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nknknknk - helsinki today

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Published by nasrin khosrowshahi
letter of intent 4 sva
letter of intent 4 sva

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Published by: nasrin khosrowshahi on Jan 11, 2012
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Which one is more lucrative, a career as a plumber or a career as a poet. Or none? Or both?

So, I am sitting here in this desolate computer lab, somewhere on Granville Island, somewhere in my old alma mater, trying to come up with a fabulously amazing smashingly coherent first sentence for the letter of intent. Somehow this does not go as well as intended, thus, I think I made my point already, I am a lousy writer, thus I need all the help I can get. I am not the author of great prose, not yet not yet not yet. Maybe some hanging out in nyc, next to the Chelsea hotel will force me to buckle down, arrange and rearrange my thoughts and make me write great galleryreports and great great stuff. Artwriting at its best, artwriting at its worst.

What I want to say, ever so incoherently, is that I intend to produce nicely fabricated word constructs that might make it into the likes of the Brooklyn Rail, Freeze, Artforum, Perspecta, the New Yorker, any English-speaking discursive forum, online, or in paper, something I can demand a certain dollar amount per word for, or maybe euro amount, or at least some kind of monetary remuneration, yep, I guess that is my intent for pursuing the mfa in artwriting at the school of visual arts, to be able to produce lucrative wares. I guess, in the end it does not really matter whether I am a poet or a plumber, and I hope I will be

able to bookend my texts less awkwardly once I hold my certificate in my hand, once I graduate, in two years from now, two years from now. Thus, my plea to you, dear admission officers, is: take me take me, take me.

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