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Sinn - Inner Game Report

Sinn - Inner Game Report

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Published by: נאור מיכאלי on Jan 11, 2012
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The Inner Game Report


How to Think Like a Ladies Man

... By Sinn

Part 1: How a Ladies Man Thinks…
Many of you are undoubtedly familiar with the quote from the Bible, “As a Man Thinketh so is he.” This means that a man’s external reality is dictated completely by his internal thoughts. Earl Nightingale famously said is his ground breaking audio course, Lead the Field, “we become what we think about.” In fact, this premise, that we become what we think about is the basis for practically every single self-improvement book or course that has ever come out. If you look at any guy that is incredibly successful with women, the main difference between him and you is not that he’s better looking, richer, taller, more famous, or any other excuse you can think of. The difference is that he thinks differently than you do, and his incredible results are in direct proportion to the quality of his thinking. Therefore, the quickest way to move from where you are now to a life of incredible success with women is to start thinking like a ladies man does, and viewing the world through the eyes of a ladies man. Simply put, if you can get your thoughts in tune with that of a Ladies Man, then you’ll be well on your way to becoming a ladies man. I say you’ll be “well on your way” to becoming a Ladies Man because getting only your thoughts right is not enough, you have to take action as well. Now someone will always say, “If I had lots of beautiful women in my life, of course I’d be able to think like a ladies man, who wouldn’t?” Unfortunately, he’s got it in the wrong order; you must think like a ladies man before you can actually be a ladies man. Please, please understand and accept this principle. Using women as a source of confidence and a method for feeling good about yourself is not a path to long term change, success or happiness. You must feel good about yourself first. One of the hallmarks of a true ladies man is that that he is the one that is in control of his emotions, no one else is. If you only feel good and confident when you are getting positive feedback from women (or any one else for that matter), then you are not in control, other people are. You might at well be a sheep. A true ladies man knows that he is the Master of his life. So now you’ll probably thinking, “Fine, but how do I actually change my thinking to that of a ladies man if I haven’t had much success with women in the past?” Read on my young padawon, answering this question is exactly what this book is about. For starters let’s take a detailed look at the attitudes, mindsets and beliefs of a true ladies man.


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I’ve identified NINE beliefs that all ladies men, without exception, possess. Here they are:

Belief #1: They are attractive and girls really like them
This belief, more than any single belief can get you laid like a rock star. If you take five guys that are really good with women, they may use different strategies and tactics to get women, i.e. one may be really good at meeting women in bookstores and another may be really good at meeting them in nightclubs, but the one thing they have in common is the belief that they are attractive and that women like them. To give you an idea of how powerful this belief is, let’s think back to your own career with women. The chances are overwhelming that if you are reading this you’ve probably gotten laid at least once in your life. You’ve probably had a girlfriend or two (if you haven’t you’re in luck, those days will soon be over :) I’m willing to bet that when you guys got together you knew it was going to happen. You knew she was into you and this caused you to relax and allow it to happen. There’s also a chance that you’ve had some success with women but you’re not getting the types of women that you want. Same thing. There’s probably an entire class of women that that you just know you can get and you know that they’re into you. But then there’s that class of women that you feel is out of your league. The difference between you and a ladies man is that he just knows that he can get the women that he wants. He knows that he can get the women that he finds attractive. He doesn’t feel like any woman is out of his league because he believes, as surely as night follows day that any woman would be lucky to be with him.

Belief #2: Girls really, really, really like sex.
You really like sex don’t you? You’re so into having sex that some people wouldn’t believe it. You’re horny all the time right? If you haven’t had sex in a while or ever you probably really like to masturbate, huh? Guess what? Girls like sex just as much or more than you do. Get this one in your head. This is important. As Chris Rock said in his great comedy special, Bring the Pain, “Your girl is more nasty than you can possibly imagine.” He’s right. Read the book My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday if you want to discover how down right nasty girls can be. Girls cheat on their boyfriends, girls cheat on their husbands. Look at how many women read romance novels, which is basically porn for females. Practically every girl that is even remotely close to attractive is getting laid by either her boyfriend or her “fuck buddy.” Only the terminology is different. While us guys brag about going over to our “FB’s” place girls will


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just say that, “there’s this guy I’m kinda seeing.” Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Much more on that later. And there’s no exception to this. If you’ve read about anthropology or evolution, you’ll know that humans are mammals and our biological make up is such that we’re horny all the time. Of course, you might think there are exceptions. Maybe you know of or have read about girls that don’t like sex or what not. Trust me, as long as she has healthy limbs she can’t not like sex. When she says she doesn’t like sex, it's just her societal programming acting up. Ladies Men know that women like sex just as much or more than men do. They know this because this is what their experience tells them; because they have been with a lot of women. Luckily, this belief is actually easier to internalize than some of the others. By reading some of the books described above and constantly reminding yourself how much girls like sex, you’ll be on your merry way.

