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Direct Mail Planning - Creative and Execution a 19-Point Checklist

Direct Mail Planning - Creative and Execution a 19-Point Checklist

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Published by: GriffithsJames on Jan 11, 2012
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Direct mail would seem like a fairly basically approach. You get a list, compose a letter, print the mail parts, stuff the envelopes and slap on some postage. Then you wait for the response. drawing. And wait you may. Yes, obtaining in to the mail is fairly simple, but obtaining response is yet another story. With this particular checklist, we've offered an overview of every thing that must be regarded as in preparing, making and executing your immediate mail system or campaign. It does not guarantee great final results, nonetheless it does put you on a path to success. one. System Aim and Expectations Before you get began, think about what you would like to achieve with this mailing. Do you want to generate leads, orders, subscriptions, memberships, attendance, donations, site visitors or retail visitors? And what exactly are your realistic expectations? 2. Product/Service Opportunity This could possibly be clear, but are you able to can these concerns? What does your item or service do for your target audience? And the way will it change the status quo of the audience? 3. Positioning/Competitor Evaluation Positioning is about how your product or service fits in to the marketplace - and just how your target audience perceives you in comparison together with your competitors. Are you currently the lowest-cost provider with an entrylevel item? Or are you currently the highest-cost provider for a much more sophisticated audience? 4. Revenue Approach Integration Immediate mail is a sales function and needs to fit into some a part of your sales procedure - lead acquisition, lead conversion, consumer nurturing/sales. Remember the reason you are performing this campaign would be to increase efficiency, save time or save funds. How will this promotion replace or boost what you're already carrying out? five. Audience Profile/Segmentation Ahead of you begin seeking lists, obtain a picture of who you wish to attain. An audience profile can help you sketch out a detailed overview of your ideal prospects. It's going to incorporate the two demographic and psychographic descriptions that allow you to to narrow your list search. 6. Mailing List Selection With your profile(s) in spot, there are many options for mailing lists. Very first, you'll find multiple varieties of lists compiled lists, responses lists, managed lists, web-based lists. Second, there are multiple companies within each and every sort of list. 3rd, each list has numerous segmentations enabling you to narrow you concentrate on your greatest prospects. seven. Supply Advancement The provide will be the most critical element in driving response quantity and high quality. Realize the differences in between lead generation and order generation provides - it's important. If an supply must be designed, full that step ahead of you go into the mail. eight. Format Variety Formats fall into two broad categories - envelope mailers and self-mailers. Envelope mailers generally have a letter and reply card, but can also consist of a brochure and also other inserts. Self-mailers, including postcards, come in many various sizes and arrangements. All formats come with diverse positive aspects and various expenses. 9. Testing Method Testing is often viewed like a pre-mailing step, but we believe it needs to be an ongoing a part of your general mailing system. Continue to mail what you understand is operating, but usually look for methods to enhance. Dedicate a small percentage of your mailing (10%) to trying new items and constantly test against your "control" mailing. ten. Primary Promoting Points
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Direct Mail Planning - Creative and Execution A 19-Point Checklist-spun1

Make a list with the main offering points of one's product or service. Offering points would be the rewards, or "reasons why" somebody would desire to buy. Some promoting points are obviously far more crucial than other people, but there exists usually a single offering point that stands apart because the principal purpose why your target audience will buy. This can be usually called the Distinctive Offering Proposition (USP). 11. Creative Imaginative may be the most talked about step within this approach since it's essentially the most visible. But the focus has to be on the persuasiveness in the message - not its creativity or cleverness. Moreover, adjustments in the imaginative should be judged on improvements in response quantity and/or quality. 12. Personalization Personalization can be applied at various levels - from a straightforward addressing from the envelope to multi-part addressing and letter customization to variable information printing (vdp). Customized landing pages (pURLs) must also be considered. Personalization can enhance response but may also enhance fees. 13. Response Channels It is often ideal to offer your readers numerous ways to respond. Your options are reply mail, an 800 range, a fax reply, a devoted landing page (or pURL), your web site, e-mail, mobile text or walk-in? Walk-in response is normally limited to retail or trade display response. 14. Production Manufacturing covers all these services needed to acquire your mailing out the door. This contains your mailing list provider, data processing service bureau, printer, mail house along with the postal service. Postage is an critical consideration - will you be mailing very first class or standard (bulk rate)? In case you are utilizing a landing page or pURL, in which will it be hosted and who will gather the information? Should you be using reply mail, have you arranged for any company reply permit? 15. Budgets A immediate mail campaign ought to price between 50 cents and $1 per piece based on complexity and quantity. (Some mailings - specially 3-dimensional packages - will expense several dollars or more per piece, however they would be the exception.) When taking a look at your price range, separate out your fixed charges from your variable charges. Your innovative and project management costs are fixed spending budget things. These charges remain the same irrespective of quantity. Your variable fees - for lists, printing, mailing, and postage - will adjust with quantity. 16. Schedules A immediate mail campaign typically requires 5-10 weeks to acquire into the mail. Essentially the most timeconsuming step could be the creative which may take 2-6 weeks dependent on the complexity and also the turnaround time for approvals and revisions. Beyond inventive, you also should plan for printing (generally 2-3 weeks) and mailing solutions (1 week). Naturally all of these services can be rushed. As for delivery times, count on delivery in a few days in case you are mailing initial class. With normal postage (bulk rate), your mailing may take 10-14 days (at times lengthier) depending on the area of one's target audience. 17. Response Tracking and Measurement In case you are only doing one particular mailing at time with no tested components, this really is rather simple. You just count the quantity of response you get - from all response channels. But what for those who have overlapped mailings or you are testing various lists or different provides or creative? Then you require to produce tracking codes to identify the supply of each and every response. 18. Response Analysis and Adjustment Probably the most prevalent evaluation may be the response rate, but this does not take into account the top quality from the lead or the price of the lead. We choose analyzing programs on a cost-per-lead or cost-per-qualified-lead basis. When the sales cycle is short adequate, we are able to also analyze according cost-per-order.
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Direct Mail Planning - Creative and Execution A 19-Point Checklist-spun1

Depending on the response, this can be also a time to create adjustments. If you want much more leads, you'll be able to modify your supply to create it appealing to far more folks. If lead good quality was a problem, you are able to add some qualifying issues to your supply to enhance lead top quality. When the expense per response is an problem, you may want to have a look at direct mail formats that price less. 19. Follow-Up Technique Only in some instances does a direct mail stand alone. Most direct mail programs - particularly these that make leads have to be supported by a follow-up strategy that may include further mail, e-mail, mobile phone or face-to-face revenue calls. We strongly recommend establishing an email nurturing program that stays in touch with all new leads - even when the leads are instantly turned above to revenue. This could include e mail "drip" applications and e-mail newsletters. Caution: Make sure your lead nurturing system is in location Before you send out your mailing.

file:///L|/PDF/Direct_Mail_Planning_-_Creative_and_Execution_A_19-Point_Checklist-spun1.html[1/11/2012 6:53:35 PM]

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