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Sample Course 20 Test

Multiple Choice NOTE: Consider all choices carefully. Then select the best answer to each question.



According to your readings, the military officers. President

is the direct source of authority

for commissioning

b. Vice President

c. Secretary of Defense. d. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Providing a robust on-the-job

training program is an example of:

a. leadership by walking around.


leading from the rear. c. interpersonal leadership. d. top-down leadership.



Experts agree that leaders who pay attention generally:

to situational and follower



execute effective leadership. b. accomplish mission. c. develop an appropriate organizational d. fail to remain on task.


A strict moral and discipline code is what tactical leaders use to: a. promote unit cohesion. b. encourage spirituality. c. develop a culture of compliance. instill ethical behavior.


When a leader receives only positive feedback, qualities or virtues may be overly relied upon and the leader's behavior can become: a. benign. b. discerning. dysfunctional. d. inspiring.



According to Gen Fogelman, an individual's of:


and potential

should be the sole focus

Sample Course 20 Test


a memorandum for the record . the Air Force performance report.

c. the promotion board. d. the direct chain of command.


Accountability a. determine ~ ~

is one of the best tools to: guilt.

V internalize

assign tasks. prioritize assignments. core values. '"


Excessive short-term

indebtedness is:

a. necessary but should be used prudently.



b. avoidable with proper unit training. a genuine threat to new officers and enlisted personnel. d. only a threat to enlisted personnel with lower pay.

According to the Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century Playbook, brainstorming example of:

is an

Q determining

root causes. b. target improvement. c. a lean tool. d. Standardized processes.

10. In a decision-making using:

situation, an ill-defined,

complex or novel situation can best be evaluated

a. previous experience. b. intricate planning models. c. free-form lean models l3n action-based model.

11. The primary function sources and:

of the Air Operations Center is to assimilate information

from many


a. produce strong analysis. provide constant feedback. c. create unity of effort in airpower. . incorporate alternative positions.

12. Unscrupulous gamesmanship

between employees is an indication of:

an unethical command climate.

Sample Course 20 Test

b. a compliant command climate. c. effective motivation by leadership. d. focus on rewards over process.

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Applying restrictions a. stifle imagination

on the free flow of information and brainstorming.

is the best way to:

CV r:

manage the GIG-enabled battlespace. '"

control access to restricted information.' d. protect data within the firewall.

14. Using the concept of bounded rationality, a. based on personal experience. b. reflect current attitudes and trends. c. unrealistic. good enough. -.

leaders will make decisions that are:

15. Planning conducted without

regard for risks or other constraints is typically:

a. never conducted by the Air Force. long-range planning. c. joint services planning. d. found in unethical environments.

16. Active and interactive processes that reflect compromises results in an end state that is not so much planned as it is with the developing future environment. a. negotiated b. resolved c. created d. accepted

17. Synergy is considered a beneficial a. b. d. theme mantra standard

for teams.


18. Setting goals, collaborating, procedures for

and supporting people are examples of standard operating teams, described in your reading.

a. tiger



20 Test



conflicted effeCtiv~"._ ~~tion


19. Mutual adjustment,

direct supervision and standardization

are three basic ways for teams to:

a. minimize research.
b. develop rapport. (;.'-.2oorpin~tegcti\lity.": d.-'develo'p'professionally.

20. A set of shared assumptions, values, beliefs or traits shared by a specific community,
turn become behavioral tendencies is know as: a. relationships.

which in

&'cs~ltur~,.' c.values. d. habits.


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21. In decision making, the tendency to influence the judgment of current events based on
comparison to easily remembered a. b. c. d. bias. natural selection. educated trends. experience. previous incidents is an example of:

22. Adaptive leaders learn to live with:

a. b. c. d. a strict moral code. unpredictability. structure. their decisions.

23. Measurements

of different

aspects of an endeavor that help us determine

if we are progressing

toward a goal are know as: a. b. c. charts. graphs. holograms.

d. metrics.
24. The objective quantitative
performance documentation and customer requirements that shows the difference between current is know as:

Sample Course

20 Test

a. b. c. d.

management demand. lag-time processes. performance production gap analysis. delineation.

25. The essence of the manager's job is: a. b. c. d. hiring reliable workers. developing new business. maintaining the status quo. decision making.-

Sample Course 20 Test (based on SOBs)

6. What is the purpose of an Air Force performance report according to Gen Fogelman? a. Permanent record of accomplishments. ~fficlal record of an individual's performance and potential. c. Serves as the basis of performance comparison against peers. d. Official matrix of Air Force performance standards.