Belief #3: They are immune to criticism.
This one is related to the concept of living in your own reality. It means what it says. Criticism does not phase a ladies man. He does not care what anyone thinks about him. In many ways, a ladies man expects criticism. Face it, when you’re on top of the world, getting all the ladies, having it your way, getting what you want in life, many people are going to be out to get you. When you are successful with women (or in any area of your life for that matter) criticism is a certainty. But the good news is that most of the people that criticize you are people that don’t really count. I remember early in my career, when I always tried to chat up women in a bookstore. I’d see a woman, start talking to her and as long as she didn’t tell me to “fuck off” in the first minute, things would be going pretty well. But the minute anyone else, especially a guy, came within proximity of our conversation, I’d freak out and eject myself. Most of the time this guy wouldn’t even know the girl that I was talking too. In retrospect, it's hard for me to believe how down right lame my behavior was at the time. I would end a pleasant conversation just because I’d care so much about what this guy, who I didn’t even know, thought of me. And most of the time I was projecting what he thought anyway. The odds are that he didn’t give a moments thought to our conversation. Most of the time people are so wrapped up in their own heads that they’re not even paying attention to you. Directly related to this concept is that we often project what the women we are talking to are thinking, when in fact we have no idea. A


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seduction “guru” who went by the name of David X had two key rules for seducing women: Rule #1: Do not care what she’s thinking. Rule #2: Do not forget rule #1. This is really good advice. The truth is we can‘t really control the thoughts that go on inside of women’s heads, all we can do is control are own thoughts and our own actions and trust that the right thoughts and actions will lead to positive results. Once we get you to the point where you know that you are the man and you know that spending time with you is like winning the lottery, criticism won’t phase you. Sensitivity to criticism is directly related to lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities. Although you do not want to be sensitive to criticism, you definitely want to be sensitive to feedback. Here’s an example. Let’s say a guy goes to a club and approaches a group of girls and starts talking to them. He thinks everything is going good but then one of the girls says, “You’re kinda creepy, do you think you can leave us alone now?” Later on in the night, he approaches another group of girls and after he says something one of them shouts out, “You’re weird.” If this guy is sensitive to criticism he is going to get down on himself, tell himself what a loser he is and he may even give up improving his skills with women right then. This is not the way a ladies man in training would respond to the situation. He would say, “I know I’m not creepy, I’m fucking awesome and an amazing person to know but I wonder why those girls thought I was giving off weird vibes.” Then he would change his approach the next time he went out based on the feedback he received while talking to women. Saying “I’m the shit and I’m not changing for anyone” would not be appropriate in this situation.

Belief #4: They have fun spending time with girls.
Ladies men love women and being around them. They enjoy the feminity of women, their lush aromas and all that comes with spending time with women. Many guys out there think that they need to get women in order to improve their standing among other men or to feel good about themselves. Worst yet, they want to screw a bunch of women so they can “get back at” all the women that have wronged them. This is a mistake. Granted, there are many guys that hate women and get remarkable results with women because they don’t give a shit about them. But a true ladies man does not play this game. A true ladies man is not in a position to take out his negativity on the world because he feels good about himself and has a lot to offer. Many guys get terrified with the thought of being around women. It’s not that they don’t like women or care about them. On the contrary, they place way too much importance on women and having success with them. They are not just relaxing and having fun being around women. Luckily, learning how to relax around women is a skill that can be learned and I’ll


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show you exactly how to do this later on. Often at times, guys that get involved in “the game” start going out consistently, to the point where being around women is literally work. This is not a position that you want to be in. The more you can get out of this mindset the better you will be.

Belief #5: They are not attached to the outcome.
This is a biggie. Of all the guys that I have taught, attachment to the outcome probably holds more guys back than anything. A ladies man does not care if he gets the girl or not. Have you ever been in a situation-it could be with women or in any other area of your life- when everything seemed to be flowing really well? You know, when you weren’t thinking, you were totally in the moment and everything just happened naturally? This is a state that a ladies man is in when he talking to a girl that he likes. He’s relaxed, he’s having fun, he’s let go of the outcome and he’s completely immersed in the process of getting the girl. For years, when I was still struggling getting the women I wanted, experienced guys would constantly say, “Just relax and have fun, don’t worry about the outcome.” And I would constantly say in response, “I’d love to, but how do I exactly do that?” The definitive, step by step answer about how to actually let go of the outcome, is in this book. Read on.

