Three Charama SLokams* Varaha Charama slOkam revealed to BhUmi Devi: sTithE manasi susvasTE sarIrE sathi yO nara

: dhAthusAmyE sTithE smarthA visvaroopam cha maamajam (1) tatastham mriyamANam thu kAshDapAashana sannibham aham smarAmi madhbhaktham nayaami paramAm gathim (2) (Meaning): This whole world is my body. I have no birth or death. When a devotee of Mine maintains his mind in an auspicious state , his body in the healthy state-- where the dhAthus of the body are in equipoise-- and thinks of Me in that state and seeks Me then as his firm refuge , I do some thing unique for that devotee , when he is totally unconscious like a log or stone during his last moments. At that time, I lead him via archirAdhi mArgam to My Supreme abode to perform nithya kaimkaryam for Me there.This is My unfailing assurance . ** The other two Charama slOkams: (1)SrI Raamachandra Cahrama SlOkams akruthEva prapannAya tavAsMIthi cha yAchathE abhayam sarvabhUthEbhyO dadhAmEyathath vratham Mama --Yuddha KaaNDam:18-33 (Meaning): I vouchsafe living beings to him , even only once from Me To protect him without protection against all who seeks that protection stating "I am Yours". fail is My vow.

(2) KrishNa Charama slOkam: Sarva dharmAn Parithyajya MaamEkam SaraNam vraja Aham Thva Sarva paapEpbhyO mokshayishyAmi maa sucha: --Bhagavath Gita : 18.66 (meaning) Totally relinquishing all dharmAs ( completely relinquishing the sense of agency , posssessiveness and fruits of actions) , seek Me alone as Your refuge. I will free You from all sins .Grieve not.