Whose commissioning power Is the direct source of authority for Air Force officers, according to Three Important Documents? 7. According to Thomas Becket, Ollie North and You: The Importance of an Ethical Command Climate, why are less serious crimes or unethical practices condoned more often during wartime than in peacetime? ..k0llieism effect. C.~aulty leadership. c. Priority management. d. Command preference.

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resld ent Vice President

c. Secretary of Defense. d. Secretary of the Air Force. 2. "leading from the rear' according to Leading from the Front, Rear, and Center, would include a. utilizing untapped resources. ~provldlng a robust on-the-Job training program. c. developing a personalized leadership style. d. promoting follower autonomy.

8. Which ofthe following is an attribute of the DOD's proposed Global Information Grid, according to A Model for Managing Decision-Making Information In the GIG-Enabled Battlespace? (?)rovides a high level of situational awareness. b. Eliminates manpower deficiencies in the Air Operations Center (AOe). c. Standardizes all operational communication protocols. d. Increases commanders' span of control.

3. Leadership experts agree that effective leadership behavior depends on situational and follower characteristics. According to Understanding Behaviors for Effective Leadership, leaders' behavior ~ust vary with the situation. b. may have to adjust follower's characteristics to fit the style of leadership. c. should only seek leadership situations that match their style of leadership. d. will not always be effective since situations change constantly.

9. In the Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century Playbook, what purpose may be served by using the "lean" tools (brainstorming, pareto analysis, and affinity diagrams)? Q.)Determine root causes. b. Set improvement targets. c. Follow-up on countermeasures. d. Standardize successful processes.

4. According to Understanding Behaviors for Effective Leaders, which of the following is NOTconsidered a contingency model 01 leadership? a. Normative Decision-Making Theorv b. Path-Goal Theory of leadership. c. Multiple Linkage Theory of leadership. @Wo-Factortheory 5. In LeadershIp from Flight Level 390, Gen Foglesong described which of the following as an example of good leadership? a. learning the non-technical aspects of jobs. b. Fighting for the awards that your personnel deserve. /5IConvlnclng teams that what they are doing is Important. Accomplishing all of the tasks in the organization at the mastery level.

10. In Decision-Making
a. III-defined. b. complex. c. novel. @lloftheabove.

Requlrementsfor Future Organizational Leaders: A Creative Action-Based Approach, an action-based decision-making model should be used when facing situations that are


11. What Is the most Important cycle of US Air Force air operations according to The Applicability Military Decision-Making Process in the Air Operations Center?

af the

16. During the "polite stage" of COG's Ladder, the need for group approval is strong and the need for group Identity is ~Iow. b. strong. c. unimportant. d. moderate. 17. When a group spends more time discussing information known to all group members as opposed to Information known to only a few members, according to Team Decision Making and Conflict Management, this is a. group bonding. b. team identification. c. hindsight bias. @hared information bias.

a. Analysis. b. Feedback. @Planning. d. Execution.

12. In Cultural Barriers to Multinotional

C2 Decision Making, which facet of cultural difference is not

directly observable? a. Values. ()cognitive. c. Behavioral. d. Systematic. 13. Which of the following Is a decision-making model proposed in Command Decision-Making Experience Counts, wh lch attempts to reduce decision error caused by the fact that human strengths and weaknesses adversely impact decision making? a. Historical. b. Experience-based. @ecognition-primed. d. Strength and weakness.

18. According to Team Structure and Culture, when leaders make choices on how to structure their teams, they must select a/an a. diverse group. @rade-off between efficiency and flexibility. c. qualified team with diversity. d. experienced manager.


14. In Comboting Terrorism: The Challenge of Measuring Effectiveness, when designing metrlcs for measuring the effectiveness of anti-terror efforts, what three categories should be considered? a. Personnel, budget, and equipment. @Incidents, attitudes, and trends. c. Historical data, incidents, and resources. d. Political climate, resources, and mission. 15. Which of the following factors help promote a good physical environment for a team, according to
Team Environment?

19. According to Command and Communities of Practice, which of the following is a benefit of a Community of Practice? @inlmiZing redundant research. b. Off the record career discussions. c. No chain of command. d. Professional deveiopment.

20. According to Building and Commanding Expeditionary Units: Lessons From Kosovo, one task that expeditionary unit commanders must see through to the end Is ra.)lsposition and redeployment efforts. 'b.'development of base security pians. c. host national relationships. d. lessons iearned.

(f1. Personal space.

c. Current computer equipment. d. QUiet.

a. Cublcles,