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Teacher s name:____________________ Institution:_____________________ Level:____________ No.

of Ss:_______ Group:_______________ Ss s Age:___________________ Date: 05/01/12 Length of the class: 50 minutes Topic: clothes. Special features of the group:_______________________________________________ Relevant recent work:_____________________________________________________ General objective of the class: At the end of the class, Ss will be able to recognize and practice vocabulary about clothes in a conversation.

Activity/stages (objectives) Warm-up Tr asks Ss to play Snowball fight

time 5

Procedure-Model-Interaction Teacher asks to Ss to write in a piece of paper the first and the last letter of their names, their favourite season and weather. After that Ss should toss the balls around the classroom and Ss have to find the person who wrote it. Interaction Tr- Ss and Ss-Ss T chooses each card and tells its name in English. Ss repeat the word after the teacher. T put the cards on the board and write their name in English. After that T asks Ss to copy it. T puts a clothes line in the classroom with the name of some clothes and gives some pictures to his/her students. Ss have to put in order each image with their name. T asks to Ss to stand up and talk each other about their clothes. T supervises each dialogue.

Material Pencil Piece of paper

Possible problems and solutions Ss don t understand instructions Tr acts the activity with a student who has understood

Presentation T show different kind of clothes using cards and pictures.


Cards Images adhesive tape

Ss don´t pay attention to the Teacher´s explanation. T walks around the class explaining the topic. The classroom is too short to put a clothes line. T has to use the board to collocate the images. Ss may not be able to describe their outfit. T promotes the participation giving examples about

Practice Ss have to order an image with its name.


Clothes line Cards

Production Using the new vocabulary Ss have to describe their outfit.



how to do the References: http://writing.esl-kids.cfm http://www.html