Social Need Adverts

This advert was made by Cordaid, an international development organisation based in the Netherlands to motivate people for the charity. As we see that the advert itself portrays the meaning that a handbag is for 32 Euros and on the contrary, a basic food for one week is only on 4 Euros. And your sacrifice by not bought the handbag may be enough to increase someone¶s life for 8 weeks.

Unicef made this stunning advertisement aims to promote awareness on the rights of the child to grow up in family like environment. to reunify children in institutions with their biological families. to increase the number of potential adoptive or foster families and to support Government¶s efforts in establishing local level integrated social services for children in 2006 to support Foster Care Project for Children with the slogan: ³Every child needs a family´.Many children are left without a father or a mother due to the political conflicts all over the world. .

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