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JOB RESPONSIBILITIES ‡ Suggest and implement Network Parameters changes for reducing call drops and better coverage

and analysis of impact after changing of parameter. ‡ New Site verification & Optimization of the network, Coverage for the integrated indoor sites with the help of TEMS Investigation GSM 8.0.3. ( Walk Test ) ‡ Conduct RF Technical Site Surveys (TSS) for the In-Building design. ‡ Preparing RF Technical Design Proposal (TP) for In-Building Solutions to meet customer KPI¶s Coverage Design plan. ‡ Performing RF surveys and then preparing appropriate design and proposal products such as BOQ, SSO, SSR, Antennae Location & Cable Routing. ‡ Calculation of Link Budget (EIRP) and designing of the schematic diagram for IBC solutions. ‡ Carrying out Transmission Test according to the design using Nokia Nemo Test Transmitter Manager. ‡ Checking In building installations and make sure that certain standards and quality level is maintained. ‡ Supervising Sweep Test for feeders and jumpers using BIRD Site Master. ‡ Once RF equipment is installed, perform RF data collection to ensure that the quality of service meets RF design specifications such as RxLev, RxQual, Handover, parameter verification. ‡ Based on data collection activities, adjust any design and proposal products that do not meet specifications and/or recommend equipment or parameter adjustments. ‡ Verify macro, micro and In-building coverage plans to meet quality specifications. ‡ Checking the post installation coverage, spillage, and Handover tests using TEMS Investigation Light. ‡ Optimization of the design, by implementing necessary changes to meet the KPIs. ‡ Site Auditing for the indoor sites to verify site database and cell design criteria¶s. ‡ Checking coverage for Indoor solution to check the sufficient Rx strength & Rx quality. ‡ Checking all values, handovers relating with neighboring cells. ‡ Hands on experience of TEMS Investigation GSM & MapInfo Professional. ‡ Preparing ATP/As-Built documents and conducting ATP of the sites with the customer. ‡ Perform the troubleshooting for Ericsson RBS 2206, 2308 & 2111.