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"She's so wierd!" "She's such a loner!

" These were just some of the harsh whispers Becca Melrose heard as she made her w ay down to the back of the cafeteria to the table near the emergency exit. She p lonked herself down and twisted the stalk of ther apple. Becca was forced to lis ten to these whispers and uncomfortable stares every single day. Becca didn't kn ow what she done to those people but Becca just assmumed it was because she was an easy target, having no friends and all. Her green eyes were staring down and her blonde hair was covering her face. Becc a twsited the stalk of her apple and played the game where you say the alphabet in your head and whatever letter it lands on will be the starting letter of the name of your true love . Becca thought these games were stupid but since she had nothing better to do, she thought she'd give it a go. She twisted it a few time s and said the alphabet silently to herself. The stalk snapped and Becca bit her lip. Becca heard a few sniggers from the table right in the middle of the canteen, al so known as 'The Popular Table.' She looked up through her eyelashes to see what they were laughing at and saw the face of Louis Tomlinson. He was leaning on hi s hands, looking cheerful. Louis Tomlinson was the guy every girl fanned her eye lashes at. He was the one with them big blue eyes and a smile that could light u p a room. Becca didn't see what was so god-like about him. He was just an averag e boy to her. "Hello!" He said and waved at Becca. Becca lifted her head. "Hi," She responded, more to herself than to him. "What's your name?" He asked as he sent her a smile. "Why?" Becca thought the fact he was asking her name was weird, The fact that he even bothered to come over and talk to her was beyond her. Louis shrugged his shoulders. Becca sneaked a glance and saw the people at the P opular table were sending Louis curious looks and some were laughing as if they thought Louis came over to Becca just to fling her sandwich at her face" Is this some sort of prank you're going to pull on me?" Becca asked cautiously. "What? No, I wouldn't do that," Louis said but Becca wasn't too sure. "What's up with them then?" Becca asked, nodding in the direction of the table w here the sniggers were coming from. Louis looked over his shoulder and smirked. "Oh them? Don't mind them. They're just a big bunch of idiots," He said, waving his hand. Louis turned his glance to the array of colourful bands on Becca's lef t arm. "Cool bracelets," Louis said and Becca covered them with her right hand. "Thanks," Becca said as she flushed red. "You don't talk much do you?" Louis asked tilting his head. Becca shook her head . Louis was about to respond when the bell signalling for class rang. "I have to get to class, see you around bracelets," Louis said and stood up and walked over to his friends that were still laughing. Becca was confused as to wh

y he called her bracelets but she shrugged it off. Becca threw the remainds of h er apple into the bin and proceded to health class. She sat down in her usual se at by the window. Mr. Reilly walked into the class. "Afternoon class," He said as he walked in the door. "Afternoon sir," The class chorused. Mr.Riley was Becca's favourite teacher. He was nice, funny and treated you like a friend rather than a student. He was there whenever you needed to talk to him and he gave good advice and thought in a fun but educational way. "So today while I was earing my lunch, I thought of a fun idea to do with you al l. It's a bit different but I'm sure you'll all enjoy it. It's going to be a pro ject. You will do it in pairs and you can choose what topic to work on as long a s we have discussed it in class. I have already picked your pairs you will be wo rking in," He said as he picked up a sheet of paper and he began to read the nam es off it. "Wright and Harrison. Young and Brighton. Earl and Quinn. Melrose and Tomlinson. .." Some people were high-fiving eachother, others were groaning. Louis turned aroun d and shot Becca a warm smile. Mr.Riley sent Becca sympathetic smile. The class rung for class and Becca walked out and Louis caught up with her. "Hey, what topic do you wanna do for the project?" Louis asked as he slowed down . Becca shrugged her shoulders. "Come on bracelets, talk. We won't be able to complete this project without comm unication," Louis said and stopped. "Why do you insist on calling me bracelets?" Becca asked as she turned to face h im. "Because I don't know your real name and I don't think It's polite to call girls by their second names and I like your bracelets. So your braceletes." He said s imply. "But I'm in your class, you should know my name," Becca said, raising an eyebrow . "But I don't pay attention," He said shrugging his shoulders. Becca rolled her e yes. "What do you want to work on?" Becca asked him as began to walk again. "I asked you first," Louis stated. Becca tucked a strand of blonde hair behind h er ear and fiddled with a charm on one of her bracelets. "Why are you so..distant from everything? It's like you're in your own little wo rld," Louis said as Becca continued to twist the charm. "I guess that's just me. I'ma daydreamer," Becca said with a shrug. "Well we're going to have to get to know eachother in order for us to do this pr oject..How about meeting me at that old diner down by Sycamore avenue? I live ne ar there." Becca needed to think a little before answering. "Sure, I'll see you there at around six? I need to help my dad with something be

fore then." "Cool. Bye bracelets!" Louis said and he walked in the direction of the school g ate. "Bye Louis."

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