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From: Fillman, Eric Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 04:46 PM To: All HBG Staff & Members Subject: Blank Nomination Petitions Dear Harrisburg Democratic Staff, (cc: Members)

As you know, today the Department of State delivered blank nomination petition forms to Members’ offices in Harrisburg, no doubt to save mailing costs. Although it seems unusual, given all we’ve talked about in ethics training sessions, we believe the Department has merely implemented a postage cost-saving measure and a general courtesy to sitting Members of the General Assembly. I’ve received numerous phone calls about how best to properly handle these, and thank you for being patient while we have determined what is best under the circumstances. Please note that we have consistently stated in our ethics classes that we cannot control what comes in the door, so there are no House Rules violations in merely being the recipient of blank forms. However, at this time I need to emphasize that it is highly important that we take no affirmative action with these forms to either begin filling them in or to sign them (for those who may live in their Member’s district). Therefore, the best way to handle these blank forms is to leave them in the Member’s Harrisburg office for the Member to pick them up when returning to Harrisburg next week. Do not mail these to the district office, and be absolutely sure to do nothing to fill out any portion of the forms. (Doing so is a matter for the Member and his/her campaign only.) We will allow the blank forms to remain in the office in the interest of making them conveniently available (as the Department has) for the Member to pick up personally, just as if they were going to the Department of State (one building next door) and then to take them home. If you have any further concerns or questions about this directive, please contact me directly at 783=5415 and I will be happy to clarify this further. Thank you, -Eric

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Eric S. Fillman, Legal Counsel House Committee on Ethics Room 125 Capitol East Wing (717) 783-5415 (office, direct)

10:48 PM1/10/2012 10:48 PM


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