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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS y y y 2 years of experience in Management Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences Six years experience in Dental Services

EXPERIENCE Leadership/Staffing y y As supervisor of two remote dental facilities, provided direction and guidance to employees ensuring efficient use of time, and oversaw quality management for branch dental clinic Designed four training programs for incoming employees to Branch Dental Clinic Atsugi in both clinical and administrative capacities to facilitate completion of on boarding process in timely manner Evaluated and reviewed incoming Dental Laboratory Quality Assurance forms, and increased number of deliverable dental prosthesis by 32% in a three month period



As Safety Manager, conducted monthly training sessions wherein employees were made aware of the need to perform Risk Analysis in their work, as well as various other methodologies designed to decrease risk of accidents and increase the continuum of care

Dental Experience y y Conducted review of appointment failure rates, and through implementation of new policy, decreased failure rate by 80%, increasing number of patients seen in facility Coordinated the patient schedules of 5 dentists and 6 hygienists simultaneously, implementing a new tracking system for procedure identification resulting in easier transition between various appointment types


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Ensured compliance with clinic HIPAA and JCAHO requirements by ensuring disposal of personally identifiable information, inspecting cleanliness of facility, and ensuring hazardous material disposal in compliance with federal standards Performed as Dental Assistant for 2 years with experience in restorative, oral surgery, and endodontic treatments Performed as Dental Laboratory Technician for 4 years, with specialized experience in TTP fabrication, and crown and bridge fabrication



Acted as supply manager for dental clinic, personally maintaining up to date stock, procuring pertinent materials, overseeing efficient use of operating budget ($17,000 per quarter in materials acquisition)

Employment History y U.S. Navy 2005-2011

Education y y y Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences with Trident University, Cum Laude 40 credit hours toward Masters of Science in Health Sciences with Trident University BLS Certified

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