Belief #6: They do not need validation from women.
This one has been touched on before and it’s related to “caring what other people think.” A ladies man knows that he is the shit; he knows that he’s worth getting to know and this allows him to feel good about himself, to go about his life in any way he chooses. He does not need the approval of anyone, especially women, in order to be happy. The truth is the guy that feels the need to always be with a new girl, just to show off to his friends and “parade her around town”, is coming from a place of insecurity. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get super hot girls, even a lot of super hot girls, as long as you’re going after them because you find them attractive and you know that you like them. They’re not there just to impress your friends. It is also important not to place excess meaning on being accepted or rejected by a woman. If a girl doesn’t like you, it just means that she doesn’t like you. That’s all. It doesn’t mean her friends don’t like you or that no woman will ever like you again. A ladies man does not place a lot of importance on whether a girl likes him or not, because he knows that he is the man.


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Belief #7: Their ability to attract and seduce women
We’ve been talking about the attitudes and beliefs of a ladies man. Although attitudes and beliefs are of critical importance when it comes to getting hot women, they won’t matter unless they can translate into positive behaviors in the real world. A ladies man has both of the right beliefs and he makes the right actions in the real world. So as you improve your inner game, which is what this book focuses on, you’ll also want to make an effort to improve your outer as well. A ladies man not only has the skills to seduce the women he wants, he also believes in these skills and knows that they’ll take him where he wants to go. Let’s take driving a car as an analogy. Let’s say a fifteen year old kid is getting ready to take his driving test so he can get his license. In preparation for his test he drives around town with his dad in the passenger seat, giving him guidance. He becomes very good at driving around town as long as his dad is in the car. Then when he take his driving test, since his dad is not there, he freezes up and ends up failing his test. In this situation, the kid had the ability to drive competently, as long as his dad was there. Thus, he had the necessary skills to pass his test. But he screwed up on the test because he did not believe in his abilities to drive well when his dad was not there. This was a purely mental issue and it cost him. In your quest to become a ladies man, you not only want to develop the proper skills it takes to get women, but you also want to develop a strong belief in those skills.

Belief #8: They believe that there is an abundant supply of women.
There are two basic attitudes that you can have in regards to the supply of women. You can believe that there is a lack of attractive, available women or you can believe that there is an abundant supply of women. Believing that there is a lack of women is known as a “poverty mentality.” Believing that there is an abundant supply of women is known as an “abundance mentality.” A ladies man always has an abundance mentality. This attitude is not only the best attitude to have when it comes to having incredible success with women; it is also an accurate reflection of how the real world really is. For starters, according to the 2000 U.S. Census, there are over six billion people in the world. There are close to three hundred million in the United States alone. And get this, over half the population in the United States are women (51 percent to 49 percent, a close margin, but still). By any measure, there are a lot of women out there. There are literally millions of women out there.


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Yeah, you might be saying, I know that there are a lot of women out there but not where I live. Or you might be saying, there are a lot of women where I live, but none of them are attractive. Bullshit. It’s very true that you get what you expect and you get what you focus on. If you think that there are no hot women where you live, then that’s what you’re reality will be. But I’m sure that if I went to your city, I’d find the hotties. They must be there, unless you live on a Navy base. If you really think there are no attractive women where you live, most likely you are severely limiting the places you go to to meet women. For example, I have a friend who lives close to a strip of bars that are always “sausage fests” on the weekends. And if going to these bars was your only exposure to the city, you’d think it would suck when it comes to meeting women. In fact, the exact opposite is true if you spend an afternoon walking around this city; you’ll be bombarded with hot women. There are even some other clubs around the city that have great ratios. This city also has speed dating events, special events, volunteer organizations, three college campuses, tons of nice restaurants; I could go on and on. A lot of guys also have a belief that there are women out there, but that they’re all taken. Again, this is bullshit. It’s true that some women have boyfriends or husbands, but not all of them. According to the same US Census, 53 percent of all women in the United States are single or at least not married. In addition, fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce. These means that there are a lot of available women out there. Further, statistics show that between 30 and 50 percent of married women cheat on their husbands. Basically, two things become apparent from these statistics. First there are a lot of openly single women out there. If you’ve been out in the field for a while and are constantly getting “I have a boyfriend” objections, chances are that something is wrong with your approach. If you watch television or read women’s magazines it also becomes very apparent how fed up with men women are. Most women are willing to leave or at least stray from there significant others if they have the opportunity to experience something better. So once you become that “something better”, you’ll have so many opportunities to experience new and tasty women that your head will spin. To learn exactly how to become that “something better”, read on.

