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Sam Blakeslee Period 6

Kohlberg s Moral Chart
Dodger is not the brightest or the most matured teenager of 16. He takes very little responsibility for things he does and runs away from his problems. At one time Dodger throws Brendon s boomerang and it breaks a window. At the sound of breaking glass, Dodger was up and running. (Page 20) It says later that the reason the Dodger ran was because he was pushed physically by his father whenever he did something wrong. In my opinion Dodger is in stage one because he is punished physically for his behaviors.

Brendan is a nice, gentle boy who behaves well. Brendan is looking for friends, and he has befriended the one 16 years old that no one likes. That friend of Brendan is Dodger and Brendan has to choose between one or many friends. Having fascinated Dodger, wouldn t it fascinate the others as well? (Page 44) This shows that Brendon wants to have friends and cares what they think about him. In my opinion Brendon is on stage 3 were he wants to please his peer with the boomerang.

Wallace is an alright guy but is not great or good. Wallace is 25 years old, lives with his mother and didn t go to college because it would be too much work. Wallace also dislikes Brendan because he was jealous of Brendon s life and health. It was a hatred born of jealousy. Brendan had everything that Wallace at that age had been denied. (Page 61) That is stage one because he despises Brendon for something that is not his fault.