Unit I: Introduction to Services Economy, Nature (9) and Importance, Characteristics of Services(21), Service Marketing Triangle, Goods- Services Continuum

, Service Classifications(18) Unit II: Service Strategy ± Vision, Mission, Role of Information in Services(46), Service Quality(127), Gap Analysis(129), Quality and Productivity Improvement Process(173), Quality Tools(174) Unit III: New Service Development(78)- Design Elements(80), Service Blueprinting(82), Approaches to Service System Design(88), Employees role in services(202), Customers role(205), Service Encounter Triad(198) Unit IV: Service recovery(155), Building Service relationship, Supply chain Management(478), Outsourcing Services(486), Managing capacity(358) and Demand-Strategies(352), Managing Waiting Lines- Features of Queuing Systems(397) Unit V: STP in Services, Physical Evidence- The Supporting Facility(223), Servicescapes(224), Pricing, Technology in Services(105), Globalization of Services(560)

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