Belief #9: They believe that getting women is easy.
To a ladies man, getting women is easy. When you know that you’re attractive, that girls like you and that girls really, really, really like sex, how hard can it be? Like Woody Allen said so many years ago, 60% of success is simply showing up. It’s true that there are a lot of guys out there who think


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getting women is really hard. These guys fall into two categories. The first is the category of guys that have not had much success with women and because they have difficulty getting women, they conclude that getting them is hard. Based on there experience, it makes sense for them to have this belief but that does not mean that this belief is true or helpful. The second category is the group of guys that are successful with women, even world class successful with women but who are not naturals. These guys worked very hard to improve their skills with women, sometimes doing thousands upon thousands of approaches. Because of all the work they did to get to where they are, they’d like you to believe that getting women is so difficult. That they are among the “chosen few” with special skills and that only a select few have the ability to attain. There truth is, getting women is not that hard. Here’s proof for all of the guys in this category, especially the ones that are really good at getting women really easily. Since they’ve done it so many times and have their skills and methods so down pat, they proceed with the calm assurance that they’ll get the result they want. For them, getting women is as easy is riding a motorcycle. Like anything else, be it fixing a car or hitting a golf ball, once you have the skill down, all you have to do is repeat the process and you’ll get the same result. With these guys, it simply took them lots of real world practice for them to develop the proper mindsets, attitudes and beliefs that make getting women really easy. We can make this process much more rapid by improving your inner game, whilst simultaneously getting quality real world experience and feedback.

Part 2: The Reasons You Are Not Successful With Women: Mental Garbage.
In addition to the absence of the above attitudes, beliefs and mindsets there are a few specific thoughts in your head that are probably holding you back. Let’s discuss them: “I’m too ____ to get the women I want.” This one is sibling to “Only guys that ____, get the women I want.” Both these beliefs are total bullshit. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re too short, ugly, old, fat or anything else. You have absolutely everything you need to get the exact women you want. All over the world there are ugly, fat, anything else guys that are getting smoking hot girls on a regular basis. The difference between them and you is primarily “between the ears.” Yes they may be doing some technical, “external” things better than you, but if can learn to think the way they think (which is the goal of this report), you


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can get the women that they get. So get rid of this thought once and for all. It’s literally poisoning your mind and handicapping your progress. “Once I ___, then I’ll be able to get the women I want.” This one handicaps a lot of people as well. It is very prevalent with people who have been studying seduction for a while (e.g. “Once I get this product, then I’ll really be getting women.” Sound familiar?). Two things are going on here. First, you are once again focusing on inadequacy within yourself. Meaning your still thinking that you’re just not good enough to get the women you want, so you have to “add in” what you’re missing in order to be a ladies man. Not a good idea. There’s nothing wrong with selfimprovement but self improvement must come from of place of power. There are two types of people that spend a lot of money on self improvement material. The first is the group who will always be stuck; they buy lots of tapes and go to lots of classes but never really do anything with the information they have and thus remain stuck. The second are the bonafide winners of society. The top one percent in every single field. They are always looking to improve, always looking for an advantage. This is the group you want to be in. The second thing that is going on is simple procrastination. Chances are, you know exactly what you need to be doing in order to turn your love life around, but you’re not doing it because you’re afraid to step out of your comfort zone. As a result, you keep putting off taking action. As Robert Ringer said in his aptly titled book, Nothing Happens until Something Moves, you gotta get off your ass if you want to make lasting changes in your life. Action is the one key to success above all others. “If I learn to get women that means I’m ____ (a loser, sleazy, a manipulator, etc). This one holds people back more than you may think. A lot of guys think that because they’re learning how to get women via books, workshops, eBooks etc, it means that they’re a loser, a “failure” in life etc. This type of thinking is totally incorrect. Remember, you are in the top one percent, among the few truly successful people that walk the earth. Successful people have the courage to admit when they are lacking in certain areas. More importantly, they have the courage to take action to improve the areas that they feel they are lacking. Simply put, getting help in this area of your life (or any other area) is strength not weakness. Knowing that taking positive action is the act of a winner and not a loser should make you feel a lot better. Here’s a dose of “harsh reality” that should also help; you obviously are reading this book because you feel this part of your life is not exactly where you want it to be. From here you have two choices. You can either take action and improve your dating life via this book and other resources out there; or you can do nothing and remain


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exactly where you are. There’s a strong chance where you are right now can be a very painful place at times. That pain is not going to go away by itself. It’s only going to go away if you do something. Get my drift? A word about manipulation. I’m not going to get into this too much because this report does not have many tactics or strategies that would be deemed manipulative by any measure, but I’m aware that a lot of stuff out there can be viewed that way. Let me just say this; being truly successful with women requires you to come from a place of being totally sincere, genuine and letting your great qualities shine. In the long term, this cannot be faked. It may take some effort, but getting to this place requires changing the way you think and view the world at a pretty deep level. This is not manipulation or sleaze or any of that other crap, it is the true strength that women find incredibly attractive.

