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An Open Letter to Occupy Boston on Why I Will Leave

An Open Letter to Occupy Boston on Why I Will Leave

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Published by Jay Kelly
Open Letter To Occupy Boston On Why I Will Leave. Read at GA 1/10/12
Open Letter To Occupy Boston On Why I Will Leave. Read at GA 1/10/12

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Published by: Jay Kelly on Jan 11, 2012
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An Open Letter To Occupy Boston On Why I Will Leave

I chose to be a member and part of the Occupy Boston community and I will leave if we can not, will not, or do not act to protect our members. I have a personal responsibility to protect this community and the safety of its members from outsiders and from members of the community its self. Sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional violence on any level in our community is unacceptable to me. Actions must be taken to care for and to protect ourselves. What that is completely, Im not absolutely sure, but we will not survive as a community or as a part of the greater Occupy movement if we don t so this. I came to the Occupy Boston community because I was not ok with the systems and actions of our society as a whole. I want and will work for equality for all people. That is why I am a member of this community and this movement. Because of the reasons I came to Occupy Boston for, I have a personal responsibility to question and demand work for change and solutions within our community. If I did not I would and will have failed the very principals for which I have accepted as goals, to work toward achieving for myself and ultimately bettering myself and those I come in contact with within our community and also outside of it. This has been an extremely traumatic event for myself and many members of our community and it will take time to heal. Some of the wounds, old ones revisited and new ones created will not heal. We are all individuals and have our own experiences, we need to respect this and be compassionate to each other. I am disappointed and feel disrespected that the image of women storming out of GA has been perpetuated by certain people. I take this as a personal affront because I did not storm out of GA. I walked out because I emotionally could not handle the decision made by the group and would not participate in any further discussion. My decision to leave the GA was made over a week before hand on the principal that if the proposal did not pass I could not be a member of an unsafe community. So to be honest, my actions were a mix of both. I can not and will not speak for others in why they walked out but I will stand by them and continue to work for the changes in our community. These changes need to happen. I can not and will not remain a member of the Occupy Boston community if we do not work to provide a safe space for all members free of sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional violence.

I ask that you think of your personal reasons that brought you to Occupy Boston. And the motives that drive you. I also invite you to leave the Occupy Boston community with me if these things are not done to protect our community. In my personal life I do not accept unacceptable behavior. I have given this far too much latitude with in the Occupy Boston. This is a failure on my part on which I am working to correct. We all need to be mindful of this with in our community I have surrounded myself with amazing, strong, and supportive people, I want to thank them for being there, helping me grow and stimulating change in my life I am not perfect and hope everyone will hold me accountable for my involvement and actions within Occupy Boston. I will not remain silent on this issue and will not let our community continue to injure its self. People should come before process, and we need to recognize and embrace this as a community going forward, with respect to both but always with people as the priority. I will leave Occupy Boston for these reasons and I hope others will join me. In respect to other peoples decisions to stay away for their own personal reasons, I respect your decision and can not claim to understand an individuals personal reasons, I can only speak for myself. I respect your personal decision but ask you to defer your final decision to leave Occupy Boston permanently until we can try and resolve these issues faced by our community.

Love, Me

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