Hundreds Chart Matching

Put the cards into 2 piles-hundreds charts and directions. Spread out all of the hundreds chart cards on the floor and place the direction cards in a stack, face down. Partner 1 flips over the top directions card, reads it, and finds the matching hundreds chart. Partner 2 checks to make sure it’s a match. Switch places and keep playing until all cards have a match! *Be sure to look at the direction of the arrows*
Created by Sarah Claborn

Hundreds Chart Matching
Teacher Directions
Before laminating, make sure you draw the arrows on the hundreds charts. It was much easier for me to hand draw them than figuring out how to do it on the computer! Once you draw the arrows that show addition or subtraction, laminate and cut, and the game is ready to go!

Created by Sarah Claborn

65 - 32

75 + 6

32 + 17
Start at 32. Go down 1 ten and over 7 ones to the right. 32 - 17 Start at 32. Go up 1 ten and over 7 ones to the left.

100 - 52
Start at 100. Go up 5 tens and over 2 ones to the left.

52 + 48

45 + 9

84 - 8

29 + 45
Start at 45. Go down 2 tens and over 9 ones to the right. 29 + 45

Start at 29. Go down 4 tens and over 5 ones to the right.