Actions that are holding you back?
From here we’re going to move from the things you are thinking, to the things you are doing that are preventing you from having the success with women that you want.

Not taking action.
This has been touched on quite a bit so far. Success requires action, there’s no ways around this. So if you haven’t gotten started in your journey to get more women, what the hell are you waiting for? If you have gotten started and are out talking to women but still aren’t getting the results you want, you’re probably not taking the correct actions. More on this later.

Not relaxing.
Chill out! I know it’s easier said than done, but the inability to relax may really be paralyzing you. Quickly go over the list of “How a Ladies Man Thinks". Notice how they all relate to relaxation? For example, if you know that a girl wants you, you’re going to relax and let the seduction unfold; if you know that this girl really, really likes sex you’re going to relax because you know that you have exactly what she wants; if you have fun spending time with girls, you’ll relax and enjoy each other’s company, if you are not attached to the outcome, you’ll relax and see what happens… On and on. Watch any action movie, be it Indiana Jones, James Bond or any Clint Eastwood movie. Notice how no matter what the situation is, the hero is always relaxed. They always stay calm under pressure. Think of the top


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performers in sports, like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or John Elway. They have an uncanny ability to relax under pressure and do what needs to be done. This ability to relax puts them into the “all-time legend” category rather than just the “all star” category. By learning how to relax, you can be a legend when it comes to dealing with women.

Thinking too much.
This one hits close to home for me. I’m definitely a “left-brain” thinker. I constantly think and over analyze everything. This can come in very handy in the business world, but can literally paralyze you when it comes to women. Thinking too much is actually a symptom of being too attached to the outcome. What happens a lot of the time is that you’ll a see a girl that you really want to talk to and you’ll decide that you have to make it work, because you really don’t want to mess it up. When this happens, a million thoughts will go through your head to make sure that you don’t mess it up. After that, either one of two things will happen. First, you go up and talk to the girl but you end up not getting your desired result because you had too many thoughts going through your head. Or, the girl leaves before you got the chance to talk to her because you spent so much time thinking of the “perfect” approach. Once you learn to eliminate that internal dialogue and simply act, the game gets much easier.

Not being patient with yourself.
It is very important for you to be patient with yourself when you embark on any endeavor, be it success with women or any other area of your life. A lot of guys who get into this type of thing give up just before they’re about to break through and have outrageous success with women. They feel as though they are “losers” because they aren’t “closing 10s” in under twenty minutes or aren’t regularly having threesomes. But the truth is, these guys are making progress. As long as you keep improving, you eventually will get to where you want to go. Let me tell you a personal story. I got laid about six months after I made the decision to get really good with women. Think about that, I went out day after day for almost 6 months and did 7 approaches everyday. I wasn’t worried about the results; instead I focused on the process. I knew that if I took the correct actions over and over the results would take care of themselves. So instead of being focused on the results and being annoyed with yourself because you’re not as good as a


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friend, professional PUA, or any other guy, you want to give yourself permission to improve. You have to get it through your head that before you can become amazing with women, you have to become average with women first. Ok, let’s recap everything that we’ve talked about in The Inner Game Report. We started off by talking about the 8 beliefs that all Ladies Men have, which were: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. They They They They They They They They have a pathological belief that women love them. understand that women love sex. are immune to criticism. have fun spending time with women. are not attached to the outcome. do not need validation from women. believe in their ability to attract and seduce women. believe there is an abundant supply of women.

In Part Two we discussed the reasons you are not successful with women as we identified the three major forms of Mental Garbage that are going to hold you back with women. They were: 1. “I’m too ____ to get the women I want”. 2. “Once I ___, then I’ll be able to get the women I want”. 3. “If I learn to get women that means I’m ____ (a loser, sleazy, a manipulator, etc). And lastly we gave you Four Actions you’re probably already taking that are preventing you from having the success with women you want. They were: 1. 2. 3. 4. Not taking action. Not Relaxing. Thinking Too Much. Not Being Patient with Yourself.

By implementing all of the techniques, beliefs and reframes in this report, you will be well on your way to thinking and getting the results of a ladies man. Good Luck!!! S P.S. For more information on Inner Game be sure to join our public forum at www.Sinnsofattraction.com/forum


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