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Compiling Olex2 in ~/test-build 1.

Create the folder test-build in your home directory and make it current. 2. Download Olex2 source from the SVN repository: svn co 3. Download wxMac from and extract it to a folder. Go to the w xMac folder and run: ./configure --enable-unicode --with-opengl â make make install change the folder to ~/test-build/olex2/trunk/build/mac edit the paths file and change the bin_dir to ~/test-build chmod +x compile link ./compile ./link This command will produce the executable files olex2 and unirun in the ~/test-bu ild/exe folder. Get the olex2 distribution from here: And replace the executables in the folder wth the newly compiled ones. Also get the start script. Note if you are compiling a version of Olex2 for PPC Mac, then disable the automatic updates by editing the settings.dat file (replace Always with Never). If you do not do so, the next tim e we make a release, your executable will be overwritten. Also there is a chance of the GUI and the executable going out of sync. disable-shared --prefix ~/test-build