___at this restaurant once before a. Travels b. have gone d. have eaten d. Have been eating .

am forgetting c. have packed . Jake ___ rather than driving to the fitness center. Have forgotten d. Pack b. a. have been forgetting 6.4. Walking b. You can put them in the car now a. is walking c. has walked d. am packing c. I always ___to wish my boss a happy birthday. Since June. I___ my suitcase already. Has been walking 5. a. He has more time now that he is retired. Forget b.

Are leaving d. have left .7. We __for Sumatera tomorrow a. arrives b. leaves b. arrive 8. which is always late a. Is arriving c. Leave c. unlike the local. has been arriving d. The express train always ___ on time.

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